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Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 Desire to monopolize



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“You…… You know who that person was and you’re trying to make Yuu her opponent……!?”



Kouma looked at me like he’s looking at an unbelievable person.


“You idiot! Miss Luna is a leader of the human army you know!? Fighting such a person, Yuuhi-san can’t possibly win can she!?



Is that so. So the black robes were entrusted with their leadership huh.

Of course they would. No matter how strong one is, they won’t be trusted if the others don’t know their identity.

But the fact Elka and the others didn’t tell me anything means…… that the state has done something I guess.


“Get out of my way Suzaki! If we don’t stop Yuu now she’ll end up dying!”

“Nah, it should be fine. If it’s the current her then she can win even against that girl.”

“…… What are you saying?”

“More importantly, you’re going to worry a little more about yourself won’t you?”


If they don’t become more serious, then instant killing would be too bland.

Well, I am in a hurry though.

Should be the same for Kouma and the others.


“Let’s start right away, you’re in a hurry right?”

“Why you…… Despite being a Gloomy Yuki, you’re being conceited! <Magma Ball>!”


While a vein popped up, Endou leaped out and shot a large clump of lava.

Was that the completed form of the magic that was used before? It’s a technique close to a unique magic that uses Endou’s distinctive magic power.

But it’s slow.

Slow enough for me to have enough time to go around the classmate’s back.


“Did it work!?”

“No it didn’t!”


Together with an explosion near the ground, the puddle of water vaporized.

Endou saw that vapor and said something stupid so I told him where I was.


“Wh-! Behind us!?”



Mitsuki realized it first and showed a response, but that too was slow.

If their opponent was someone who had the intent to kill, then half of them would have died this instant.


“Ranged group get back! The close quarter group are the vanguards!”


Jirou’s instructions scattered around.

Doesn’t seem like they’re conceited enough to challenge me one by one.


“Come at me”



A male student whose name I don’t particularly remember came leaping at me with a sword.

Continuing that, the bunch who went towards left and right started their attack from both sides.

Your coordination is fine and all, but what do you think you’re doing by leaping all at once, you guys.


“Take this here!”


I swing once with Kuromaru.

The lightly swung Kuromaru mowed down the leaping guys in one fell swoop.


“Don’t go all at once! Remember the things you acquired in the dungeon exploration!”


Shouted Kouma after seeing the guys groaning on the ground after being mowed down.

Hearing that, the vanguards immediately stopped their movement and each of them started moving separately.

No, he saw it was falling apart and took proper command.

In proof of that, they perfectly shifted their timing and started their attack.


“Take this!”

“Woah there……”


“Here here”


“Try and hit me~”


I dodge, warp and repel the pushed out fist, swung sword and thrown knife.

Although I was surrounded by ten people, nobody could touch me.

If it’s like this then I rather prefer monsters.


“Why can’t I hit him!?”

“Who knows? Aren’t you guys just slow?”

“Why you!”


Even if you get worked up, things that can’t hit just can’t hit.

Oops, now that we separated, the rearguards are chanting magic.

Shall I make them sleep before I’m attacked?


“Here, <Thunder Floor>”



The electricity that was released from the soles of my feet burned the classmates.

It was fortunate that a pool of water was made thanks to the heavy rain.

Thanks to that the electricity flowed well even with a small amount of magic power.


“Magic! Go!”

“<Wind Dagger>!”

“<Flame Lance>!”

“<Water Cannon>!”

“<Stone Rain>!”

“<Thunder Lance>!”


Together with Jirou’s voice, magic was fired at the same time.

Quite a lot of them, I should go around again and――――――



“Think I’ll let you…… run……?”


The nameless classmate who shouldn’t be able to move by the electricity grabbed my foot.

What looks is he giving me…… persistence and fighting spirit…… and what else? Something mysterious was inside this guy.

No, it’s not just him, it’s everyone.

What in the world did they do to them……?


“Wait, it’s not the time for that I guess”


I forcibly swing away the hand that caught my foot and clear away the magic that approached right before me with Kuromaru.

I intended to dodge that but I wasn’t on time for that I guess…

――――――Speaking of which.

Why do these guys go this far for Yuuhi’s sake?

The fact that Yuuhi clearly has her awareness should’ve been obvious to whoever was looking at her.

And yet they’re fighting with the reason that she’s manipulated by me, but isn’t it strange that not even one person was suspicious of Yuuhi?

That and they’re trusting Endou too much.


(No… that’s not it. Everyone is placing too much trust in Yuuhi.)


She’s certainly loved by many of them.

I’ve always been near Yuuhi after I reincarnated, but I’ve never seen anyone who hated her.

I heard people who we’ve never met at all were friendly to her.

It was abnormal to be frank, to be loved even by unknown people.


Is there something――――――about her……?


“Well, whatever. Putting it off for later.”


It’s a topic where there’s no point in thinking about it.

I’d like to check that after we finish this up, but right now let’s play with the guys in front of me.


“Outta the way! I’ll do it! <Magma Ball>!”

“You got no technique do you.”


I brush away Endou’s Magma Ball he unleashed the second time.

Seeing his own magic burst and scatter in mid-air and then falling on the ground to create water vapor, Endou stiffened.


“It’s a lie… right……?”

“…… Everyone, take refuge”


Having seen that, Kouma gave instructions while he came out.

