Retired Hero Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The Hero Retires


Since when have I begun to hate swinging a sword, I wonder.


Being appointed a Hero immediately after I was born, I’ve gone fighting monsters in order to protect mankind.

Because monsters are mankind’s enemies they said.

Because demons are evil existences they said.

Because the demon lord is the root of evil they said.


‘――You murderer!’


When was it, that I was told that by a demon?

The heart of the 15 year old me got shaken and then, receiving a surprise attack from other demons, I lost my three companions.

And yet after I triumphed over the fight and returned to the base, I was once again been told that.


‘You murderer!’


Words from the relatives of the three I lost.

Because I was cowardly, because I was inadequate, because I was inexperienced.


‘Why didn’t you save my husband!?’

‘Why did my daughter have to die!?’

‘It’s because you didn’t protect them!’

‘You killed them!’


The me at that time was awfully meek, so I accepted all of their words and concentrated on forging my own strength.

It was reckless.

I continued to hunt monsters and throw myself into battles.


‘How admirable of you to have come this far’


And then, when I realized I was successively called the strongest Hero and such, and I finally arrived in front of the demon lord.

The conclusion went without saying, what with me speaking about it like this.


An overwhelming victory.


It arrived at the result exactly as I stated.

While viewing the dying demon lord, I began to ask some questions in my mind.


“Why are you not glad? Aren’t you happy with victory?” I asked.


However, there was no need to answer that.

Because with this my duties were over.


That was what was supposed to be――


The birth of a new demon lord occured six years from then.

The me who turned 22, was once again entrusted the responsibility of the demon lord subjugation.

I went on a journey with three new companions and went towards the demon lord castle with a select few.

There were no obstacles that were like obstacles for me who had once slain the demon lord.

Only the demon lord was different however…

We who had arrived at the demon lord castle, we cornered the demon lord at the end of a life and death struggle until there was only one step left.


“It’s over, demon lord”



It was when I raised the sword overhead and was about to let it fall on their neck.

Inside the helmet of the demon lord I saw tears.

I stopped my sword at that time.


I completely stopped caring about anything.


The reason of me swinging a sword.

Of course in order to protect mankind――is what was supposed to be.

However, is there merit for me in protecting mankind?

Is there any need for me to take away lives?


In the first place――is there any need for me to be a Hero?


“… I quit”


And now, present time.

I pull back my sacred sword and turn my back on the demon lord.


“I quit being a Hero”


I throw down transfer magic stone for escaping in front of my companions who were collapsed and being dumbfounded.

They are more or less the companions I’ve been together with until now.

They don’t have any strength remaining to finish off the demon lord anymore, so if I leave them behind in this place then they may get killed.


“Wha-what are you saying after coming all this way!?”

“That’s right! Finish the demon lord!”


Ignoring the voices of my knight and sorcerer companion, I take out the last magic stone.


“Where… will you be going?”


The fourht companion, the saintess is looking at me with eyes as if clinging to me.


“Let’s see… I’ll spend a slow life of retirement in a village no one knows. I’ve already had enough of fighting for someone’s sake.”


When I replied so, the saintess showed a look of having given up everything and closed her eyes.

Looks like she’s going to overlook my actions.

The other two shouted something, but they can’t stop me anymore.




I break the transfer magic stone.

With this I will transfer to a remote city.

I will sell the equipments I own and raise some funds.

They should turn into money that I can build a house with.

If I build a house then I guess I’ll cultivate a field.

I’m a complete beginner at agriculture, but there’s plenty of time for me who possess the power of a Hero.

Several years, several decades, several centuries.

I will live such extraordinary time for my own sake.


At the end, the figure of the demon lord entered my eyes by chance.


For some reason, the eyes I could see from the crevice of the helmet felt like they were looking at me with envy.

The appearance of such demon lord was the last spectacle I saw as a Hero.


Like this, I quit being a Hero.


The story of the Hero Adel ends here.


What begins from now on will be the story of the ordinary Adel, genuinely enjoying the rest of his life.

I will definitely spend my life living the best slow life.


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  1. Admittedly, he’s got the physical strength necessary to become a farmer, but he might not have the knowledge (he’ll have to learn by experience, and it’s not as detailed as our ways of farming), but depending on how much he wants to socialize or be reliant on buying supplies and food, he could’ve become a craftsman.

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    1. I’m not the translator of blessings from the goddess, just an editor. I do spend a lot of time editing those chapters, but I’m making sure that I can do everything I can to handle whatever I pick up without much delays, so no worries there.

  3. Yep, just ordinary 1st chapter. I already read some novel that the hero or the MC quit his job and want to live as ordinary people. I hope this one will be a good one.

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    1. I pretty much decided to release my first chapter the moment I finished translating it, so there are not that many advance chapters as of yet. Don’t worry though, I’m speeding up with translations so eventually I’ll be having a decent amount of chapters in advance. It will take a little while before I’ll get it up so please wait patiently. I’m currently almost finished with chapter 4 so most of my tiers won’t look interesting to you unless you read my other novels.

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