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Volume 4

Atto Union

Chapter 59

Principality sightseeing & Analysis results


Let me explain about Atto Union.

Atto Union is an alliance consisting of 12 small countries,  their combined territories barely reaching the size of Kastal Queendom or Eludia Kingdom.

The countries belonging to the allied nation are quite small, some referred to as kingdoms and others principalities. And there are around 10 villages or towns in one country.


It’s hard to explain their culture. Could we say that it is characteristic that each country has their own culture and that there is not much in common between them? There’s historical background around there, but since it’s not anything profound, so I’ll talk about it just a little bit.

Originally, the small countries in this area had many skirmishes and spent many years without being unified. And by the time they noticed, the surrounding countries had gotten bigger and since this could not go on any longer, they stopped their fights and became a union. That’s why their cultures are so different.


By the way, “Atto” is the old name for this region. Countries that were on bad terms with each other in the first place have become a union. They argued when deciding the alliance’s name. Enough to ask whether they would start small fights again… And so, they finally pulled out something like the regional name that they no longer use. 


Enough with lengthy introduction, now we are now in the principality of Rigant, a small country at the southern end of the Atto Union. 

How did we get here? Of course, by carriage… not, it’s by “Portal”. However, I have never been in this country before. Since I have to set up “Portal” by magic, it’s not possible to go to a place I haven’t visited yet. So, how did I do that?

Well, it is simple, I got here by using the “Portal” my slaves set up.


[I didn’t think dispatching them to various places meant this…]


As I muttered involuntarily, I’m currently in the reception room of Advance Company, the largest trading company in Riga, the capital of Rigant principality.


[Here is tea.]


Saying that and holding out tea in front of me is the female manager of the capital of Rigant principality branch of Advance company, wearing a maid costume.

…Since there might be some people who will think what I’m saying is strange, let me explain a little.


The branch manager’s name is Colette. She is tall and has nice proportions. Her brown hair is tied behind her back and her serious face gives her an impression of a “Capable Woman”. Although her image becomes somewhat lax due to the maid outfit, you can’t see her as anything other than a career woman once she wears a suit.

So, this is her status.


Name : Colette


Gender : Female

Age : 20

Race : Human

Skills : <Sword Mastery LV2> <Martial Arts LV2> <Water Magic LV1> <Recovery Magic LV1> <Arithmetic LV3> <Negotiation LV2> <Speechcraft LV2>

Title : Jin’s slave


Did you understand? Her title is “Jin’s slave”. In short, she is my slave.


To put it simply, she is one of the slave maids that have been dispatched to various places under Alta or Lusia’s instruction. Their purpose is to support my travels. I didn’t hear at all how they were going to support me specifically, but when I asked Alta…


A : We will start up a trading company and establish bases in various places to provide you with informational, financial and influential support.


-was her answer.

When I heard the story in detail, it seems they have been doing business by make the company called Advance company using my special power <Inventory> and Sakura’s created magic “Portal”.

They have a warehouse where they can store things infinitely and it can be shared everywhere. All goods and people can be transported with no cost and no travel time. By the way, almost 100% of the company members are my slaves, so by sharing abilities through <Engage Link>, almost all members can use <Inventory> and “Portal”.

I don’t think I have to explain in detail how much <Inventory> and “Portal” affect business. Though it’s in a small country, it has at least the power to climb up to be the largest company of the country in around a month.


And this time, since I have come to Rigant principality, the female branch manager Collette changed from her usual work clothes into a formal maid outfit.


By the way, the Advance Company headquarter is set up in Kastal royal capital. Lusia is the official CEO and they seem to expanding to countries all over the world (Excluding Eludia). If I were to say it, it must be a guise for dispatching the slave maids.


[So master, may I ask you about your future plans? Please let me know if you have any requests.]


Branch manager said while standing. By the way, I’m sitting on a pointlessly luxurious chair right now. Sakura, Maria, Mio and Sera are sitting on a nearby sofa. Dora is sitting on my lap.

If you want to know why the proprietress of the base is standing, she said “Sitting on a chair in front of my master is discourteous” and stood up by herself.

As you might have guessed from what I’ve said so far, the branch manager Collette is a complete believer. Her mark on the map is colored yellow after all.


[I guess. Our destination is the crimson empire for the time being, but it’s not a trip where we have to hurry so much. I’m thinking about going around to see this city, this country for a bit.] 


