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Chapter 84

 Adel returns


“Now, let’s do the final battle”

“Gh! Don’t get――――carried away!”


Luke leaped towards me.

I dodged the entirety of his relentlessly swung sword with paper thin distance.

I no longer need to use my sword for the raging Luke’s attack


“Kuh… Why…”

“The current you has too many openings, you know”



I drove a front kick into Luke’s abdomen as he held aloft his sword.

While he opened his eyes very wide, Luke was blown away.

He tumbled on the floor and finally stopped after his back slammed against the demon lord’s throne.


‘Milord, fully enhanced by me, could not possibly lose from someone like you!’

‘Your enhancement and the like is not significant. I believe it is mainly thanks to my enhancements’

‘What did you say!? Milord! It is thanks to me, is it not!?’

“It’s half and half”


My body was constantly in a state where enhancements were applied to the utmost by the two swords.

My senses have become sharp; I was likely able to grasp even changes of weather at this moment.

Of course Luke’s movements too I knew quite perfectly. 


“Shut up…! I went as far as turning my friends into sacrifice to obtain this power…! I can’t simply end it like this!”


The two richly colored swords Luke was holding released even more intense light.

It seems he has strengthened his body along with his swords.




Once again a suicide attack.

This time I shouldn’t deal with it by ordinary means.

I turned the edges of Echsdarc and Savers and intercepted Luke.

Sword and sword clashed and sparks scattered.

The edges intersected over and over again, shaving away the walls and floors.

Due to us both dual wielding, we repeated attacking with one side and defending with the other side.

Eventually the room was mixed with red color.

It was Luke’s blood.

In the beginning we rivaled each other, but gradually my attacks began to injure Luke.


“Huff… Huff… Why…”

“… “



Luke, while out of breath, swung his swords many times towards me.


“Why! Why why why why! Why is there this much difference between you and me!? What am I… what am I mistaken about!”


“Are you saying it would’ve been better to be silent and be culled by the country!? What… what am I mistaken about!?”

Luke took distance once, and then held  the two swords up simultaneously.

Perhaps the magic power was injected so much, the two swords began to emit rainbow color.

Luke’s all-out technique is coming.


“By defeating you… I will prove that I have made no mistakes!”


The rainbow light intensified to the maximum.

And then the light gathered in the sword.

Luke swung down the sword packed with incredible magic power towards me.


“――Twin Rainbow Flying blade!”


What he released was a rainbow colored flying blade.

The immense energy packed flying blade approached me while gouching out the floor


“Savers, Echsdarc”



“We’re going to force him to yield”

‘As you command’

‘If that is what you wish for!’


White and black magic power began to overflow from Savers and Echsdarc respectively.

Our side will also be using the most powerful technique among the techniques I can use now.

With this I will make Luke surrender directly.


“Luke, your mistake is…”


The fact you have gotten us involved――――


“――――Sword of ashes”


White and black energy mixed in, putting together a single color.

It had the same color as the ash remaining after burning out everything.

I thrust the ashen flying blade that spells the end towards the rainbow flying blade.

The ashen color painted over the rainbow color, eventually scattering it away without leaving any trace.

Still, the ashen color did not stop.

Not only did it erase the color, the ashen color went straight to erase the rest of the colors.


“I see… so I was――――”


――not right.


Luke was swallowed by the flying sword.

The flying blade blew away the wall behind the throne room, rose to the sky and dispersed.

When the dust that soared by the rubble cleared up, there was no longer anything there.

The man called Luke Roy, died a noble death here.


The battle was over.

Since then, Isvel gathered the citizens and modestly explained the circumstances.

Everyone was confused, but they appeared to have regained their calmness due to the fact Isvel had returned first of all.

After that, Gidara’s burial took place.

We finished the funeral by ourselves, but the demon lord army commanders will raise the country and give a proper farewell when they return, it seems.


“I, am thinking about staying here until the country is rebuilt”


Isvel so said and announced her remaining in the demon country for a while.

It’s true that everyone’s confusion hadn’t settled yet, and even the buildings had been damaged greatly.

I think that would be better too, so I just nodded at her proposal.


“What now, once I appoint the next demon lord, I will return to your side at once. A candidate had been made public too, so… it seems somewhat unexpected though”


Saying that, Isvel scratched her cheeks, but who in the world could the demon lord candidate be? That was the only point I was interested in.

In the end, the ones who had decided to go return were three; Silvar, Leona and I.

We’ve received a good reception as the people who saved the country, but right now where the relationship between the races has worsened after all, humans staying here for a long time seems to be a problem in the long run.

And so, we decided to board a ship to the human country after about a week and return.


“Please come again. At the very least we will welcome you”

“That is right~. I am busy, but I will make sure to at least show my face if you were to come. Please be well until we meet again, Leona, Silvar and… Adel”


Those were the words Eleira and Phantom told us at our farewell.

I was surprised at the fact I was called by my name for the first time by Phantom, but it made me a little happy again as it led to the feelings that I was indeed freed from my ties of obligations.


“The demons, they’re surprisingly not a bad company, are they?”

“Yes. They are people who I can consider letting them join my vassals”


This was the conversation the two were holding on the returning ship.

The demons seemed to have taken a liking to the two, so they had exchanged promises to visit again next time. 

Not only that, they made promises to dive into dungeons with the three of them now and then.

They’ve picked several dungeons that are considered to be unexplored lands, so it seems their objective will be to conquer half of them before long. It looks like they will get quite busy, but since they said now and then, it should become a good thrill of life.


And like that, the ship soon arrived, and we separated at the harbor.

I was on my own on my way back.

… No to be accurate, I was with two swords.

Savers and Echsdarc, who I was carrying on my waist, continuously argued and called out to me, so I wasn’t bored.


‘Master Adel, this pitch black Noire is noisy. Could you please sew up her mouth?’

‘You what!? As if you can sew up my mouth, a sword!’

‘Then shall I break the blade?’

‘I’ll die, you know!?’


――They’re a little noisy, but that too is amusing.

And, after some time later, I was finally home.


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