BFTG-NT Extra Chapter 1 Maria’s situation.

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Extra chapter 1 Maria’s situation.


My name is Maria, and I am a slave.

I was thrown into the room in which criminal slaves and violent slaves are kept. A slave dealer won’t introduce slaves in this room.

Nobody wants to buy a slave who is kept in that room, except, of course, people with strange tastes.

By the ways, I’m a seriously damaged slave. I lost one of my eyes; I have no right hand; and my whole body, including my face, is filled with serious wounds. I used to have a good-looking appearance, but I can’t even look at my own shadow right now.

Let’s talk about my past.

I was born and raised in small village in the eastern part of Erudia Kingdom. Most of the villagers there are demi-human, or “beast man.” The situation of “beast men” in this country wasn’t good, and my village was very poor.

I had been living in this village until I was 11 years old. However, last winter was harsher than expected, and the harvest was bad. There was’t enough food to feed all of the people.

To decrease the load on the village, several children were sold to the slave dealer who visited us regularly.  It was a fate better than starving to death.

I was a child who couldn’t do anything. I didn’t have any talent in any of these skills: Hunting, Cooking, Sewing, Housework, Compound, Mining, Smithing or anything else, no matter what it was.

I was sent to a big town in a shaking carriage. We stopped in a village on the way, and a beautiful, “onee-san” slave entered the carriage. It seems she was a slave of rich person, but because her master died, her ownership was changed from the father (her master) to his son.

That onee-san was in her late twenties (with strange way of speaking), but she taught me various things as a veteran slave. Like manner, tone, and especially an embarrassing service. I had to thank that onee-san.

It wasn’t often for me to receive good treatment whenever I showed my flaws, especially for beast man whom is normally looked down upon,  She told me to flatter everyone and not resist, in order to be treated well. I already hated being hungry, I wanted good treatment even if I had to flatter people.

When we approached the next village, a merchant was shouting desperately.

[Monsters! A group of fang wolves!]

Most of the monsters didn’t appear near the road, but a goblin did. Wolf packs were supposed to be unlikely. A bodyguard was with the merchant there, too. They had some skills, but they didn’t expect anything else other than the goblin.

Both onee-san and I felt scared. It is natural. Only well-trained people can fight against monsters. Even the weak goblin was enough to strike fear in me and onee-san. There were only three wolves there. Although three might not be enough to call the group of wolves a pack, that many was certainly enough to frighten me!

Guards were fighting with the wolves. The group was at a disadvantage because if they lost, there would have been nobody else to defend the carriage.


The slaver dealer recognized that disadvantage and grabbed me by force.
I was pushed out of the carriage toward the wolf without knowing what to do. One of those wolves noticed me and attacked.


The wolf tore at my face and my body. It then ripped off my right arm and started eating it.

It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt! It hurt!

My head became pure white.  I couldn’t think about anything. I must’ve passed out because when I came to, I was lying in the carriage.

That onee-san told me those guards defeated two wolves and drove away the wolf that was eating my arm. I had been used as a decoy. If one had to choose between onee-san and me, it was natural that I would have be chosen.

This was because I had been considered to be a defective article even before I was sold as a slave. The slave dealer had to take account slaves that won’t be sold. Because I was sold by the village for just a little bit of money, it wouldn’t have been strange if they had left me to die there.

I arrived at the slave market in town — the place where I am right now. I was put in the same room as the criminal slaves immediately. They didn’t have any intention of selling me from the beginning. Although food was given to me, it was obviously not enough. There was no difference between here and the village, except there might be fewer here than in the village.

I soon realized that they didn’t have any intention of keeping me alive. I was overwhelmed by despair, regret and resentment. I shouted from deep within my heart, but my voice didn’t come out at all… And then, I pleaded. I pleaded for somebody to help me: “I will listen to everything you say. I will give you everything. So, someone please help me.” Of course, nothing changed.

I calmed down and started thinking about it.  I had nothing else to do except feel despair and give up.

Nobody would buy me. I felt only people with bad hobbies would buy my tattered self, even if I begged. Of course, I would be thrown out afterwards and then die.

My remaining eye was still open, but it no longer had hope reflected in it.

I heard someone enter. Bringing food? No, it was too early for that. Apparently, a customer came… A strange person. A man.

It was prohibited for us to promote ourselves here. There wasn’t a good process in place, so it was unlikely that I’d be able to tell customer about myself. The criminal slave girl who arrived recently tried to appeal to the customer. Both of them (the customer and that girl) had black hair and black eyes. Did they have some kind of relationship? Since my ears were destroyed, I couldn’t hear that far. They were having a conversation. Well, I didn’t think it had anything to do with me.

That customer came back after a few minutes. Did he buy that girl?
Then, the slave dealer approached me.

[Stand up.]

