BFTG-NT Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 Cowman battle and Plant Area




<Axe Mastery LV3> <Body Reinforcement LV2> <Gatekeeper LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV2>

[Dungeon cowman’s large axe]

Note : Cow-type monster. If you speak of dungeons, you think of this!


Minotaur. I think it comes from Greek mythology. It’s a monster with a cow’s face and a human body that inhabits dungeons. Mino was taken from the king Minos and has no relation to the cow’s rumen, the stomach, at all (TL note: It is called Mino in Japan). Its stomach part is human in the first place.


Although it has that sort of background, the Minotaur of this dungeon is very faithful to fantasies of recent days. Rather than just a cow face, it is more accurate to call it a cow on 2 legs. Its feet are completely hoofed. Yet its hands are holding an axe with five fingers like a human. Lesser types are about 2 meters tall but this guy exceeds well over 3 meters in height.


All the monsters up until the 10th floor were level 10 or lower, but this guy is level 15. In compensation for that he’s alone in this boss room, so you shouldn’t have to worry about trap or reinforcements at all.


The door closed automatically when all of us went in. Just in case I try pulling it, but it looks like it can’t be opened anymore. I’m succumbing to the impulse of wanting to go in and out freely by putting everything in my status and forcibly opening it or breaking the wall beside it, but that would be pitiful for the producer so I’ll stop that.


The boss room is a 10 meters high and about 50 by 50 meters wide square room. Well, we won’t be able to do boss fights and such if the don’t have a certain amount of space, so naturally that’s reasonable…


<<Its standard patterns are the same as lesser types! Since its offensive abilities are high, please focus on dodging its attacks instead of defending against them.>>

[[[Yes (nanodesu)!]]]


The fight starts with Kate’s instruction. Cynthia jumps out at the beginning. Kate fires a fireball at her back. The fireball advances with roughly the same speed as Cynthia’s running speed. It was hidden at a place the minotaur could not clearly see.




Towards Cynthia who is drawing closer, the minotaur swings its axe.


<<Cynthia-san! Please jump!>>

[Yes -nanodesu!]


The moment she is told this Cynthia kicks the ground. His axe cuts the air and struck the ground. The hidden fireball hits the minotaur’s hand that just swung down.




Minotaur reflexively lets go of the axe.


[Take this nodesu!]


Cynthia’s iron rod made a direct hit on the face of the backwards bent minotaur.




The minotaur completely lost his balance and fell down with his back on the ground. Sora follows up with her spear and Karen scooped up the minotaur’s axe to a place separated from it.


Nevertheless, that minotaur, to think he would let go off his axe by getting hit by a mere fireball, he’s nothing but a third-rate warrior.


<<”Ice Bullet”!>>


Kate casts several ice bullets. Without hitting the Minotaur, they made a direct hit on the nearby floor and covered its surface in ice. It’s Kate, she must have missed him on purpose.


The minotaur tries to shake off the pummeling Cynthia and the others and stand up. He puts his hands exactly on the place Kate shot an ice bullet at. I don’t think there are any people who don’t know, but ice is often slippery. There aren’t any chains on the minotaur’s hands so naturally he slips. I see, interesting.




And like that, the minotaur falls again. The three add in their follow-ups like it’s a matter of course. Kate shrewdly increases the places impacted with ice bullets. Following that, the Minotaur falls flat whenever he tries to get up and gets pummeled.




Minotaur’s HP finally turned 0.


Cynthia and others didn’t receive even a single hit. No doubt you could call this a shut out. I didn’t think they would get defeated, but I never would have thought they could overwhelm it this much. Well, it is clear that Kate’s achievements were terrific…


[We did it -nodesu! We won -nodesu!]


[An easy victory! Karen-chan!]


[A complete victory! Sora-chan!]


Cynthia raise a victory shout. Those twins join their hands together happily. Only Kate went to me.


<<Sir. I have put the minotaur’s item drops into the <Inventory> >>


[Yeah, thanks for your effort.]




Kate seems to have collected the item drops without even immersing herself in the aftertaste of victory.


Item drops means items that only boss monsters drop. For starters, the dungeon’s boss monsters differ from regular monsters in several ways, including their POP being fixed.


