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Welcome to a new release of Kanna the godless! I know, I know. It’s almost three weeks ago since I released a chapter, almost a week too late. But nevertheless, I finished it to you readers’s pleasure. You know there are games that are fun and interesting and there are games that you just can’t let go without even thinking about it every minute? Usually I think about translating, but the game got me into it a bit too much, even though it’s not that interesting. Either way, the hook is starting to get looser and looser now and I should be able release chapters in a timely fashion again.

Also, I’ve decided to rename Spirit magic to Spirit art. A little change, but it gives a bigger distinction between two different magic systems we’ve come across until now.

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Chapter 16 I peek at the end of the abyss



I wasn’t able to give an answer to the “contract” right away. For the time being I responded to Faima with “I will make up my mind before tomorrow morning”. Faima nodded without showing any dissatisfaction in particular and returned to the inn she is staying at.


A little bit later, the one who dropped her body on the chair Faima was sitting on until now is Real this time.



“It is a little late, but how are you feeling? You have lost consciousness from receiving the backlash from the spirit art, haven’t you?”

“You’ve got great insight. My right arm still feels a little funny.”



I try to drag out my right arm from the bed, but the response is bad in every way. The part from my elbow to my fingertips doesn’t listen to me. It felt that its actions were one beat late to the instructions I relayed from the beginning.

Real touches my right hand I dragged out and massages it softly.


“I see, your muscles are becoming stiff. What about pain?”

“It was terrible right after the backlash, but now I’ve got no pain.”

“So it was so bad you can feel the pain…………the reason must be that a considerable firm object was broken.”


She too had been taught the usual knowledge in relation to spirit arts by grandma. She understood the reason I lost my consciousness.



“You did hear it from Faima and the servants, didn’t you?.”

“The outline, yes. However, I also want you to let me hear your opinion on this. When it comes to breaking your ice, they should have considerably strong magic after all. Please explain from the beginning, just to be certain.”


Just as I was asked, I briefly explained to Real from the time the masked men attacked us until the time I fainted. It’s just that my head isn’t in a normal condition, so I told her beforehand that there are some parts in my memory that are unclear to me.



“…………I will be checking it, but how much time was there between the presence of that magic power and the invocation of the magic formula?”

“There was about one or two seconds between that. But, what about that?”


After asking, Real put her hand on her chin for a while like she’s thinking.



“I’ve taught you the general information in relation to magic during the time we stayed at the village at the foot of the mountains, didn’t I?”

“I’m not sure if I understood it completely though.”

“That is fine. ーーgenerally, in order to use magic, you require magic power and a magic formula for the sake of controlling that magic power. You also use magic power to construct the magic formula and by inserting magic power the second time into the finished magic formula, you invoke the magic.”

“I can remember at least that much.”

“In order to invoke magic, it becomes necessary to control magic twice. And so, the two times you control magic becomes more complex the stronger the magic becomes and the require time will also increase.”


That is roughly the same as the fantasy knowledge in my mind.



“Is there something wrong with that?”

“…………It looks like you haven’t noticed it.”


“I’m shocked” Real says as her eyes become half-closed.



“This will be only a little off-topic, but I’m proud of my considerable offensive ability.”

“…………It’s not at the level where you can end it with quite a few words, don’t you think?”

“Be quiet and listen. In addition, if I use body reinforcement magic as well, my power would jump up several times.”

“Yeah, that was dreadful.”


A roughly two meter diameter lump of ice I created with my body and soul was cut right in half after all. My consciousness soared for three hours from the spirit art’s backlash though.



“So you remember. The ice your spirit art created possesses the strength that took my all to be able to break it. And so, let’s return to today’s matter.”

“No, I intended to make the ice cage sturdy, but I had no reason to put my all into it, you know.”

“Slow, aren’t you. Is your head still not cleared up from the effect of the backlash? Although you didn’t put in all your strength, the intensity of the ice is also quite comparable to that of 「iron」 at the moment you made it. Also, a magic that blows up iron to smithereens is not as easy as a fire attribute magic that can bring forth instantaneous power.”



I finally arrived at Real’s worries.


“You finally understand now. That’s right. The time between the rise in magic power and the invocation is too short considering it’s a magic capable of destroying your ice. It’s a different story if it was an elementary magic, but when it comes to power that can destroy an object possessing the strength of steel, it is impossible to do something like refining a magic formula in a mere one or two seconds. ーーNo, I won’t say it is impossible, but what’s certain is that a power on the level of a court magician becomes necessary for this, you see.”


So in other words, it’s impossible if there’s no people who is roughly able to cause destruction to thousands of people with just ten of them?



