BFTG-NT Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 


After having lunch on the Kastal Queendom side, we leave the town.

Our next destination is a town named Konoe. It has Japanese-like name. I heard this town was founded by a summoned hero.

And this town is famous for adventurers. It has two S-ranked adventurers. It’s an amazing town that can fight that old man on the equal ground.

[I’m going do the adventurer’s registration in the next town.]

This is no surprise because I already stated as much when we were in Erudia.

[Understood. Consider Jin-sama’s ability, I think you will become S-ranked immediately.]

Maria often flatters me. However, this time, it isn’t correct.

[Even if I’m going to become an adventurer, I don’t plan to raise my rank above C.]

[Ehh~, I plan to be the youngest S-ranked adventurer in the history!]

Mio complains. Hmm… Does she really want to do that? I understand her reason for stating this, but it is definitely a useless reason.

[May I ask you about the reason?]

Maria seems worried, too.

[I just want to travel around using an adventurer’s position because it is convenient. However, there are some disadvantages when we become B-ranked and above.]

I will explain about an adventurer’s rank.

First of all, newly-registered adventurers will have a G-rank immediately. Rank will be raised if you meet the requirements. The rank that is at the top and above all others is an S-rank. G to E are lower-class adventurers, D to C are middle-class adventurers, and B to S are high-class adventurers.

I will explain about the advantage of being B-ranked and above. There are requests that only those who are B-ranked and above can do, and the pay rate for these is one digit higher than normal requests. I could say there is a lowest price to make a request for B-ranked and above.

In short, they have some kind of privilege. Of course, it isn’t at the noble’s level, but it is totally different from normal people. I heard you can get a contact from nobles, too. Well, this country is somewhat different…

Next is the main disadvantage. There is some kind of obligation. Well, it is natural to have a duty in order to obtain the right. There are two great obligations.

First, there is the forced request. You are forced to join during a crisis, like defending the city from a monster army. Of course, it is dependent on the rank, too…

You could choose not to participate in this kind of request, too. At C-ranked and below, your status as adventurer would be frozen for a year if you refuse. However, you will be disqualified as an adventurer when you refuse if you are B-ranked or higher. Although I want to have the privilege of being adventurer, I don’t want to join the city’s defense force.

The second disadvantage is being a target of new system called nomination request. As the name suggests, it is the system that allows townspeople to nominate an adventurer for the request.

The fee to request a B-ranked or higher adventurer is higher. As you can imagine, there will be lots of requests from nobles since they are only ones who can pay for that.

Of course, the guild will have to investigate the contents of requests to prevent unreasonable demands. If one passes, it will be like a forced request. You could say it is tied with politics, whether in a town or in the country. And when we have to deal with nobles, we might need to compile to their unreasonable demands, too.

Both forced and nominated requests are tied to both the country and various towns, and there’s always the possibility for unpleasant obligation requests if we are ranked B or higher.

Since we have a lot of secrets, we should have a degree of freedom, more so than usual. Naturally, I have no intention of letting those who wrong us off.

For us, those advantages aren’t worth it. I don’t think helping the nobles in each town is interesting. Beside, we have “Room”, so don’t we have as much luxury as nobles?

And about the request fee. We still need money to pay for their service. With our special powers, however, we have a lot of ways to gain money — more than just being adventurers alone.

We decide to become adventurers, so we can get the status of adventurer to aid in our travel in the first place. I don’t plan to become a hero.

We have been thinking about the advantages and disadvantages. we don’t need to choose something that’s disadvantageous. By the way, all of this information is from Help-sensei. Well, isn’t that natural?

[We just need to right to travel freely, so anything other than that is unnecessary.]

Maria says while nodding.

Our purpose is traveling, and we are going to receive interesting requests as adventurers along the way. I want to keep something troublesome like an obligation out of the way.

Trouble is still a trouble, but trouble related to a noble is unpleasant to accept. It is unlikely to be a problem that we can solve with smile at the end.

By the way, you have to take an examination to become B-ranked. In short, You won’t become B-ranked if you don’t take the examination. I might refrain from registering if an adventurer’s rank increases on its own.

[Are you okay with that, Sakura?]

