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Tl: SpecterZe

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TLC: Madpinger


Second Arc: Kastal Queendom.


Chapter 18 (chapter title at end)


This is the second day of our trip in the carriage. We are having dinner now. Our meals are completely in the hands of the two slave girls. Sakura and I are completely useless, even though we have <Cooking> skill. Hey, skill! You should work harder.

According to Mio, her <Cooking> skill is high. Maria also has <Cooking> skill, but she has no experience, so she starts by helping Mio. However, due to Maria’s good memory, she becomes skilled enough to serve us food she’d made by the second day.

[Master! How was it? Delicious?]

Mio’s eyes shine brightly as she asks. She has a mental age of about 24 years, but sometimes, she still acts like an eight-year-old girl.

[Uh… This croquette. It is delicious.] (TL note:

[I agree. I’m confident in my ability to make croquettes.](Ed: The original line was “I said so. I’m confident in my croquette.”)

<<The croquettes are delicious~>>

Right now, we have bread (bought), croquettes, vegetable soup and tamagoyaki for food. (TL note:, they are something unnatural to have during the trip.)(Ed: I tend to agree, especially since I don’t think they have any kind of refrigeration — unless their <inventory> has the ability to keep things cold.)

[Well… Sakura-sama’s magic is amazing because she can make a kitchen!]

[More accurately, she just made the room.]

Sakura smiles awkwardly when Mio praises her.

That’s right, I have Sakura create new magic from excess MP.

The first is “Warp”. It is a type of magic that allows us to move instantly. With a little modification, I succeeded in lowering the MP consumption and chanting length a little. It is possible to use it in two ways: without chanting during the combat which uses more MP, or with chanting which has a lower MP usage.

It seems as if we didn’t get a <No Chanting> skill from Saladin, so it’s necessary to chant when we use <Unique Magic>. However, considering the process of magic creation, it is necessary to have support.

The second is “Portal”. This is a type of magic that allow us to teleport to places where we have been at least once. Of course, this doesn’t include our former world. More precisely, we can return to any place we’ve set “Portal” to in the past. In short, we can’t return to the capital, but I won’t go near that place at all anymore…

The third is “Room”. This is the magic that Mio praised. In short, it is the magic that creates a door to a different dimension. The room itself is nothing, but I put all of the cooking tools we bought before we left town as well as the water tank in there, so it is easily became the kitchen. This door can also be stored in <Inventory>, but I still can’t put a living being inside. Does that mean I’ve found a loophole for it? The door for the “Room” can be opened from inside the carriage. There are other rooms, too, but I will explain them later.

We have two kinds of transfer magic now, which also means that “Transfering” is very important to us.

In game, we are usually able to move around the world freely by the end. If not, it would be hard to move the scenario forward. However, I can’t put this in town because there might be something preventing me from doing so…

Wow! I really got off the topic. This world is like a game, but we’re not in the game. Honestly, I don’t want to wait, so I want high-speed transportation as quickly as I can get it. However, travel with a carriage is normal. Besides, we don’t even have a clear destination and we might need to fight with demon, too. Above all, we would be in trouble if we couldn’t do any sightseeing, too.

After having a conversation with Sakura and others,”Return to our original world” isn’t our first priority, so our three main goals after leaving this country are: sightseeing (40%), strengthening ourselves (30%), finding a way to return to our former world (10%) with the rest being for other purposes. Our current objective is hearing a story from elf storyteller and asking for the method for returning to our former world.

[[[[<<Thanks for the food!>>]]]]

Since our meal is finished, we prepare for camping. Since Maria and Dora don’t know about this custom, I teach them and set the rule to say “Let’s eat!” (or “Itadakimasu”)when we start eating, and “Thanks for the food!” (or “Gochisousama”) when we’re finished eating.

It seems we will arrive at the next town during the day tomorrow, so our first carriage trip will soon come to an end.

[Jin-sama, your bath is ready.]

[Okay. Thank.]

After Maria told me, I head toward the bath. Of course, it is in another door via [Room] inside the carriage. The bathtub (of stone) can easily be made by earth magic and put in the room. Sakura and Mio requested it after they took a bath at the hotel.

