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Sidestory Chapter 5

The second scene of the former world



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One month passed since the beta test started of VRMMO “World Disaster Online”, aka “WDO” . The beta test period is one month so today is the last day.

Azuma, Asai and I, who obtained the right to participate in the beta test with the likelihood of 1 in 10000, immediately logged in everyday once school ended and we spent quite a lot of time in the game.

At this moment, the three of us are in the middle of capturing the “Cavern of Greed” where the average enemy level is 150.

It was said that you can do about 100% of the same things of the first production release in WDO’s beta test, it is possible to enter into the “Cavern of Greed” which is the last dungeon in the first production release.

Of course, “Returning alive” is different from “Entering”. Most players die from a swift attack.


[Breath is coming in 10 seconds.]

[Understood. “Toughness”, “Shield”.]



The “Cavern of Greed” ‘s final boss, the greed dragon, took a very deep breath for its breath attack. The greed dragon’s breath was fired after we received Azuma’s warning and Asai finished putting up his self-buffs.


[“Guard Wall”!]

[Sorry for intruding~]


Azuma and I hide behind Asai who is using a shield skill to create an area of protection. Since Asai completely stopped the breath, us two didn’t get any damage at all.

Just like many online games, WDO allows players to choose their jobs and go on an adventure.

Asai’s job is the guardian. They’re tanks who wear solid armor and equip large shields.

Asai’s eyes are very good. They aren’t just limited to eyesight but it includes dynamic vision and his field of vision is wide. And those abilities are effective, even in VR games, so they play a big role as a tank who accurately defends against attacks.

By the way, Asai’s player name is “Arthur”. It’s quite common to give yourself a hero’s name and such in games, but they’re mostly in the field of puns. 


[Wel then, next is our attack. “Blizzard”.]


Azuma’s job is the spellcaster. He is wearing a pitch-black robe and carrying a staff.

Casting from behind Asai, the highest level ice magic is cast at the greed dragon.

Azuma’s player name is “Eas”. It is taken from east [東(Azuma/Higashi) = East]




Being in a stiffened state for five seconds from the Breath’s backlash, the greed dragon could not even defend itself.


> 5092 damage.


[This will extend the backlash time by another five seconds! Jeen.]

[Leave it to me!]


I start running towards the greed dragon. From here on it’s my job as the offensive vanguard role of the team.


My job is the sword master. It’s an offense specialist job, boasting high offensive power and mobility. They’re the reckless battle junkies who attack with minimum defensive armament like breastplates.

My player name is Jeen. All our player names are parody to our real names.


[“Sword Dance”!]


I invoke a consecutive attack skill and 10 strikes landed on the greed dragon.


>Critical. 2051 damage.

>Critical. 2366 damage.

>Critical. 2124 damage.

>Critical. 2310 damage.

>Critical. 2097 damage.

>Critical. 2189 damage.

>Critical. 2227 damage.

>Critical. 2007 damage.

>Critical. 2211 damage.

>Critical. 2130 damage.


Naturally, everything was critical so it received 1.3 times the damage. 

By the way, the critical rate according to my current status and the 10 consecutive attack skill “Sword Dance” is 5% each hit.


After a fierce fight that reached two hours, the greed dragon’s HP gauge finally reached 0 and it disappeared while turning into particles of light.

Together with the subjugation of the boss, the item drops were stored into the storage of each of us. Since it doesn’t show who got what item, it is a source of trouble for a party.


[Good, it is finally over. Arthur, “Tank” you for your hard work.]

[*sigh*, I’m tired. This is VR, so my body is still fine but my mind is tired…]


Let’s thank Arthur who has been acting as the tank for 2 whole hours.


[Thanks for your good work. However, we didn’t get any experience point even though we took great trouble to defeat the boss, it feels kinda pointless doesn’t it…]

[We’re at max level in the first place, so it can’t be helped right?]


Our levels are 150 now. The maximum level of the first production release.

In WDO, one party can reach up to 6 players. We’re doing something insane even if I say so myself, entering a dungeon of our level range with half the average party.


[You have a point in there though. We came here for items after all.]

[So, Jeen, how’s the main item drop?]


Arthur asks me like like it’s natural.

It’s because the valuable items become my drop roughly 100% of the time when us three form a party. There’s no problem for them to ask me first.


