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Companion Chapter 3-3

The tales of adventures of the B rank adventurer Cloud (3/5)


Honestly, I don’t think Giordo’s subjugation commission is B rank.

With really high combat ability and <Flash Step>, I don’t think normal B rank adventurers could defeat him at all.

At the lowest, this should be at least A rank. If this was handled improperly, it could be classified as S rank too.


Nevertheless, blaming the Adventurer’s Guild would be barking up the wrong tree.

There are no B rank adventurers who could force Giordo to use <Flash Step> in the first place.

If we are defeated, I will make them re-examine this commission rank when I go back.

Although Giordo might be happier if he could fight stronger opponents instead…


[Hmm, You don’t seem much surprised. Do you have an acquaintance that can use this <Flash Step>?]

[I don’t need to answer that.]


Information is also one of our weapons.

Since I’m not as bold as Giordo, I won’t openly declare my own weaknesses to the public…


[Well, isn’t that natural? Then, let me use this <Flash Step> without holding back.]


Giordo uses <Flash Step> again and appeared in front of me.

Let me be honest with you.


It’s foul play that only the enemy can use <Flash Step>!


I also use <Flash Step>  to dodge his kick.





Using the element of surprise, I took the chance to close in and slash him.




Giordo used <Flash Step> to dodge, but my attack was faster than him.

Giordo showed up again after using <Flash Step>, holding his injured left arm.


[We-well I never. I did not expect you to be able to use <Flash Step>… Good grief, to receive an attack like this, it means I still lack discipline…]

[Range and accuracy are still low compared to you though.]

[Originally, <Flash Step>’s true nature is not range. Nevertheless, you responded like you have been fighting with <Flash Step> users many times before, right?]

[Err, well…]


When I was practicing <Flash Step>, I felt like wetting myself when I recall my training with Maria-senpai.

Wetting yourself during battle isn’t a laughing matter, but I couldn’t help it since it’s a trauma.


During that training, I was required to have the technique to skillfully use <Flash Step> at close range.


[Hmm… In that case, you may have more experience with <Flash Step> than me.]


You can’t gain experience to counteract <Flash Step> if there are no other <Flash Step> users around you.

In other words, there are a lot of out-of-standard people around us that gave us more experience to counter it. …And more traumas at the same time.


[Well, how about we freely gain experience on this occasion? Hmm, that would be good. Cloud, you are going to be my training partner.]

[Err, no, I don’t want to do that if possible…]

[No use in arguing with me!]


Giordo used <Flash Step> toward me.

Since I also used <Flash Step>, our fight became high-speed.


[W-Wait! Please! Give me a break!]


Since we have been using <Flash Step>, our sentences became abrupted.


[I refuse! It has been a while since I have an opponent this enjoyable! Lead me to greater heights!]


In a sense, our fight is good enough that there’s a one in thousand chance that he may leave this forest even if we lose.

However, there is no point to be defeated on purpose.



[Don’t forget about us!]



And then, Coco and Sicily barged into this high-speed combat.

The two can’t use <Flash Step>

However, it doesn’t mean they will be left behind.

We have been practicing a battle tactic where I use <Flash Step> and other members will give support to that.


[Ugh! Get out of my way!]

[You said many to 1 is fine, didn’t you!]

[That’s right~!]


Coco and Sicily moved in to intercept Giordo’s <Flash Step> and give me support when I use mine.


[There is no other way! I will defeat you one by one first!]


Giordo said, and saw Yuria who did not join the high-speed fight.

He must be targeting Yuria because she is the poorest in close range combat among us.


…<Flash Step> is certainly a strong skill.

It can close the distance to the target and attack immediately.

And it is also effective to retreat after an attack too.


Then, how do you prevent that…?


[“Stone Wall”!]


The moment Giordo used <Flash Step>, Yuria used her <Spirit Magic> to cast “Stone Wall”.

<Spirit Magic> is a skill that influences local spirits to cast a wide variety of magic.

This place is so dim, so one cannot cast spells that are equivalent to <Light Magic> without light spirit, one can cast magic equivalent to <Earth Magic> due to being inside a forest.

“Stone Wall” is, as its name implies, a magic that creates a wall at a specified place.




