July’s Monthly Short

Hello readers! Jun here with this month’s short story translation.

First off, sorry about this. I completely forgot that I haven’t released july’s monthly short, so here it is.

Next is as you may have noticed, I haven’t released any monthly shorts for a while. Reason being that I have trouble stockpiling chapters, so I want to spend more time translating more chapters. For that reason I’m temporarily suspending the monthly short. I will come back with more goodies eventually, so look forward to it in the future! The titles have already been decided, I just need some more time.


Let me know if you find anything odd or wrong about my translation, I’ll review and fix if it whenever I can.

Thank you and enjoy your read~

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BFGT-NT Chapter 57

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the long delay, but here we are with the next chapter of Blessings from the goddess! A full 5k words of information!

Jun here. I was supposed to leave this to Am I Undead Yet? But he’s been very busy in real life, so here I am again.

I don’t know how quick the next chapter will be done, but we’ll try to get it up at least within a month. Depends on whether the translation is done and decent progress is done on the other translations on this site.


Enjoy the read! Let us know in the comments if you find any typos or anything else wrong in the chapter.

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