[Let’s see, “Magic Sword – Greed” is the initial fixed reward isn’t it? The most valuable among the random drops would be… “Jewel of life”. An item that allows you to revive without any penalties in death, I guess. Next one is “Orichalcum Ingot”. A raw material item for production.]

[*sigh*, it’s all gathered in Jeen’s place as always… All I got are normal consumable items by twos and threes…]

[Me too. But, isn’t it a little late talking about this part of Jeen?]


Both of them showed their storage, but nothing but magnificent fail items dropped for them. The both of them don’t even add up to one tenth of what I have when you consider the items’ value.


[I guess so… When I look at Jin, the existence of the “Probability Theory” would be in jeopardy.]

[Eh? “Probability theory,” that’s a study that’s thought about by unlucky fellows in order to comfort themselves, right?]



Both of them become silent and turn their head towards me from my one sentence. Why…

Both of them should know my pet theory being “Probability theory is nonsense”…


[Well whatever. “Magic Sword – Greed” is a one handed sword, so can I take it?]

[[No objection.]]


Both of them can’t use one-handed swords, so I decided to take it. It is far stronger than my current weapon so I replace it I guess.


[I want the “Orichalcum Ingot”.]

[I want the “Jewel of life” so that’s perfect.]


According to parties, there is a rule saying “Item drops belong to the person who found them,” but we basically distribute everything openly.

Considering the nature of beta tests, it’s not really a good plan to hold lots of rare items on your own.


We decided to appropriately divide the items beside the three important ones among us and we then return to the player town once we’re done dividing them.


Since this is the beta test, there aren’t that many people in the player town. That said, we will pass by several players if we walk through it.


[Oh, isn’t that you Arthur? Let’s go on an adventurer together next time.]

[Yeah, next time.]


[Arthur! Where did you go this time?]

[Aah, we went to “Cavern of greed” and defeated the greed dragon.]




[Authur, didn’t you say you will come for maintenance of your weapon once in a while? You didn’t forget that did you?]

[I didn’t forget it. You’re skilled so they’re not degrading much, you know? That’s why I stopped coming here as often.]

[…I wonder if I should cut corners next time.]

[Please don’t.]

[I’m joking.]


Almost all of them talk with Asai. Most of them are players who have gone on adventures with Asai. It’s because he would spontaneously join those players whenever he isn’t partied with us. …He is the most sociable among us three. He’s a ridiculous person after all, who, including his “Good Eyes”, possesses “eyes to see through people.” 


[As expected of the king of helpers right?]

[So he’s doing the same thing in the real world?]

[Pretty much.]


Of course, that skill is shown even in real life and he is very popular by the helpers of club activities. Since he is tall and has power, he’s constantly invited by the sports clubs.

It came up even in the conversations with Asai, but our party has become quite famous in itself and is treated as a group of top players. We did go and captured several dungeons on our first attempt with only 3 people, so I guess that’s natural…

There exist many people called cripples among beta testers. It basically means the people who don’t participate in society. Letting alone those kind of people, I don’t know what to think of average students like us becoming top players.

At least, we don’t know of any other players who have reached counter stop.

Of course, there is a trick to this. Putting it simply, we have high speed leveling that makes use of the experience table bug.

After Azuma reported the bug he discovered to the admins, we firmly earned our income on it until the bug is fixed. We have the responsibility to report the bug, but they didn’t write us not to use the bug afterwards, so we let it work hard without reserve.


[The one with the bug is in the wrong. If a bug exists, we should make use of them. They have to make it so you can’t do the things they don’t want you to do from the beginning.]


This is one of Azuma’s cherished opinions. One where the side who creates a situation where any cheat can be used is in the wrong. Use anything that is not forbidden. They’re free to forbid it later, but he won’t allow them to take away what he earned until then. Which is quite extreme.


[But, there is a chance that the admins would correct it by banning our accounts or do a rollback on it right?]


It’s not written in the rules, but the chances aren’t nil so I tried asking Azuma.


[Yes, of course, I’ve put protection on it. If they try anything on my data, I will knock down the entire system.]



To think it was taken care of by hacking.


[Oh, please don’t worry. Because I’ve put protection on your avatars as well.]

[When did you…]

[Jeen… It’s a little late talking about this part of Eas, so give it up.]


Through such exchange, we reached the untrodden level 150.