Giordo screamed as his <Flash Step> made him crash into the stone wall.


Yes, the best method to counter <Flash Step> is to “place an obstacle in its path”. That’s all.

It isn’t possible to stop midway so its effectiveness is not to be trifled with.


Since it is a strong skill, it doesn’t mean we are the only ones who can use it.

In case we have to face an opponent with strong skills like this, how we handle those skills will be the most important factor in a fight.


So we have been examining and training to counter every known skill.

Of course, <Flash Step> is one of them.

During our training, we used “Firewall” for practice, but let’s not talk about it. It was really hot.


Never mind that, we couldn’t let this chance slip.



[Please take this!]



Coco, Sicily and I focus our attack on groaning Giordo.




A direct impact with “Stonewall” should have dealt a lot of damage to him.

However, our attacks weren’t enough to cause him a serious injury.


[No way!?]


[No effect at all!?]


It wasn’t that there wasn’t any trace of damage. However, Giordo was still standing after receiving attacks that were enough to kill someone.


[Ugh, to receive this much damage, how unexpected…]

[That is my line! How are you still fine!?]

[I’m not really fine. I’m naturally strong by nature. I will still not be fine after receiving unreasonable injuries. Although I forged my body a little too much because of that…]

[That isn’t funny…]


Why is this vampire a B rank commission…?

Even with our best move we used, it isn’t enough to defeat him.


[However, this is still a considerable amount of damage. …Nobody could have pushed me this much before. I won’t hold back now.]


It seems he is using his trump card now.




Giordo suddenly shouted.

At the same time, Giordo’s body expanded and changed the skin color.




When Giordo’s shout ended, you could say he became a totally different person.


[Thanks for waiting. This is my trump card, <Dragon Awakening>.]


If you’d be looking at Giordo now, you could describe him with just “Dragon”.

His skin was blackened, although he still has humanoid shape but his head is dragon-like.

There is a bat-like wings which he didn’t have before that made him look totally different.


[Apparently one of my ancestors was a dragon, so both my brother and I have mysterious power dwelling within us. My brother, despite being a vampire, overcame the sun and I, despite being vampire, can transform into a dragon. However, this form has intense magic consumption, so I have to regularly circulate magic power inside my body without using it. Perhaps due to that, I held interest in fighting arts that is untypical to vampires though.]


As he changed himself into a dragon, his mood changed too.

In short, Giordo became more talkative and started giving us an explanation from start to the end.


[So, is that form your true trump card?]

[Yes, you are correct. I have more, but none of them exceeds this. Be proud, I haven’t used this form since my quarrel with my elder brother 100 years ago.]

[Did you use this form in a quarrel with your brother!? Or rather, the way you say it doesn’t make me feel happy or proud.]

[Hmm… By the way, I won that fight.]

[You’re not listening…]


After using <Dragon Awakening>, Giordo became totally different.

I think he certainly became more powerful than anything we have been facing until now.


Not good.

We may have countermeasures for a lot of skills, but we didn’t expect our opponent to have <Dragon Awakening>.


Honestly, I didn’t think we had to go that far…


[Yuria-san. Let’s use our trump card.]


[Yes. But it will place the burden on you though…]

[No, please don’t worry about that. Coco-chan and Sicily-chan, are you fine with that?]

[Of course!]


[Oh, you have last resort too? Interesting, let me see it!]


Yuria closed her eyes and started chanting.


[Here goes! “Call Element” Wind! Aqua! Light!]


Yuria-san used <Spirit Art> to summon wind, water and light spirits.

To use <Spirit Art>, you need contracts with spirits first but with direct help from them, magic will be more powerful than normal.


3 lights showed up and became 30cm tall shining girls.


<<Yuria-chan. You called?>>


This girl who shines green is a wind spirit. Yuria-san made a contract with her during one of our C rank commissions.


<<Did you call me? Yuria-sama>>


This blue shining girl is water spirit. She was wandering aimlessly before she swore loyalty to Yuria-san. She didn’t talk about it much but I think she might have known Yuria-san before she lost her memory.


<<Oh, Cloud-kun, it has been a while~ Hmm? Do you need help? Leave it to this oneesan!>>


This light, I mean, bright oneesan is the light spirit, Akari-san. 