First, boss monsters will turn into ash and disappear once they are killed. Next, nothing will remain at that place. Of course, monster stones don’t remain either so it won’t become a stable income for explorers. The weapon the boss held disappears too at that time, so…


However, if we speak of not having anything to earn, then that’s not true. Like this time, they intermittently drop item drops. The chances are appropriately low and it’s not going around the bosses with that as your aim. What was reported to me was also about as much as a lucky explorer getting their hands on it by chance.


By the way, this time’s item drop is the [Great axe of the dungeon cowmen]. …In other words, the minotaur’s weapon didn’t disappear and remained. It looks like this sort of thing happens too.


I’m not happy about this at all. We don’t have any axe users among our companions. What should I do with a rare grade item whose user doesn’t exist…


A: I believe you could let it become fertilizer in the <Inventory>, or sell it.


<<Shall we end today’s exploration with this?>>


[Aah, right. Shall we go down and install “Portal” around the entrance to the next floor?]


I installed a “Portal”, but I plan on going back by using a transfer stone. I mean, if we use “Portal” too much, then we’ll hear “These people, when will they come back?”.


[It’s over nanodesu! What is today’s dinner nanodesu?]


<<Nino-san who has cooking duty said it is curry.>>


[Yes nodesu! I love curry nanodesu!]

[Karen she said! I’m so happy, right Curry-chan!] 

[Sora-chan, it’s the other way…]


So today’s dinner is curry. Back when we were in Kastal, Mio did a trial and error and she somehow gave shape to it. Maybe it’s because we have many young children, but its sweetness was excessively popular.


Oh, Nino is a senior maid slave girl who was bought by Lusia in Kastal and is in charge of cooking. She is the current head chef and apprentice to Mio. She is also the ruler of the slaves’ stomachs. Nino is often requested by Sakuya to go to the royal castle to coach the chefs and do the cooking for receptions.


And so we descended the stairs and returned near the entrance to the next floor.


[I really hadn’t thought you could fight that well on the first day you dove into the dungeon. Kate-chan, you’re quite amazing.]


Mio says so when we returned to our mansion in Kastal.


<<No, it is still insufficient. Because I don’t think I can be useful to the master with that degree… More, I have to train and study more and become stronger and smarter…>>


[How ambitious are you…]


<<Everything is for the sake of helping my master!>>


Kate clenched her fist and then declares so.


[Doing your best is good and all, but it’s bad for health if you stay up late too often. Even though you got this beautiful skin through great effort, it will probably be ruined.]


<<Well then, good night.>>


[So quick to change attitude!?]


Mio adds in a retort towards Kate who is preparing to sleep.


<<If our master finds value in my skin, then I will do my best to protect it, that is all. I will not stay up late to study, but will wake up early to study instead. Well then, excuse me for today…>>


After Kate said that, she really went returns to her room. Even though it’s still before dinner….


[Kate-chan, she really doesn’t think of anything but our master nodesu…]


[Can we make friends with her I wonder? Karen-chan]


[She is probably a good girl, right? Sora-chan.]


Cynthia and the twins who are planned to continue the party in the future are being somewhat anxious. No, I could say that Cynthia, the no.1 cause for anxiety, shouldn’t have a say in this…


[Perhaps, her attitude will change greatly with just a few words from Jin-kun.]


[Yeah, I can’t say anything carelessly in front of Kate I guess…]


[Because if you say something careless, we won’t know what she would perpetrate in order to achieve it …]


Sera says like she was amazed.


[Eh? Doing the unreasonable for the sake of fulfilling Jin-sama’s expectations, where do we have a problem with that?]


[Eh?] x almost everyone except Maria.


Oh, right. Here is another one I couldn’t say anything careless to.


[Come to think of it, the dungeon is going to become a forest from this point on, isn’t it?]


Sera came with a question while we are having dinner(curry).


From the 11th to 20th floor, the dungeon that was a standard dungeon up until now suddenly changes and becomes an environment that’s overgrown with vegetation. The walls of the dungeon were the same until the 10th floor, but those walls have plants stuck on it as well.