[Yes, of course. You don’t want to become B-ranked because you don’t want to have noble-related trouble. And Erudia was really a bad example of them…]

[I can’t say this country won’t be better than Erudia. Well, we will know that sooner or later…]

[Of course.]

Q : Is there any other worthless country like Erudia?

A : There are two countries with discrimination and three countries with corrupted politics.

I will confirm the details later.

[Although becoming S-ranked will give you wealth and fame, that isn’t Master’s purpose.]

Mio is right. Our purpose isn’t wealth nor fame, but I won’t say that wealth and fame are absolutely unnecessary. I will try to obtain these if I have an opportunity to do so.

<<Adventurer~ Adventurer~>>

Dora doesn’t know about adventurers, so she needs an explanation (from Mio). I prohibited her from doing something alone. I would be really worried if I left a girl with the mental age of five years old alone.

It is possible to register Dora as adventurer, too, since there is no age limit. …Assuming there is no problem with this world’s common sense…

Ten minutes later, enemies show up in front of our carriage.

Slime x 3


Metamorphosis Slime (Rare)

LV 10

<Mimic LV2> <Absorption LV3>

What… is… that? Metamorphosis Slime is slightly more transparent than normal slime (Light Blue), and they are harder to detect without a map.

[Then, I should take care of them, right?]

Sera says and stands up. I leave any monsters we encounter during our travel to Sera, letting her have actual combat experience.

[Wait a moment! They are rare monsters. Let me tame them!]

Everyone is surprised.

[Ehh~, slime is somewhat useless.]

[Mio… You are exaggerating. It isn’t too much to say that it is an age of slime right now.] (Spec : Sound like someone was picked up by the god XD)

Mio is a little confused.

[No way~ Isn’t slime a small fry?]

[Yeah, they are small fry. You aren’t wrong about that. However, a lot of them are still overwhelming.]

It is surely unreasonable to let slime take charge of the battle. However, that metamorphosis slime is a cheat slime. (What!? A cheat slime?)

[<Mimic> amd <Absorption>! The slime that has these two skills is a big hit. They are mystery skills that only slime can use!]

[I’m certain those skill can be used in various ways. It is hard to…]


Sakura-san. Your last remark is unnecessary.

[Anyway, I will tame that slime. Sera, please carefully knock it down.]

[*sigh*… Understood.]

[Master, you are really pushy sometimes…]

I’m already aware of it, so please don’t say that.

I start running and use <Monster Taming> skill on Metamorphosis Slime. I just use stomach punch (Although Q&A said it has no stomach). Blow metamorphosis slime away and knock it out.

> Metamorphosis Slime is tamed.

> Please give a name to metamorphosis slime.


It was quick. Well, it was the effect of <Showing Mercy> skill.

<Showing Mercy>

When attacking while this skill is activated, the opponent’s HP can’t be lowered to zero. It allows the damage to be adjusted.

Isn’t that compatible with taming? This is the skill Maria obtained. It allows one to critically wound enemies without killing them, increasing the chance of taming three-fold.

I don’t have right to say it, but this girl is totally a cheat.


Although it is still injured, I have to heal it quickly.

[Sera! Defeat the rest of them!]

[Understood! Ha!]

With one swing from her large sword, all slimes are cut horizontally.

I don’t have right to say it, but this girl is totally a cheat. (Spec : Same as above)

[All done…]

No, this isn’t a training. I can’t say we have a fight. It is more like a curb-stomp battle. Isn’t this a massacre? Err… Never mind.

[Err, how was it?]

[Nothing to say…]

Uh, I already see that.

[I will lower your status.]

[Thank you.]

Sera thanks me every time I lower her status.

But something suddenly jumps on my back.


It was a metamorphosis slime. <System Window> only warns me about enemies, not allies.


[What’s wrong? Oh, your name.]

Unlike Dora’s case, metamorphosis slime can use <Engage Link> without any explanation. There is too much difference between humans and them. In short, their decipher skills are great. They are able to communicate anytime they want.

> Named [Tama]

> Named [Sura]

> Named [Yukari]

Yukari (My first love) has strong impact… Should I go with Tama…? Tamo from metamorphosis. I should call it this by adding “san”.

