BFTG-NT Chapter 36

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3rd arc: Dungeon Kingdom Estia



Chapter 36: The dungeon kingdom and the Anomaly



Approximately half a month after Romaria was crushed.



[And that’s why I think it is about time we’re leaving this country.]


[Eh, you’re leaving onii-chan!?]



Sakuya raises her voice in surprise after hearing my words.


By the way, all of my subordinates are gathered here. I’m fully equipped with Sakuya and Dora on my knees and Coco and Roro on each sides. Mio lost the territory war and is beside me, squatting on the floor like in a gym class.



[Yeah, we have been in this city for a while and we also unexpectedly made progress in our objectives which is obtaining our base and the expansion of my subordinates. That’s why I thought it’s fine to go back to our journey around various places and sightseeing, which is one of our main goals.]


[The scale of our base is larger than I initially thought, isn’t it though……]



Sakura smiles awkwardly as she says that. Yeah, I didn’t plan on getting a huge mansion at this point.



[By the time we noticed, the amount of subordinates became large too……]



The fact is, the number of my subordinates who will be staying in this base alone has become more than thirty. I didn’t plan on having that many in just this country.



<<Dora is a subordinate since the beginning~!>>



Dora speaks full of confidence. Come to think of it, Dora was the first one I used <Engage Link> on, wasn’t she? I guess she is the most senior among my subordinates.



[We already completed the training of the apprentice maids and butlers and the adventurer group has become B rank adventurers too you see? Isn’t this just right?]


We asked the maids and butlers from Lusia’s residence to do the training of the slaves Maria and Lusia bought, but the <Maid> and <Butler> skills I’ve given them in the beginning affected it in such a good way that a portion of them became good enough to be called one in less than half a month. All of them also obtained <Loyalty>……

By the way, those former apprentice maids and butlers are gathered in one place, kneeling down and offering prayers. They always come to offer prayers at a place where I can see them. I mean, they seem to be doing that even if they are at work and I was thinking what was happening when they stopped their sweeping hands and kneeled to me. I can’t go near the kitchen thanks to that. I want to tell them to stop kneeling while cooking the food (including the thing about sanitation).


The eight slaves I picked up at the thieves’ place were performing requests energetically. And thus, they passed the B rank adventurer’s examination several days ago and now they have their names entered into the public lists of B rank adventurers. I have plans to have them become S rank eventually, so this is just a checkpoint. However, if they’re B rank, then they’re also senior adventurers. This will be just right as a break.


It’s just an aside, but we let the maids and butlers have combat training too. These so-called maids or butler really do have to have a certain amount of skill in combat, don’t you think?



[That is so isn’t it? Comfort is fine and all, but our first priority is our journey after all.]


[If you are to travel, Jin-sama, then naturally I will also act as your companion.]


[I shall accompany you as well.]


<<Dora will also go~>>


[Leave the cooking to me!]



So the party member I will take with me are the five people and one monster: Sakura, Maria, Sera, Dora, Mio and Tamo-san.

Other members will stay in this mansion. I have Midori do some production once in a while while she is relaxing in the garden. Lusia and the adventurer team will be focusing on their activities as an adventurer in this town and country. And then, I plan to establish a clan when their fame rises a little more. As for the maid and butler, I plan to let them manage this mansion.



These members weren’t told everything, but they got an explanation regarding our abilities and naturally they are also forbidden to speak about it. I’m sure there will be no problem whenever we come back.



[Though I say that, it will take some time to leave this country, so for the next while I think we will take on a lifestyle where we ride the carriage during the day and we go back here when it becomes night regardless of whether we stay in a hotel or sleep outdoors.]



Sleeping outdoors itself is part of the charm of traveling, but fact is that we reached the point where we can return whenever we want to relax at home.



[This is really a non-journey isn’t it.]


[Yeah, we were able to make it this comfortable in the end. To the point I have to ask “Is this really a journey?”]


[That’s so not something you should say full of confidence……]



Mio speaks with amazed tone.



[Well then Mio, will you sleep outside on your own the whole way?]


[No~~~~. I don’t want that~. Ah, I love you Master! I adore you~!]



Saying so, Mio clings onto me. It is really packed here. As packed as the amount of food Sera puts into her body during a meal.



[Putting aside Mio’s screams of love, which country we should go now?]


[I’ve been put aside!]



Mio is neglected.


Well then, the first agenda is “Which country we are going now?” And so, Kastal queendom features borders with four countries. The one in the west is the kingdom of Eludia. Well, that one’s out.



