STOS Chapter 36

Hello readers! Here is your weekly chapter of Second Summon. I noticed that I translated a line wrong in chapter 31 so I fixed it. The main reason is this chapter though. You’ll notice when you get to the part, probably. I’m kind of bummed that I made the mistake though


Enjoy your read~

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KG-SHSB Chapter 26 and announcement

Hi readers! Here it is, another bi-weekly chapter of Kanna. I also have a sad announcement to make. After long consideration, I have decided to drop Kanna. It’s mostly due to time constraints, what with me spending a little too much of my free time in novel translations (especially this one) and my interest in the novel has always been a bit so-so compared to my other project. The fact that this novel is both twice as long and counting and its grammar etc is harder to get also doesn’t help. I’ve also decided to keep the other novel project because the pace allows me to finish it in a reasonable period of time(a little less than 1.5 years, or earlier if I translate faster).

I did learn a lot of things while translating this novel so I’m glad I’ve picked this up despite the slow pace and short time.

So with this, I hereby allow anyone to start translating this. If free time allows me, I may sporadically translate a chapter if nobody has decided to pick it up, but don’t count on it too much. At least not until I finish my other project.

Thank you all for reading my translations up until now and hopefully I’ll be seeing you around, either on my other project or a future project when I’m about to be done with the current one. (or when I manage to get enough money to quit my job and focus on translation instead).


Enjoy your read and thank you for everything.


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