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Companion Chapter 2 Adventures of Cloud, the adventurer (4/5)



[No really, there are a lot of things I want to ask you about you know that? But not asking about one’s skills is an adventurer’s etiquette so I feel really troubled about it now.]


[Well, it’s unreasonable even if we’re told to answer that, isn’t it?]


[Ain’t that right.]



Kuuga-san seems to have many things to ask about on the returning carriage, but there are next to no answers we can give him. There is also absolutely no need to reveal your skills according to the adventurer’s etiquette, so we felt at ease.



We managed to store the corpses of the Bright Falcon and the Metal turtle in our “Storage”. I barely had enough space after moving the unnecessary things to the other members of mine.



When we’re traveling to the royal capital for a while, we hear a voice coming from outside.



[Help me~!]


It sounds like a scream. I look outside in a hurry and see a girl on a horse being chased by a pack of fang wolves. When I observe the situation, I see that the horse is injured and its speed isn’t increasing; it won’t be long before those wolves catch up to her.


A carriage is standing still at some distance away from us and several adventurer-like people are fighting a group of fang wolves over there.



[I will run after the girl. Everyone, go for the carriage please. Kuuga-san, please wait in the carriage.]


[Right, leave it to us!]



Knot gives a strong reply. Every other members are also nodding in approval.



[You sure about this? I can also go to the carriage, you know?]


[We’re still in the middle of our request. Rescuing the men and women here is what we should be doing after all.]



It seems like there’s no problem for Kuuga-san to lend a hand in this, but right now he’s still an examiner after all. I think it’s better for him to not get involved in matters unrelated to the examination.


The girl is riding a horse, so it should be better for me who have <Flash Step> to be responsible for her. Sicily who responded in my support decided to come along with me. And the rest of us will head towards the carriage.



[I’ll go on ahead.]


[I’ll be right behind you, okay~]



I exchange a few words with Sicily and I go ahead of her with <Flash Step>. Sicily is acting calm, but only her movement during combat isn’t slow. She’s also one of the faster ones among us, though not as fast as Coco……



[Will I be right on time I wonder……]


As far as I can see, only a little longer and the horse will be caught up by those fang wolves. I successfully used <Flash Step> at the last moment back then, so my success rate increased remarkably. It’s absolutely faster than running normally, but I fail my <Flash Step> once after several times, so I’ll be barely on time I think.


As I run while I was thinking like that, one of the fang wolf finally leaps at the horse.






The horse broke its posture and the girl is thrown into the air. There’s quite some force into that, so it will be inexcusable for me if she crashes into the ground as is.


I can’t make any more mistakes. I’m bracing myself more than ever and I continuously invoke <Flash Step>.






I successfully invoke <Flash Step> five times in a row and I manage to catch the girl who was thrown into the air.



[Phew……, are you okay? Do you have any injuries?]


[Hii~, eh-, oh……?]



The girl couldn’t understand her current situation yet, but her eyes are all over the place.





She suddenly feels exhausted when she starts feeling relieved. Her clothes becomes damp. She must have leaked when her strength left. Well, this happens often doesn’t it? We weren’t able to endure it either when we’re facing Master……






I use a magic that often aided me on the girl. I wonder why her face is becoming red as a tomato?



[Can you stand up? I’m going to defeat those fang wolves like this.]





The fang wolves are alerted by my sudden appearance and aren’t attacking, but they steadily confine our surroundings so I don’t really have much leeway against them.

I put her on the ground. She didn’t tell me she could to stand, so I don’t think she can right now. While I support the girl with one arm, I take a handkerchief from my breast pocket and lay it out on the floor. Then I have the girl sit on the handkerchief like that.



[Please sit here. It will be alright, I definitely won’t let them get near you.]




As I say that, I take out my sword and shield out of “Storage” and prepare myself. Those fang wolves who looked like they are waiting until I’m prepared  jumps at me. They number about twenty. Defeating them isn’t hard for the current me. But this might be very difficult to do so while protecting someone.


However, my job is to protect. You really can’t expect someone to protect their companions if they can’t even protect a single girl from these kind of opponents.






I catch the fang wolf that came jumping at me with my shield and send it flying. I make sure the fang wolf, who is avoiding me and going towards the girl, doesn’t come near her by making it eat a kick.



[One down!]



Because I skillfully pulled the right timing, I’m able to kill the first one. They will go after the girl if I go in too deep, so I’ll be focusing on defending until the end and attack only when there is leeway to do so.





I sent one of the fang wolves flying with my shield attack. However, more and more of them are starting to approach us. If this goes on, it will be a matter of time before they break through. But I don’t have the slightest concerns about that.



