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Chapter 112

Troublesome insect


“So the one who saved you was Destroia…”

“You got it after seeing it, right? Thanks to you, my body’s in good form”


Setsu slowly began to walk and moved up to in front of Creasyls’ eyes.

Both sides began to glare at each other, and then Setsu opened his mouth.


“That reminds me, there’s something I have to pay you back for”

“I do not remember having given you anything”

“But you have. Here, payback”

“Gah ――――”


Setsu drove his fist into Creasyl’s face.

Creasyl who had never received any sort of impact, now bounced on the ground, blown far away.


“This is my payback to you for getting hit by your <Banish> and losing various things. Now, let’s start. You want to kill mankind right?”

“ …”


After finally stopping at the edge of the crater, Creasyl headed back to before Setsu with one step.



Touma, seeing the spectacle of Setsu sending Creasyl flying, was reflexively taken aback.


“Amazing… He blew away Creasyl that far with one blow…”

“I have trained him after all, of course he would”

“Wh-!? You’re?”

“I am the god of destruction, Destroia. The god who formed a pair with Creasyl. As for my position, I would be your allies. Now, let me see that girl’s body”


Destroia went down on her knees beside the collapsed Yuuhi.

Yuuhi continuously breathed heavily and she has fallen into a state where she could hardly be called conscious.

She was wandering around the space between life and death, where she could die before long.


“――――I see, it is compensation for using too much of her life. She will not hold for long like this”

“… Can she be saved?”

“Let me try”


Destroia put her hand on Yuuhi’s body.

Black light leaked from there and began to wrap up Yuuhi’s whole body.


(She overused its destructive properties… And the compensation for that is the destruction of her body’s constitution. That she hadn’t destroyed her internal organs is preferable. I can rescue her in any case, but――――hm?)


As she probed into Yuuhi’s body, she noticed a certain something.


(Hum… This girl surprised me. Just when I thought I felt miniscule amount of divine powers, she is a human who received that one’s divine protection. It would seem only her life has been protected by that divine protection. Of course she lived in this body)

“Say, will she really be alright!?”

“Ah, yes! I will heal her immediately even if you are not worrying about her. My powers are the destruction of all creation! This will be done if I just destroy the ‘compensation’ itself that she is bearing”

“Destroy the ‘compensation’?”


Immediately following that, the sound of something breaking resounded in Touma’s ears.

The sound was seemingly heard from Yuuhi’s body, so Touma observed her body.




Thereupon, the carbonisation surrounding Yuuhi’s whole body returned to her original skin in the blink of an eye.

Her expression too turned calm and she completely regained consciousness in the end.


“Hn… huh…?”

“You’re awake. You should not move for the time being. Your magic power and physical strength has yet to return after all” “What- what about Yuki-kun…!”


Yuuhi grasped at Destroia.

While looking surprised, Destroia requested Touma for assistance.


“Hey. If you’re looking for Setsu, he’s there”



Touma forcibly tore off Yuuhi from Destroia and pointed towards the center of the crater.

Seeing Setsu there, Yuuhi stroked down her chest as if relieved.


“I’m so glad… it’s really Yuki-kun…”


Tears began to flow after some delay, and Yuuhi then wiped those away.


“I, I have to go back him up!”

“You should stop that”



Destroia stopped Yuuhi from trying to get up.


“The battle starting from now on is not a matter you humans can step into. If you do not want to die in vain, stay put and watch them here”

“But! Even Yuki-kun is a human――――”

“That is not correct”


Destroia denied Yuuhi’s words before she finished saying everything.

Yuuhi felt the significance of her clearly different atmosphere from her attitude.


“Watch it properly. That is a fight between inhuman beings”



“So you have cast away your humanity”

“I guess. I gave it a go in order to kick your ass, you know? Got nothing to say about that?”

“I shall say that you are a fool. Because――――”


――――while it may be true that you have hastily acquired divine powers, you will not reach a god.


Creasyl unleashed a fist onto Setsu’s body.

Setsu grasped that and grandly held up his other arm.


