BFTG-NT Chapter 24.5

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Chapter 24.5 


At the place in the road on the way to Ararime Town.

[I think we should confirm our monster followers’ skill.]

[“Pachi Pachi”]


As Jin said, everybody is excited. It is natural.

[What kind of a farce was that?]

[Please don’t say such a thing…]

Because of Sera’s harsh comment, Jin and the others are startled.

[Uh… I couldn’t understand that. Sorry.]

[I intend to confirm monster follower’s skill and characteristics right now.]

[Did <Help> tell you anything?]

If Jin uses help, he can confirm skill and characteristic of monster followers immediately.

[No, I want to see the real thing. In my former world, there is a proverb that says, “Listening one hundred times isn’t as good as seeing one time.”]

[There is a proverb like that, after all. After listening to Mio-chan, I think Jin-sama and others’ world is more advanced than this world.]

It is natural for fantasy worlds to be less advanced because of magic. In addition, this world has different rules, so knowledge over there might be useless here.

[We got off topic a little. For now, let’s show monster follower’s skill.]


[The order is from the time we became companions, so the first one is Dora. Please show your skill.]

Dora was my first companion. I tamed her after I rescued her from a thieves’ den. Her race is Dragonewt, which is one that can take both human and dragon forms.

<<Originally, <Draconic Magic> and <Flight> were the only skills I have.>>

[Then start with <Draconic Magic>. It seems Dora can use breath of either Fire or Ice. The element of breath attack is dependent upon the element of the individual dragonewt. So Dora, please shoot either one over there.]


First, Dora shoots a breath of fire (Spec: “Yol Toor Shul” XD) and then one of ice. (Spec: “Fo Krah Diin” :P)
in succession.

[Okay, thanks. It is really powerful, after all.]

[I think it has more range than before.]

Maria noticed that smallest of details.

[It seems so. About five meters more. It is because I leveled up her <Draconic Magic> skill a little while ago.

[Eh… Dora-chan alone is unfair.]

Mio is a little sullen because of my favoritism.

[Dora’s <Draconic Magic> is really rare. It can be leveled up by points only. It can’t be helped, right?]

[Oh, that is right. Except for Dora, I’ve never see any Dragonewts at all.]

[Next is <Flight>. Can you fly in the sky?]

<<Human or Dragon?>>

I confirmed (secretly) that Dora can fly in her human form, too.

[If it isn’t much of a problem, please fly in human form.]


She tightens her fist and puts it in front of her chest and draws out a power.


Dora’s back lightens up and feather wings from her feather dragon form appear when that light has settled.

<<I can fly with this~>>

[Oh, it is in human form, but isn’t this your third form?]

[Wow! So cute!]

[Uwa, she looks like an angel.]

All girls become delighted, too. Her appearance is exactly like an angel. And her overall impression is exactly like that, too.


Dora is floating in the air without flapping her wings.

[As I look, her wings hardly move. In this world, it seems dragon’s wings don’t need to flap since they are organs for floating in the air by maintaining magic power.]

[Come to think of it.   Wings like that couldn’t support her big body, at all.]

For birds to fly in the sky, all parts have to be light. You could say that birds are tough, too. But I have no idea how huge dragon’s wings would need to be to support its huge body. And the muscles required for flapping would be huge, too It is virtually impossible.

[And yet, the concept of <Flight> for both birds and dragons are really on the verge.]

[If the result is the same, it will be bound to the same skill.]

It is a little unreasonable, but it will be more trouble if it has more subdivision.

[Could you hide your wings? They stand out too much.]



[Next is Tamo-san.]


Tamo-san, who usually doesn’t talk, is a rare metamorph slime I tamed on the way to Konoe Town with <Going easy> and <Stomach Punch>.

[Since Tamo-san has <Mimic> and <Absorption>, let’s feed it this man eater.]

[If you say so, but don’t you hate man eaters?]

[It is dead. It can’t do anything, at all. And I don’t hate man eater themselves.]


Since I have no intention of stopping, Sakura gives up on trying to convince me.

Actually, Tamo-san finished eating the man eater and started transforming.

[Amazing. It is completely the same.]

Sera was right. The man eater that was eaten has returned in a perfect state by Tamo-san’s <Mimic> skill.

[It seems as long as there is still a monster stone in the body, it can transform into perfect state, regardless of the corpse’s condition.]

[In that case, is the corpse not necessary?]

[It doesn’t seem so. There is the limitation that it needs to be absorbed together with the body.]

[It is troublesome.]

However, Tamo-san’s true ability is after this.

[But from what I know, when transforming, the unique skills of that monster can be used, too.]

[Eh, no way. Isn’t that really amazing?]

[A Metamorph Slime itself doesn’t have many usable skills, right?

Metamorph Slime has <Mimic> skill, but the restrictions are the skill acquisition rate and the usable skills. Those skills can’t be learned by absorbing the corpse, so <Mimic> itself couldn’t do anything.

[Oh! What do you think would happen if I use <Give and Take>?]