Furthermore, traps are installed inside the dungeon starting with this floor. The traps were at most a mimic until the tenth floor, but from here on several traps will be installed, including monster houses. Due to the dungeon’s method of heading down, there are no traps like pitfalls that could end up being used as a shortcut though…


[Yeah, it’s a plant area. The environment up until now will change greatly. Traps will start appearing too…]


This is a sidenote, but it’s said that the number 1 reason they couldn’t advance the capture of the dungeon was definitely the existence of these traps. Basically the lower you go, the more viciousness the traps. The explorers that are high enough in level should decrease their likelihood of losing against monsters and killed by them. But if they can’t cancel the traps, then they will die when they will die, no matter how strong they are. And then, the dead people won’t be able to bring back information. On top of that, the dungeon itself is absurdly wide and if the locations of the traps aren’t fixed, then being vigilant and advancing the capture being difficult could probably said to be natural. In other words, what I want to say is that Map is the strongest.


[Everyone, from the next floor on prioritize checking Map. Alta is there too and I think we should be completely fine, but I have no absolute guarantee on that after all.]


[We have Jin-sama’s map and four possessors of <Dungeon Adaptation>. I suppose we would hardly get caught to things like traps, but you cannot be too careful after all.]


Maria agrees with me. Someone possessing <Dungeon Adaptation> could somehow see the location of the traps inside the dungeon. Some of those traps won’t operate if you possess <Dungeon Adaptation> from the looks of it. It is honestly foul play. Oh, map is an even bigger foul play.


[Oops. So Sera, what do you want to talk about?]


[No, I wanted to try asking if there are edible plants in the dungeon. It will be wonderful if it has unusual fruits.]


<<Dora wants to eat too~!>>


The food lover group became lively. So they are interested in other food at dinner… Aren’t they putting too much importance in food ? Well, it is a matter of life and death for Sera, so there’s also the inevitable part there though….


[Even if there is, I don’t want to eat the food the dungeon gave birth to…]


Plants and such that are born and raised in the dungeon’s mysterious ecosystem, I’m more than a little anxious about that. Even if vegetables which have “Producing Area : Dungeon” written on are being sold in the supermarket, then I will absolutely not buy it. Ah, it’s not like I, who can’t cook, go out to buy vegetables though. Microwaves are great, aren’t they.


[Eh? I am fine about it, you see? I haven’t gone as far as scavenging for food, but if it’s fruits or tree nuts then I think I will normally eat it. Ah, could you please increase my <Poison Resistance>?]


<<Resistance for Dora too please>>


[Are you going to eat even poison…?]


In the end, I didn’t increase <Poison Resistance> of these two. I won’t go as far as not allowing them to eat dungeon birthed plants but I made them promise to at least be thorough in checking its status before eating them.


If you have <Poison Resistance> then you will be fine even if you eat poisoned food, but there shouldn’t be something like that where we push ourselves into eating it. Or rather, I don’t want to see that kind of scene.


The next day, after resuming our exploration at the eleventh floor, we went through the plant area. Monster types have completely changed and plants, bugs and beasts have increased in numbers. Well, it’s within my range of expectations. Here to are many recolors of monsters from outside. I guess this aspect must be a fundamental characteristic.


And then the lowest level monsters are around level 10. It’s a convenient conjecture, floors 1 through 10 have levels ranging 1 to 10. Floors 11-20 should have levels around 11-20 I guess. On top of monster’s levels going up, traps and such increase, so it becomes difficult in one go. To me who got some room in statuses and could search for traps with Map, I could clearly say there’s only calculation errors though…


It’s the beginning so I’ll list the monster we defeated, but I decide to select only the monsters I think is interesting from hereon. It will take all day if I’m going to list all of the dungeon monsters you know.


Burst Lemon


<Self-destruction LV3> <Gut LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note : Exploding Lemon. The cause of explosion is unknown. It’s bad if juice gets in the eyes.


Magical Shroom


<Earth Magic LV2> <Status Abnormality resistance LV2> <Spore LV2> <Dungeon Adaptation LV2>

Note : A Mushroom who constantly changes the color of its hat. Spores are bad.