The next one is Sanokia kingdom in the north. It’s the country Sera was born in and it seems to be a strong country where nobles have a lot of power. So pass.


The next is the Atto Union in the east. This is a union assembled with small countries. In creating this union, they raised their right to speak. It might be a good place for sightseeing since individually the countries are small and their culture varies.


The last one is the kingdom of Estia in the south. Also known as the dungeon country. This country has a huge underground dungeon underneath its territory. No, that isn’t completely right is it…… To be more precise, its entire territory has a dungeon underneath it. In short, it means that the so-called dungeon is  larger than a single country. And the dungeon is composed of layers, so its real territory is several times to several tens of times larger than its surface territory.

There are dungeon’s entrance all over the place. Furthermore, the dungeon’s entrances have become a city or a village. The inside of the dungeon is a treasure house of resources so adventurers…, no, in this case they’re called explorers, but the resources they bring back are their main special products.


Dungeon like this is, in a meaning, one of the templates of the other world. It would be stupid not to challenge it. So I would like to go to this dungeon country if possible.



I spoke for a long time about the aforementioned country in front of everyone.



[No, I do know about it though, you know……]



Says Sakuya. Well, that goes without saying. I think a queen who doesn’t know about their neighboring countries ought to resign.



[Or more like, they’re unmistakably the country who trades with Kastal the most……]


Estia kingdom have low food self-sufficiency rate and an abundance in mineral resources produced by the dungeon. Compared to that, Kastal has very high food self-sufficiency rate. They have abundant forests with huge fields of crops and they also feature a lake and sea we didn’t visit. On the other hand, the mines are scarce, so they’re in a give-and-take situation with Estia. There are also many exchanges in human resources by adventurers with pride in their skills challenging themselves in the dungeon.



[But is that fine? That country is part of the Hero supporting faction though……]


Heroes supporting faction. They’re countries that have declared they will support Heroes’ adventure at a national level. While I was busy in the capital, Eludia contacted each nation that “they officially summoned the Heroes, so they desire their support.” They have reached the first stage of their training in the country, so they dispatch the Heroes to each nation with the official stance that they will go around various places to polish their abilities and it seems they’re drawing out support including financial support or so they say.

After checking, what the demon said about waging war with the neighboring countries and destroying it was true. Meltis kingdom, a small country at northern side of Eludia, was destroyed. It seems that most of the royal families were executed and their citizens were either killed or have fallen into slavery.


Under such circumstances they requested support from other countries in a very clear way, so a several countries didn’t declare support. Incidentally, they have declared that Heroes won’t be dispatched in countries that are not giving support and they will not help them if by any chance demons are attacking them. As for Kastal, it felt like they are saying “What are you saying this late?”.

Of course, Kastal didn’t declare support either. More accurately, Sakuya was worried about it a little. No, it doesn’t mean she’s saying she won’t support me and Sakura you know. ……I can’t say that Sakura suddenly becoming sullen and me letting so much killing intent that Sakuya wetted herself when she brought up that topic had nothing to do with it though.


[If I had to say it, there are a lot more countries that are supporting the Heroes after all. If I say I would stop going to a country just from being told they’re part of the Heroes supporting faction, then the countries I can go to will be nearly gone. MOreover, I have no such reason to avoid Heroes either you know.  So nothing will change if I happen meet with those annoying insects.]


[Master is amazing, being able to call Heroes an insect.]



Mio is being impressed on a strange point.



[If you wish, Jin-sama, I wouldn’t mind you calling me “Insect” as well.]



Maria is also a Hero after all…… But Maria, I don’t think that is what loyalty stands for.



[I……, I would rather not meet them if possible. But not going because a Hero may be there is like running away and I don’t like that.]



It looks like Sakura doesn’t plan on running away. We’re not going to “go and meet one”, but it seems that she’s unable to stomach “not going because there is a chance to meet one”. She seems to be quite influenced by me I guess.



[Alright then, we will take votes then. Who is against going to Estia kingdom?]



Nobody raise their hand. Yep, I knew that. Or rather, I don’t know anyone who would raise their hands after that way of speaking.



[Well, if Master would like to go then, then there will be no opposing viewpoint from me. And it seems like I will be able to play a reasonably active role there as well……


[There is nobody who can oppose Master with his current way of speaking in the first place is there……]



Everyone also knew. And with that, Estia kingdom have become our next destination.



[Well then, let’s leave tomorrow. Although we can return any time, let’s just prepare ourselves.]


