BFTG-NT Companion Chapter 2-5

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Companion Chapter 2 Adventures of Cloud, the adventurer (5/5)



It’s a little after Cheria’s shout. She was surprised as first but before long she became addicted to our cooking and kept eating silently without saying anything. My eyes met with hers a lot, but every time her face becomes red and she couldn’t touch her meal for a while. She starts eating again after I look away for a while.



[It was a delicious meal.]



We end our meal with our usual phrase and then we start cleaning up the tableware.


Although it’s night, not much time has passed because the sun hasn’t set yet. Cheria and her company are completely exhausted from their strict schedule, so we’re taking earlier than planned.



[Cloud-sama, may I talk talk to you for a moment?]



Cheria visits me when I’m doing night watch and starts a conversation with me.



[Oh, I don’t mind. Is there something on your mind?]


[No. This may sound trivial Cloud-sama, but I want to talk with you……]



I don’t think there is anything interesting in talking with me though…… Cheria sits right beside me.



[You see, I’m really grateful to you for helping us today.]


[Not at all, you don’t have to mind it, really.]


[But I heard that it isn’t unusual for ordinary adventurer to even abandon strangers who are attacked by a pack that large. Why were you willing to go as far as risking your life to help us?]]



I do think there will be a lot of adventurers who will abandon them in that kind of situation. Fang wolves themselves aren’t such a tough monster, but it’s a different story when they come in packs after all.



[Well, we didn’t do it for a big reason though.]


[May I hear the reason?]


[Sure, it’s because Cheria sincerely wished for help. And because we were strong enough to exterminate the pack of fang wolves easily.]


[Eh? What do you mean by that?]



This is a second-hand opinion from Master, or more like it is the fundamental policy we decided on after listening to master.



[First of all, we are adventurers, so we basically get requests and help people.]


[Well, that is how it works, doesn’t it……]


[Naturally, there may also be moments when people don’t have time to put out a request. Like in your case a little while ago……]





Cheria nods. As one would expect, it’s impossible to negotiate about the rewards in that situation.



[We also bear that sort of situation in mind and decide whether or not we should help them by judging if they’re sincerely shouting or not.]


[Sincerely shouting, is it?]


[Yes. At that moment, were you thinking about using us Cheria?]


[……No I didn’t, I thought about wanting to live. I couldn’t think about anything but wanting to be saved.]


[Exactly. We will help if we judge that the wish is genuinely good. We absolutely won’t help the person if they’re bad, if he wants to use us or if they’re hiding ill will.]



During our activities as an adventurer, I’ve come to understand a person’s ill will. When I tried to compare it with Master’s policy at that time, there were surprisingly a lot of things I can agree with.



[And this is unfortunate but we won’t help them either if the matter is something we can’t handle.]


[Does it mean that in my case, you helped me because you could do something about the fang wolves?]

[Yeah, it’s really hard to put your own life on the line for the sake of helping a stranger. But if we have enough strength and some time to be able to help someone, then I think we should do it.]



It is really hard to help other people. Even though you may think it’s for the sake of someone, we could be told it’s none of our business by the person themselves and the situation could instead move in the wrong direction.


Therefore, we decided help people with the norms we prepared ahead of time instead of doing the impossible and recklessly help someone in a confused way.



[So that is how it is. Every one of you have been properly thinking about various things despite being younger than me haven’t you all……]



She is admiring us greatly, but half of it is second hand opinion, so it’s a little embarrassing.



[Yes, I’ve decided after all. Cloud-sama is fine.]


[Is there something the matter?]



Cheria nods as if she has resolved about something. When I ask about it, Cheria suddenly brings her face near mine.



[There is something I would like to ask you!]


[W-What is it?]



I get the impression that Cheria’s face is full of determination.



[Cloud-sama! Have you decided on a partner of some sort?]


[Err, what do you mean?]



I didn’t understand what Cheria wanted to say, so I asked for an explanation.



[What I am asking is: Do you have a lady you have feelings for or have promised a future with etcetera?]



Ooh. In other words, it’s a question about whether I have someone I like or a fiancée. I don’t understand why she is asking me though……



[No, I actually don’t have that kind of person in my life.]


[Is that true? You have many beautiful and lovely ladies in your party though……]



I’ve certainly been told often that all of the girls in my party are beautiful or cute but I don’t see them like that.



[The girls are my companions, and my family. Sure, I do love them without a doubt, but I won’t go into something like a relationship with them.]



We’ve become too close to each other because we were companions who were together during the time we were with the slave merchant, during the time we were caught by thieves and during the time we were picked up by Master.



[Is that so. I’m glad……]



Cheria smiles like she’s relieved.



[Is there something you’re glad with?]


[No, it is nothing. It doesn’t matter yet at this point.]




[Leaving that aside, let’s talk about something else, okay? What kind of adventures have you gone to until now?]