Pine Shroom


<Cooking LV1> <Status Abnormality resistance LV2> <Spore LV2> <Dungeon Adaptation LV2>

Note : Simply said a matsutake mushroom. Its shape looks somewhat disgusting. (T.N. Prized mushroom in japanese, chinese and korean cuisine)


Dungeon Mantis


<Body Reinforcement LV2> <Flight LV2> <Dungeon Adaptation LV2>

Note : A huge praying mantis living in the dungeon. A monster born in the dungeon that rarely lays eggs.


Dungeon Ant


<Acid Attack LV1> <Bite LV2> <Dungeon Adaptation LV2>

Note : Large ant living in the dungeon. It is really mysterious how it could survive without a nest.


Tropical Wolf


<Cultivation LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note : A wolf of a mysterious ecology that grows plants on its body. Skill composition is shining.


The shrooms are here again… The magical one is dangerous judging from its name. I absolutely can’t inhale any spores. Pine ones are, as the name shows, matsutake. Its shape is mostly that way. However, the ordinary shroom-type monsters can’t be eaten for some reason. It’ll normally give you an upset stomach. Perhaps, does it mean that having the skill <cooking> makes them edible…


A: That is correct. In the case that a monster has <Cooking> skill, it will forcibly be treated as “Edible” due to the skill. Also, the cooking also acquires it normally.


The effects of <Cooking> skill is even more dangerous than I thought. Just one skill can make a living creature edible, it is a little too scary… For now, let’s not give <Cooking> skill to monsters we tamed like Dora and the others. It is nothing but madness to make companions suitable for use as food. It’ll be another story if they’re intended as emergency rations though…


This doesn’t really matter, but since mushrooms aren’t plants, calling them a plant monster is in a sense a mistake. Well, it’s not a big deal of a topic, so is it fine…?


I give a chop to Mio, Sera and Dora who tried to burn and eat a pine shroom and move ahead. From now on, monsters possessing the <Cooking> skill will be added to the list of things you can’t eat beside poisonous food.


Incidentally, Sera and Dora tried to eat it seriously and Mio seems to have tried to eat it as a joke. Mio is quite the challenger when it comes to anything besides horror. Like mayonnaise…


There is one more thing that changed from the eleventh floor on. That is the distance between the stairs that go to the next floor. Stairs were prepared for every 5 km up until the 10th floor, but from the 11th floor and on it changes to a flight of stairs for every 10 km. It means the time it takes for each floor doubles even with simple calculations. Of course, together with the strengthening that are the monster I mentioned before and the traps, it must feel like it has suddenly become difficult.


Fact is, half of the explorers who went past the minotaur and entered the 11th floor would give up on continuing the capture. But then again, if they are able to capture as far as the 10th floor then there would be no lack in income, so many of them being satisfied with that must be the reason.


However, the earnings are exceptionally good on the 11th floor compared to the 10th floor. It’s none other than because this is a plant area. It’s because medicinal herbs and magic herbs that are ingredients for potions and also valuable plants are growing everywhere; there’s plenty of ingredients to gather.


It’s something trivial, but even though I don’t want to eat dungeon born vegetables, why do I feel that the effects of the dungeon born medicinal herbs are high instead…


I’ve gone off-topic, but most of the adventurers who gave up capturing the floors after the 11th, have an agreeable reason to be active in the well earning 11th floor.


In short, it means that the 11th floor is the floor with the most people. And it also means that if the amount of people become numerous, then naturally conflicts will increase so…


[Jin-sama, there are explorers in battle ahead of us.]


As Maria said, if we continue like this then we’ll encounter explorers in the middle of fighting monsters.


Those adventurers seem to have drawn a monster house and are in battle with large number of shroom-type monsters.


[It looks like there are explorers who draw monster houses. It is quite a detour to try and avoid them, so let’s check if they need backup and if they tell us it’s necessary, then we annihilate them. If they say we’re unneeded then we ignore them.]


The unspoken agreement in the dungeon is a non-interference between fellow explorers. Attacking the monsters from the side during a battle is of course NG. If it’s clear that it’s a battlefield then it’s the right choice to not get too close, as far as I can see on Map it’s quite a close fight. Since it’s not forbidden for us to back them up if they accept it, I’m thinking about exterminating them as quick as possible if it means we have a chance to move on quickly.