In short, we can cook our meals in the kitchen and take baths in the bathroom after having a meal. This makes me question myself and wonder “Are we still traveling?”. Oh, the bathrooms are separated by sex, too.

I step out of the bath and slip into a sleeping bag inside the tent. Although I can make a bedroom with “Room”, we don’t have enough materials on hand to do so. Besides, isn’t parking the carriage and leaving the horses alone while we stay inside “Room” an example of illegal parking? Are we really traveling?

The next day, we caught sight of the town named Iiraluke at around noon, just as I predicted.

I will explain a bit about the Kastal Queendom now. As its name suggests, this country is ruled by queen. Almost all direct descendants of the royal family are woman. Although they are fundamentally the same as those in Erudia, they aren’t as showy or gorgeous. Instead, they simply prefer function more than value.

If Erudia is Europe in the Middle Age, then this counrty is culturally more Japanese. Although there seems to be a piece of clothing like a kimono here, it isn’t very common.

If I forget the fact I hate royal families, I really like Kastal.

[We’ve finally reach the border of this damn country.]

[Master, you really do hate this country…]

Uh… It’s natural. By the way, even if I hate the royal family, Kastal wins, hands down! 

[No more pursuers here, too…]

Sakura seems worried about pursuers. The most possible pursuer is that curling hair woman. Even with an army of S-ranked adventurers like that old man, I don’t think I could escape unscathed, but I won’t go so far as to say that I would be defeated. 

[If those pursuers dare to hurt Jin-sama, I will cut them down!]

Maria’s loyalty is still the same. Well, if the pursuer isn’t a hero, I don’t think Maria will lose.

<<Master~ Food~>>

[Okay, I know. Let’s have a meal first.]


It seems this dragon is completely hooked on food. Hmm… Is a dragon’s food that bad?

A : It is bad. There is no concept of cooking in the first place since a dragon form can’t use cooking tools.

[It is already noon, Master. Between Erudia and Kastal, where do you want to eat?]


[An immediate answer… Jin-sama, do you hate Erudia that much?]

[Do you still need to ask?]


We arrive at the gate on the Erudia Kingdom’s side. The passing fee is 1,500g per person. Anyway, this is the service tax for entering and leaving the country. By the way, we still need to pay another 1,500g on the Kastal Queendom’s side, too. In addition, we have to show them some kind of a certificate.

1,000g is for leaving one country; the next 1,000g is for entering the city; and the last 1,000g is for entering Kastal Queendom.

For now, we pay 7,500g for five people to enter the town. I made Dora into a human form to prevent certificate-related trouble.

[Well, then… Let’s go sightseeing!]

[Ah, Master. Beds! We need to buy beds.]

It seems Mio wants a bed.

Certainly, we might find a good equipment shop for furnishing our “Room” in this town.

[That’s right. Although we have “Room”, I don’t think everyone can fit in there.]

[Then we should buy one and let everybody take turns using it.]

It seems Sakura also agrees on the purchase of a bed. Well… just having one around will make our travel become more comfortable.

[For a normal merchant, isn’t it normal to take a bed during a trip?]

[Ah, I heard about it. It seems that merchants prefer to have more goods with them instead of bringing a bed.]

After I heard Maria’s explanation, it seems their stance on the matter is different than ours.

[But I also heard that noble and royal families are doing this when traveling.]

In short, we have the same luxury of a bed that noble and royal families have when they travel, right?

While we are talking, we arrive at a hotel. I searched for it using <map> when I was riding in the carriage. I talk with an employee and ask them to take care of our carriage. By the way, this hotel is on the Kastal Queendom’s side, and it is quite far from the gate. Although Dora was hungry, I wanted to leave Erudia as fast as I could… No, I don’t want to choose the Erudia Kingdom, if I can possibly help it…

By the way, the other two slaves just smile awkwardly. Although they don’t have a sense of belonging and hated being in that country, they just smile that way because it is still where their hometowns are located.

So the five of us go out for some shopping and sightseeing. First of all is food. Since I had asked one of the hotel’s employees to recommend a store, we head there first. There is some rice here, but it gives us a sense of incompatibility because this town has a European style to it. As expected, they don’t eat the rice with chopsticks.  Instead, they eat it with spoons. There is a miso soup, too. It is influenced by Japanese people, one hundred percent! 