“Now that you mention it, that magic power was pretty strange, you know.”

“Strange you say?”

“I finally recalled after hearing about it though.”


The ice cage exploded and a pillar of flame broke out afterwards. Both have the same quality of magic power, but the presence was so dense it doesn’t look like it belongs to a person. Now that my thoughts have become clear, I’m able to say it with confidence.


“It’s not like I’ve seen enough of this world’s people to the point of being able to assert this, butーー” 


……………………Wait, huh?


It’s true that up until now I haven’t seen anyone who possess magic power that dense.


But I’m bothered by it.


…………I wonder if it’s the atmosphere if I have to say it.


Honestly, I don’t understand the difference in presence and atmosphere, but it’s not so clear as to be called a presence. Even so, when I’ve noticed it once, it won’t leave my head. I can’t get it out of my mind.


Have I come across this magic and the possessor of magic with a similar atmosphere?



Speaking of acquaintances, is it Faima? No, I admit she possesses huge magic power, but it wasn’t so dense that she had quit being human. And as for her servants, they didn’t reach the level of a sorcerer Real told me about.


The residents of this town too; sometimes there are people with outstandingly high amounts of magic power, but not at the amount of Faima’s.


I rewind my memories. I recall the residents of the village at the foot of the mountains, but there were no sorcerers there in the first place. The spirit grandma I’m left with doesn’t possess magic power like me, but she is an exception. Then, that soothing flying dragon summoned by Real? No, it may not be human, but it’s still different.


Going back even more…………I don’t really want to recall it, but it’s that castle I was in at the beginning. Oh I see, of the places I’ve caught sight of people possessing magic power at a level that can be called a sorcerer, that castle had the most. However, each and every one of them are also different.


I recalled my memories up to there and the person in question wasn’t there. I suspect it’s a lapse of memories thoughーーI deny that immediately. The presence of that magic power remained inside of me.


Suddenly, I remembered Faima’s face.


Now that I think about it, there was someone holding a presence similar to her. I forgot about that. 


ーーーーIn the shade of Faima’s face, I could see a different person.


*Shudder* my back shivers and froze in place.


A strong chill and nausea swoops down on me and blood drains from my face.


“H- What’s wrong, Kanna-”


Seeing my face becoming unusually pale, Real grabs my shoulders. However, I don’t have any composure to put my awareness onto the girl.


…………I finally reached it.


The existence of that woman who houses that intense deep darkness inside her eyes.


The existence of that woman who summoned me to this fantasy world and self-centeredly, haughtily and ruthlessly discarded me.


It wasn’t that I couldn’t remember her. It was because I don’t want to remember her.


There’s no way I will forget her. It’s just that I had no choice but to forget her even just temporarily. Each time she emerges in my mind, I would recall my extreme anger and hatred.


That doesn’t change even now.


But, I can sense the magic power better than when I was summoned in the beginning so that’s why I also understand.


No doubt the abyss is hiding in the depth of the eyes on that lovely beautiful face that can be called sweet. That abyss must be connected to that unusual magic power I felt.


As I chew off the nausea and the chill I felt in one go, I feel my partner’s hand placed on my shoulder. While feeling the of warmth from a person that is not myself, I regain my composure in some way. Little by little, the blood also return and the worried Real spat out a breath of relief after seeing my complexion.


I look at the face of that girl.


“Real, I remember it now”


Real returned a serious look once again.



“That guy who bursted down my ice. The magic power I felt at that time is disgustingly similar to that bitch who summoned me to this world.”

“……………………Are you certain?”

“Yeah. The difference in amounts of magic power is in a different league so it’s hard to know, but now that I recalled it I don’t doubt it anymore.”


But, if we assume that, what would this all mean?


I noticed just today that Faima’s presence resemble that bitch, but at the same time Faima’s presence is different from that of the magic power. Usually if A=B and B=C, then A=C. However, it doesn’t seem that simple in this subject. I have the conviction I won’t be fooled by a few misunderstandings.


“That princess is sharp and able enough to be expected to become the next ruler from within the royalty and at the same time she is magician enough to be the top five within her country.”


Real supplemented to the brooding me.


“She also has the capabilities as a court magician without exaggeration. If it is her, then she should be capable of constructing magic capable of destroying iron weapons in an instant. However, the next in line being in this remote place isーーSo in this case, it’s the queen. I don’t know the reason for her to be in this location.”


In the first place, their presence may resemble, but I know that the bitch isn’t in this place. Something else resemble this presence.


“Aaaah, somehow I have a very bad feeling about this.


I felt this unbearable discomfort towards this「something」 the two have in common.

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