BFTG-NT 27.5 Maria’s Scolding

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Tl: SpecterZe

ED: Torianna

Chapter 27.5 



On the evening of the day that the newcomer slaves were registered as adventurers, Jin called Maria to <Room> alone.

[Maria, you used <Blink> without permission today.]

[I’m sorry. I used it reflexively!]

Somehow, Maria already noticed that. When Jin said “Sit”, Maria started sitting on her knees.

[I’m sure my “order” was to use <Blink> as little as possible, but you used it without having a proper reason. Was <Blink> really necessary in that situation?]

[No, it wasn’t. It is my fault. I will gladly accept any punishment — as long as I’m still able to serve you in the future.]

[Well, I have no intention of punishing you for that.]

Jin thought it was necessary to scold, but punishment was unnecessary.

[I mean, is that unpleasant for Maria?]

[What I hate most is dying, but that is the same as being told I’m unnecessary by Jin-sama.]

[I have no intention of letting you die, nor of taking you out of your role from now on…]

[Thank you. Then, should I cut one of my own arms? Oh! With <Revival>, that isn’t much of a punishment…]

Even it can be healed, cutting an arm off is still a heavy punishment.

[Even if Maria is used to pain, punishment doesn’t have to be physical damage…]

Jin doesn’t have a hobby of beating up his own slaves. So… Shameful punishment is good. Of course, that is Jin’s hobby.

[Then, what about something shameful?]

[Do you want me to walk around the town naked?]


Jin has a desire to monopolize, so he won’t allow that to be done in public.

[I’m in trouble. I’m sure Jin-sama will order me to do something shameful. I can’t think about something shameful only for Jin-sama..]


Even Jin is surprised. Or perhaps, disappointed. That request is quite selfish on its own.

[Then, become naked.]

[Is it good enough?]

Maira takes her clothes off and stores them in <Inventory (Loan)>.


Jin, who usually doesn’t feel shy, turns his head away and doesn’t even look at Maria.


After that, Jin doesn’t make any more demands of Maria and leaves <Room> immediately. Maria does this without problems, but Jin will step out immediately every time.

[This isn’t a punishment. Jin-sama, is there anything else to do?]


Even Jin is out of ideas, too, especially since we’ve spend two hours of our time together, and the requirement is something Maria will reject without fail.

Even Jin becomes hesitant when ordered to get naked. Even if it’s just a joke.

An idea suddenly comes up.

[Oh, that’s right. Maria, you have to say “Nyan” the whole day tomorrow.]


Jin decides to stop and use one of his hobbies as punishment. For a cat-beast person, saying that word at the end of every sentence…

[W-Wait a minute! Please, not that.]

As Jin saw Maria’s reaction, his face changed.


[For cat-beast person, it is too shameful to mimic cats. Only someone relatively close or lovers are allowed to do that.]

It seems very shameful for cat-beast people.

[I can do it in front of Jin-sama, but not in front of everyone else!]

[Is it okay in front of me?]

[Of course!]

In a sense, it is the same as walking around the town naked. It stimulates the desire to monopolize a peculiar race.

[Since Maria is embarrassed by it, isn’t that a punishment?]

[T-That is…]

[We still have training tomorrow, don’t we?]


[Let’s go, nyan.]

The next day, the combat training started with the bans on magic being lifted.

[Even though everyone can use magic, not everyone is going to use it, nyan. You need to leave at least one vanguard for assistance, nyan.]

[Err… Before that…]

[Shut up, nyan.]

Maria shuts them up before they ask.

(What do you think this is?)

(Isn’t it related to Master? They were alone together in <Room> yesterday, after all…)

(Eh? Don’t tell me… For cat-beast people…])

[If you have time to chitchat, keep moving. Nyan]

After Maria has been saying “Nyan” for a while, it becomes funny. She is normal on the surface, but she’s extremely embarrassed on the inside.

(Jin’s order. Jin’s order. Jin’s order. Jin’s order. Jin’s order. Jin’s order. Jin’s order.)

This is “Jin’s order”, and this is how Maria could endure what would be considered humiliating for cat-beast people.

[<Fire Magic> doesn’t seem to be effective against monsters, nyan!]

[Stay alert to the surroundings, especially during the chant. Nyan!]

[Even this is magic training! If it is more effective to use a weapon, then use it. Nyan~!]

It soon becomes harsh training for the newcomers. However, the result isn’t something to laugh at.

Maria was summoned into <Room> and then allowed to drop that phase at the end of the day.

[It was an unexpectedly harsh punishment, but I’m not even that angry, either…]

[No, it is painful, but punishment is necessary for crime, nyan. Ah…]

[It seems to have become a habit. Want to keep going with this?]

[Forgive me, anything but that…]

Maria’s cat ear is strangely drooping.

After that… After trying to make Maria to stop adding “Nyan~” at the end of the sentence for an hour, I have no choice but to put Maria in <Room> and have her stay there.

~fin Maria’s Scolding

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