BFTG-NT Chapter 12.5 Q&A

This is short, so the editor went ahead and glossed over it then told me to give it to the masses.  Enjoy!


TL: SpecterZe

Ed: Torianna

Chapter 12.5 Q&A


Q: Who is the goddess?
A: Uncertain. It was said in the legend to be the one who created the world.

Q: Is there a method to return to the original world?

A: Uncertain.

Q: What is a gift?

A: The skill that will be given to summoned people at the time of hero summoning.

Q: What is the demon king?

A: King of the demons and an enemy of mankind. It is said to appear suddenly.

Q: What is a demon?

A: A devil race. Most of them have a brutal character and are unforgiving, except towards their kind.

Q: What is the condition of the demon king’s outbreak?

A: Uncertain. All demon kings were subdued by heroes.

Q: Where do demons live?

A: Currently at the west side of continent, beyond the mountain range.

Q: Was everybody brainwashed?

A: Uncertain. It is an abnormal status that magic can’t detect.

Q: Were heroes in the past able to return to their own world?

A: Uncertain. In the remaining records, all of them settled down in this world.

Q: How does the former world treat us?

A: Don’t know.

Q: What kinds of questions can’t <System Window> answer?

A: Goddess. Elf storyteller just came up with it. No record about it in the book at all.

Q: Where is the Elf storyteller?

A: In the elf’s hometown. It isn’t possible to meet without permission from the patriarch.

Q: Where is the elf’s hometown?
A: It is on the map.

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24 thoughts on “BFTG-NT Chapter 12.5 Q&A

    1. Not sure about a schedule atm, Once caught up we’ll basically put em out a day or two after they get translated as they get translated going forward.

  1. Well now i get it. The author love to troll people -_- the answer really make me … ah whatever and thanks for two post in a day ~_~

  2. Am I misunderstanding something here? Reading the previous chapter I thought he couldn’t get answers about the goddess because she’s also kinda outside this world, just like special skills. But these questions… Help-sensei can’t answer anything about the goddess because some elf storyteller decided so, like a story, and there’s a book. It’s like this whole world is a story by that storyteller. That’s what the 3rd from last QA is saying.

  3. Thanks for the chapter~!

    I like the last Q&A; it’s like the System Window got annoyed with playing 20 questions and just said RTFM!

  4. It seems like the Goddess might be a fictional character. Hence the reason why direct questions cant be answered about her. I think the system window might be something like the collective unconscious of the world. So answers are limited to public and magically accessible knowledge.

    Also every one who has the Gift / Blessing from the goddess seems to be hostile to the two MCs without one. It could be that the blessing is a rare or secret form of subtle enslavement. Since the enslavement should work on everyone summoned of course the owner of the power (one of the nobles or the Oracle) wouldn’t want the unknown variable messing with their plans.

    Which explains the hostility and immediate banishment. As well as the blessed individuals emulating that desire. Also the brainwashing effect might be accumulative since normally people will want a good reason for why the Oracle cant return anyone home after the demon king is defeated.

    Since rare or unique things like special powers are outside of the systems Q an A ability it could be that.

    I suspect that since special powers can be an inherited thing someone high up descendant from a Japanese person is abusing their power.

    Now if that’s true we still need to know about the demon race and SEAL. Could Seal be an inherited curse perhaps from a heroic ancestor with extremely powerful enemy. The hero ability is a bit mysterious and Jin simply guesses each hero born into the world gets sealed.

    I also really want to know why people want the demon king dead. Ever since they left the castle no one has said anything about how the demon king is causing problems for anyone. It seems like whatever the demon kings actions are they have yet to effect the daily lives of anyone.

  5. hmm? but iirc, his map is not a world map, it is only an area map, so he shouldn’t be able to see the elf hometown…

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