I don’t know whether this is from a hero or a reincarnated person, but I thought it was good.

I didn’t think I could buy rice or miso here. I guess there might might be a retail shop in this town, or they’re imported from somewhere else.

I heard, in detail, about areas in Kastal that either eat or don’t eat these foods. It seems these foods are only eaten in this town. The hotel’s employee also knew this and recommended them to us.

I ask a shopkeeper to sell us some rice. We aren’t able to purchase much, but it is still better than nothing.

<<Rice is delicious~ I want to eat it again~>>

[That’s right. There might be another shop like this in this town, right?]

[Master… Isn’t that just a waste of time, no matter how we look at it?]

Certainly, eating food from just one place in the town is too wasteful. Since we’ve arrived in Kastal, we still have a chance to eat in different shops.

[Let’s buy a lot of rice soon!]

[Don’t yell too loud like that…]

[Don’t worry, Master! I still have a lot of rice dishes in my repertoire.]


I become too emotional and hug Mio tightly.

[Awwww! My heart isn’t ready, and it is embarrassing, after all!]

Mio becomes embarrassed. I’m glad I bought her. Both her and Maria are big hits. I hate Erudia Kingdom, but its only good point was finding these two people.

Mio wants to purchas a bed this time, so we head to a bed shop.

Although I said “bed shop”, it isn’t a store that’s large enough to put several beds in it. We just browse items from a catalog (that’s a camera-like magic tool), and shopkeeper will move the requested item from an item box or “Storage” Magic. A person who has “Space” magic large enough for a bed is a big shot in any shop. As expected, common sense in a different world is different than in other worlds.

In the end, we bought a king-size bed and several bed sheets. By the way, I put them inside an item box (Concealed <Inventory>). It is really convenience that we don’t need to transport it, but I’m worrying about any moving businesses in this world.

[Uwa~. A king-size bed. I will E-N-T-R-U-S-T Master’s night life with this.]

[No, I won’t do that.]

I completely discard that. I mean she still has the body of an eight-year-old girl. I’m not a lolicon, but even if I was, I won’t lay a hand on a little girl. I just admire them.

[Well, if Master doesn’t want it, I won’t forcibly do it. But in this world, there is not many people who would complain about something like this. How should I put it… Since the most nobles are perverts, if someone is going to complain about this, then it’s like making enemies of the nobles.]

The nobles in this world are worse than I thought.

[Although I’m not a noble, they consider me to be an adult woman who is ready to have a child.]

This world is worse than I thought.

However, I start to think about the function of “Room” properly:

・It completely shuts out everything from the outside world. (Neither sound nor vibration can be leaked.)
・There is no need to worry about oxygen. (It seems able to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.)
・If it is locked by a human inside the room, it can’t be opened from the outside.

[This”Room” is really like a love hotel, isn’t it?]

[Please stop it. Please don’t use my magic for something like that.]

Sakura becomes angry. By the way, Mio is holding her stomach, crouching down and saying, “Ufufu, different dimensions… love hotel…] or something close to that.

” <<Love Hotel?>> “

Dora and Maria, it is better if you guys don’t know about this. It’s too early for both of you. Wait! Isn’t Maria already being treated as woman in this world?

[Love Hotel is…]

[Jin-kun. SHUT UP!]

Sakura is angry (for the second time).

[Sorry, sorry. Maria and Dora don’t know about it yet. Please explain it to them.]

Well, I think I went too far. It won’t be good if this turns into sexual harassment.

[That’s right. Geez…]

[Then you two should ask Mio about this.]




I think Mio is the right choice for explaining that.

The next stop is a carpenter shop and a hardware shop. In short, it’s D.I.Y. shop.


I have a feeling that I’d like to make a bathtub, and in this world, it’s easy to do “what I want to do” with magic. However, it can’t be done without materials.  I must buy some wood or metal, so I can do “what I want to do” immediately.

With my <System Window> and <Inventory> along with Sakura’s <Magic Creation>, we can do anything as long as we have enough materials.

