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Chapter 40.5 Let’s tame with Mio-chan


[Master! If we have time, please let me tame monsters!]


[Okay, I don’t mind. But whether or not we can take them in depends on the monster you tamed, alright?]


[I know! A-alright~! My first taming~!]


After getting permission from Master, I triumphantly decide to head out to tame monsters.

Although I got my <Monster Taming> skill from Master, I withheld myself from taming until now. I specifically decided on not doing any taming because I was worried about the space for the tamed monsters until we got our hands on the mansion in Kastal.


I had been thinking about taming since we obtained the mansion at Kastal, but then I thought of whether I alone should get hooked on my pastime while Master was working at the castle, and in the end we decided on going to Estia without me taming anything.


And so, we went to Estia and it was decided that my ban on taming would be lifted about then. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my hands on an old butler vampire, but I’m thinking of going out to tame monsters whenever I have some free time from here on.


[Leet’s see, what shall I tame……?]


One of master’s special power is map, or basically <System Window>. If I have this, then I know right away where what kind of monsters is, so it allows me take my pick (Word : mitori) on what to tame.


Midori : ? (Pun)


I didn’t call you…… Anyway, I can choose what kind of monster I want to tame. With Sakura-sama’s “Portal” magic, I can teleport to where those monsters are living. I still can’t tame too powerful monsters. …… No, I can. I heard Dora-chan was tamed with a level 3 taming skill. My <Monster Taming> skill is currently at level 3. In short, I can tame monsters at around Dora-chan’s level, and that is considerably good.


[No notable monsters here~]


After transferring several times, I didn’t see any monsters I wanted. I want to tame mutated or rare monsters but my luck isn’t good enough. I heard it is easier for rare monsters to show up if all monsters in an area are exterminated, but I don’t have enough time for that……




While I was thinking about it, I found a rare monster in Torte forest as soon as I teleported there. It looks like I’m in luck.


Fairy Wolf (Rare)


<Body Reinforcement LV1> <Howl LV1> <Bite LV1> <Fairy Eye LV1>

Taming level requirement: 3

Note: Rare type of fang wolf. Its fur will give a glittering rainbow color when hit with light.


A wolf that has sparkling rainbow colored fur. I don’t see anything about it that seems like a Fairy except the <Fairy Eye> skill. At any rate, you can tell it is a rare monster just from it’s appearance.


It needs Taming level 3. I guess I can tame this monster. This is fate, just like when master tamed Dora, he needed <Monster Taming> Level 3.


From its status, it doesn’t seem too strong. <Fairy Eye> is a rare skill, a good present for master.


There are quite a few fang wolves in the surrounding area. It would be better if I cleared them all first but too bad, I don’t have enough time to do so. So I’m going to jump on him for a bit.

I’m stealthily approaching the Fairy wolf. Since I borrowed <Silent Step> from master beforehand, this is unexpectedly easy. snicker, The wolf’s back is wide open.


I jump on the Fairy wolf’s back and use [Warp] to teleport away like that.


We went out of the forest and entered a meadow. The Fairy wolf is confused. Of course, it is natural since it suddenly found itself in a meadow. I then enter battle to tame it during that opening. It recognized me as an enemy and leaped toward me.


Even if it is a rare monster with an unusual skill and I want to tame it, its offensive power is still quite weak. It isn’t any better than a normal fang wolf.


I dodge sideways and slash it with a knife. A bow would likely shave off too much HP to the point of killing it.




The Fairy wolf suddenly jumps back from just a light cut and crouches down. Its HP was decreased by less than 10%. It is trembling, I could see the fear from its eyes. It then gave up and lowered its head.


> Fairy wolf has been tamed.

> Please give a name to the Fairy wolf.




I never thought it would be tamed this easily. Isn’t it because Fairy wolves are too weak? I broke its will with just a light damage and tamed it like that.


I see, this one, it is a rare but good-for-nothing monster……


I suddenly get curious, so I check the <Fairy Eye> skill.


<Fairy Eye>

Allows the user to let the opponent whose eyes they meet, see an illusion and manipulate their thoughts. The higher the level difference is between the user and the opponent, the more influence the user will have. It will still have some effect even if the user’s level is inferior.


