BFTG-NT Chapter 28

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Chapter 28



<< <<Japanese rice?>> >>

Sakura and Mio shout simultaneously.

<<Yeah, I won’t allow the production center of Japanese rice to be damaged.>>

<<Master, faced with a stampede for that reason. I mean, isn’t there a chance that the village will be destroyed before we arrive?>>

<<Of course. When I arrive, I won’t let those monsters step inside the village, at all.>>

I won’t let them set foot on even one rice paddy.

<<Can I eat rice~?>>

<<Yeah, you can eat as much as you want after we help that village.>>

Her way of talk is a little misleading, but her point is easy to comprehend.

<<Master, do your best~!>>

Yes, my motive went up due to Dora’s support.

<<Jin-sama, what are you talking about?! Since it is dangerous, please allow me to go with you.>>

<<Yeah, I already thought about that, so I’m going to bring you – and Sera, too. But I won’t decide who will drive or who will fight.>>

<<I want to fight, too!>>

<<Letting both of you fight is impossible. We don’t have driver…>>

From what I see on <Map>, there are around two hundred detected monsters. We are good enough to defeat them.

Well, I have to make sure, so I intend to let one of  the villagers to drive it for an evacuation.

<<Yeah, I understand. Maria-san, I will leave Master in your care.>>

<<Of course. Please leave it to me.>>

Maria is going to keep me company, as usual. I mean, why is Maria worried? I have no memory of what is worrying Maria…

<<Then, is there something for us to do in particular?>>

<<That’s right. Well, just prepare for battle with the other companions.>>


I cut telepathy contact. I actually want to take everyone in order to earn more fighting experience, but it is hard to explain how could we take that many people in the carriage. We have to go with just a few people this time because letting someone wait inside <Room> is troublesome since it is unpleasant, after all. Besides, I can annihilate them quietly if I go alone.

After a twenty-minute carriage ride, we see another carriage in front of us. It is probably a carriage that has escaped from the village.

[That carriage. Please stop and listen!]

The man in driver’s seat shouts at us. Although we are in hurry, it will be bad if we ignore them, so we have no choice but to stop. Besides, he looks like a knight.

[Are you the rescue team that’s heading to the village in the path of the stampede?]

[Yeah, we are adventurers who have a carriage and so were asked to rescue the escaped villagers.]

[Wait! Does that mean the Adventurer’s Guild isn’t going to protect the village?]

That (temporary) knight was able to judge the situation instantly. If they were going to protect the village, they would have to send more forces than this. I heard a sorrowful cry from that carriage.

[Why! Why don’t those adventurers protect our village!?]

[A lot of people are still inside the village!]

I didn’t see them, but I can check them with <Map>. They are women, children, elderly and disabled people. This isn’t good, but they tried to pick as many people as they could without overworking the horse.

[The Adventurer’s Guild plans to make a defensive line between the village and Atarime Town. They’re going to protect those who are able to escape.]

[I’m sorry. This might sound cruel, but please pick up as many people from village as possible.]

[My intention is to reduce number of casualties. In the worst case, only the driver would be left, and we’d  return on foot.]

[That is really helpful. Then again, you may return if it becomes too unreasonable.]

It is dangerous enough just to approach the village. The people who are near the village are unlikely to escape in time. That (temporary) knight also hints “as many as possible” to me, too.

[Sorry for stopping you. Please don’t overdo it.]

[Yeah, you don’t need to hurry and make the horse completely exhausted. The preparation from Guild will be finished soon.]

[Thanks for the advice. However, this horse has to do its best for a while. I will make another trip back after reaching defensive line.]

[I see… Then, let it drink this.]

I hand him several potions. It is one and a half times more effective a high potion from Dora. I have no problem with it because they can’t be sold, after all. Since he is unusually honest, I have to help him a little.

[T-This is a high potion! Sorry, and thanks. My name is Gilbert. Let me thank you properly after this matter is over.]


[Don’t worry. This is just a whim of mine.]

After replying to Gilbert, that (temporary) knight, we left him and then head to the village with increasing speed. That’s right. We gave medication and used <Give&Take> to strengthen our horse and make it works at its best. Yep, we can strengthen the horse…

[Please! Could you head towards village again! There are still a lot of people remaining there!]

[All right. I have to give priority to those people who walk slower and lag behind.]

Surprisingly, all the villagers we met didn’t tell us to take them and escape, at all. The evacuation of this Japanese rice village has increased steadily. We are heading to the village as we stated.