She also made a contract with us as gratitude for being saved during one of our commissions…or should be.


[Oh, spirits, aren’t they? So it is 7 of you now, including spirits?]

[No, it isn’t.]


I shake my head.

Certainly, spirit could fight on their own too.

But in that case, they will be gone when Yuria-san’s MP ran out.

The burden on her will be too large.


So, considering that…


[Please perform “Spirit Form”.]


<<Please leave it to me>>



As Yuria-san gave the signal, and all 3 spirits turned into a ball of light and entered me, Coco and Sicily.

At that moment, an aura with color similar to the spirit rose up from our body.


[This “Spirit Form” is our trump card. Yuria-san will order spirits to possess us during the fight. As for advantage, both of our physical and magical attributes will be greatly strengthened as well as lower Yuria-san’s burden as we supply magic power to maintain the spirits.]


The downside is that the MP consumption is intense so we have not much time and after canceling “Spirit Form”, we won’t be able to move properly for a while, but I don’t need to explain that much.

By the way, to use “Spirit Form” you need to have affinity with a spirit, mine is light spirit, Coco is wind spirit and Sicily is water spirit.

Right now, Yuria-san only has wind, water and light spirits, so she groups up with me, Coco and Sicily a lot.


[Oh! I have never heard of such technique! You are truly wonderful. Then, let’s start our final battle!]

[Here we go!]


This fight became more intense than before.


The burden on summoning 3 spirits is great and when using “Spirit Form” Yuria-san could hardly move.

So, Sicily, who united with the water spirit, was assigned to protect Yuria-san.

A shield-user like me should be the one who protects her but I have the light spirit with me and it is very effective against Giordo. So it can’t be helped.


[You shall not pass~!] 

[Tch~! Your movement is noticeably better!]

[Same for you too!]


Sicily stopped Giordo from attacking Yuria-san.

With the wind spirit, Coco who becomes quicker than Giordo tried to aim at his back.


[Too shallow!]


However, Giordo’s ability had also improved greatly; he just jumped to dodge her attack like he saw it coming.

I tried to strike where Giordo is going to land but it still missed.

Even with <Light Magic> and <Wind Magic> being used, he still was able to dodge them.


[Not enough! Push me harder and harder! I will overcome this and reach further height!]


Giordo’s tension was at its climax.

However, the way Giordo is fighting is different somehow.


The number of techniques Giordo uses decreased, he just uses simple movement for attack and dodge.

After using <Dragon Awakening>, Giordo doesn’t use <Flash Step> at all.

…I think he is cautious about “Stone Wall”.


[Ugh! Our attack didn’t hit!]

[Coco, calm down!]

[I know! …*takes a deep breath*]


I calmed down Coco as she began to get agitated from not being able to hit him. 

We won’t be able to win something we can win if we don’t stay calm.


That said, it isn’t wrong to say our situation was getting worse.

Giordo had said that he had a time limit too, but we don’t know how long it is.

On the other hand, it’s clear we don’t really have much time left.


We continued the fight even longer and we reached a point where we wouldn’t be able to maintain our “Spirit Form” for three more minutes.

It would turn into our defeat by simple time-out.

Of course, I wouldn’t want that after coming this far!


I have no choice but to take a gamble and go all-out.

I use <Flash Step> to approach Giordo rapidly and launch a lower slash.





Giordo stepped back to dodge.

I took another step and launched an upward slash at him.

This is the “Swallow reversal” that I learned by watching.

This is the technique Jin-sama taught me when I told him about the technique Cougar used during B rank examination.




It successfully landed a shallow wound on Giordo.

Since I still had the light spirit inside me, it had tremendous effect on Giordo.


However, forcibly drawing a second slash completely destroyed my stance.

Giordo couldn’t overlook that opening and lunged his fist towards me.


Inside a world that felt awfully slow, I muttered in my mind.



<<Leave it to me!>>


The light spirit, Akari-san leaped out of my body.

I released “Spirit Form” at the last moment.

I gave most of my remaining MP to Akari-san to let her use <Light Magic>.




I lost my consciousness due to MP exhaustion around the time I heard Giordo’s scream.

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