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Companion Chapter 3-5

The tales of adventures of the B rank adventurer Cloud (5/5)


We decided to hand the clan application tomorrow when all members are present, so we returned to Kastal mansion.


[Congrats on your clan establishment~!]


When I open the mansion door, Mio-senpai who is also one of Jin-sama’s slaves like us, congratulated us on the clan establishment. 



[Err, it hasn’t been established yet… We are going to apply tomorrow after everyone has gathered…]

[Oh my gah~~]

[Ah, Mio-senpai!?]

[What’s wrong~?]

[Are you okay!?]


Mio-senpai crumbles down.

Coco, Sicily and even Yuria-san were flustered.


Since we are indebted with Mio-senpai, who is really great at cooking and friendly, we are unable to act on equal terms with her.

She is supposed to be younger than us, but it didn’t feel like that at all…


[Well, since I heard you completed last request, I thought for sure that you went as far as establishing the clan and I made food for celebration too, but you still haven’t…]

[Who did you hear that from?]

[Eh, it was master… Could he have worded it in an easy to misunderstand way on purpose… It is possible…]


The reason I can’t say he didn’t was because my master is a free person.


[…Well, I can’t do much about what l made. It doesn’t mean we can’t set it aside for tomorrow but it’s best to eat them on the day they are made, so I’ll treat you today. For tomorrow, I’ll make food for celebration tomorrow too, so don’t worry about it.]

[Yay~ We can eat Mio-senpai’s food 2 days in a row~]


This is usually makes us happy.

I even think there nothing better in this world than Mio-senpai’s food.


[Mio-sama, thank you very much.]

[Yuria-chan, you don’t have to be polite with me you know?]


Yuria-san calls everyone close to Jin-sama with -sama, including Mio-san.

Mio-senpai was a little uncomfortable being called that.

Mio-senpai had told her to stop it many times over, but Yuria-san stubbornly won’t stop her way of calling her.


[…ion adding -sama to my name feels awkward, or rather it doesn’t suit me. I’m basically a lower middle class after all…]


Mio-senpai said with a low voice, but I wasn’t able to catch the beginning.

Also, we don’t consider Mio-senpai lower middle class. Lower middle class people wouldn’t call the queen with -chan…


Since Knot and the others went off on their own and will take dinner together, we decided to take a bath before the meal.

There is a splendid bathroom inside Jin-sama’s residence and it has been decided that any of his subordinates can use it whenever they want.


I think they explained that B rank adventurers are treated like nobles.

However, being able to enter a big bath and being able to eat Mio-senpai’s supreme cooking, I think we’re living in more luxury than a humble noble.


Sometimes I’m worried whether or not my current situation is a dream one would see just before dying.

Isn’t the real me in the bandit hideout even now? Aren’t I just looking at a convenient dream while sleeping on cold hard floor, waiting for my death? I end up thinking about that.


I feel like my thoughts become lean towards ta bad direction if I’m alone.

Seeing the empty men’s bath at times like these due to unbalanced gender ratio, I become excessively disheartened.

…Let’s get out quickly.


[I’m back~]

[I’m back.]

[I have returned.]

[I’m back.]


A little after I left the bath, Knot, Adel, Roro and Iris returned from their own business. 

The 4 accepted a commission different from the one we accepted.


[Welcome back, how did it go?]

[Perfectly! We finally obtained our dream clan house!]


Knot who entered dining room answered, the comission they accepted is for the sake to obtain a house that will become the clan’s base, or if I were to call it a clanhouse.


In exchange for accomplishing a certain commission, we were able to receive a residence thatis suitable for a clan base cheaply.


[Coco-chan, how did your part go?]

[Of course, we completed the commission and satisfied the conditions of clan establishment.]

[Oh, that’s great. We finished this without disappointing Jin-sama with this…]


Iris gave a big sigh of relief hearing the conversation between Adel and Coco.

It’s because Iris is afraid of Jin-sama. I feel it’s a little too excessive though.

I don’t think he will be angry if clan establishment was delayed but, what is Iris afraid of?


[Tomorrow, I want to go see our clan house before handing in the clan application, but would that be okay with you?]

[Of course, I don’t mind. While we’re there, are we going to assign the rooms?]

[Agree. But…I honestly don’t want to leave this place.]

[Yeah, that’s true…]


Everybody’s face become gloomy from the line Coco whispered.

It’s been decided that we become B ranks and establish a clan.

We also prepared the clan house.

In short, we would have to leave this mansion…


Of course, we were told by Jin-sama that we can come to the mansion anytime.

Nevertheless, there’s a big mental resistance in leaving this mansion.

To us, this mansion had already seemed to have become the place we ought to return to.

The “home” we ought to return to, which we supposed to have lost once, when we turned into slaves…


[Whatup? Everyone’s making a face]


Mio-senpai who brought the food in, noticed our state and called out to us.