With that said, our meeting is dissolved. Each person is working on preparing for our travels. The work is basically buying up the goods necessary to capture the dungeon. With the exception of the main members, they are gathering the necessary luggages for our travels too.



The next day, we finished our preparation and departed from the capital. On the way out of the mansion, we saw the bizarre scene of all maids and butlers lining up and kneeling along the way out. It feels like passersby are clearly avoiding me.


The estimate time to arrive Estia is around two weeks. In the meantime we will find some cities or villages, so it will be just right if we take our time sightseeing. Sakuya and Alta also told me what kind of villages there are in advance.



About 3 hours later with the horse carriage, Sakuya contacts me with telepathy.



<<Onii-chan! I’m really sorry! Quickly head towards the first village at border of Estia kingdom!>>


<<What happened? Why the hurry?>>


<<It looks like monsters are flooding out of the dungeon. Right now we’ve gotten a request for help through an emergency contact purpose magic item.>>


The emergency contact purpose magic item is common in Estia but they aren’t used so much in other countries. It comes to the reason because it will be mostly useless outside the dungeon. There are also other dungeon items exclusive to Estia dungeon. It’s easy to understand in a sense, an item of some sort that’s useful inside the dungeon, but can’t be used when it’s taken outside. By the way, using it outside just once seems to require an quite a lot of magic stones.


The boundary stones that protects the villages or towns. Naturally, Estia’s cities and villages also have them deployed. But due to the special location of the towns and villages, they seem powerless against the monsters coming out of the dungeon. As a result, monster around the entrance will be thinned out periodically, the entrance will be heavily guarded and the soldiers should be stationed there.



<<Can’t the nearby adventurers take care of it?>>


<<The scale and level is totally different I tell you! Despite the fact that dungeon is supposed to be suited for beginners, several monsters equal to B rank have come out. And there is already quite some damage there!>>


Speaking of appearing like it, it does appear like it. But the deeper you go into the dungeon, the stronger the monsters will become. But most of the monsters don’t move between strata. As a result, the entrance, where the upper stratum monsters are weak, are popular (?) for beginners.


The entrance is meant for beginners, so there are not that many villages that can safely finish a B rank-ish monsters that came out of the entrance.


<<Besides, since this village is near the border, it may causes damage in Kastal too. And I can’t think of any other strong adventurers who has the best mobility except you, onii-chan! And it will take several day at best for if I were to request the knights or S rank adventurers!>>



I taught Sakuya my high speed movement combo. Even if I use “Portal” or “Warp”, I could undermine any military movements from its roots, so please keep it a secret is what she pleaded me while prostrating.



I don’t particularly have any problems with hearing Sakuya’s problem itself. It’s just that there’s something I’m curious about so I’m going to check.



<<Say, Sakuya. You’re not thinking of me like some sort of convenient subordinate, are you?>>


I lowered the tone of my voice a little and addressed Sakuya. Enough about me also being involved in the dealing of the aftermath related to the demon, this is completely an interaction as a country. This isn’t some matter where you request ordinary C rank adventurers. I’ll leave it as if I’m a regular C rank adventurer.



<<Hii. O-Of course I’m not. I’m the actual subordinate aren’t I. So this is a request. A nominated request for onii-chan as an adventurer.>>



Sakuya raises a weird voice and explains herself.


You can’t create a nominated request to an adventurer who is C rank or lower. To be more precise, there are no compelling forces in a nominated request for them.



<<And the reward?>>



I honestly don’t care about the rewards, but it’s only proper to prepare some when it comes to requests after all.



<<Eh? Err, no. What should I do?>>



It seems she didn’t particularly thought about it. Rather, there is almost no reward Sakuya can give me, now is there. I mean, Sakuya is already my subordinate……



<<Well, we can talk about rewards afterwards. For now, I can just head towards the village near the border, right?>>


<<Ah, yes. Please do so. Since it’s fine to cross the border like that too.>>



With that I cut off the telepathy with Sakuya. Well, this means I can look forward to my reward later……



[That’s how it is. It’s too bad, but no sightseeing I guess. We still have another chance for that. For now, I’ll go ahead  and head towards that one village with high speed movement.]


[Jin-sama, I shall go along with you.]



Maria also raises her hand as if it was natural. Well, I guess that’s how it is.



[Okay. The rest of you, please return to the mansion with the carriage and prepare for battle. There’s a chance it will become a large scale battle.]