[Thanks for waiting~]



I have reliable companions. I’m not alone.


Sicily who came in late thrusts out her spear. With just that she skewers several fang wolves at once.



[I’m defending her, so I leave you with the extermination!]


[Leave it to me~]


From then on, it went in an instant. The situation where I was close to struggling from focusing on defense crumbled down very easily because of Sicily’s participation. It crumbled down so much that I myself had leeway to participate in attacking.



[Can you stand up? I’m thinking about heading towards the carriage, but……]


After the fang wolves are annihilated, I call out to the girl who is sitting on the handkerchief. She has a beautiful shoulder-length blue hair. Her blue eyes are also beautiful like gems and she wears clothes similar to a dress. She must be slightly older than me. I properly check the figure of the girl even though it’s a bit late and I think about unimportant things like may she be a noble I wonder, I’ve been told by Master not to involve myself too much with those kind of people haven’t I?



[T-Thank you, I’m really grateful to you for saving me!]



She thanks me while still sitting down. It looks like she still can’t stand up somehow.



[Not at all, you don’t have to mind it.]



I reply her with the best smile I can make. The girl’s face becomes bright red again, did something happen though?



[Is something the matter?]


[N-No, I am fine…… But it still seems impossible for me to stand up……]


[I see. Then, excuse me.]





With that said, I lift her up from her back and her knees (TLN: bridal carry style). Her face becomes redder than ever before.



[Oh, so you don’t like this. I’m sorry. Sicily, could you take my place?]


[Fufu~, I don’t think that is necessary you know~]



Sicily says so with a hidden meaning added to it. When I look towards the girl, she is nodding vigorously while her face is becoming redder.



[You are fine like this, right~?]


[Ye-Yes I am……]


[I don’t really understand, but if you don’t have any problems with this then I will be going over there, is that okay with you?]


[Yes, please do so……]



Sicily should be running after us after she collects the corpses of the fang wolves, so I have decided to go ahead of her and bring this girl back to the carriage. I saw Sicily grinning at the end for some reason, but did something happen?



[E-Err! I am called Cheria. Would it be acceptable for you to tell me your name?]


[I’m called Cloud. I’m an adventurer.]


[Cloud-sama…… It is a wonderful name isn’t it.]


[I’m not worthy enough to have “-sama” added in my name, Cheria-san.]



I feel a little itchy when “-sama” is added in my name, because I’m an ordinary slave. It wouldn’t be strange for me to die if Master didn’t pick me up.



[Please call me Cheria. Paying respect to the person who saved my life is a natural for us to do. Please let me call you Cloud-sama!]


[Well, if you want to call me that no matter what, then I won’t say it’s unreasonable though……]


[Yes! Cloud-sama!]



It seems she has decided to call me Cloud-sama. As we talked about those things, we arrived at the carriage.


The fang wolves over here are already exterminated and the collection of the corpses as well as the treatment of the injured people is taking place.



[Like seriously, again……]


[Well, this is Cloud we’re talking about……]


Knot and Adel complains when they see me carrying Cheria in my arms. Why though? There were times when the two of them show a forced smile like this while looking at me. Wasn’t that the time I saved the guild receptionist-oneesan back then?



[O-Ojou-sama! It is good that you are safe!]



The Ojii-san in armor who is being healed by Yuria-san suddenly stood up and begins talking with Cheria.



[Youngster! How long do you bastard plan on carrying ojou-sama?!]



Ojii-san shouts at me with a very threatening attitude. This is troubling, I would put her down if I could, but……



[Guto! This gentleman saved my life you see! What in the world are you saying!?]




[Cheria, is it okay for me to put you down?]


[Youngster! What are your intentions by addressing ojou-sama without honorifics!]





The ojii-san called Guto is glaring at me a lot, but he doesn’t seem to say any more than that because Cheria raised her voice.



[My apologies Cloud-sama, but it does not look like I can stand up yet. Would it be fine for you to stay like this for a few moments?]


[Yeah, I don’t mind.]


[*angry grumble*]



Guto-san is grinding his teeth. Your blood vessels are also showing up, are you really okay?


By the way, carrying Cheria in itself is really no problem. She is very light for one and before I noticed I seem to have gotten quite some physical strength after the continuous battles.



[Once again, pleased to meet you. My name is Cheria Hardner. I am really grateful to you for helping us in this dangerous situation.]



With a practiced action, Cheria picks the hem of her skirt and bows. As we finished the treatment after the battle, we decided to have them explain their situation. Sicily and Kuuga-san is also coming here now.