With that, the others and I can steal skills from enemies. Tamo-san can absorb corpses with monster stone that were stripped clean to transform and give those skills to Tamo-san.

[That is mean. This man eater is…]

[Acid, poison and tentacles are usable. Because its status is higher, it will be stronger than the original, even the level is lower.]

[For real.]

If I have to say, the weakest point is that it’s hard to get used to a new body. However, that isn’t a problem after one become familiar with it.

[What will happen if you let Tamo-san absorb a human’s corpse?]

Maria asked without reservation.

[In appearance only because they don’t have monster stones. And it is likely to have the same condition, too.]

[I don’t have any idea of how to use it properly, either.]

[You are right.]

It isn’t like I couldn’t find how to make use of it. For example, use an acquaintance’s corpse for infiltration…

[Last is Midori.]

<<Too tired…>>

Midori became our companion after we wiped out all monsters in Torte Forest, include man eaters. She was tamed without a fight like Dora.

Her skills are <Special Medicine Mixture LV6> <Cultivation LV5> <HP absorption LV4> <MP absorption LV4>. All of her skills are rare and at high levels.

[Since effect of <Special Medicine> is too great, could you use <Cultivation> and grow some plants?]

[It’s a production skill, after all.]

[Is that so?]

[Am I wrong?]

[I’m not sure, but it isn’t just that. Midori, please use <Cultivation>]


Midori puts power into her body. After a while, a leaf grew from her green hair.

[Is that a medical herb?]

Maria identifies it.

[Midori is half-plant, so she can grow something from her body like a plant.]


Midori picks the medicinal herb from her hair and hands it to me.

[Thank you. <Cultivation> is the skill used to grow plants in one’sbody. Only plant-type monsters can use it. It is a skill that has various meanings.]

[It should take root before it can do that. Usually.]

[That’s right. It seems she can grow various plants beside medical herbs. Midori, you can do that, right?]

<<If it is just for show…, anything is… fine…>>

I think you should have service in mind more.

[HP and MP absorption are like what they say. It can take HP and MP from other party by touch. By the way, it seems you can do both at the same time because each condition is different.]

[It is like the skill a succubus would use.]


[Yeah, it seems to be a succubus skill.]



[I guess this is all the skills we have for now. As a first priority, race-specific skills will be given to Tamo-san, but I have to think about this carefully.]

[You shouldn’t give everything. It might prevent Master from receiving those skills.]

Both getting used to skills or having high level skill are work, too.

[Come to think of it… Tamo-san ate man eater’s monster stone…]


It is trivial, but a monster stone from an abnormal kind level 40 monster is worth at least 2,000,000g

It might not be important, but the cost of showing the skill is high.

[Well, you should work hard after I gave you this man eater.]

[Well, it might not be the bad idea…]


– Know the characteristics of skill for each of the monster followers.

– Medical Herb x 1

– <Draconic Magic LV4 (up)>


– Man eater’s corpse.

– Monster stone that’s worth 2,000,000g.


~fin What Monster Followers Can Do

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  2. Someone thinks that the ming of the MC is as rotten as his friend?
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    1. Lel dont like it? Dont read it.

      Anyways, as a guard, informing the noble was never part of his job (he was literally bribed). Also the guard wouldn’t have died if it was just informing (also he didnt kill him ok he only took his skills and stats). What made him take revenge was because he was almost killed (well this can be debated but since i dont want to, go on jab on it.) He was a collaborator, so he deserved the punishment too. Simple. Also hate is excessive? Did you know they could have died if they didnt have the powers?transported forcefully With no money and knowledge of the world, they were thrown out into the wild. No one defended them or tried to keep them in the group. You would be naive to not hate.
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      1. To add on to what Meow already said, the guard was actually a knowing conspirator in a plot to kill the MC. He was bribed to let the butler know if the MC was about to leave the city. It was obvious to anyone with common sense of that world what that “job” meant. If you were a sentry to the city’s entrance, and a noble or the proxy of a noble bribed you to do what the guard did, you wouldn’t be thinking “oh, what a wonderful noble to want to say goodbye to this stranger before he leaves the city.” Well, if you were a retard, then maybe you would, but not otherwise. The guard knew fully well what was about to happen.

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          PS: I didn’t said that don’t liked, just that the mc sometimes is really cold.(Since the first day he has adapt pretty ok to a world where someone you just meet died). And you dont have to treat stranger nicely but is strange feel nothing when you have a dead in front of you.

          1. Well in terms of character development, the story hasn’t really touched on the MC’s past either so I won’t give any judgement yet as to why he’s so cold. (It might just be in his blood to be merciless to his enemies, I mean look at his “friend” who would eat monsters to get stronger. He’s doing it happily and actually wants to kill the MC…. some people are born weird)

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    2. Tolerance for murderers and their accomplices means more of that can happen in the future. If you want a society that is tolerant of murder, then simply be tolerant of murders. Jin wasn’t tolerant, but he gets flak from readers that want him to tolerate murderers that not only want to kill him, but also kill his companions.

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