To go to the Crimson Empire, we have to cross Rigant and Narunka kingdom. Since both countries aren’t that large, it should take about a week to just cross over them. However, our original purpose is traveling and it’s not like we’re pressed for time, so we might as well enjoy ourselves in this country while we’re here.


[With that said, please tell me the sight-seeing areas of this country.]

[Sightseeing spots is it? Please wait a moment.]


The branch manager said, and fetched several binder-like things from the shelf and put them on the table in front of me. She repeated that about fives times.


[What are these?]

[These would be the documents summarizing the candidate sites for sight-seeing and their details.]

[That’s a lot.]

[Yes, we have also been told that one of the master’s purposes is sight-seeing. Therefore, the missions of the maids dispatched to various places includes not only base defense, but also investigation of sight-seeing areas.]


I guess this is the informational support among the supports Alta mentioned.


[If you have any requests, please let us know and we will propose something in line with it.]

[That’s right. Since we have been moving around Estia almost everyday, it would be nice to have a place where I can relax a bit…]


Although we weren’t really worn out from capturing the dungeon, we still want to relax once in a while.

I think I sometimes contract a disease where I want to relax. I think it showed symptoms of it before when I was waiting for the fake queen’s summon in Kastal.


[Relax, is it. River, lake, forest and a peaceful village are nominated to be candidates. There are old historical ruins and such for novelty as well.]


Hmm, which would be nice. I personally am interested in the historical ruins, but it has the aura where I can’t “relax” for some reason.


[Master! I would like to take this opportunity to study the food of this country, is that okay?]


Mio raised her hand and declared.

Our chef is curious and ambitious and is trying to learn the local cuisine in our travels. Of course, I also welcome the increase in Mio’s repertoire.


[Oh, I don’t mind. If there are places other members want to go and things they want to do, then please prioritize those. …That’s right, let’s make this our base for 7 days and act for ourselves.]


There’s no need to be together to relax. During the time in Kastal and whenever I was relaxing everyone was acting independently too…


[Then, I will accompany Mio-san in trying out various food.]

[I can’t eat that much after all, so tell me when there’s anything delicious after eating all sorts of food, okay?]

[Leave it to me (desuwa)!]


Mio and Sera will be trying out food at various places and studying the cuisine.


[If that is the case, the restaurants are concentrated on the south side of the capital. Also, there is a famous restaurant in a village in the north, though a little far away. Since a “Portal” has been set up nearby, you will be able to go there to eat in a day trip.]


The branch manager explained while turning the pages of the document. I dare say that all locations that were listed in that binder have a “Portal” set up…


[We have 7 days, so let’s go and eat as much as we can.]

[Please leave it to me (desuwa)!]


To tell you the truth, Mio and Sera have quite a lot of money.

Originally, the money earned by slaves will belong to their master, so they can’t privately own any property.


However, I have the personality to not obsess over money (except when I’m penniless), so I’ve decided they can privately spend the money they earned privately. Both Mio and Sera earned a lot some money when they work on their own, and so they have a quite some money.

Of course, it will quickly disappear when Sera decides to eat seriously.


[As for me…, Are there any libraries and such?]

[Yes, here we have the largest library in the country, no in Atto alliance.]


It seems Sakura is planning to go look for books at a library. Quietly reading books may also work I guess.


[A procedure is necessary to enter since they have valuable books, but if you have my letter of introduction, you should be able to enter without needing the procedure.]

[Could I request one?]

[Of course. I am here for that purpose after all.]


I see, so this is what they mean by “influential support”.

The branch manager took out an envelope from the binder, filled something in the documents inside it and handed it to Sakura.


[If you show this to the reception, you should be able to enter immediately.]

[Thank you very much…]


[Sakura, you should better take Tamo-san with you just in case. Attach it to the back of your clothes.]

[Oh, okay… I will…]


Alta is with Sakura and it’s not like she is weak, but still just to be sure. When you think about escorts, then Tamo-san is first class.


Mio and Sera will do a food tour. Sakura will be reading in the library. When I turned my eyes to the remaining Dora and Maria while thinking what they will be doing…


[I will accompany Jin-sama.]

<<Dora too~!>>

[Well, as expected.]


Just in case, Dora isn’t allowed to act alone, so I expected her to follow me when I don’t tell her to follow somebody else. I don’t think I need to explain about Maria.


[Which leaves me with what I will do… Since it looks like they have rivers and lakes, I guess I’ll go fishing for the first time in a while…]

[Jin-kun, have you done fishing before?]

