STOS Chapter 114

Hello readers! This is Jun with your weekly chapter of the Second summon!

The story is almost over…Two more chapters left. There’s still the after story though. Or sequel as you may call it.

Let me know if you find anything odd or wrong about my translation, I’ll review and fix if it whenever I can.

Enjoy your read~

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BFTG-NT Chapter 58

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the long delay, but here we are with the next chapter of Blessings from the goddess! An even bigger chapter here, so it took us a little longer than expected. This marks the end of this arc. Now there will be a few side chapters which includes Cloud’s adventure and all. Look forward to it

The release will stay a little erratic, though we’ll try to keep it once a month.


Enjoy the read! Let us know in the comments if you find any typos or anything else wrong in the chapter.

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