By the way, the bug that we used is one where you will be able to kill the enemy in one hit if you time your attack immediately after they spawn with a measurement error of less than 1 millisecond. And then they will immediately spawn again. We kept doing this for 5 hours until he interrupted that. …Asai that is.

We didn’t particularly mind the fact that life disappeared from Asai’s face in the latter half. Equal experience share in parties is nice right?


[That was quite close right? I’m glad we managed to clear the “Cave of greed” before the day is over.]

[Yeah, because holding onto Jeen’s “Magic sword – Greed” for the beta would make it absolutely easier.]


At our party purchased home, Azuma started talking about that.

WDO’s beta testers are given quite a favorable treatment. One of them is inheriting the data from the beta version. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we start with the strong equipment and level from the latter half of beta from the beginning.

Simply put, it’s something like “It becomes easier to return to the place one reached in beta”. First of all, experience value acquisition will be doubled until you reach the level you had in beta. With this, it will be easy to level up to your former level.

And then, you can take over some items depending on your level at the end of the beta.

However, it’s not that it can be used in the beginning. You need to meet several requirements to release them.

Rare items will have more severe requirements, so you have to think well what to take with you.

It’s a state of whether you take less rare items and pick up a starting dash, or you take several items which you took trouble obtaining and you became emotionally attached to.


By the way, we are currently in the middle of establishing the items to be carried over in our player home.


[We’re carrying over all the rare items we obtained today. It won’t change that Eas’s “Jewel of life” and Arthur’s “Orichalcum Ingot” will be quite valuable, so…]

[Of course.]

[That’s natural.]


Players who capture the dungeon for the first time receives a special item that’s limited to the first capture. Speaking of the “Cavern of greed”, it is the “Magic sword – Greed”.

According to prior announcement, first capture limited items would have their item drop chance changed to very low after the first capture. In short, it’s overwhelmingly easier to obtain them by being the first to capture it.

And obtaining them in beta, where people are scarce, is even overwhelmingly easier.


[In order to have some head start, we should carry over reinforced low rarity items.]

[The reinforced part doesn’t add to the transfer conditions does it?]

[Yeah, the demand for master blacksmiths went through the roof after the carry over conditions were publicized. My acquaintances looked really busy too]


Even low rarity items will have some degree of power if they’re reinforced. 

And since the reinforcement part isn’t included in the carry over conditions, there is no reason not to reinforce items you will use for the headstart.

Since the announcement relating to the carry over was made public, jobs like master blacksmiths, who could reinforce items, have been really busy.

Even though it’s normal that production jobs are few since it’s a beta test in the first place, their demands just soared. There were even people who won’t login because there are too many customers.


[Arthur’s acquaintance master blacksmith(♀)gave us preferential treatment for reinforcing equipment didn’t she? ]

[She really did. It really helped us.]

[We can afford to get a headstart with this right?]


What is useful at a time like this is Arthur’s connections.

The equipment of the three of us have reinforcement values that will give us enough room for the opening.


[Well, not so much in my case…]

[Oh, come to think of it, it will be the season of academic conference soon huh…]


I recalled it from Azuma’s line as he said it with a sigh.


[Yes. It’s 1 week after the official release.]

[Wow… Seriously? Not cool…]

[It is really troublesome. Well, it is something I can endure if I think it’s to enjoy my fun student life. *sigh*~~]


Azuma is smart enough to not need to attend high school.

Azuma attending high school is, if one were to say it, a whim of his. In exchange, he seems to have an obligation to publicize some results in the international academic conference once a year. This year he said he wrote an essay in relation to AI in around a week. 


[Now that you mention it, what did you do last year?]

[A VR system.]


Azuma answers my question easily.


[[Come again?]]

[I said, I publicized a basic theory on the VR system that’s used in this game.]



Asai and I became speechless. We never thought he was related to this game.


[So, hacking will be easy if that’s the case then…]

[It’s just basic theory, so I’m unrelated to the game’s development you know. Well, I am good at hacking in the first place though…]


I don’t think it’s a good idea to say that.


[Speaking of which, it looks like they added a new bug in the update two days ago. I found it during my hacking.]

[That’s ominous.]


Azuma went out of his way to say that, so it must be quite the serious matter.


[It’s too dangerous, so I’ve decided on my own to apply a patch on my avatar.]