A cloud of dust is a way of telling how close the stampede is. Well… Since there are a lot of monsters on the move, clouds of dust could be seen from a long distance. I guess this stampede was detected by that method, too. It should take about an hour hour for the monsters to leave forest and reach the village. Making a round trip from the village to the town and back on horse takes about as long. We are lucky because it was detected earlier. And above all, we are here to deal with it, too…


From that cloud of dust, I think they are considerably closer the village than first thought. It’ll be about ten minutes before they reach the village.

I discover the last of the villagers’ groups. I say “last” because <map> doesn’t show anybody else left in the village. It also means that our task is done.  We let Sera to drive our carriage back as we start the extermination of monsters.

[Err… Why did you leave the carriage?]

A sickly woman asks as Maria and I get down from the carriage. This is a farm village, so a weak person is usually assigned to do menial tasks. So all healthy people are leaving on foot, and half of the sick and weak people were with the carriage we saw a little while ago.

[We are going to fight those monsters now, to thin them down somehow.]

Well, we are going to annihilate them.

[I-It is too dangerous! We didn’t ask you to go that far!?]

[Well, you are right, but don’t you want this village to have as little damage as possible?]

[That is…natural…]

[Is this village growing rice? I love rice, so I will be in trouble if this village is destroyed.]

[D-Don’t tell me… Did you come here to rescue the rice?]

The villagers are surprised. They never thought they would be saved by rice lover.

[So, that is my intention for this village. Don’t worry, though, one of us is driving. We have to leave to pick up more villagers on the way.]

[But what if something happens to you?]

[You don’t need to worry. I’m confident in my skills. We can escape on our own if the situation should become too dangerous. We can reduce the damage to village, as well, so there is no reason not to do it.]



The villagers are confused.

[Even if you do that, we don’t have enough to reward you… This village doesn’t have much in the first place…]

[You don’t need to pay with money. Pay me with rice.]

I said clearly: I want rice.


Many of the villagers are laughing. The rest are just smiling awkwardly. They never thought their rice would have that kind of value.

[Understood. We will pay you with rice if this village is revived.]

[Leave it to us! We will pay with the best rice!]

An old man, who looks like farmer, says. I think people with low physical strength were lagging behind, so he is very sympathetic.

Since the negotiation is done, Maria and I head toward the monsters’ stampede.

[Sera, I will leave them to your hand.]

[Leave it to me. Don’t do something unreasonable, either.]

[Yes, I will protect him with everything I have.]

Why did you say that?

Sera drives the carriage away. We should fight closer to the forest than to the village. Let’s hurry. We use <Wrap> as soon as the carriage is out of sight. <Blink> was used during the chant, allowing us to travel at unbelievable speeds.

[All right, this place is good.]

This place have a good view, so we don’t need to worry about any surprise attacks. Well, we still have <Map>.

[Yes, let’s ready our weapons.]

My weapon is Frozen Orange (Spec: Pun for incomplete spirit sword  spirit = rei, sword = tou, frozen = reitou, incomplete = mikan, orange = mikan). Maria’s weapon is a Treasure Sword of Everlasting Darkness. Our status levels are raised to maximum. There is no way we will lose here.

I confirm the type of monsters in this stampede. Hmmm… The only humanoid-type monsters are Goblins and Orcs. An Orc is a monster that resembles a pig-like human. Perhaps it is a common race in most fantasy worlds. It is a lot stronger than Goblins, but it isn’t beyond my current expectations. However, there is an Ogre. In short, a demon. It is quite serious… Its physical strength is nothing compared to an Orc.

This is trivial, but what I want to know is how the human race treats them. Is it hated like an Orc or something?

A : It is considered to be like a monkey by the human race.

Oh, that is a bit unpleasant. I understand. From the look of it, there is nothing to make fun off.

Well, these are examples of Orcs and Ogres.


LV 14

<Body Reinforced LV3> <Blunt Mastery LV2> <Breeding LV1>

Note: Humanoid-type monster with pig face.


LV 16

<Body Reinforced LV4> <Inhuman Strength LV4>

As I’m thinking, the vanguard of the stampede is approaching. The dust cloud is swirling, and the ground is vibrating. Does it always seem like a mini earthquake like this when there are a lot of monsters moving?

[Well, I guess we should work hard for status and delicious rice.]

[I will help.]

I charge headlong into the stampede. I swing my sword at the Goblin’s vanguard. Five of them were split in half immediately.

I cast a wall-type spell without chanting to slow down the stampede’s advance. Since I made it a choke point, they have no choice but to be pushed into either a firewall or a rock wall. Of course, this means instant death.

There were only about two hundred of them. They disappeared immediately, and I didn’t even feel the taste of the fight. The Ogre seems to be slow, and it’s lagging behind the rest of the monsters.

I pay attention to the rear with <Map>. I won’t allow them go beyond my position. Maria is defeating the monsters who survived my attack. I secretly make Tamo-san mimic a man-eater, so it can catch those monsters with its tentacles.