[Mio-senpai… We were talking how lonely it is to leave this house…]

[Were you all worried about it that much? Even though you’ll be able to come and go anytime, because you’ll link it with “Portal”? I thought you will come here to have dinner…?]

[Eh?] x8

[Eh? Am I wrong?]


Jin-sama told us to make sure to set up “Portal” at the places we go for the first time.

Thinking about it calmly, there’s no reason that “Portal” won’t be set up at the clan house.


Even if it isn’t allowed to be used in public, we shouldn’t have any restrictions in coming and going from base to base.


[I see! That’s true!]

[What Jin-sama said “You can come anytime you want”, was about that!?]

[I’m glad~ We really can come here anytime~]


It’s not good to think that we’re “moving out”.

We wouldn’t have any sort of problems if we think that “we now have 2 homes”.


Our gloomy feelings in our mind cleared up, and then we enjoyed Mio-senpai’s food to our heart’s content.


That night, I informed Jin-sama about the vampire.

It was somewhat awful, but naturally Mira-san had also come.


[…That was all.]

[Understood. Well done with the report.]

[I see~. He is that vampire’s younger brother~, and he is alive~…]

[Yes. I’m sorry for not killing him.]


I instinctively apologized to Mira-san when her tone slightly dropped and spoke with half open eyes.

However, Mira-san returns to her usual smile immediately after.


[Fufu, It was a joke~ I actually don’t mind it~ I mean, you judged that the vampire had no ill will, didn’t you~?]

[Yeah, fighting is only his purpose. I couldn’t see that he has interests in anything else.]


Giordo the vampire is clearly a battle junkie and he is a monster that killed humans.


However, his purpose is just “Want to fight” and “Want to be stronger” only, there were no ill will in there.


[Hearing the conversation~ made me a little happy~]


[Yeah~, it’s because, I understand that the vampire race isn’t a race that would spread malice indiscriminately~… With this~, I lost my grudge against the entire vampire race~]


You will consider vampires as an evil race if you meet evil vampires only.


[Similarly~, I have no intention to~ bear grudges just because he’s a relative~. Or rather the vampire’s relative being decent~ increases the chance that other vampires are decent too~. If possible~, it would make me happy if it’s a race with little evil people~.]


If there are good people, there will be bad people too.

This fact isn’t much different, be they human or vampire.


[A battle junkie being called decent leaves me with some doubts though…]

[Well~, that is another story~…]


He is not decent in various meanings. Yep.


[Therefore~, I have not a single grudge and only gratitude for Cloud-kun~.]

[I’m glad if you say so.]


To be honest, I feel somewhat guilty for not killing strong demon.

However, not having killed him worked as a plus for Mira-san.

That alone make my mind feels a little lighter.


After that, having finished giving minor report, Mira-san and I left the room together.


[Nevertheless, the vampire is more interesting the more I hear about him. Wearing a martial arts uniform, shaving his head, hand to hand combat without using weapons and transforming into a dragon, isn’t his character too deep… His “Vampire” character got out pushed doesn’t it…]


I could hear Jin-sama muttering absentmindedly just before I left.


The following day, the 8 of us headed towards the clan house.


From what Knot told us, our clan house is about 30 minutes walk from Jin-sama’s mansion.

We would take less than 5 minutes if we use our adventurer’s walk’s splendid leg strength.


After walking for about 5 minutes, we found someone we recognize so I call out.


[Cheria. Good morning.]

[Ah, Cloud-sama! And everyone. Good morning.]


Her name is Cheria.

She is a princess who came from the kingdom of Gashus, one of Kastal’s neighboring countries, and our friend.

We saved her on the way back from B rank examination and have gotten along with each other since then.


By the way, her escort knight, Guto-san is here too.

He said nothing but he just scowled at me with awfully intimidating air.

Did I do something bad? I have no idea though…


The fact that everybody is present here, does it mean that you are going to adventurer guild to accept a commission?]

[We are going to adventurer guild today, but our purpose the application for ourclan.]


[Oh my, meaning you’re finally establishing a clan. Congratulations!]


We have talked with Cheria that our clan’s establishment is our next objective.


[Thank you very much. Now, we are going to have a first look at our clan house.]

[Do you leave your teacher’s house and live in the clan house?]

[Yes, we are.]


Of course, our teacher is Jin-sama.

It’s been decided that we’re not Jin-sama’s slave in public, but his apprentices.

Since we are his apprentice, it isn’t strange for us to freeload in his house.

Of course, he actually trains us too, so calling him teacher isn’t wrong either.


[.. With this meeting Cloud-sama becomes simple.]

[Did you say something?]

[N-No, nothing at all…]


It felt like Cheria muttered something quietly, but it must’ve been my imagination.