<<Monster houses easily turn into melee, so please accurately grasp the locations of the other explorers>>


There’s probably a lot of people who forgot about it, but those who received the divine protection of <Engage Link> makes friendly fire invalid. I don’t know the specific theory behind it, but you won’t get injured even by being struck by a sword and a direct hit from magic is no problem either. Ah, you’ll still can feel the heat. Since it won’t cause any damage… Of course, I forbid them a way of fighting that requires you to hit an ally.


A: Please think of special powers as having higher priority than the laws of physics. Specifically, it would be Special Power >> Gift = Curse > Skill > laws of physics. And so, it is just pointless to think about the theory.


That’s quite a cruel way of saying it.


If there’s nothing by my subordinates in this place, then I could make cooked shrooms with the worst ranged <Fire magic> attack without minding my allies, but I can’t possibly do that if there are other explorers here. They will normally end up turning into cooked explorers after all.


We move on through the dungeon with hurried steps and then we could capture the explorers in our sight. And about 20 shrooms are chasing behind them.


[P-Please help~!]




The explorers who similarly found us requested for our help. The explorers totaled 5 people and one among them already has a gray marker. In short, one is dead.


Their level is around mid-ten, an appropriate level to fight on this floor. On the other hand, they don’t really have any margins, so they won’t be able to deal with sudden troubles.


Those explorers are escaping this way. If we aren’t here to rescue them, then it’ll be a criminal act of monster trains. Of course, it is hard to show proof of it though


[Do you need backup?]


[Please! The monster stones and materials, all of them can be yours!]


The explorer answers my question immediately. There’s also disputes over one’s share in materials. Giving away everything when you really need help is standard practice, or rather recommended it seems.


It’s something I’ve heard, but there were many cases where explorers who once fought over their portion of materials when they backed up, many of them lost their motivation to cover for them afterwards. I can certainly understand the feeling. Having your good intentions answered with grudges, you wouldn’t expect them to want to continue the same thing from then on.


[Alright, we’re going to exterminate them right away!]


[I’m going -nodesu!]


Responding first to my yell and thrusting herself towards the monsters is our bullet Cynthia. She is not blurring huh, that girl.



While Cynthia is mass producing crushed shrooms, other members who caught up also defeated the shrooms. Do they really hate <Fire magic> as I suspected? One flees at full speed when I lightly fired a “Fireball”. Of course, we we’re not letting them go. Mio’s arrow made a direct hit on the fleeing shroom. The moment the arrow hit it, the shroom’s body was wrapped up in fire.


This is the effect of the elemental arrow I let Knot make in Kastal’s base recently. I knew that the <Magic Tool Creation> skill that Yurika originally had has good affinity with <Smithing> skill and the fact it can serve to add effects on created weapons. You could say you can grant them abilities in gaming terms.


[Uha~, what an amazing power. It’s actually a consumable good, so I can’t waste it though…]


Looks like Mio is also quite satisfied with it. Like me, Mio didn’t really participate in the battles, so she didn’t have any opportunity to use it I guess. She took the opportunity to use it here. We can recover and reuse it if we are lucky but I told her not to overuse it since they are basically disposables.


After that, we exterminated the shrooms without taking time. I realized it after exterminating them, but you can do it quickly if we defeat 2 per person. Damn it, should I have limited the number of combat members…? I tell you just in case, a party of 10 explorers is normal. I was told that parties on the surface are about 6, but since the dungeon needs even more roles, I was recommended to move on with a certain number of people.


[Sorry, to go as far as healing us despite it being the same passing them to you…]


[It is no problem, it is Jin-sama’s instruction after all.]


Since the explorers were ragged, I instructed Maria to apply recovery magic on them. They were very indebted to us since they used up their potions in hand. If you ask me why I went out of my way to heal them, there’s one ulterior motive in short. Right now, they have a large debt with me.


And there is one thing I desire from the guys with debts. …And so, I decided to gratefully take 1 point of the skill I didn’t possess.


<Animal Training>


This skill has a name that is like a different version of <Monster Training>, but in truth it’s quite different. It’s not a skill that creates a contract relation like Tame, but a skill that trains normal animals and teaches them tricks. I just took the trouble to get it, so I think I should try and use it on Cynthia.


The rescued explorers returned with a transfer stone as is. They were worn out including their equipment, so naturally that should be reasonable.