About fifty of the Goblins are at the front. There are a few high-ranking ones, too, but they still need to be cut down like the others. Even though the name “Frozen Orange” is a pun, it is a still legendary class, and it includes my status. It is nothing but powerful. I simply feel a little resistance when I slash them. I can slice though Goblins like tofu. (Spec: Aka,bean curd)

[Maria, The Orcs will be here soon!]

[They won’t be a problem! I won’t let them near the village.]

[I will leave it to you.]

The Orc are start mixing in with the group of Goblin. They are harder to deal with than the Goblins. However, with <Status> and Frozen Orange, they give me the feeling of cutting butter with a knife.

However, that doesn’t mean I can lower my guard. I use my empty left hand to cast a spell. Since I don’t have a shield, I have no means to block or parry an attack, but the monster’s attack can’t usually hit me because they typically die before they have a chance to do that.


<Wind Barrage>

<Stone Wall>

I stored a lot of LV1 Magic in the <Inventory>

“Fire Storm”

“Thunder Storm”

Those are LV4 Magic. I don’t have Magic at this level much, but they are shared between all companions. Therefore, this kind of magic was cast and stored in <Inventory> to allow the user to use it without chanting, even though the skill level may be low. Since it is handy, it was the right choice to prepare this earlier. In addition to allowing users with low-level magic skill to use <Magic> and practice various type of <Magic>, it has allowed me to store storm-type magic.

I have storm-type magic in store for about ten to twenty shots. It is too wasteful not to use it, and I can’t use such magic in a crowded place like the defense line, either.

Slash, <Magic>, Slash, <Magic>. The ground vibration is gradually becoming smaller and smaller after a while. A commanding-type, like an Orc General, also joined in the fight, and it also gathered nearby monsters to fight. However, both <Encouragement> and <Leadership> are useless against me.

Finally, an Ogre is joining the fight. It has strong attack, but it has slow movement. A popular type…

[The Orcs are here. Don’t let them reach the village!]

[Yes, sir!]

An Ogre is harder to cut than an Orc. Why did I compare them to cooking ingredients? I can’t even cook at all…

The fight is becoming troublesome as an additional second will allow more monsters to approach the village. I won’t allow them to reach a single rice paddy, at all.

This has been our condition since the beginning. The only condition that will defeat us is whether or not the village is damaged.

Both the Orc and the Ogre were cut down, no matter whether or not they are highly ranked. I keep fighting, and I’m able to exterminate them all within thirty minutes.

[No damage to village. A total victory.]

[Yes. Tamo-san also had an unexpectedly large role.]


Extermination Report

Goblins x 62

Goblin Swordsmen x 39

Goblin Knights x 32

Goblin Generals x 23

Goblin Kings x 2

Orcs x 29

Orc Generals x 18

Orc King x 1

Ogres x 17

Blood Ogres x 7

Green Ogres x 6


Total 236

Orc General

LV 23

<Body Reinforced LV4> <Blunt Mastery LV3> <Breeding LV2> <Leadership LV1> <Encouragement LV1>

Note: Commander of Orc.

Orc King

LV 29

<Body Reinforced LV5> <Blunt Mastery LV4> <Breeding LV3> <Leadership LV2> <Encouragement LV2>

Note: The top of the Orc’s chain of command.

Blood Ogre

LV 30

<Body Reinforced LV4> <Inhuman Strength LV5> <Berserk LV1>

Note: Red ogre. It has higher offensive power.

Green Ogre

LV 30

<Body Reinforced LV4> <Inhuman Strength LV5> <Tough LV1>

Note: Green Ogre. It has higher durability and is harder to defeat.

The monsters’ quantities are just quantities, after all, especially when compared with my companion. Tamo-san caught monsters, and Maria killed them, leaving no damage to the village. I’m glad I brought them here. Tamo-san was a great help because of <Mimic> skill. Since I didn’t register, I won’t have a problem with the Adventurer’s Guild, especially if I used it in secret.

[Well then… What are you going to do now?]

The problem is all of the corpses of the monsters. I can’t leave more than two hundred monster corpses here, but that isn’t a problem with <Inventory>.


Let’s use telepathy first to contact other members who are in the town.

<<Green Tea!>> (Spec: Pun: Ryoukai(了解) = Affirmative, Ryokucha (緑茶) = Green tea)

Mio replies with a pun.

<<It is done.>>

<<Finished already? That was fast.>>

<<Sera-chan just arrived here.>>

<<I will go there now.>>

<<Well then.>>

I disconnect. Because of their concern about my safety, everyone will board the carriage and come here. It should take about thirty minutes.

Well, what was the cause of the stampede?

A: A huge monster.