[Yeah, kind of.]


I went fishing at a river near my house as a hobby for a while.


[Leave the cooking of the fishes you catch to me!]

[Relaxing is my objective, so don’t expect much from me, alright.]

[Okay~. Well, it’ll be fine if you catch some with luck.]


Mio is showing motivation, but my main purpose isn’t fishing, but to relax, so I played it safe.


A: There are <Fishing> and <Fishery> among the skills the slaves have collected. Do you want to use them?


I told you my purpose isn’t to fish in large quantities…


Now that we’re acting on our own, I used “Portal” to the nearest lake.


Since this is a sightseeing spot, it seems you could rent fishing gear on-site. However, what I have aren’t rental fishing gear. The instant I said “I guess I’ll go fishing”, they prepared the fishing equipment in mad haste and handed them to me before I entered the “Portal”.

Apparently, they were preparing the necessary tools for each sightseeing spot.


There is a wooden scaffolding on a section of the lake; it seems this would be the fishing spot. There were more people fishing than I thought, so I searched for another point.


[That place over there looks good…]


The place I have an eye on was the place adjacent to the lake and a forest. There are monsters in the forest, so ordinary people wouldn’t really approach it. In my case, weak monsters will no longer approach if I somewhat activate <Ambition> towards the forest, so this is rather just right.


I walk up to the point, set up chairs and the fishing rod. It’s a good quality fishing rod that isn’t flashy, matching my hobby.

Dora sits on my lap without hesitation. It is her usual place.

Maria said she was going to be watching the surroundings, but when I silently handed over a fishing rod, she gave up and set up her fishing rod next to mine.


We enjoyed the time passing just slowly.


I don’t care even if Maria continuously pulled up fishes beside me. By the time I noticed it, Maria learned the <Fishing> skill on her own, but I won’t care.

As a matter of course, Dora is asleep, but I won’t care. To make sure not to wake her up, I let go of the fishing rod to support her. I decided to let the magic item Nosferatu move and hold the fishing rod instead.

Nosferatu is a legendary robe I obtained from Estia dungeon. It has a transformation function and now it is in the shape of a coat. It is too extravagant to use legendary items to hold up fishing rods.


That day finished with me catching two fishes.


[By the way, Jin-sama, why don’t you put bait on the hook?]

[If I fish with bait, I won’t be able to have the time to relax.] 


Perhaps due to my luck, but fishes approach me for some reason when I fished since a long time ago. And without bait, I still caught 2…

For this reason, I fish in places with no people.

For this reason, Maria caught over 30 fishes.

For this reason, I couldn’t make it a hobby for long.


[Oh~!  You’ve caught a lot of fishes!]


Mio came and confirmed the fishing results immediately after we returned to the mansion.


[Oh well, It was Maria who caught most of them… Small and inedible fishes were released already, so cook them as you like.]


Even so, we have almost 10 fishes, they should be enough for dinner.

The fishes in this world is almost the same as in our world (including the names) so Mio should be able to cook them.


We discussed today’s events during dinner.


[I don’t have much to talk about because I’ve been reading books… But, the reaction of the staff when I showed them the letter of introduction was amazing… It was the usual VIP treatment…]

[What was written on it?]

[Who knows…? I didn’t look inside, so…]


I look at the branch manager Colette who was serving Sakura and Mio.


[I’ve written nothing important there. Only that “Advance Company will become an enemy if they make a careless mistake”…]

[That would be it I guess…]

[That it is.]


Their original purpose is to “support my travels” so they wouldn’t go easy on them if they were to cause any harm I guess.


[Mio-san, Nino-san and I have gone out with the three of us to try out various food.]


Next is the foodie group.


[Did you take Nino with you too?]


Nino is the of the slave maid girls and Mio’s apprentice.


[Of course, that girl seems to be interested in the cuisine from another country, so I bring her with me whenever I have the chance.]

[Sooner or later, I believe this country’s cuisine will rival that of the cuisine in the mansion. I have eaten plenty after all]

[Well, it was mostly Sera-chan who ate though. So, I’ve secretly put the dishes that Sera-chan said was delicious inside <Inventory>.]


It means that Sera, who can eat a lot, judged whether it’s good or bad, and those that are delicious they take back for research. That certainly may be efficient.


[I look forward to that. I only had sandwiches for lunch since I was fishing… I should eat the food from this country too.]

[Then, will you go eat at our recommended restaurant for lunch tomorrow?]