[Err, well then, I’ll talk about the time we saved a wind spirit……]



And then we continued our idle talk for a while and then decided to end our conversation because Guto turned up with an amazing look.



[Thank you for the conversation. It is about time I take my leave then. Have a good night.]


[Good night.]


I part with Cheria and start pondering a little during the night watch. I told Cheria “I don’t have anyone I like”, but that may not be entirely correct. “I’m not going to have a person I like” should be more accurate.


Normally, slaves can’t get married. It is natural because they don’t have the right to marriage while treated as a possession. In the case a slave wants to marry, they must be released from their slave contact. Well, that’s if the slave’s intention doesn’t change after you release them. But.


I… we may have stopped being a slave on the outside, but we are thoroughly Master’s slaves to the end. We can’t disregard master’s intention regarding our marriages. At least if Master completely opposes it, then we can’t possibly say anything about it.


I think it will be painful if we have come to like someone in that kind of situation. That’s why I don’t plan on liking anyone. I don’t even plan on accepting love-like fondness except for that of a family.


That’s why I have no choice but act as if I can’t and don’t see it.


The next day, we arrive at the royal capital without any incident along the way. Cheria was surprised by the royal capital she is visiting for the first time, but when she notices I’m looking at her, she straightens her back and starts walking gracefully. But the direction Cheria is heading towards is actually the opposite of the royal castle, which is her destination…….


Cheria looks down with her face bright red from ear to ear when Guto brought her back in a rush. She must have no sense of direction, huh?



[Well then, the request is done with this. I will ask one of my attendants to write a request, so accept the reward in the guild.]


[Okay, I understand.]



We arrive at the royal castle after walking through the royal capital for a little while. The request goes as far as this place, so Cheria’s escorts have then decided to register a commission for the after event report.



[Cloud-sama! Please don’t forget our promise!]


[Yes, I won’t. Let’s see each other again.]


[It’s a promise, okay!?]



We promised to see each other after a few days at the stubborn request from Cheria.

The conversation was about Cheria going to her discussion with the queen about the trade from here on and staying in the capital for a while after that. And so, Guto-san explains she intends to advance marriage proposals in the meantime and marry in Kastal.


Guto-san doesn’t seem to be really happy with me but in the end, he said “I won’t allow you to become over-familiar with ojou-sama but thanks to you, ojou-sama has become quite lively again. Only for that will I give you my thanks.” What does he mean by that?



I don’t know if Cheria has time to see me, but we made a promise so it should probably be fine I guess. I won’t do something like breaking a promise either.


We then head straight towards the adventurers guild. I greet the receptionist-oneesan and tell her that we safely completed the subjugation of the metal turtle. We also process the after event report of Cheria’s escort. Guild leader arrived a little later.



[Oh, it looks like you kids were able to subdue it without problems.]


[Yeah, these kids are all B rank without question. Rather, they ought to go faster to A rank.]



Kuuga-san replies with a forced smile.



[What happened?]


[These kids actually subdued a bright falcon by themselves.]


[What did you say!?]



Everybody around us become surprised as a result of us conversing near the guild reception.



[Humm, let me hear the full story inside.]



Having said that, the guild leader turns around.



[Hey, please wait! Please don’t take away that kind of big news!]


[That’s right. We also want to hear Cloud-kun’s tales of heroism!]


[Yeah! Planning to hear about it first on your own is unfair you know!]



But, the surrounding people won’t allow that. Moreover, it’s noticeable that we will be getting a barrage of questions from them after we explained it to the guild leader.



[Mmhh, it can’t be helped…… Kuuga, explain.]



Guild leader points to Kuuga-san, shifts all the attention to him.



[Okay then. Since you’re all waiting for this, everyone listen! So these kids were heading to the metal turtle to subdue it and……]



A little while after that, Kuuga-san let everyone hear about our battle. The surrounding people were amazed, understood and looked restless from the story.



[As expected of the royal capital’s promising rookies. Ain’t that a great performance!]


[Of course! He is our Cloud-kun!]


[Since when did Cloud become yours……]



Each of our acquaintances are celebrating while saying those things.



As for the corpses of the bright falcon and metal turtle, the guild consulted with me on the purchase from the guild, but I declined because I was told to bring back home corpses of rare monsters.



“And it seems you also defeated the metal turtle while you were at it, so you’re completely a B rank adventurer. We will be updating your cards, so we will hold onto it until tomorrow, okay?”


“Okay, please do so.”



Guild leader promotes us to B rank. We submit our card and update them to B rank. I was told we will able to collect our reward tomorrow.


With this tomorrow, we will also become B rank adventurers in name.



Everyone in the guild congratulates us as we return to the mansion.



[Congrats on passing the B rank examination!]


[Thank you very much.]



Immediately after we got back, Mio-senpai congratulates us.



[Today is everyone’s favorite, Mio-chan’s specially made napolitan. And of course, there’s also sherbet.]



These two dishes are the dishes Master let us eat in the beginning after we became his slave and they have become our favorite foods even now.