The others who valiantly came out were two: Jirou and Mitsuki.

And incidentally Endou who was at the front and didn’t move.

If it were the other people, then they probably won’t be able to perform an attack as good as the Magma Ball back then.

If so, then I agree with Kouma who judged that they’ll be useless in this fight.

The classmates who looked like they want to say something were reluctant, but maybe they understood their own strength since they stepped back.


“Ah, if you’re going back then take these guys with you.”


I grab several of my classmates who are collapsed behind me and throw them.

From a sideglance, Jirou caught all of surprised people, killed their momentum and let then on the ground.

All with one hand, huh. Not bad eh.


“Hold it you, even if it was a joke, they’re still classmates you know. Couldn’t you treat them a little more careful?”

“In that case, then don’t gang up on me and torment me with all of you please. I’m just one person you know?”

“My bad, I don’t have any sympathy for the guy who put his hand on Yuu.”

“Really, well I don’t need any of it though.”


While we were talking about those things, the people escaped in the direction opposite of me.

They seem to be on guard against me, but I’m not going to chase them really.

Bye bye, peeps whose names I don’t know.


“Nevertheless Kouma, letting all of them escape was a good decision. If Endou’s Magma Ball doesn’t get through, then they can’t can’t become opponents if they’re not us.”

“I wonder if I’ve done something unforgivable to everyone.”

“There’s no helping it! It’s easier to move this way, you know!”


What’s remaining are three of the four life-havers and one dunce, huh…… That works.


“It’s pitiful for the guys who were declared as useless isn’t it-”

“I think it’s better than dying.”

“That’s true though.”


Me killing anyone’s not gonna happen…… No, there’s a once in a thousand chance; if there’s that many, then they may get engulfed and at least one may get into an accidental death.

The amount of people dropped now, so I won’t have to get troubled with that part.


“――――――Here we come, Suzaki”



Kouma and Mitsuki’s figure disappeared.

They’re quick… I can see Glain’s style.

I stopped the Excalibur of Kouma who appeared beside me with Kuromaru and then I stop the attack from Mitsuki’s dagger from the other side by grabbing her arm.

They’re fast was what I said, but that’s in a within bounds of common sense kind of meaning.

They’re still sluggish from my perspective.

These two looks surprised, but it appears these weren’t their winning bet.

With the perfect chance where both my hands are occupied, Jirou appeared in front of me.


“Eat this! <Tekken Seisai(Iron fist punishment)>!”


The magic power filled fist hits my stomach.

The foot he stepped with rocked the ground, creating a small crater.

The attack with high firepower from good coordination was pretty good…… but.


“You should have gotten Glain to give you a bit more proper training.”

“Wha- …… are you kidding me”


I didn’t even twitch.

As I expected he didn’t seem to think it did no damage, so Jirou reflexively pulled back his fist.

Before they separate, first I fling away Mitsuki I caught and then hit Jirou hard with my free hand.

Mitsuki who I flung away from me scowled at me while she got up and Jirou was lying down on the pool of water, groaning unmoving.


“Ji- Jirou! Suzaki…… !”

“Where did you get such strength is it?”



It’s because you look like you want to ask that.

Even I would be curious about it if our positions are reversed.


“Weell, not gonna tell ya though!”



I forced back Kouma with Kuromaru.

Originally, Kuromaru is at a level where it would be instantly cut into pieces by a sacred sword, let alone holding down the sacred sword. But Kouma’s sacred sword is still hardly awakened.

It’s just a stick that discharges power.

Excalibur, which would continue to shed light, will for the first time acquire its sharpness by condensing the light in its blade.

And thus us Heroes would arrive at a higher place.

If I were to say what I want to say then――――――it means it’s not worth talking about it to the inexperienced Kouma.


“――――――Why are you supporting the demon army?”



Kouma asked me as he took distance and readied himself.


“We were supposed to be requested to help the humans and take up arms….. And yet, why are you on that side? Why are you trying to take Yuu along with you?”

“…… Hmm, that’s right.”


The reason is that the human me got along well with those guys, but…… I don’t think that’s all.

Simply said, letting Touma do whatever he likes pisses me off and I have to kill him once more.

And above all I hate the human country.

And if I were to add another one, one reason that’s limited to this place――――――


“The big reason is that I have people important to me among both the demons and the beastmen. If the humans are going to try hurting them, then supporting them is natural right?”


“Also personally, I can’t stomach the fact you asked Yuuhi out on a date.”

“…… You mean…… that’s the reason for taking her along with you?”



Think I’m going to leave Yuuhi alone in a place with a guy who would try to put his hands on her? Is what I’m saying.

Well…… I do know Yuuhi refused the invitation from a guy with ulterior motives.

Also that she’s not as weak as she looks.

That’s why I also know that there was never a time when she went out together with a man except with me, just because she was asked out.

Even so…… I doubt this guy will stop asking her out, because he loves her.

Even I you know, have that healthy desire to monopolize.


“I like Hanabashira Yuuhi. I love her very, very much. I won’t hand her over to you, I’ll defeat you here. That’s all.

“…… Thank you for the easiest to understand reason. In that case I cannot lose either.”


There’s no compromise in this.

That being the case, we can only fight.

I set up my Kuromaru and Kouma readied his incomplete Excalibur.

There’s no signal.

Even so we kicked the ground at the same time.

Our swords then clashed and sparks fell――――――



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