[I guess I will do that.]


I don’t think there will be any trouble if it’s a restaurant that is recommended by Sera, Mio and Nino.


<<Dora will eat too~!>>

[May I come too?]

[Of course! Sakura-sama coming means that everyone is gathering for tomorrow’s lunch!]


So it’s decided that tomorrow we go on our own until noon, have lunch together and then go on our own again. Since we have telepathy and “Portal”, arranging to meet and joining up got easy, so it’s a trick we can do.


The next day, I enjoyed myself with fishing until noon like yesterday. I didn’t catch anything great, but since I was able to relax sufficiently, I’ll consider it a good thing. Nothing changed on Maria’s side. She acquired the <Fishery> skill before I noticed it, but it wasn’t anything surprising.

For lunch, we’ve arranged to go to a restaurant that Mio’s group recommended as we discussed before. 


[Oh, they have the usual pizza here.]


What was made there was the pizza we all knew. There is even salami carefully sitting on it .


[That’s right~. Even I hadn’t thought about making pizza at home. I know how to make it, so I can make them when I plan to.]


As expected from Mio, knowing how to make it even when she has never made one.


[I see, please make them someday.]



[We did it!]


Sera and Dora, the always starving group seems to like the pizza too, so they seem pleased to hear it will be added to the mansion’s menu.


[Is this also a legacy that was left behind by Heroes of the past?]


I muttered while carrying a slice into my mouth. It is still hot, but I will be fine because I have <Fire Resistance>. I’ll leave it aside whether the way I use the skill is okay or not.


The passage of time in this world is different from our world. It wouldn’t be strange if the Heroes who were transfered several hundred years ago are from the same era as us.


I heard there that an overwhelming majority of the summoned Heroes were Japanese. Could the modern Japanese who were summoned to a parallel world, endure the food culture that lags behind Japan? No, they couldn’t.

They must have naturally caused a food culture hazard. Because of that, there will be times and such when dishes that disregards the original culture would spread without following the required cultural steps.


[What do you think? Isn’t it strange to see normal pizza here?]

[Yeah, I think so. But don’t you think the choice of ingredients gives off a Japanese impression?]

[Yup, considering the ingredients, it’s 100% a Japanese person….]


We ordered several kinds of pizza since Sera is here, but the base are all tomatoes and cheese, and the toppings are salami, broccoli, corn and seafood etc, which seems to be well received in Japan. What makes me laugh is they have a pizza that is just like the pizza I’ve seen in a pizza commercial before. Look, the one that has different ingredients on the divided parts.


[This is quite a nostalgic taste. I had been eating this often in the other world. By delivery…, alone…]



It looks like Sakura’s trauma switch has been pressed for the first time in a while. I don’t know where she has these switches…


[Eh? Didn’t you thank your mom’s dish before?]


When we were eating horn rabbit at Eludia, I recalled Sakura saying “Mom, thank you for the delicious cooking like always”.


[…Oh, that was about my previous mom.]

[Oh, really…]


Somehow, it seems like she has a complicated situation that I better not ask about….


Everyone ate the pizza silently since no one wanted to ask about it. Ah, the pizza was delicious.


I enjoyed fishing in the afternoon. Naturally, Dora and Maria are with me.

Sakura continued to go to the library. Mio and Sera were having another food trip. Sera, are you still going to eat…? Mio just waved her hands and says “No, it is impossible…”. This is normal I guess.


After I enjoyed fishing for a while, a report came from Arta.


A: The analysis of Garbage (Remains of a Gift) is complete.


[That took quite a while.]


The Garbage (Remains of a Gift) is the white mist-like thing that came from the Hero Kusakabe’s body when we killed him.

It has the property of being attracted to Heroes and was collected with <Inventory> when it approached Maria and Cynthia. 


I asked Alta to analyze it since we didn’t know the details right away, but 20 days passed since then. Alta’s parallel thinking can perform several tasks at the same time. Considering that one of them spent 20 days analysing the Garbage(Remains of a Gift), it must have been quite a complicated thing.


A : I will list the results of the analysis. The part that seems most important was impossible to analyze, but…


  • When the “Hero” dies, their power is transfered to the Garbage(Remains of a Gift) and separates from the corps of the “Hero”.
  • Garbage is attracted to a “Hero” and can only be taken by a “Hero”.
  • The abilities/Gift of the “Hero” will be strengthened when taking a Garbage(Remains of a Gift).
  • Garbage(Remains of a Gift) can be divided into the Hero’s “Status”, “Skill” and “Other”.
  • Of the divided Garbages(Remains of a Gift), the detailed analysis of “Other” is impossible.
  • “Skill” is a unique skill.