[Your name is Tamo. Nice to meet you.]

<<Nice… to…>>

Mio approaches.

[It seemed possible to tame. Err, could you show us <Mimic> skill?]

[That’s right. Tamo-san, please show your skill.]

[…Another terrible name again…]

Tamo-san starts moving and changes its shape slowly…

[It is a slime…]

[It is a slime, after all…]

Great, it becomes slime (light blue).

[Are you able to become light blue only? Is this what you call mimic?]

[Oh, but this slime is higher ranked than normal slime. You just pretend to be weak, right?]

[Oh~, that’s right…]

After I inspect it a little, I understand why Tamo-san’s <Mimic> and <Absorption> can only be used by slime.

You can change yourself into anything else you after you absorb its corpse.

[This is a really great ability.]

[I think so. However, it won’t be easy for slime to absorb the corpse of a monster since it is most likely to die first…]

[So you can show your true value after being tamed by Jin-sama… Just like me and Sera…]

Maria… I don’t think it’s a good idea to sympathize with slime…

Should I give it Saladin’s corpse? Oh, no! As expected… Right?

Because I spent too much time verifing Tamo-san’s ability, we decide to continue our travel with the carriage.


Monsters showed up three more times, and I left them for Sera. I couldn’t verify her skill because she killed everything with one swing from her great sword.

Even when her status is lower than when I bought her, she still curb-stomps them like they’re nothing.

In Maria and Mio’s case, I had to train them a little, but in Sera’s case, I just needed to feed her. If she hadn’t born in a noble family but in a knight family, I think she could be famous.

[Right now, all I know is Sera is really strong. I want to do some cooperation practice, but it is hard to do during our carriage trip. After we finish the adventurer’s registration, let’s go all out.]


[Nee, if Sera-chan’s practice has end, could I shoot down all monsters we encounter with my bow? I want to have <Monster Taming> skill quickly…]

I gave her a promise for sure. I will convert monster’s skill from any monster that was killed by Mio into <Monster Taming> skill.

[That’s right. It is hard to judge how Mio could deal a killing blow in actual combat… This is the first time we’ve ever killed a monster while moving… Mio, could you do that?]

[Uh. I can snipe them down with a bow from a long distance! Oh, how could we recover the body…?]

Since you defeated it, you should recover their body. It is fine because we can travel with increasing speed.

[I can help you pick them up with “Warp”.]

[You can help, too… This is so luxurious.]

I have a considerable amount of MP to spend because I always took it away from the monsters I defeated.

[I will help, too. I have to practice my archery. Please give me pointers about how to hit moving targets, Mio-chan.]

[Uhh, Maria-chan! I love you!]

Mio is embracing Maria. A bow isn’t Maria’s primary weapon, so I gave her only the basic level.  However, Maria is someone who can do anything.

By the way, the following skills are what Maria acquired after participated in this.

<Show Mercy> <Light Foot> <Language Translation> (Spec: I want to have this skill) <Calculation> <Loyalty>

She received <Show Mercy> and <Light Foot> when she was training with Mio, <Language Translation> and <Calculation> when she was studying with Mio.


When acting according to the order from the higher rank, you will receive various buffs.

Maria’s cheat knows no bounds. Is it really okay? Won’t my special power’s presence become thinner and thinner?

The sun went down, so we decide to have dinner. The main chief is Mio, but Maria and Sera are helping her. Sera hasn’t cooked before, but Maria decide to let her help because she thinks “Cooking is slave’s job”. Sakura and I have nothing to do. It is normal from slave’s stand point: we are good for nothing, after all.

Let’s have some trivial talk. We bought slaves for the sake of cooking, and we use Sakura’s magic for transportation because “We don’t use special power for frame”. My crisis (which isn’t that serious) will allow me to unlock new power but, because of the cooking and transportation we have right now, it makes me lose the moment of that enlightenment. (Because there is an alternative way…).

I have a limited amount of special power, so I want to stop the moments of enlightenment for strange special powers before they happen.

This is something trivial.