I’m digressing, but Cheria looked awfully disappointed when I let her down a little while ago. I wonder why?



[So, why were you attacked by fang wolves in a place like this?]



Knot asked in a friendly way. Guto raises his voice as a matter of course.










He made a mistake. He tried raising his voice but he was stopped by Cheria.



[Being attacked by the fang wolves in itself wasn’t the problem to be exact.]


[What do you mean by that?]



Coco asks this time.


[Okay. The fact is that, before we were attacked by the fang wolves, we were attacked by a bright falcon, an A rank monster. At that time the knights……, guards sacrificed themselves to let us escape, but several of the remaining people had injuries. We couldn’t deal with the pack of fang wolves that approached by the smell of their blood and that led to the situation you have seen……]



Yep, two word I was worried about comes up. Cheria certainly mentioned knights didn’t she. She panicked and shifted it to guards, but she said knights didn’t she. Noble confirmed.


Also, that bright falcon she mentioned is without a doubt the one we defeated, isn’t it? If that thing is everywhere, it’ll be unbearable, you know?



[The Bright falcon may still be nearby. I suggest we should leave this place as quickly as we can.]


[Oh, about that bright falcon. We already defeated it, you see?]







Cheria and Guto-san stand agape by Knot’s explanation. The other ones make an amazed expression similar to them.



[We’re doing the adventurer’s rank promotion examination right now you see. We’re now on our way back after the subjugation.]


[Cloud-sama, are you becoming an A rank adventurer?


[No, we are becoming B rank adventurers.]






It surprisingly took some time to explain our situation to Cheria and her company. It may be correct to say that it took time for them to believe we’re adventurers who almost completely shut down an A rank monster in the middle of our B rank examination though……



[I understand. I understand all too well that we were fortunate for many things.]


[I-I see……]



I’m more than glad both Cheria and Guto understand.


[I want to hear this soon but, what sort of lady are you? You are no ordinary traveler, am I right? I think you’re at the very least a noble aren’t you? I mean, you did say knight before didn’t you? Being able to have knights as guards, you’re either a noble or a royalty aren’t you? There is only one royalty in this country, so I wonder; are you either a noble of this country or a noble or royalty from another country? You’re most likely from Atto union, considering the direction you came from, am I right?]



Iris talked on in one go. She asked the things we were concerned about on her own.



[Err, yes. As you have guessed, I come from one of the members of the Atto union. I am the twelfth princess hailing from the kingdom of Gashus. We have come to this country for trade negotiations.]


Atto Union is located to the east of Kastal and it is a country with several small countries united as one allied nation. It’s a country who possesses the authority rivaling the major powers because of that unity. Cheria seems to be the princess of one the many countries there. Err, I’m calling Cheria without any honorifics though……



[Ah, Cloud-sama. I actually don’t mind you calling me Cheria as it is…… I don’t mind every one of you acting like you have done until now.]


[Ojou-sama, in that case the disciplining will be……]




[Yes ma’am……]


[Moreover, I am the twelfth princess of a small country. I do not intend to succeed the throne and while I am in this country to negotiate a trade deal, I am here to marry a suitable noble and strengthen the relationship of the two countries……]



She has no luck with the way things had gone in this journey……



[This may be an impudent request of me, but could I ask of you to escort us to the capital? We will pay the the remuneration, so if you will……]


[I don’t think that’s a problem for me, but……, Kuuga-san, what do you think?]



We are more or less in the middle of our B rank examination, so I have to ask our examiner Kuuga-san, right?



[I don’t particularly mind. Well, I can’t personally escort you, just so you know.]



If you hire an A rank adventurer like Kuuga-san, you need to pay quite a bit. Moreover, the examiner can’t be employed arbitrarily while during the examination, so I guess it’s natural that he won’t participate in the escort.



[I understand. Cheria, we shall escort you to the royal capital then.]


[I-I will be in your care.]



Cheria’s face is becoming red again.



[Oh, she completely fell for him.]


[Right~ I told you~]


[This really is amazing. So how many people does this make……?]


[From what Roro knows, this is the fifth person.]


[Is he an idiot……?]



The girls look at Cheria like that and are talking about various things, but what could they be talking about? There were times they keep their talks a secret from me, so I feel a little sad.



Afterwards, we departed immediately after arranging our remuneration, or more like retaining fee, in advance.


We decided to make a camp after advancing a certain distance, because we will be arriving at the royal capital tomorrow.



[Why is the camp’s food so delicious!?]



Dinnertime, Cheria’s shout echoes through Kastal’s night. Oujo-sama, you haven’t really eaten good food, have you?


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