Hiki-NEET Vol 12 Chapter 11

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Vol 12 Chapter 11

Yuuji, hearing from Alice’s brother who woke up about his family


“Nothing strange ahead of us. But still, skillful aren’t you Mr Kevin”

“Thank you very much Mr Enzo. I’ve traveled along this road countless times after all”


The journey from Premie city to the royal capital, the sixth day.

Enzo, who had checked ahead, informed Kevin who was steering the carriage down the mountain pass.


They could let the horses do their best uphill. However, they were not a vehicle. The down-slope is the place to make a display of the coachman’s skills. Delicate skill is necessary to use the brake to kill the speed and get the horses to move forward the way one wants. It is so difficult that it cannot be compared to something like a stick-shift car departing on a hill road.


It was quiet inside the carriage that Kevin was carefully moving forward.

Who were lying down there were the wolfkin Denis and Alice’s brother Charles who were rescued from the bandits.

In order to watch over the two, Alice, Riese and seamster Yurshelle were glued to each other in a confined space.

Alice was holding her mouth with her hand in order to not wake the two up. Hearing Kevin saying it would be better to wait for them to wake up naturally, she endured being quiet. A capable girl she was.


Leading the carriage on a horse were Kevin’s two exclusive escorts. Guarding the rear was Premie city adventurers guild master Salomon.

Due to letting the two people ride in the carriage, Yuuji went to the coachman’s seat. Kotarou was concerned about the two sleeping people, but she was guiding the group, taking the role of searching for enemies.


The sixth day of their trip.

Though their companions increased by two, they completed the path to their goal favorably without any great changes.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Oooooh! So that’s the royal capital!”

“Amazing! Yuuji-nii, it’s pretty, isn’t it!?”

‘What a big city!’


Sixth day of the trip, lunch break.

The open space that was prepared on the mountain pass was a place with a good view.


“Yes, Mr Yuuji, that over there is the royal capital”


Kevin informed Yuuji, who was setting up his camera out of admiration.

The open space, where they dropped in for noon break, was a place where one could look at the destination of their trip, the royal capital.


“… Yeah, it’s true that you can see the river beside the royal capital!”

“That’s right. It’s that river that goes around the mountainous district and passes through the wetlands. It means that if you go on the waterway, you will pass Yagiri-Nyon and that point will connect to the royal capital. That is, if you can pass through the wetlands”

“Oh, I see~”


Said Yuuji, while his eyes were capturing the royal capital.

Kevin took time to explain, but he paid no attention to it. Kotarou too, who was by Yuuji’s feet, vacantly opened her mouth. It appears that she was gazing this way as well.


The mountain pass where Yuuji and company were near the southern tip of the mountains that run north to south.

Spreading in the west as they overlooked from the mountain pass was an open field.

On the open field flowed a river from east to west. It was the river that went around the southern end of the mountains, crossed the wetlands and once again altered its stream towards the west.

And then, the city could be seen adjacent to the river.


The fifth year since coming to this world, a standard large city of the other world that Yuuji have seen for the first time.

The royal capital is surrounded concentrically by several stone walls.

At the center, a particularly tall building could be seen.

“That must likely be the castle” Yuuji guessed.

The river that circumvented the mountain ran immediately next to the royal capital and came out to the open field.


“But still… the walls are quite bulky, isn’t it?”

“Since this country was made, the ones among the royalty who could master earth magic was on the throne. They seemed to have thought that protecting the citizens is the duty of a king”

“Oh, I see. Is the wall in downtown for war?”

“Yes, because they produce an additional wall every time they expand the scale of the city. It seems they leave the previous walls so it has become like this. They more or less have soldiers stationed there, but they won’t be so strict once you enter downtown once”


Kevin told Yuuji about the royal capital.

A little behind Yuuji, the seamster Yurshelle too nodded “Uh-huh”.

And then.


‘That’s right, we’re almost at the royal capital…’


Hearing Yuuji’s simultaneous interpretation and looking at the royal capital, Riese showed a complicated expression.

The end of their trip was near.

And so was the end of the elven girl Riese’s ‘big adventure.’

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Aah! Good morning, Charles-nii!”


The noon break finished, Alice’s merry voice reached the group as they were preparing their departure.

It appears that Alice’s brother Charles had woken up.


“Good morning Alice. …Eh? Alice? Huh? This place is?”


A feeble, but steady voice.

Yuuji, who was loading the carriage with the luggage used for cooking, rushed towards Alice and Charles.

At the same time as he arrived, he pushed out the the water sack that was on his waist. He was too impatient.


“Charles-kun! You’re awake!”

“Eh? Uhm, who could you be?”

“Mr Yuuji, please calm down. Charles-kun, I am Kevin. I came to peddle often, but do you remember?”

“The peddler mister? You’ve been looking after Alice…”

“Yes, that’s right. When I went to the village, I had Alice-chan help me, hadn’t I? Charles-kun, please be calm and listen… How much do you remember?”


He must have been paying attention so that Charles would not be on guard. Kevin showed a smile. Staring into Charles’s eyes, he calmly asked.


Hearing Kevin’s words, Charles closed his eyes for a moment.

Shortly after, tears spilled from his closed eyes.


“… I remember. That time and, though vaguely, the time after that too”

“Is that so… Charles-kun, first off, Mr Denis is alive. He hasn’t woken up yet, but it appears that he narrowly escaped death”

“Denis. Thank goodness”

“We’re planning to descend the mountain pass and head to an inn town. Let’s depart first. We will talk inside the carriage”


Said Kevin and guided Charles to the carriage.

Already was Alice clinging onto Charles’s arm.


The sixth day of their journey.

The group finished their lunch break and went towards the inn town.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


Inside the carriage as it advances over the mountain pass.

Alice was clinging onto Charles who was awake.

Riese showed a smile, watching over them. She did not seem to be envious of them. She was a compassionate girl. She was holding Kotarou in her arms though.


“Denis. Thank you. I’ll properly thank him when he wakes up”


Charles said with a soft voice. His hand was caressing the hair of the wolfkin Denis. He is not a beast. It’s his expression of gratitude.


“Charles-nii… You know, Alice,  you know, knows. But… Alice want you to tell Alice about dad, mom and Basil-nii”

“Alice… you’re a good girl”


Charles said and stroked Alice’s head.

Incidentally, Yuuji was sitting on the coachman’s seat. He could hear the conversation in the wagon bed due to the curtain being open though.


“Alice, the only one who was saved is me”


Charles said and tightly embraced Alice. Tears spilled from his eyes.


“D- dad, mom, Basil-nii…”


Alice clung onto Charles and bursted into tears.


Kotarou escaped from Riese’s arms and softly nuzzled against the two. It seems she intended to comfort them.

Hearing Yuuji’s simultaneous interpretation while sitting on the coachman’s seat, Riese tightly clenched her fist. She was then hugged tightly from behind by Yurshelle.


Was he tired of crying, or had he not recovered his physical strength after having kept up a harsh life? Or had his restoration from the state, where Denis described him as broken his heart, not abated yet?

Charles once again fell asleep.

Alice, Riese, Kotarou and Yurshelle. They quietly watched over the two sleeping.


The sixth day of their journey.

The group safely descended the mountain pass and arrived at the final inn town.

Only the sounds of horse hoof and wheels resounded.



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