Blessing From the Goddess and Transfer to Another World! ~No Thanks, I Already Have Special Powers~

placeholder_wn_medThe people who stayed at school after classes were all summoned to another world.  Where they were summoned to was a royal palace, and they were told they wanted them to defeat the demon king.  Each of them were supposed to be called the Heroes who have obtained a gift during the transfer, but the protagonist and another girl did not have a gift. With the eyes of the surrounding people being cold for some reason, the two were driven out by the soldiers. The two left the capital and went on a journey. Their recompense were the statuses and skills they snatched away from the soldiers en route.

This work is a story where the protagonist summoned to another world tours around and fights while gathering allies(mainly followers).






Author:  Kooda

Original Web Novel:


Previously published translation Chapter’s 1~11 > Metal Hagure MT

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Volume 1 Eludia Kingdom

Volume 2 Kastal Queendom

Volume 3 Dungeon Kingdom Estia