There are various things I can see from this detailed analysis.


Starting with the first three points. When a hero dies, their power is transferred to the Garbage(Remains of a Gift) and taken in by other Heroes. And the Hero who takes the Garbage(Remains of a Gift) increases their strength. In short, this must mean that the smaller the number of Heroes, the higher the abilities of each one becomes.


What I’m worried about here is the difference in strength compared to the demons. When I was summoned, I checked the Gifts of the other people and saw Kusakabe’s status, which should have grown a little. Then, I came in contact with 2 of the 4 heavenly kings and saw their Curse and status. No matter how I think about it, the demons were clearly stronger. Unreachably strong, even when considering their future growth…


Considering that “the smaller the number of Heroes, the higher the abilities of each one becomes”, I think that the Heroes’ side decreasing in numbers to some extent from the start is intended. I did think that 800 people is usually too much to summon from another world… However, if it’s true that there is this precondition, then it changes the story.

Well, there’s also the possibility that it’s to make up for the limited resources of the goddess, which ended up lowering the ability per person in exchange for dividing it to 800 people though.


And the demon king probably understands that.

Reason is simple; it’s because to this day a full-scale war between the Heroes and the demon king hasn’t happened yet.


There’s no reason for the last boss, the demon king, to have to stay quietly in the castle. The Hero summon had become public, so wouldn’t the still weak Heroes be a good prey for the demon king?

However, what the demon king, no, the demons have conducted so far were only secret maneuvers. Romaria and Zelvain and such were thoroughly chipping away the power of the humans/Heroes from the beginning to end without acting openly.

Even the Demon king must have understood that he won’t be able to win against the Heroes that have been strengthened from being reduced in numbers.


The only way for the demon king to win against the Heroes is to lower the power of the human race itself and then annihilate the Heroes at the same time when possible. The conditions are too hard, there’s hardly any chance for the demon king to win.

Well as for me, no matter how many of the guys at school dies or the demon king is arranged to lose, what I will be doing won’t change though. Or perhaps I should say I’m ignoring the part that the demon army is acting in a place that has nothing to do with me…. I will till defeat them if I notice them though.


Next would be from the fourth point. Garbage can be divided as “Status”, “Skill”, and “Other”, to think that “Other” is impossible to analyze….


A : Yes. “Other” must the core of the Gift. Properties like “Head towards a Hero” and “Cannot be taken by <Give & Take> ” can be considered to be included here.


If the Heroes’s brainwashing was by the Gift, then that must also be included in “Other” I guess.

So, the “Skill” is a unique skill on the next point, what does that mean?


A: Please consider Gift and Garbage to be fundamentally the same. It is a Gift when it is inside the hero and Garbage when it comes out when the Hero dies.


Is that the only difference?


A: First of all, your “Status” increases when you become a Hero. And then, you will acquire a “skill” that is commonly referred to as a Gift. This “Skill” is almost completely a “Unique Skill”. Therefore, after analyzing it, you will be able to handle it with <Give & Take>.




A: It is now possible to use it, not as a Gift, but as an ordinary unique skill <Acceleration>.


Are you serious…


A: As an image, please think of “Status” and “Skill” being wrapped up by “Other”. Because it’s inside “Other”, I could not take the “Skill”. Because “Other” is inside the Hero, I could not disassemble it. If the Hero dies and I disassemble the now uncovered Garbage’s “Other”, the “Skill” can be obtained. Please look at your skill.


Shindou Jin



<Luck LV1> <Dungeon Rule LV10> <Acceleration LV- new>


She’s not kidding…

It’s really put in the skill section and not in the Gift section.

As expected, it doesn’t look like I can multiply it by allocating points though…


A: In the case of a Gift, one’s gift can be strengthened when taking in another Garbage. Therefore, it is not possible to have multiple Gifts.


Hmm, in other words it means that you need <Give & Take> to hold multiple Gift equivalent skills.


I’m reluctant since it’s Kusakabe’s Gift, but I’m thinking about using useful things without minding it.


I immediately tried using <Acceleration>.

My surroundings darkened somewhat.


I didn’t move since I was fishing. Maria didn’t move since she is fishing. Dora didn’t move on my lap.