While it is regrettable, they said they’re leaving behind the dead explorer. They’ve been separated from the location of the body and they, who wanted to go back immediately, couldn’t afford going there to collect it. Corpses can’t be put in the dungeon item box, but if they carry the corpse on the shoulder when using the transfer stone, then you can bring it back. Oh, this is limited to corpses , you can’t return while carrying along a living creature. It’s because you can’t be a miser trying to save cost on transfer stones…


Afterwards, we collect the magic stones and materials from the fragrant shrooms. I ignore the fact Sera and Dora wanted to eat cooked shrooms and move on ahead. By the way, Mio who seems to have a principle of not repeating the same joke seems to have lost her interest already.


There is nothing to say besides this, we were able to capture as far as the 14th floor in that day. It is going well.


Dinner time on that day, I once again received telepathic contact from Mira.


<<For some reason~, I have become the acting village chief of a village with a dungeon entrance~~~>>


<<Sorry. I really don’t understand the context.>>


Even though Mira was supposed to be the representative of the “Village destroyed by a vampire” to the end, she seems to have become the representative of a second village before anyone realized. I don’t understand what that means.


<<It seems that other than the research group from the capital~, they invited immigrants and collaborators from nearby villages~>>


<<Well, that’s not something strange I guess. Aah, and so when it came to choosing the representative for that village, the choice fell on you Mira?>>


<<Simply said, that’s right~. I don’t think I’ve told you this master, but~ I’m more or less the daughter of the village chief of the village destroyed by the vampire~ and I have helped out in the village management, so I have some knowledge on it, you know~>>


<<…If such a person is involved with the revival of the abandoned village, then becoming the village chief flows pretty naturally, doesn’t it?>>


She’s actually a representative, but there shouldn’t be that many suitable people beside her.


<<Well~, besides me there was a candidate~, the second son of the village chief of a different village~ but he had an incident that became the finishing blow~>>


<<…Did something happen?>>


<<Yes~, the forward candidate took his subordinate and arbitrarily entered that one residence you know~. He must have been searching for achievements~. So, unfortunately, a part of the worn out residence collapsed~, and a great number of injured people came out from that~>>


<<That’s another unlucky event…>>


<<In the end, I decided to rescue them~ and applied recovery magic~. Because if they die from something like that~ then it will too much of a sign of bad luck for the new village~>>


Well, it’s a sign of bad luck at the stage of reviving a village that was ruined by an epidemic.


<<And so~, around the time I finished the rescue before the knights order~, I had unanimously become the acting village chief~>>


<<Unanimously, you mean said other candidate too?>>


<<…Rather~, that man was the first to push it to me~>>


He was charmed, wasn’t he?


<<On top of that, the end result is that they came to call me a “Goddess” or something like that~>>


<<What a magnificent irony.>>


You’re calling my subordinate of all people a “Goddess”? Rather, what’s with the way of calling in a world where the goddess is confirmed to be real?


<<Yeah~, I requested they would at least stop with that~ and they somehow settled with “Mira-sama”~. Various things happened afterwards~ and I surprisingly became the acting village chief without any resistance~. Now that I’ve come this far~, I want to do what I can do~…>>


<<Understood. If there’s anything you need then I’ll cooperate, so please tell me.>>


<<Okay~, Thank you very much~>>


And with that, I cut the telepathic contact with Mira.


For the time being, take care of her as much as possible, Alta.


A: Understood.


[Is Mira-san a village chief? Domestic affairs? If it’s domestic affairs then leave it to me!]


[Come to think of it, Mio-chan, you said you read a lot in your previous life, didn’t you?]


Mio shows up in front of me continuously pulling on me. Like Sakura said, she’s appealing to the fact she has various knowledge.


[Yeah, I wasn’t in a position to do it so I gave up, but I found one chance if I can be a domestic affairs cheat!]




[P-Production cheat is different!]


Mio’s face turned bright red as she talked back. So cute.


[That said, it doesn’t mean that I will go to that village. Will you go there alone Mio?]


If she wants to be a domestic affairs cheat by any means then I won’t mind letting her go, but… In that case, what shall we do with the cooking?