His subordinate took my hand and forced me to stand up. Did he think there was something wrong with me?

[You were bought. I will fix your appearance, for now.]

I didn’t understand what he said. Was I to be sold? Why? That man who came in a little while ago didn’t even look at me. He didn’t even come close. That strange customer seemed to like low-quality goods. While I was still confused, I was sent to bathroom to wash myself. Basically, that got me out of that room. I didn’t say anything. Perhaps, it was because I’d given up on my life.

I was dressed in better clothes and then taken to the room in which the man from a little while ago was waiting. That criminal slave girl was there, too, along with a well-dressed girl, and a girl who was younger than the criminal slave girl. I wondered what kind of relation they had. Were they slaves, too? If that was the case, could I expect good treatment? There was no reason for that way og thinking. I still had little hope left. However, it wouldn’t be like that.

I registered my slave crest, using that man’s blood. It wasn’t painful since my whole body was in pain. When registration process ended, that man issued the first instructions.

[I bought you two. My name is Jin. I’m going to take you two to the hotel where we will be living. We will have a proper talk there. Don’t talk until then. This is the first order.]

It seemed his name was Jin-sama. I think he liked low-quality goods. I figured that I would be used several times and then thrown away to die. But before that, I hoped he would let me eat something good…

Jin-sama carried me to his hotel room. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to do it immediately. Perhaps I wondered that because I thought I was going to die soon. Anyway, he put me in the room. The other girls also went to the same place. There were a lot of people in there, including my tattered self.  Jin-sama might have an unexpected hobby…

But Jin-sama surprised me by putting me down, and then he started talking with that criminal slave girl. They were talking about summoned people, but I didn’t understand. Well, I figured that it had nothing to do with me.  Then, Jin-sama approached me. It seemed he was going to introduce me. I thought my introduction was unnecessary because I was going to die soon…

[Since the person in question can’t introduce herself, I will do it instead. Her name is Maria. Her title is “Hero of beast man”.

An incomprehensible voice came out. No, it was a groan.
What was a hero? I didn’t remember. But how…how did he know my name was Maria? I don’t remember giving my name to anyone since I left the village. I didn’t know, at all.

Jin-sama started talking about something I didn’t understand again. I didn’t know about magic or titles, at all.
Jin-sama just looked at me and said:
[Maria, I’m going to cure you. I don’t know what is going to happen, either, but it won’t be worse than this. Do you accept?]

I didn’t understand what he said. I thought I was going to die. However, there was one thing I knew: He was going to cure me with magic! I had never heard that kind of story before. I’d only heard about a god’s medicine which is made by god and is something that can recover lost limbs in fairy tales. I didn’t expect this young man to be able to perform such a miracle.

But he said it wouldn’t be worse than my present situation. I had no hope left, but I figured he could at least try that.
So I nodded.

[Understood. I’m going to chant now.]

Jin-sama stood in front of me and started chanting. It took around ten minutes before it was over. I had never heard magic that had to be chanted for such a long time.


Light was wrapping around me. A very comfortable light. I was like I was basking in the sun on a nice, clear day.
When the light settled, I could see with both of my eyes. My lost arm was restored, too.

[Eh, I can talk now. My arm, too. How…  Did I die already…? Ugh,]

I became really happy. The hope I had lost suddenly came back.

[ueeeeeeeeen, bieeeeeeeeee.]

I start to cry miserably. I was shedding tears non-stop. I was like that for ten minutes. That’s right, I soon thought. This wasn’t the proper time to be doing something like crying. I knelt down in front of Jin-sama as soon as I started thinking straight.

[Err, Maria. What is that pose?]

Jin-sama asked. My tears hadn’t stopped yet, but I felt that I couldn’t keep Jin-sama waiting. I answered immediately.

[I intended to show my loyalty.]

The words came out from my mouth surprisingly smoothly. It seemed my wish from when I was inside slave market became true, so I planned to give everything I had to the person who saved me.

[Please let me say something I couldn’t say until now. My name is Maria. Jin-sama, I’m really thankful you what you did for me. Right now, I don’t have anything else to give you except my loyalty, Please allow me swear my loyalty to you for the rest of my life.]

The person who was going to die returned to a normal state. I will dedicate my life to him. This is what I can do. Jin-sama is a god, and nothing will change that. It is my faith.

Incidentally, the flattery that the slave, onee-san, told me about became unnecessary because it was my real intention. I didn’t need flattery, at all.

Jin-sama gave me many things. The best one was <Engage Link> because it lets me connect with him, and that makes me feel a huge sense of relief and confidence, too

But I regret I haven’t had a chance to give him “that” service. However, this can’t be helped since I’m a “beast man”. Is my charm not enough? I will make an effort to meet my master’s preference. I’ll work hard until the day he wants me.

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