It’s an outrageous skill upon closer look. Isn’t this a type of mind manipulation ability……? It might have been bad if it had used it. I should have checked it first. Am I getting rusty? Oh, that’s right. It was used. But master’s <Avatar LV2> renders all mental attacks invalid. So it had no choice but to give up and be tamed.


The Fairy wolf rolls over and shows its belly. It seems to submit completely. I pat its belly. I was startled a little when I touched it lower abdomen. Oh, this one is male.


How should I name him? Since he is a dog, Pochi? Let’s make a slight tweak and name him Potechi.


[Alright! Your name is Potechi! You are going to be my pet!]




Potechi barks happily after being named.


[Potechi, your rainbow light is bad for the eyes. Could you do something about it?]




Potechi barked sadly and his fur took the same gray color of normal fang wolves. I see, he can change his color at will.


But I think since he is a being superior to normal fang wolves, he is a little reluctant to have the same color as them…… I know.


Thus, my first taming was done. When I was thinking about returning to the base, I discover a carriage heading this way. What is it? It seems that carriage also found me and is heading this way.


A middle-aged adventurer-like beastkin came out from inside.


[Be careful! Little miss! Step away from that monster!]


It seems he is worried about me. No, he should be able to tell that it’s fine with my appearance……


[I’m fine. I tamed him. And even if I look like this, I’m a D rank adventurer.]


I show him my guild card.


[……For real. Children these days are amazing…… I heard several children a little above your age became B rank adventurers at the capital……]


Err, I’ve heard about that before.


[More importantly, why have you come here?]


[Oh, since young miss is an adventurer too, I guess it is fine to tell you. Actually, there will be an extermination in Torte forest. We are the first team.]


[Extermination? I was there a little while ago but I didn’t see anything amiss…… Oh, there were nothing but beasts there……]


As I checked the map earlier, I found nothing else except beast type monsters. I thought the forest became desolate somehow.


[That’s right. Recently, the village’s fields near Torte forest has received heavy damage from beast type monsters. And so, an extermination request was sent and adventurers gathered.]


Does the monsters’ ecosystem’s balance collapse easily in Torte forest? When we came here before, plant type monsters were dominant and that forced the fang wolves out to find the food from somewhere else. Now that the fang wolves are dominant, they come out due to food shortages. In the end, fang wolves come out either way. And the villages that received catastrophic damage happened to know that as well.


[I heard that a village near Torte forest had  requested an investigation before. Is this matter related to that as well?]


[You know your stuff…… Yeah, the same village that did the request received the damage. It is actually the second abnormal investigation. The first one about a month ago ended with no abnormalities though.]


That was after our monster annihilation.


[The first request was a proper one but the second request was vague and incomplete. And no one wanted to accept it.]


Oh, something like that did happen. Did the request, at the time we returned it, become proper because of Master’s influence I wonder…… the request at that time was bad. The possibility of us not accepting it was high. But we ended up doing it because Yurika was there……


[After a while, the fields suffered damage and yet nobody accepted it, so the damage became gradually bigger and finally, with the neighboring lord’s coercion, one step before destruction, or rather he looked like he broke into weeping, we understood the strangeness of the ecosystem when we investigated.]


[Is it necessary to wipe out all the monster at once due to its population?]


[Yeah, that’s right. A mop-up campaign itself needs military strength after all. The lord also put a lot of effort to invite me to join this.]


[? Uncle-san, are you famous?]


[Oh, don’t you know~? I thought I have become quite famous……]


The old man makes it look a little sad before he said it brimming in self confidence.


[Err, my name is Galion. An S rank adventurer. [Divine beast Galion]. Any adventurer should have heard about my name somehow.]


[Oh, S rank!]


He is one of the S-ranks master was talking about. The beastkin who held the <divine beast> skill was this old man. It is alright, uncle-san. Even if I don’t know you, you are probably famous.


[Well, as I said. Even a mop-up campaign will be alright if there is an S rank adventurer there.]


I may not care about anything but an old butler-san, but there really is a sense of security that everything will be alright when just an S rank aventurer is nearby.