[Isn’t that doing too much as you like…]


As expected, even Asai is shocked. It doesn’t look like I can say “isn’t it a little late” after all.


[But if we leave this bug as is, then it’ll become a critical situation where you can’t log out and all.]

[What the hell, that’s scary.]


Not letting us log out from the VR game, it’s usually a lawsuit type of bug you know?


[Please be relieved, I already applied the patch to your avatars.]

[No, I can’t completely be relieved you know.]

[Yeah, is it safe to continue this game?]


Honestly, I’m a little worried about continuing a game that left a critical bug like that in it.


[At the very least, we will be completely safe. Besides that, it’s a bug I learned as a result of hacking, so I’m honestly bothered I can’t make it public. Oh, please don’t worry. Since I already replaced this conversation log with dummy data.]

[East is too versatile, it’s scary.]

[You’re not one to say Jeen. You are plenty monster-like too after all.]

[You can’t really speak of others either, Arthur. Normal people can’t catch an airborne fly with a toothpick, you know?]


A mysterious room broke out here where monstrosities called other people monstrosities.


[Alright, I guess we’re done preparing the carry over with this.]

[Yes, next is just waiting for tomorrow’s official service.]


We have nothing left to do now that we’re done with the carry over stuff.

Since carry over equipment will be unavailable, we can’t go out on an adventure half-baked either.


[Then, I’ll go around to greet our fellow beta players for a bit.]

[Arthur is as devoted as always.]

[That’s sociability for you.]

[No, you two would normally do at least this too right?]

[[No, we don’t…]]


Azuma and I answer simultaneously.

In the first place, we don’t have anyone close enough for greetings. And to put things bluntly, there’s way too many who Arthur passes as “acquaintance of friends” …


[Will you guys come too, while I’m at it?]

[[No, we won’t come.]]

[Such good buddies aren’t you guys…]

[I’m already planning on logging out.]

[Ah, me too.]


Today is Friday, time is 10 PM.

Beta will close at 12 AM, and the official service release will start tomorrow at noon.


A portion of the beta testers seem to be partying until the beta ends and they are forced to log out. As a matter of fact, Asai will participate in that.

Both Azuma and I planned to abstain. Us two are owners of tough emotional strength, who don’t mind it even if we’re called unsociable.


[Tomorrow, we can just do the usual after gathering for a bit right?]


The two nod on my confirmation.


[Right. The 3 of us will act independently]

[Yeah. just like always.]


Because the time in beta was limited, we cooperated and went through the capture with the three of us.

However, there is no reason to hurry in the official service like in the beta. Most of the dungeons have already been cleared in the first place…


Originally, it’s a theory that us three won’t act together much in the beginning.

If three of us act together, you will have to match the other no matter how we do it. However, if us three act separately, then we won’t predict at all how the other two individually too strong people will turn out.

Enjoying that is how it is the “usual” for us.

The general situation is that, Level and knowledge is Azuma. Rare item gathering rate is me. Creating personal connection is Asai. That’s how outrageous it has become.


[See you again tomorrow.]

[Much appreciated.]

[Yeah, bye.]


Thus, our final beta test day comes to an end.


The next day, the official service day.


[I’m the true GM (game master) of this world. By this authority, I have sealed your logout. From now on I will have you participate in this death game. Naturally, you have no rights to veto.]


One GM announced that with a voice that resounded in the whole VR world.


[What is this!? I really can’t log out!?]

[What is a death game!?]

[Don’t tell me, are we really going to die!?]

[Don’t joke around. I have a wedding tomorrow! Let me out of here!]


A lot of players screamed and raised voices of resentment. I can’t really have sympathy for the last one. Don’t play around the day before the ceremony.

Of course, the three of us were logged in since the start of the official service day.

The one thing Azuma said in the beginning after hearing those words…


[It’s no wonder I thought it was intentionally programmed like this.]


Was this.

Hey, wasn’t your setting the genius?


[Eas’s patch. Looks like it’s effective even in the official version…]

[Yeah, Arthur is also okay…]


On our menu panel, the “Log out” button is left like normal.


[Well, shall we log out?]


And like this, we, who logged out from the no logging out death game, applied the patch to other people’s VR machines and cleared this death game with everyone alive.

The producer who plotted the death game was arrested and the game was recalled like normal. It’s been quite amusing and yet regrettable.

A week later, Azuma went to the publication in the academic conference without regrets.

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