Eh? What? This is the first I’ve heard about this but… Oh! I forgot to check Tiara Forest with <Map>. Let’s see… Oh, there is one red spot.


LV 56


<Body Reinforced LV8> <Bite LV7>

Curse mark:

<Tyrant LV-> <Evil Star LV->

Wow! A dinosaur.

No, seriously. Is it really a normal dinosaur? Don’t tell me. This isn’t Tiara Forest, (ティラの森 = Tira no mori) but, Tyranno Forest? (ティラノ森 = Tirano mori)

A: It isn’t normal. It is the cause of the stampede.

At the bottom, there’s a strange skill? A curse mark? What are <Tyrant> and <Evil Star>?

Q: What is the curse mark?

A: A skill on par with <Gift>. It’s not possible to take with <Give&Take> skill.


Impossible to tame. Harder to escape. Causes weaker monsters to flee.

<Evil Star>

Damage from a person without “Hero” title will be reduced by 99%. Damage from a person with “Hero” title is multiplied by ten. When killed by a “Hero”, it will give ten times normal experience.

A boss monster that can’t be tamed, and it can’t be defeated without “hero”. So troublesome.

Perhaps it is for a former schoolmate “Hero from another world” to subdue… The timing is too good, no matter what I think about it. It can’t be defeated by this world’s residents, and it will certainly rampage for quite a while before being subjugated by a “hero”, giving the “hero” fame and experience.

This is unpleasant. I can’t let you destroy this village. This kind of event is bad, so I have to crush it.

[Maria, let’s go to the forest now.]

[Yes, understood. Tyrannosaurus… Is it the cause?]

[Yeah, and I think it is considerably stronger than the others. We are going to subdue it.]

[What are you going to do with this place?]

[Just leave it. Our companions or Gilbert will arrive soon.]

I collect a lot of the monster’s corpses, but I leave the weaker ones. I have to leave them here to deceive the others about <Storage> magic. It will be all right to say I’m confident with my magic power. Being able to use <Storage> is good evidence.

I notify the others with telepathy.

<<I will go and defeat Tyranno a bit.>>

<<Jin-kun, I don’t know what you mean.>>

<<Is Tyranno a Tyrannosaurus? Is there something like that?>>

<<Yep. Tiara Forest is really a Tyranno forest.>>

<<Another pun! A hero again?>>

A : Yes, a hero.

<<Hero, after all.>>


<Since it can’t be tamed, we’ll have to kill it.>>

<<It would be troublesome to keep if it can be tamed…>>

<<Well, I think we could make a tyrannosaurus pull our carriage.>>

Not a carriage, but a Tyranno car.

<<I think I can feed it to Tamo-san…>>


<<I’m sorry. That was a joke. Please stop it.>>

<<Err, what is a Tyrannosaurus?>>

<<A dinosaur, a dragon’s companion (Vague). Master will show it to you later.>>

<<I won’t give up!>>

Dora has a mysterious sense of rivalry. Does she have the totally wrong idea?

<<Then, we will leave soon.>>

<<Good luck.>>

Maria and I arrived at Tiara Forest a few minutes later by using the high-speed movement technique of <Warp> and <Blink>. This combo can travel the equivalent of the distance a monster can travel on foot for one hour in just several minutes. Really amazing. So…? Does this mean that a horse is unnecessary?

No way. I can’t do any sightseeing like this. Are you able to do any sightseeing while riding the shinkansen? (Spec: one of the fastest train in the world)

This Tiara Forest is smaller than the Goblin Forest.

I confirmed Tyrannosaurus is a gigantic figure of twenty-five meters length. The one that was discovered in my former world wasn’t this large. Well, I shouldn’t compare a Tyrannosaurus from our world to this one.

We arrived at a position where we can see the Tyrannosaurus. For now, we are hiding in the bushes, but this Tyrannosaurus is sleeping and showing no signs of movement, either.

A: Unknown.

Oh, I can’t trace its evolution line.

After coming to this world, this is the first time I’ve decided to fight a Tyrannosaurus with all I’ve got.

If it goes on a rampage, the village will be totally damaged, but we can only deal 1% of damage to it. Waiting for a “hero” to arrive is difficult, too. I just couldn’t let those heroes have this delicious experience after I severely damaged it.

As I said a little while ago, it is too unpleasant. I should pilfer monsters that were for summoned heroes from the side. There is nothing more exciting than this.

Poor Tyrannosaurus. Your existence is the cause of the stampede, but will you leave this place before causing damage?

[My attack is effective. I will kill it instantly.]

Right, Maria is here. The title of “Hero of beast people” allows her to deal ten times more damage to Tyrannosaurus…

~Fin A Stampede and a Tyrant

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