I wouldn’t like it if the carriage goes along and gets involved in the battle. I should feel relieved if I leave it in the mansion.



[We even took so much trouble riding on this carriage up to here, it’s all for nothing isn’t it……]


[Well, there is nothing we can do about this. For now, let us set up a “Portal” here.]



Since our preparation is done, Maria and I advanced using rapid movement combo.

It’s a high speed combo that allows us to cover seven days worth of distance traveled in one hour by foot. This time we’re going out even more seriously and cover two weeks worth of distance within thirty minutes. Not setting up a portal in the villages along the way probably makes this more effective.



I reached a nearby area, so confirm the situation of the village from the map.





[This is terrible……]



Maria frowns and speaks.


What we see from here are huge amounts of red dots and gray dots with green borders. In other word, it means there are a lot of enemies and dead villagers. There are also many dead on the monsters’ side, but there are still around ten B rank monsters remaining.



[It’s going to look bad if we don’t hurry.]





We open “Portal” at a somewhat nearby place and summon the other members.



[Sorry to keep you waiting.]


[Yeah, my bad for doing this right away, but the situation is quite dangerous. The monsters are quite spread out, so we will exterminate them in pairs. The pairings are me with Maria, Mio with Sera and Sakura with Dora.]




<<I wanted to be with Master~>>


[Next time, okay?]





Dora has the role of a shield, so we’ll slightly lack mobility if she’s with me. If I let her fly then it’ll be a different story though……



[Err, are you going to call out the base group?]


[Yeah, can I leave the call out to you Sakura?]


[Yes, you can.]


[Then, move out!]



With a loud yell, we start the monster examination in pairs.


We arrived at the village. The damage is larger than I thought. There is a fire here and there. I guess it looks like there are monsters who can use fire.


Fire Fang

LV 23

<Fire Enchantment LV4> <Fire Resistance LV3> <Bite LV3> <Body Reinforcement LV3> <Dungeon Adaptation LV3>

Note: A wolf possessing fire elemental fangs. Its whole body is covered with high temperature.


Flare Tail

LV 20

<Fire Enchantment LV3> <Fire Resistance LV2> <Bite LV3> <Detection LV4> <Dungeon Adaptation LV3>

Note: A lizard possessing a fire tail. It’s not so adorable like a Char***der.


Those are the B rank monsters in this area. The concept of level hasn’t spread, but it’s safe to consider monsters of around level 20-30 to be B rank monsters.



A: What you just mentioned, how about we make a simplified chart of monster levels and ranks.



Who’s going to make that……?


Besides those, I see the familiar goblins and unfamiliar monsters now and then.


Dummy Tail

LV 9

<Detection LV2> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note: Lizard-type monster. Regrows its tail immediately even if it is cut. A slo***ke.




Dungeon Worm

LV 12

<Poison Attack LV1> <Digging LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note: Earthworm-type monster that lives inside the dungeon. Has an over-all length of at most one meter.



Dungeon goblin

LV 7

[Dungeon Club]

<Blunt Mastery LV1> <Body Reinforced LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note: A goblin from the dungeon. No great differences between them and ordinary goblins.


Dungeon Club

Class : Club

Rarity : Common


By the way, the <Dungeon Adaptation> skill seems to be a skill that can earn you compensation inside the dungeon. It’s mainly an ability that’s focused on support skills like not losing your way, or not becoming so hungry and few other stuff, it doesn’t really raise combat power.

It’s not important, but almost everything within the dungeon is like magic power, so it wouldn’t be strange no matter where the monster springs forth. Of course, only for monster suitable for that stratum…… And at that time, <Dungeon Adaptation> skill will be added to the monster born inside the dungeon.



[First of all, we rout the B rank monster, got me? Other than that, kill them starting with the strongest possible monsters.]





There are still a lot of monsters and villagers inside the village. It looks like the defense capability against fire elemental monsters is low, because there are a lot of wooden buildings.



[We are the adventurers who have come from Kastal to your rescue! Come run in our direction if you’re running away!]



We secure a position in the village center and shout with a loud voice. It’ll make it that much easier to save them if they notice and run this way.



[H-Help me, please!]


As soon as she said that, a lone woman runs this way. Approaching from behind her is the B rank monster, Fire Fang. When I look closely, I see a several corpses of what appears to adventurer scattered about at the direction the woman ran from.


She clings onto me like she flopped onto me. She is around my age and is injured, but can be called a minor injury. I could call this a bonus if it weren’t for this situation though……



[It’s all fine now. Be relieved.]