[Oh, right. What is little miss going to do now? Judging from your light equipment, are you on your way back……? If it’s fine with you, do you want to join our mop-up campaign? Since you are D ranked, there’s probably not much you can do but to help us in the back. You will be rewarded too.]


I’m grateful for their kindness but I want to be alone as soon as possible. I can’t use [Portal] in public after all.


[It is alright. I am going back on this boy I tamed earlier.]




Eh? Potechi is surprised. Err, I’m pretty light you know?


[I see. Young miss is small but you are D rank. Since I judge people by age and rank, I will not say anything gloomy, but even so let me tell you just in case. Please take care on the way back.]


[Okay. Everyone, good luck with the mop-up campaign too.]


[Yeah, please leave it to us.]


After getting away from Galion and others, I decided to hide under a tree’s shade and use [Portal] to return.


[In conclusion, this is Potechi, the one I have tamed!]


Since I can’t bring him to an inn, I have to bring him to the base and introduce him.


[Oh, he has an unusual skill, is he rare? You’ve tamed quite the monster.]


[Teehee~ are you jealous?]


[Yeah, as expected from Mio. So, if it’s him then we can take him along in the dungeon, but what do you want to do?]


It took a lot of effort to tame him, so I want to bring him in the dungeon too.


[Well, I guess not. This boy is really timid, no, a good-for-nothing. He will be shivering in the corner if I bring him to a dungeon……]


[……And how is he a monster?]


[Well, I will make him take care of the house for now, since he isn’t required and we have enough people in the dungeon exploration team already. We should have at least some space for a dog house if we put him in the base.”


[A dog house? Though he’s a wolf……]


[That’s my preference.]


Potechi’s face looks a little sad. I wonder if he wants to get inside the residence or something? No, I won’t spoil him that much.


[Oh, by the way……]


I used this opportunity to tell everyone about the situation at Torte forest.


[I see. It seems Torte forest’s ecosystem can collapse easily. And so you’re saying that that village was a habitual criminal in making irresponsible requests……]


[I think Galion and the others is doing their best about now.]


[I am a little interested by that. But well, not so much that I would go and take a look. It won’t be good if appear here and there too often. Since [Portal] is our secret. Mio, please be careful about it just in case.




The calculation of time in transfer could be wrong, so I can’t go and hop around without reservation. Master, I feel you’re hopping around rather unreservedly though……


On a side note, I won’t take Potechi with me on this ride. He is feeble you know. He could give me a ride somehow after getting some status from master. He is a little pitiful but he is the first monster I tamed, I will be in his care from now on.






Current situation.


Midori : Jin’s slave, dryad

She spends most of the time being absentminded. Except when she makes special medicine from time to time to meet the quota.

Midori <<This is happiness……>>



Kastal’s adventurer team : 8 slave adventurers aiming to become S rank.

Currently acting as B rank. Right now, they’re performing the B rank request [Subjugate Blood Tiger].

Cloud: [Turtle, bird and tiger……where have I heard of them before……]


Lusia : Jin’s slave, Second believer, former queen’s knight.

She is the head maid in Kastal’s mansion. Acts as an adventurer from time to time.

Lusia [It is going well. I’m looking forward to the next meeting.]


Sakuya : Kastal’s queen, Noja-loli (Formal language)

She is busy dealing with official business as the queen. Since the reorganization in the capital was done, she is doing inspections on other cities. Stealthily using [Portal] (With Alta’s acknowledgment).

Sakuya [Ahh, this is so comfortable~]


Yurika : Revived person, with memory loss

She is working as a maid in Kastal’s mansion. Begins her activities as an adventurer. Currently D rank (G rank before death)

Yurika [Plant monsters, I hate them.]


Estia exploration team : Cynthia, Karen, Sora

In the middle of maid training. Difficulty very hard.

Cynthis [NA, NO, DE, SU~!]

Twins [[*faints*……]]


Dinosaur egg : Little girl (Confirmed), Shapeshifer (Confirmed)

The egg that popped out immediately after the Tyrannosaurus was killed.

Egg: [It seems like it will still take a while until I’m born.]

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    Speaking of oblivion, I just ran away to the enemy just now.