I purchase wood and metal for a D.I.Y. room, the quantity of which is enough to build a single common house.

[Why did you buy that much?]

Maria asked this. However, I don’t have a clear reason, so I just explain it to her.

[Well, it might be used for something. It is necessary for in order for us to have a comfortable life while traveling.]

[It is already very comfortable from a commoner’s point of view…]

Maria smiles awkwardly after realizing how abnormal our travel actually is. Honestly, as a person who is from a different world, I want to go sightseeing, but I don’t want to do it if it is going to be too troublesome.

In addition to that, I enjoy the view of this town while we were buying various things. When compared to Erudia, Kastel prefers quality, and this is much more interesting. It is might just be the stance of this town since there are two or more shops of the same type here. Of course, one is in Erudia and the other is in Kastel. There’s clearly a competition between the cultures.

Dinner? There wasn’t enough of an impact to beat our lunch…

The next day, we have breakfast on Erudia’s side (by requests from both Mio and Maria). Although they are in charge of cooking, they forgot that sometimes.

[Everyone, let’s have a talk.]

Mio and Maria look confused when I said that. Well, I suddenly spoke formally.

[Jin-kun’s honorific… Ah…]

Sakura seems to notice that I’m going to do something.

You could say that my special abilities of <Give&Take> and <Engage Link> will be more effective with a number of subordinates. In short, subordinates are slaves and tamed monsters. When comparing between these two choices, a slave is more convenient. Naturally, their body structures and sense of values are basically the same. Of course, a tamed monster is a big help, but it often causes a problem when entering towns, so increasing the number of slaves is a convenient way to increase my fighting power.

I explain this carefully.

[In short, Master want to have more slaves, right?]

[Are we, not helpful…?]

Mio says it frankly, but Maria looks like she is going to cry.

[No, it is different! Maria and Mio are really helpful. However, for my special power, there are more advantages if I have more slaves.]

Panicking, I attempt to cover it up. I didn’t mean that there are problems with Maria and Mio. I think if this conversation keeps going like this, Maria will collapse eventually.

[Jin-kun, did you see something on the map?]

Sakura is unexpectedly sharp. She’s right. I saw an interesting slave in this town’s slave market.

[Oh, that’s right. There is an interesting slave in this town, though this slave might not be as good as Maria or Mio.]

[Oh, I see! Master knows the risk beforehand…]

Mio nods. Her shrewd nature is really pleasant. Maria also recovers after hearing that.

[What kind of person is that slave? Are there any interesting skills or titles?]

[Well, yeah… Could I keep this a secret for a surprise? There is one slave I want to buy…]

[Understood. I’m looking forward to that.]

Maria gives up after hearing my proposal.

[In the meantime, let’s head to that shop.]

[Ah, yeah. Let’s go.]

Mio smiles happily.

[Since we went to “necessities” district yesterday, we will go to the “luxury” district today. Master is also looking forward to various things, right?!]

[Is a bed necessary…?]

[Of course!]

Mio is full of confidence, but Maria looks confused. I’m certain there is a thin, fine line. It is a daily necessity, but as a travel necessity… it isn’t.

[Before that, though, let’s bewitch Master with pretty clothes!]

[Bewitching… I will do my best.]

Hmm… Why does Maria need to put effort into that?

[If they get out of hand, I will stop them, so don’t worry.]

Sakura adds. Uh, thanks. I don’t need to worry at all…

So I go to the slave market alone.

The slave market is on the Kastal side, and the slave I want is here.

The slave dealer here isn’t much different than the one from Erudia. I will be in trouble if they have the same personality. In Erudia, it is human supremacy. Almost all of the slaves, except criminal slaves, are beastmen.

[I need a woman slave who can fight.]

I give this condition to the slave dealer. When considering that slave’s skill, there’s a has a high chance that it will be brought here.

But out of all of the muscular women who were brought, the slave that I want isn’t among them.

(Ah~, this pattern again…)

[Excuse me. Could you show me another slave?]

[I don’t mind. What is your condition?]

I give him a condition that will more likely be that slave from <map>.