[Bu-But that monster is considered a B rank…Hii!]


Right as she said that, the Fire Fang leaps at me. I turn the Spirit Sword – Incomplete towards the direction it’s leaping from. That alone made the Fire Fang split in two. That went little too easy……






Although they’re B rank monsters, they’re naturally a small fry from the perspective of the current us, so this is a natural conclusion.


We gradually expand the safe zone while we cut down nearby monsters. We have Map, so we locate the hiding villagers and guide them towards the center of the village.


After Maria instantly killed a Flare tail by herself in the beginning, I directed the monster subjugation to direction opposite of me.



In the middle of it, the base group, Cloud and the others also joins in and proceeds with the monster subjugation inside the village. Conversely the members outside the village are subjugating by slowly advancing towards the village. It currently doesn’t seem likely for them to slip away either.


The base group is also able to safely subjugate the B rank monsters. Looks like the strengthening of my subordinates are also going favorably.



The ten B rank monsters and around thirty of other monsters inside the village end up being annihilated not even ten minutes after deployment.


For now let’s issue some instructions.



<<As soon as the extermination is complete, treat the injured people or deal with the extinguishing of the fire .>>



Okay then, search for injured people in the village.



A: Twenty of them are critically injured, thirtyfour of them are injured and sixteen are deceased. I will disply the location of the critically injured people one by one.



Got it. Start from the people who are about to die please.



A : Okay.


I head to the critically injured people’s location Alta is displaying. Most of them lost something their arm or leg. As one would expect, I can’t use “Revive” so I use a regular High Heal to cure them. Although it doesn’t repair what they lost, it stops the bleeding and recover their HP until they’re safe.


I go around the village and apply recovery on them in order. The adventurers and guards fought first in order to stop the monsters and hardly any of them are alive. Some of villagers also fled towards the direction of the forest, some of them were protected by the other members and others are killed on the way by monsters.



A: The number of dead people after Master and the others arrived is 0.



I applied recovery on a fair amount of villagers, so I get in touch with Sakuya.



<<Sakuya, the extermination on said monsters is finished.>>


<<Eh? Already? Onii-chan, you really are outside our common sense aren’t you……>>


<<You said it it was flooding with monsters, so when I was thought whether around 100-200 monsters came out, it was only a small scale battle with 10 B rank monsters and 30 monsters besides those……>>



I’m probably sounding imprudent, but it has that disappointed meaning in it. I assumed it was at the size of the stampede from Tiara forest……



<<Well, it may look like that from your perspective onii-chan, but it is a big deal if you look at it from those villagers’ perspective…… There were also casualties right?>>


<<Ooh, that’s true. Ah, I just recalled, but what are we supposed to do after this? We more or less finished with treating the injured people though……>>



I can’t kill the monsters and then just go “Okay, goodbye” I guess. It’s a fact we’re here as per request from the country……



<<Let’s see, I will do the contact about the monster subjugation. Onii-chan, can I request you be vigilant in case additional monsters come out and also explain the knights who are dispatched from a nearby largish city?>>


<<Well, that much is well within the request I guess. Oh, don’t you forget about the reward, okay?>>


<<I-It’s all foine. A reward right. Le-leave it tho me.>>



I will cut off contact for now. Her articulation failed a bit, but is it really okay I wonder…….



[Jin-sama, the treatment of the injured people and the firefighting has been done. We’ve finished collecting the subjugated monsters.]





Listening to Maria’s report, I head over to the largest building in the village. At this moment we had all the villagers including the injured people head towards that building.



[Who is the one in charge of this village?]



I ask villagers that gathered here. Among those villagers, a lone woman approaches me. It’s the woman I saved in the beginning.



[I think I probably have become what you said.]




[Yes, my father was the village chief, but he tried to let the villagers who are attacked by the monsters escape and…… At that time, you could say I’ve become the so-called substitute village chief.]


[Okay. Then I will inform you about us. We are the adventurers who were requested by Kastal, the country who received the call for help from Estia.]


[Yes, we have submitted a call for help to the country. But then I don’t think they will arrive on time if you hadn’t come.]



Even if you use a horse, you will still need at least three hours from the nearest city. With just that amount of time, this place would likely be annihilated I guess.



[After this, we plan on keeping watch on the dungeon until people are dispatched.]