    I have not had sufficient grounds to say back to Revere “You should go on with me.”

    “Certainly … … If my classmates and black robes summoned together, I could not stop stopping even if I was alone”

    I guess it’s time to earn points.

    It will be visible immediately that it will be defeated immediately.

    “But then, everywhere you went ——“

    “I know I do not depend on you as much as I am … so … … would you ask me a little?”

    I could only do a nod in the word of Revere who talks about self-destruction.


    “Thank you. I’m asking you …… I want Sets to send reinforcements from this beastman continent.”

    “Are you a reinforcement?”

    “Yes, there is nothing you can do that would be your desire?”

    The king Beauty will move if you ask for it.

    Even though he can not move himself he should be able to lend the fullest strength.

    “But how about doing that? Even if there are black robes and braves, if we combine the power of the two continents …”

    “—— I want to annihilate that black robe … and the toma of that parent is also”

    “… ….”

    Something similar to hatred was burning in the eyes of Revere.

    As this happens, you probably will not be able to talk.

    “Do not tell me the circumstances”

    “Now it’s not … I do not want to talk about myself, so do not ask me if you can,”

    “… Aiyo”

    Is not it to be able to ask that far … … That’s right.

    It seems to me that there are a lot of women, things that I do not want to hear like that.

    There is no choice because there is even a man, yes.

    “I understand what you want to say, your hopes …… I told you to ask me to do so, I will move accordingly, but be sure to defend the continental demons firmly for you to go first.”

    You do not have to be fancy that you are losing when you arrive.

    “I understand … … If you want another saying bear … I hope as soon as possible”

    To Levia saying with a bitter smile, I burst out laughing in spite of myself.

    It can not be helped, I must finish early and go to help.

    “Fu …… I understand … well then …”

    “Yes, beyond”

    “Oh, over there”

    Me and Revia return their heels to a slight extent with their greetings.

    I can not do this.

    The time is still in the morning, let’s go to the beast king today and tomorrow.

    It takes three to four days to borrow a magical team of metastasis to the Maori Continent … Please endure Levia, DESISTOL.

    “Setsu …”

    “What’s wrong with you”

    I was about to depart and I was stopped by a silky cat asked.

    “I want to thank you,”

    “Wow, I am too!”

    Mineko also speaks so that it will compete with the silk cat who said it was a thank you.

    It is a story that jumps soon if it is not such a situation ……

    “Now it is okay, and again next time ——“

    “If so, I will keep up with Setsu.”

    “… What is …?”

    “Wow, me too!”


    ◇ ◇ ◇

    And so, I acted differently from Levia, are these two cats girls? Two persons? I am heading to the beast king with him.

    Siloked eels and mineko were to be with me as a fighting force.

    It is said that they will participate in the war on the continent as a thank you.

    According to what I heard they are preeminent combinations and it seems that they are quite a powerful person.

    It is a perfect place to be a friend.

    “Beast King? …. Hisashi Nana Real”

    It was the first time in five years, even when it was a designer, but it would be unavoidable to feel such a feeling.

    It’s been a long time since I met ROA … Well, did that little energetic child grow up? In case

    Which is stronger between Setsu and the Beast King? “

    “Ah, it was decided by me like that,”

    “Is it decided … ?.”

    I fought a lot of times in response to his hopes of fighting, but I never lost.

    However, the number of injured times is much more than the others.

    I did not lose, but something like that happened often with one arm bloody.

    “Well beast king is also quite strong, if you can do it I would like to borrow himself … …”

    Even if the battle situation is pushed if the demon king and the beast king come together, it will be able to return at once.

    The king ‘s strength was not Date.

    “Wait a minute …”

    It has arrived so soon as I had walked a little over a day so far.

    The town where the trees split up, the town which was made on the vast expanse of the flat land revealed its appearance before us.

    ◇ ◇ ◇

    There was a shadow swimming at the speed of the sea between the beastman continent and the demonic continent.

    (… … I can not tell you, I can not say it … …)

    Revere mutters with a face like crushing bitterness.

    “It’s an important piece for me and the designer … … to achieve the purpose of the black robes …”

    40 Departure from each

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