“Who won’t reach gods you say?”


“Take this!”


With the arm he held up, he hit Creasyl flying in the face.

Instantly closing in on Creasyl who was sent flying again, Setsu held her head and slammed her against the ground.


“Come on, try telling me where I can’t reach. You damned god!”



Creasyl kicked Setsu in the flank and blew his whole body away.

As he managed to stop after bouncing on the ground a few times, Setsu sneeringly smiled seeing Creasyl with a look of anger.


“Nice one, that uncomposed face of yours! I’ve always wanted to see that face, you know!”

“You inseect!”


Creasyl and Setsu approached each other and simultaneously sent out their fists.

Both caught each other’s cheeks, blowing each other away left and right.

At this time, Creasyl was considerably shaken by the fact that she herself was clenching her fist in earnest against a human being.


“What’s wrong, shitty god!? It got no effect, you know!”

“You’re being haughty――――you insect!”


Creasyl put her hands towards the sky.

Upon doing so, tens of thousands of swords appeared on the whole surface above Setsu.


“It is over for you!”


Those swords simultaneously poured down with their tips towards Setsu.

Each one of them a size larger than a greatsword, even the current Setsu would not be able to get out of it safely.

However Setsu, without even showing any particularly flustered behavior, calmly opened his mouth.


“I keep getting underestimated you know――――come! Gluttony!”


When Setsu held his hand up in the air, a part of his black costume detached itself and began to produce a different shape in his hand.

That which held a long and large, beautifully curved blade was something called a scythe.

People’s opinion were split between whether or not to call that, which held a curved grip and a large mouth along the blade, a sickle however――――


“It’s a feast here! Gluttony!”


Towards the skies, Setsu swung Gluttony.

When he did so, the line that Gluttony had traveled dyed black and remained in the air.

The black space in the air grew large fangs and opened gradually.

The jet black mouth lay in wait for the incessantly raining swords.


“What… is that…”


The mouth that opened in the air ate all of the swords dropping in its range.

Setsu, being under it, was of course uninjured.

He looked at Creasyl with a triumphant expression.


“Thanks for the meal, please ask this guy if it was delicious or not”



By the time the mouth that appeared in the air made a burp, every last one of the swords had disappeared.

Setsu put Gluttony on his shoulder and kicked away the swords that were stuck nearby.

He moved Gluttony below the swords dancing in the air, and the sickle ate the falling sword as it is.


“No matter how much you try to create something, this guy will eat every little bit of it. Come without holding back alright”

“――――It would seem that I have not taken you too lightly”


Creasyl glared at Setsu, looking entirely not negligent.

It seems she had finally regained her calmness and had prepared to face the irregular being called Setsu.


“I shall recognize you as an enemy. Introduce yourself”

“Ordering me this late in the game…Well, whatever. It’s Setsu. Starting now I’ll be killing you. Best regards eh”

“God of creation Creasyl. I shall establish you as a ‘troublesome insect’, and liberate some of my powers to keep you company. Be grateful”

“Well thanks for that!”


Creasyl produced a silver sword in her hands and kicked the ground.

Setsu readied Gluttony and charged.


The two powers collided, and shock flashed――――

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  1. weird, now that I think about it, if Creasyl’s direct subordinates were the Seven Deadly Sins Holy Swords, shouldn’t there be another “gluttony” holy sword?I can’t seem to remember it, and that would make a dupe.

    1. From what I remember there was one. The japanese version uses two different words for gluttony for both Setsu’s and the other one but there isn’t a great way to translate that into English.

      1. Yes, different words were used for Setsu’s weapon and Beelzebub. For Setsu’s weapon, it’s 大食い, which could literally mean big eater, gormandizer or gluttony/glutton. Beelzebub is written as 暴食, which means overeating and also gluttony. The difference is that the first kanji for Setsu’s gluttony is big while Beelzebub is violent/force. I could’ve changed Setsu’s weapon since big eater or gormandizer might have suit it better, but it’s a little late to do that since I don’t really read ahead and only realized it when I was translating it, which is not so long ago.

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