[That’s right. There is a slave woman who will be sold dirt cheap.]

The slave dealer doesn’t hide his bewilderment. It seems very likely since I asked for a slave who has excellent fighting ability.

[Understood. This way, please…]

The dirt cheap slave wasn’t called to this room, so this means that they are in a different room. I follow the slave dealer and enter a room in a not-so-sanitary condition.

[Here. This is the room for dirt cheap slaves. As for women, they wear red-line clothes.]

It is hard to distinguish men from women if they don’t do this.

I use map to look around. Oh… There…

[Shopkeeper. Why is that woman really thin?]

I point at a woman who seemed to be wasting away to nothing.

[Yes. That girl was sold to us by a second-rate noble. Originally, she was good-looking. I’ve given her many common meals, but she didn’t get full, no matter how much she ate. I couldn’t keep up with costs of feeding her, so the meals were decreased, and she eventually became this thin.]

After hearing about this slave’s background from the slave dealer, I understand her circumstances.

[She became too thin and ended up here because she isn’t popular… How about 10,000g for her?]

Cheap. That is really cheap. I’m certain she doesn’t have any sex appeal when she is this thin.

[Okay, I’ll buy her.]

[Thank for your patronage. What are you going to do with her?]

Even if I give her a good clothes, it will be useless.

[Shouldn’t we return to the room first and then give her a meal?]

[I don’t mind. I can prepare it as long as you can pay.]

Let’s use a newly-made function of <Inventory>.

[Well, that’s okay. I have food in my item box.]

[Understood. What about the slave’s contact? A Slave collar? Both of them are 10,000g…]

A slave contact is normally included in the slave’s price, but it seems they feel the need to charge separately since this slave is dirt cheap.

[A slave’s crest, please.]


The slave dealer calls for a maid. Two similar maids come and carry that slave away.

When I return to the original room, those maids put her on the floor.

I take some newly-made food from <Inventory>. When she smells it, she tries to reach out to it,staggering as she does. I put one piece of bread into her mouth. Her eating speed gradually increases, and she quickly finishes eating all of the food from <Inventory>, one after the another.

[…She is in the middle of eating, may I start the slave contact?]

Somebody came. I guess I gave her a little too much food.

[Uh, I don’t mind.]


The person who came lifts her plain clothes, but it doesn’t seem as though she minds either. I put my blood on the contract to finalize it. This woman slave’s mind is already… No, she is looking this way.

[M-More, please…]

Oh, great! All the food I pulled out vanished before I knew it.

[Okay, I’ll get more. Eat as much as you like.]

I took all of the food out. She starts eating it immediately. The slave dealer also left after I paid him. She finally finished eating after an hour. Although her appearance was bad at first, it is considerably better after she ate all of the food to her heart’s content like she did. I mean, she recovers really fast as long as she has food.

I look at this slave again. She is a beautiful woman with blue eyes and blonde hair. Her blonde hair almost reaches to the floor. By the way, I hit a jackpot, even though she was skinny just a little while ago.

[Phew! This is the first time I’ve been this full in a long time. Thank you. You are my master, right?]

She uses a “desuwa” tone. Her title is “Former noble girl”, but I don’t expect she uses this. If that curling hair woman was like this, I might not stop a repurchase…

[Yeah, I bought you. My name is Jin. Nice to meet you.]

[Uh, please take care of me. My name is Sera Do… No, just Sera.] (Spec: she uses watakushi, the more polite version of watashi.]

Did she just throw away her family name? I guess she was abandoned.

[Former noble?]

I ask her.

[Yeah, but I’m a normal slave now. Please don’t worry about that.]

Her face looks like she gave up.

[But I have an extreme appetite… I have been eating more than normal for a long time… It is usually half of this amount.]

This is painful. She was thrown away because of the amount of food she ate.

[Could you tell me the details? Of course, you don’t need to say anything if you don’t want.]

[No, I want you to know as much about me as possible. I think I will die easily if you don’t understand my situation properly.]

Die easily? Well, I know she isn’t exaggerating because I saw her appearance just a little while ago…

[The reason I’m a slave is simply because “I eat too much”.]


-fin ~ A Border Town and a New Slave

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