[Are you willing to go that far for us? You were willing to exterminate all of the monsters and treat the injured people. Moreover, you were willing to use magic for that and then you’re even willing to go so far on top of it……]


She’s making an apologetic face, but it is obvious that this village doesn’t have any other choice. Even if you look around, there are only a few men who are safe. A lot of men fought in order to deal even a little damage to the monsters and they were either critically wounded or dead.


What’s gathered here are mostly women, children and the elderly.



[Don’t mind it. It looks like our reward will come out nicely after all.]


[……I understand. Thank you very much. Ah, my name is Lona. I’m sorry for the belated introduction……]


[I’m Jin. Leader of the adventurers here to the rescue.]



As we are having this kind of conversation, a lot of villagers are trying to go outside the building.



[Where is everyone going to?]



When Lona called out to those people, a middle-aged woman with relatively small injuries replies to her.



[Aah, these adventurers will be keeping watch for us, won’t they? We’re thinking about about gathering the corpses of the people who died. It’s too pitiful if they’re exposed to the weather forever after all.]


[Oh, I will aid you as well. Jin-san and others, please take care of the vigilance.]




I didn’t think about the human corpses during battle after all. I can’t do something like picking them up with <Inventory>…… We can’t leave them there either so I thought about collecting them while being on guard. We can also help, but our work is more or less keeping vigilance.



I choose the timing and to bring out our carriage. The outline is something like we went ahead and the carriage will catch up to us. Right now I’ll leave it at the village’s outskirt. With Tamo-san under it.



Around three hours later, the knights from the nearby town arrived. Who appears in the front is an old man in his forties, dressed in an extravagant armor.



[Are you bastards the adventurers who arrived from Kastal?]



I judge with only those few words. Ah, this guy, he’s a useless person of a knight.



[Yeah, that’s right.]


[Tch, we’ve been contacted by Kastal and heard all the monsters that came out were exterminated. Is that true?]


[Yeah, we are keeping watch to make sure no monster can leave the dungeon.]


[Hmph, we will take over that work from now on. You bastards should immediately leave this village.]



Say, why is this guy so aggressive and hostile?



A : Isn’t it because his work has been stolen by Kastal? Estia seems to be bragging about having adventurers and knights of higher quality than Kastal.



I see, he can’t stomach the fact adventurers from Kastal’s side played an active role and…… Woah there.



<<Maria, don’t let out your bloodlust.>>


<<But Jin-sama, this person is calling you……>>


<<That guy’s no big deal. It’ll never end if you become angry at each and every single small fry you know.>>


<<……Yes. I understand.>>


He’s not a pleasant conversational partner, but we will also come across such people very often if we’re traveling. It’ll never end if you do that for each and every one of them. I think it’s fine to leave them be unless they look like they’re going to harm us directly. Of course, I’ll give them no mercy if they do harm us directly……



[Alright. We will leave his village as soon as you finish taking over our watch.]



I actually wanted to try and enter the dungeon from this village, but it just had an anomaly and it seems better leave it alone if we’re not entering it for investigation purpose.



When I go towards Maria and the carriage, the aforementioned self-important knight approaches me.



[Hey, adventurer. There are hardly any corpses of monsters in the village. What is the meaning of this!?]


[Ah, we can use <Space Magic>, so we’ve collected the whole portion we have defeated.]


[Tch, hey. Leave behind the corpses of the defeated monsters here. We will be investigate them after all.]



His attitude is really bad. I don’t like this to be honest, but there’s no doubt about the thing about needing them for investigation.



[There were also B rank monsters, so that’ll be a nice sum of money. Is it fine if I deliver them to a nearby large town?]



Dungeon monsters also have magic cores. Of course, since they’re B rank monsters, its core will be a nice sum of money. Whether the amount of money can be paid up just by doing business in this place is said to be a delicate matter.



[What foolish things are you bastards saying? Why do we have to pay money?]


[What are you yourself saying? Monster defeatd for the subjugation request becomes the adventurer’s property. That is, unless it’s excluded from the contents prior to the request.]



I didn’t hear about this from Sakuya. Anything she didn’t say should follow the usual treatment.



[Don’t say selfish things, outsider! Just be silent and and do what we say!]


[That makes no sense.]


[What did you say!? Taking on that attitude while addressing a knight, do you bastards intend to make enemies of this country!?]


Look who’s talking? To think he’s taking on such an attitude towards the party that came here to the rescue. Maria is also preparing for war…… Since it looks like he’s going to harm us I am about to acknowledge him as an enemy, but just at that time resounds an unfittingly calm voice of a woman.



[Would you mind waiting for a moment?]


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