Today’s menu is omu-rice. (Spec : – Omelette with rice. My country also has a more simple form of this.) I bought some tomato ketchup from Lilaluke. We don’t have much rice, but we use it without care. I throw various ingredients into the [Room] with <Ice Magic> that acts as a refrigerator. Even if <Inventory> can stop time, I still prefer to store it in a refrigerator.

<<It is delicious!>>

Dora shouts. No, she can’t speak yet, only a [Kyuu~~] sound came out… (Spec: Dragon’s shout? I thought someone is going to be blown away.)

A small child is easily pleased by omu-rice. Maria doesn’t say anything, but her tail is waving around happily.

[It is really delicious. I never ate something like this when I was a noble, either.]

This is one of Mio’s “The dish not from this world” comments.  Mayonnaise doesn’t exist. There is tomato ketchup, but no omu-rice, so I don’t understand this world’s situation.

By the way, we can use “Anti-poison” from <Recovery Magic> to clean up any poison in mayonnaise. I ask Mio to make it with “Anti-poison” when I want to eat, but it is a sensitive topic for her. Consequently, she ends up prostrating herself, looking as if she’s about to cry and saying, “Please forget about mayonnaise!”, so I usually drop that idea.

I made a little girl prostrate on the ground… Wait! Sakura already did that, too…

[Huhuu, Mio-chan’s repertoires isn’t just that. I will take care everyone’s stomach!]

Mio says, full of confidence. She has <Cooking> skill, and she has experience with Japanese food to back her word.
Today’s dessert is pudding. Of course, everybody enjoys it. It is a trivial story, but we’re still on the road. This isn’t a French restaurant. Even nobles has a hard time during the travel, too.

That’s right, Tamo-san is good enough with a monster’s corpse and leftovers. It seems that its digestive system has high efficiency because it can digest everything in the blink of an eye. Hey, Slime is a cheat after all.

We arrive at Konoe town at noon the next day. It has a similar look to Lilaluke on the Kastal side. Stone buildings are common, but with fewer decorations. It seems usability is more important. As this is an adventurer’s town, there are so many weapon and armor stores. For some reason, though, it doesn’t have slave market. Too bad.

We choose a hotel and park our carriage. Then we head toward the adventurer guild immediately.

[We might have a problem if a bad old man says, “Leave that woman alone”.]

Mio says something strange again. “There is a template like that…” When I look around at our group, I realize that our average age is quite low.

[Or… “This isn’t a place for kids to play” or something like that?]

[Yeah, since Sera is here, There’s a has high chance for beautiful woman like Sera-chan…]


Although Sera is embarrassed, she is a beautiful girl.  That’s for sure. But Mio said that as if I bring Sera with me alone…

[What are you two talking about?]

[[Template talk]]

We reply to Sakura at the same time. If you play games, you should know about it somehow…

We arrive at the adventurer’s guild. As expected, it is a huge three-story building. It’s too bad we couldn’t contact the receptionist. I mean there weren’t many people here.

[Hello. Is it open today?]

[Uh… Well, it is about lunch time. I don’t think we will meet a guy who will pick a quarrel with you…]

[Yeah, you’re right.]

During the daytime, there is a person with a reputation for picking a fight with new faces wandering around here. No, there isn’t. (Sarcasm)

They’re usually here for requests in the morning. Many of the adventurers who don’t have requests will go out and kill monsters for some monster core since there is no point in waiting in the guild.

[What’s wrong?]

Receptionist-san asks us with a worried tone.

[No, nothing. We came here today for adventurer’s registration.]

[Yes. Understood. Err… Six people, right?]


Receptionist-san frowns for a moment.

[Excuse me, those women’s ages seem too low. I feel a little uneasy, but the guild can’t decline any registration…]

It seems she’s worried about that.

[Yes. They will be all right. Everyone here has enough battle experience to fight goblin generals alone.]

[That is too amazing. I think that is enough to become D-ranked or higher.]

Hmm… Fighting with goblin generals alone is equal to a D-rank. It is unexpectedly not a big deal. D-rank. It seems receptionist-san also smiled slightly when I told her that.

[Please complete this form.]

I complete it as I was told. Other than “name”, the form is just blank. It seems “name” is the minimum requirement.