I don’t know if it was Master who said it or Mio-senpai, but I think it’s food that’s appropriate for a milestone like reaching B rank.



[Alright~, we haven’t had something like Mio-senpai’s napolitan in a long time!]


[I know right…… It’s because the number of people increased recently and Mio-senpai couldn’t cook so much as the leader……]


[Even though Roro is following the recipe, Roro can’t make it as delicious as Mio-senpai.]


[Well, it is difficult to catch up to Mio-senpai’s skills.]



Everyone’s also getting excited.



[Well then, everyone, let’s clean up quickly and have our meal.]


[That’s right.]


[Fufu~, our stomach is grumbling right~]



At Yuria-san’s order, we change our clothes, wash our hands and sit at the table.



[I made a lot, so eat without worrying about anything!]


[Thank you for the meal] x8


Yep, it is delicious. Mio-senpai’s napolitain really is our no 1. Since then we also had opportunities to eat various, somewhat high-class cooking, but I haven’t encountered a dish that exceeded this napolitain even now. Speaking of which, what does napolitan mean though? We’ve never heard about this kind of dish from the others, have we……



[Ah, hey Iris! Aren’t you taking too much!?]


[Oh shut it, you. First come, first serve you know.]




[Ah, Sicily, if you are going to sleep, then go to bed properly! If you’re about to fall face down on the table, then go to sleep quickly!]


[Coco-chan……, it’s fine if you pay attention to Sicily-chan, but don’t make your spit fly around……]


[Oh, sorry. But Adel, if you make a big deal out of those small details, then you won’t grow up you know!]


[How cruel……, even though I’m here to apologize, I’m spoken ill of instead……]


We are happy we passed B rank examination and the dinner that day became more merriful than usual. We asked for seconds at least three times, except for Roro who is worrying about her figure. We ended up eating a little too much and our stomach is in pain now.



When I head to the courtyard in order to move a little and do some exercises to help the digestion, I happen to meet Master along the way.



[Cloud, I have something to talk about]


[Y-Yes. What is it?]


Something Master wants to talk about with me…… What in the world could that be? Recently I’ve become a lot better now, but I feel nervious when I have a conversation with Master even now. As far as I’m concerned, Master is a god-like existence. As an overwhelmingly superior person, he’s an opponent I should absolutely never oppose. It’s not at Iris’s level, but we all share common understanding regarding that point.




[Sit down.]

[Yes Sir.]



I follow Master and sit on the chair on the courtyard.



[Cloud, I have two questions for you.]





[This is the first question. Cloud, what do you think about your current circumstances?]


[My current circumstances as in?]


[Your current circumstances of you taking actions as a slave and as an adventurer. I’ll listen if you have any complaints okay?]


What the current me has is thanks to Master. I’m in no way unsatisfied in being his slave. If I couldn’t become Master’s slave, I would have died somewhere and I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my dream of becoming an adventurer. I wouldn’t have been able to spend time together with my companions either.


In that sense, I should be able to say that the current me has improved. To the point that not being able to do something like falling in love with person seems trivial……



[Yes, I’m happy enough with current situation. There are companions too. I fulfilled my dream too. I have no such thing as a complaint.]


[Is that so. I’m glad you said that. Then the next question. What do you think about the fact you were given power by me?]



It’s about Master being able to give powers to other people. We have seen him using that power in front of our own eyes, so we have no room of doubts about it at this point.


You could say our power is something we borrowed from Master. I can hardly say it’s our own strength, so there’s no room for arrogance in the first place.



[To put it bluntly, my powers are unfair. Do you feel anything like reluctance in becoming stronger by those powers?]


I admit that Master’s powers are largely unfair. That’s a matter of course. I mean, I was a dying slave a month ago, but I’ve become a B rank adventurer in the blink of an eye. It’s not that much, but I can’t say I’ve done this the honest way. But……


[I……, I don’t think it is unfair. Power is power. What’s most important is only how you use it I think. You can’t protect anything if you don’t have power. if it’s for the sake of protecting everyone, I won’t hesitate to use the borrowed power I’ve been given even if I’m told it’s unfair.]


To begin with, if the power that’s been given to me is considered bad, how will they explain the differences in circumstances you’re born with or the difference in talent? Aren’t those in a certain sense also power that’s been given to you? No matter how anybody puts it……


Whether it’s talent, luck or the result of effort, power has no meaning on its own. Regardless of what kind of power it is, I will use that power to protect my family.



[I see. If you firmly hold your opinion on that point, then there will be no problems I guess……]



Master smiles faintly. And just like that, he gets up from his seat and heads towards the main building.


I wonder if that that is the answer Master is expecting. I can’t see through his real intentions.



[That was some useful reference. Oops……, that’s right. I haven’t said it yet. Congrats on passing the B rank adventurer’s examination.]


[Yes! Thank you very much!]



My name is Cloud. I’m a slave, but right now I’m an adventurer.


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