The ones who are specialized in cooking have increased within our subordinates starting with the slave maid Nino, but right now the current number 1 is Mio. This is off-topic, but Nino is a genius who, after giving her 1 skill point in cooking, raised it as far as 10 skill points for level 2 by herself. She is the front runner in cooking duty in case Mio separates from me.


When I was thinking about those things, Mio shook her head.


[Eh, uh-uhh. Then never mind. I will go together with master. Cheating while Master is doing something else isn’t interesting at all either…]


She withdraws easily. Apparently, she wanted to show me the place she will achieve her results with her domestic cheats. It looks like it isn’t something she wanted to do if it meant acting separately. 


[Okay then. Well, couldn’t you at least give personal advice to Mira?]


[Ah, that is good. Let’s put some papers together and and pass them through <Inventory>.]


Afterwards, Mira, who acquired Mio’s advice on top of a certain amount of knowledge she originally had, performed her village chief duties beyond expectations and was adored by even more “humans”, but that was another story. 


The next day we also safely did the capture of four floors and reached floor 18. I will cite several of today’s interesting monsters.


Wood Golem


<Hardening LV3> <Cultivation LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV2>

Note : Golem made of wood. Roughly a log house that’s fitted with logs. Will scatter when defeated.



Mud Slime


<Water Resistance LV1> <Earth Resistance LV1> <Absorb LV3> <Divide LV3> <Dungeon Adaptation LV2>

Note : Earth-color mucus shaped monster. Or rather muddy water.


Large Beetle


<Body Reinforcement LV3> <Flight LV1> <Fighting Spirit LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV2>

Note : A really large rhinoceros beetle.



First, the wood golem. This guy is a golem made of logs. It will come apart when killed. In other words, great number of logs will come swooping down on us. Cynthia who plunged into it was crushed by those logs and ate more damage than she did in combat. Since she fainted completely, I dragged her out with “Summon”. She still got a long way to go until endgame. Because she made a blunder even though Kate warned her…


Next is mud slime. It’s a slime that’s like a lump of muddy water and has resistance against earth and water. By absorbing muddy water its volume seems to increase and the one we fought was about 10 meters big I think. What was interesting was that it would evaporate and that it would rapidly become smaller when we made it eat fire magic.


Last one is huge beetle. It was a rhinoceros beetle about 2 meters large. It had fierce power, but it could not overcome Sera. If it’s just simple power then Sera might be the strongest. If I have to say what’s interesting, then it would be the <Fighting Spirit> skill. It’s our acquaintance Saladin’s special move. In short, it became clear that Saladin is a rhinoceros beetle (groundless argument). I did think “what was that” when it suddenly shone blue. We decided to hunt them a little excessively and secure <fighting spirit> skill points.


We have some extra time left, so we go down the stairs just to sneak a peek on the next floor. When I check the 19th floor map and the adjacent map, some strange situation occurred on the adjacent map.


Explorers were overrun by a large group of monsters.


Volcano Golem


<Fire Enchantment LV3> <Fire Resistance LV3> <Hardening LV3> <Dungeon Adaptation LV2>

Note : A golem with a lava-like body. Touching it directly is dangerous.


They’re obviously monsters that appear after the 20th floor. According to what’s said, the 21st to 30th floors seem to be a volcano area. …Or rather, those monster that appeared at the first village were also centered around the 20th floor monsters. Is something related to this I wonder?






Shindou Jin



<Slavery technique LV7 up> <Monster Training LV7 up> <Animal Training LV1 new>

Equipment : Spirit sword – incomplete


Kinoshita Sakura


Skill: <Fire Magic LV8 up> <Water Magic LV8 up> <Wind Magic LV8 up> <Earth Magic LV8 up> <Lightning Magic LV8 up> <Ice Magic LV8 up> <Dark Magic LV8 up> <Recovery Magic LV8 up>

Equipment : Star staff – Stardust




Skill: <Shield Mastery LV7 up>

Equipment : Mithril staff, Miyhril buckler.





Skill: <Sword Mastery LV5 up>

Equipment : Mithril bow





Skill: <Magic Sword LV3 up> <Holy Sword LV3 up>

Equipment : Treasured sword – Everlasting darkness





Skill: <Shield Mastery LV6 up>

Equipment : Guardian’s greatsword, Guardian’s large shield.

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