[Please put a drop of blood on the guild card. It will register you as the owner with “Ownership” magic.]

It seems the guild card will record any subjugation targets from request for the owner. Beside, it is also a magic tool with various functions.

I register everyone into my party, too. We can share any subjugation request amongst the party. This system will allow multiple people to receive a single request. By the way, this has no relationship with the EXP system.

I can abuse the party to increase my adventurer’s rank without doing anything. But doing that won’t get you past the B-ranked examination because your own strength isn’t up for it. It is just a waste of time.

After that, I go to the request board. There aren’t many valuable requests left in the guild. Only repeatable requests are left.

That is what we are going to choose.

Subjugate 5 goblins


Exterminate 5 goblins near the outskirts of the capital.

Reward: 1000g

This is it!

Uh, the subjugation type is one of the regular requests… even in an adventurer’s town. The supply and demand of the requests aren’t balanced. They are usually gone immediately in the morning.

After we’re done, we return to hotel for the night and then try to think about what we had done today.

[The first request is goblin subjugation. It is like the template, but I want to tackle bigger game…]

[There is no use to do that in an adventurer’s town. Help-sensei couldn’t give me a clear answer about the adventurer’s situation in this town, either.]

I’m certain a lot of the request disappear immediately in the morning, for sure.

[What are you going to do tomorrow? Are you going to get some requests in the morning?]

[I guess I will pass on that. It isn’t a good idea to go there and scramble for requests.]

Mio is opposed.

[I want to help everyone quickly, so I will get a request.]

Sera agrees.

[I don’t care either way. There might be someone who will pick a quarrel with Jin-sama.]

Maria abstains. Her statement is dangerous.

[I-I’m weak in the morning…]

Sakura…What do you mean? Abstain? Or oppose?



Dora is sleeping.

[I don’t think it’s a good idea to accept a request in this town. Our purpose is to get C-ranked… not to make money. We won’t accept requests in this town too much. We will focus on that when we reach another town. Are you okay with this?]


Because I’m opposed, the vote for accepting requests in this town is as follows: one in favor, two opposed and two abstaining. Dora is still sleeping.

By thw way, Tamo-san is watching our carriage. Slime has a different mind structure, so it doesn’t need to sleep.  In addition, it won’t be bothered by waiting a long time, either. Good for night watch. Besides, it can use <Engage Link> to contact us if something happens.

[Let’s prepare for travel tomorrow morning. We will accept some requests at daybreak. If there are no requests, we’ll go to next town.]

The next day, we finished our preparation, and then we were surprised that one request other than regular kind remained.

Making Potion

No rank restriction.

Make potions and delivery them.

Reward : 500g per potion (Limit is 100)


[Receptionist-san, what does this request mean?]

I ask receptionist-san for now. If <Compound> skill is useful, we will accept it.

[Oh, that request. The person who always accepts that request is absent.]

[Does that person always accept this request?]

[Yes, that person has a talent for making potions. Most people can’t even make them. Since this is an adventurer’s town, potion is always in short supply because there’s such a massive demand for them. Well, it is virtually a nominated request.]

Perhaps, that person has <Compound> skill. It was left here because there is no one else who can accept it.

It doesn’t seem to be a request that a novice can accept. Uh… What should we do?

[This is an adventurer’s town, so it usually has a request for a potion master. There is a custom to confirm your potion-making talent before being allowed to accept that kind of request. Why doesn’t everyone try it, too?]

Perhaps “that talent” is <Compound> skill. I think this is the good way to try it.

[I’m thinking about accepting this request. What do you guys think?]

I think this is interesting. It is wasteful to let <Compound> skill become a useless skill…

[I don’t mind.]

[Me, too.]

[I’m fine.]

[If Jin-sama wants that, then there is no way I’m going to refuse.]

<<Let’s make some medicine!>>

It seems everyone agrees.

[Then we accept this request. I mean, we need to confirm our talent first, right?]

[Yeah, you need to confirm your talent before accepting this request. Please tell me if it is no good.]


This is our second request, and it’s a production type.

[Err… Come to think of it, I still haven’t had a chance to show my skill, right?]



-fin Slime Taming & Adventurer’s Registration

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