[B-By the way, would you be fine with me to come along with your clan house’s preliminary inspection?]

[? I don’t mind, didn’t you have some plan before?]

[No, my plans have..disappeared so it won’t be a problem.]

[Is that so? Well then, let’s go together.]



SoCheria will be coming to see our clan house with us.


Guto-san was entrusted with Cheria’s luggage and had gone off somewhere.

Since Guto-san isn’t here, I have to be responsible escort Cheria to her house.

As one would expect, a princess moving without an escort would be careless…

Well, the Queendom’s public order has rapidly improved ever since we came here.

We rarely see Hoodlums nowadays. …Maybe it is Alta-san’s doing.


We headed towards the Clan house while chatting with Cheria.

For some reason, the other girls don’t really talk when Cheria is with us and made sure to let me play the role of Cheria’s partner.

It doesn’t particularly look like they dislike Cheria, do they have some reason for that?


It really took 30 minutes to arrive at the clan house.


[It is quite large, isn’t it.]

[You are right. I suppose it is larger than I thought.]

[It looks like it has quite some rooms too~]


Yuria, Coco and Sicily, who didn’t see clan house yesterday, raised their voice in admiration.


[I know, right!? We’ve thought about all sorts of things, mostly except me that is.]


Knot, that’s not something you say full of confidence, you know.

By the way, for reference.


People who think properly: Yuria-san, Roro, Iris.

People who think somewhat : Adel, Coco

People who don’t think: Knot, Sicily


It looks like Knot is using his head well enough when it comes to smithing though.


[It’s pretty much one room per person. For Roro, 2 people per room is fine too, but since Rusia-sensei told us to use at least one room per person seeing that we’ll become leading members, that is how it will be.]

[It is a necessary step, because we will lead others in the future.]


Only I will be the leader of the newly created clan, but the remaining 7 of the adventurer group will get a position of leading member.

Like Adel said, leading members sharing a room would look disorganized.


[How will we be assigning the rooms?]

[Cloud, you will be the clan leader, so you will have the best room. It’s the biggest room is in this corner.]

[Eh, you don’t have to do it like that… One of the girls should use it.]


To be honest, I won’t calm down in a spacious room.

I’m not really excited getting a room per person and getting a big room on top of that is really not what I’m wishing for though…


[That won’t do. No matter how friendly you are with the leading members, we have to prepare our public appearance. Otherwise we’ll carry excessive distrust and trouble Jin-sama-a-a-a…*trembling*]


Iris is trembling from imagining making Jin-sama angry.

I wonder what made Iris go that far.


[That’s right~ Cloud-kun is our leader after all~]

[It’s as Iris and Sicily said. If Cloud doesn’t act firm, the whole clan will be made fun of.]

[…Alright. I’ll take it.]


Even I can’t refuse if they go this far.


[…Cloud-sama’s room is the big room in the corner, I memorized it.]

[Cheria, is there something wrong?]

[N-No, it is nothing. It is a lovely clan house, isn’t it. Ohoho.]



Cheria is strange.


After we briefly looking inside the clan house, we finally head to the adventurer guild for the clan application.

Cheria wants to witness the establishment, so she is coming with us.



We talked to the guild reception about the clan, they handed over a blank form as if they had been waiting.


[Please write a necessary information here.]



As a result of our discussion, we’ve decided to have each write one item on the necessary form for the clan establishment.


[Then, the first one will be me. I will write my name on the founding members and fill the location of the clan house.]

[Next will be me… My name and goals of clan establishment…]

[Next will be me then. “Coco”, Clan recruitment policy is “Member recommendation only”.]

[I’m next~. Name~, Oh, I have to write this too~]

[Now me… Yes, yes…]

[Roro’s turn. I’ll write my name, and check the leading members.]

[Then, with your permission I will the clan name. “Savers”. Cloud-kun, I leave the rest to you.]

[Yes. I fill in my name and also put my name in clan leader part. Done. Please verify it.]


I said and handed in the form to the receptionist lady.


[Yes. Yes. Yes… There are no problems. Clan “Savers” and the clan leader is Cloud-kun, right?]

[Yes. Correct.]


Regarding the clan name, we started thinking about it when establishing one became realistic.

However, no very good ideas came up.

So we consulted Mio-senpai.


Mio-senpai included the meaning of “the ones who save people”, giving the name “Savers”.

I don’t know if we’ll be able to do something so grandiose, but I think I want to strive to move in a way that won’t bring shame to the name.


[Yes. With this the acceptance is complete. We look forward to working with you from now on.]

[Yes.] x8


And then, we look at each others…


[We did it~!] x8


The 8 of us did a hi-five to each other.


B rank adventurer, clan establishment, with this we’re finally at half our objectives.

We will absolutely show that we will fulfill the achievement of the remaining A rank adventurer and S rank adventurer.

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