…Yep, there’s no meaning even using it in the middle of fishing


The brightness of my surroundings returned to normal after 15 seconds. The time limit looks to be the same as when it was Gift.


In the end, I decided to leave my new skill <Acceleration> aside and kept fishing.

Maria’s <Fishing> skill has become level 2. So quick.


These are the reactions when I returned to the mansion and told them about Garbage and <Acceleration>.


[Wow~, so we’ve obtained a skill that would’ve been normally superior if that Hero who was using it was decent, right!?]


Mio is sharp.

This skill should’ve been quite strong if Kusakabe’s <Body Reinforcement> skill was high.


[In other words, if we kill the Gift wielding Heroes and collect their Garbage, it will lead to Jin-sama’s strengthening.]


Maria is dangerous.

It’s not that I haven’t thought about it, but making that as my objective and go around killing fellow students, it feels like various things will end.


[I’m sorry. They may be useful, but I don’t want to use things like Gifts…]


Sakura is seriously ill.

It looks like she got over it to some degree, but it still doesn’t look like she has gotten well enough to use the skills from the Gifts.


[If I use that skill during dinner, I would be able to eat in shorter time than before. How about you give it to me please?]


Sera is an idiot.

I think the fact that the first thing she thought being “I’ll be able to eat quickly” would make her hungry character worse no matter how you put it. 




Dora is sleeping

Actually, she leaned against me somewhere around “the sconsiderations concerning the demon king” and began sleeping.


I’m digressing, but since Maria used the subordinate maids to make the Heroes extermination plans, I lightly stopped them.

If I collect too many of them, there is the possibility that it will interfere with the Hero vs Demon king.




Where they are now.


Midori : Jin’s monster follower, Dryad 

Has many orders for “Soma” from Lusia and is feeling somewhat tired.

Midori <<Sleepy…>>


Kastal adventurer team : 8 slave adventurers who aim to be S rank adventurer.

Clan ” Savers” is established.

Cleared over half of the requirements for an A rank examination due to the commissions they had accepted for the purpose of establishing a clan.


Cloud [At last, the barrier that is A rank.]

Knot [I’m doing blacksmithing, so I can accept a few requests… This is bad…]

Sicily [It will be fine~ Everyone will wait for you after all~]


Lusia : Jin’s slave, no 2 believer, former queen’s knight.

In the middle of planning to expand the territory of the Advance Company. Since she is also acting as the head maid, she is honestly quite busy.

Lusia [Once we expand the company to some extent, next will be a church…]


Sakura : Kastal’s queen, Nojaloli (Formal)

She is happy to make friends her age like Nino and Cattleya, which she didn’t have until now.


Nino : Slave maid girls’ head chef, believer.

Thanks to Advance Company, she is happy to increase her repertoire for cuisine from various places.


Cattleya : Estia princess, famous for her transcendant beauty.

She secretly hangs around in Jin’s mansion. Happy to have delicious meals together with her friends.


Nino [This is Kastal-style and that is Estia-style okonomiyaki -nanodesu.]

Sakuya [Delicious~! Estia-style is delicious too~!]

Cattleya [They are really delicious.]


Yurika : Revived person, Memory loss.

C rank adventurer. She became famous for hunting plant-type monsters.

Yurika [Weed killer, weed killer…]


Mira : Human-turned-Vampire.

She spends fulfilling days doing maid work and music troupe activities in Jin’s mansion.


Fiyu : Daughter of former duke Garfield, musician.

Happy since she could play music. She also acquired a sense of fulfillment in maid work.


Mira [I’m bad at sweeping and cleaning~. I can’t see anything under my breasts~…]

Fiyu […(While looking at her own fully flat breasts.)]


Dinosaur egg : Little girl (Confirmed), Can transform (Confirmed), Tyranno (Confirmed)

Egg that popped out immediately after the Tyrannosaurus was defeated. Of course it would be a Tyranno after all!

Egg [Sound could be heard from inside. It is about to be born!]


Potechi : Mio’s follower monster, good-for-nothing dog.

Mio rides on his back from time to time, which is actually quit a burden (Hint: Growth period).

Potechi [K-Kun~…]


Cynthia : Explorer

Karen : Explorer

Sora : Explorer

Kate : Explorer

Rouge : Explorer

Minerva : Explorer

Carro : Dungeon Keeper

No special notes since the end of volume 3.

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    I somewhat activate towards the forest -> I somewhat activate towards the forest
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