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34 Maritime



“Gafuh……” (act of coughing blood)





Blood started flowing from Mineko’s mouth, staining red the shape of her mouth.


Sticking on the girl’s chest were kunais, weapons frequently used by one that is called a ninja.


The caltrop shaped blade is pierced halfway in and the clothes on her chest was dyed red.


Throwing up blood from the mouth means that there should likely be a large internal wound.


(Not good……! I can’t do anything with a wound this deep……!



Seeing the pierced kunai, Levia resented her lack of power in recovery magic.


The girl who could only heal bruises and gashes at most, is currently only able to gaze at Mineko.


“ …… Only Setsu can……!”



There is nothing Levia could do for Mineko; however, Setsu could do it with recovery magic in any way he liked.


Even if it was impossible to use <Gluttony>, he should be able to heal this wound.



Leaving behind Shironeko, who completely changed from shedding tears of happiness to that of sorrow, Levia jumped out from the window.


To save Mineko, there was no choice but to have the black clothed woman and Levia fight and Setsu to go into the girl’s treatment.


“Setsu! Step aside!”



At the same time Levia’s feet were planted onto the ground, she fired off her magic.


An enormous water cannon that could swallow a person of a small build was heading towards Setsu and the black clothed person.――――――


 ◇ ◇ ◇







With one grand swing with Kuromaru, I knock down all the kunais and throwing stars that came flying from every angle.



“Aren’t you an extremely violent man……gh!”

“Says the woman who has a more fitting character for that!”



Since a while ago this woman’s attacks are exactly at the freaking places I have a hard time handling them.

She also goes cutting in my thoughts by attacking me, so it’s hard to move about.


(Shall I just ignore them instead and just mow her down?)



I don’t particularly get much damage at the places I’m hit, but…… as expected I won’t just forgive her if she accidentally hits my eyeballs and such.


I wonder if my opponent knew, she’s been aiming at my face once out of many.


She really has a disgusting way of fighting.


Persistent and disgusting.



“Tch…… So I have to prepare for damage and――――――”


“――――――Setsu! Step aside!”



I reflexively leap to the side.


While a water spray was spreading from my back after jumping, a gigantic water bullet was flying.


“Wha…… kuh……<Flame Art・Heavy wall>!” (enjutsu・atsuheki)



The water bullet that is heading straight towards Kuroinu hit the wall of flames that appeared right in front of the woman’s eyes and scattered about water vapours around the area.


Because of the water vapours drifting like smoke, I couldn’t see Kuroinu.


In exchange, the one who is now beside me is Levia, who is most likely the one who shot the water bullet just now.



“Doing something so dangerous…… what are you going to do if it hits me, huh?”


“You won’t die from it even if I hit you, right? More importantly, I’m substituting you, okay? I’ll have you go treat Mineko, since I’ll be taking care of the puppy over there.”



I look over my shoulder and look inside Shironeko’s house.


I can tell there’s signs of bleeding even from this distance and I’m sure that’s what made Levia jump out with a serious look.


“ …… I guess. Leave Mineko to me, so I’ll leave the dog to you, okay? It looks like she can use magic and some weird technique though……”



The flame wall from before was different from the flame magic in the way the magic power is poured when using it.


That it’s not a normal magic I’m sure of but…… well, I can’t think of anything other than ninjutsu skills that ninja’s use, but does this world have ninjutsu though?



“I understand that, you know. You go over to Mineko’s side quickly, since I’ll quickly take down the puppy.”


“ …… Don’t be careless okay? The you right now is――――――”


“Who do you think you’re talking to? I am the Sea god aren’t I? Just because the dog can use a little strange technique doesn’t mean I will be defeated. Can you quickly go now?”


“*sigh* …… I got it, okay.”



I turn around with my heel at that place and headed back to the house.


I don’t think Levia will be defeated, but it will be a hard fight I guess.


In order to cure Mineko’s wounds quickly and go to Levia’s aid, I jump into Shironeko’s house from the window.



“Hey Shironeko! Move your hands aside!”


“ …… Eh?”



Holding Mineko in her arms, Shironeko grabbed her body because she was trying to stop her blood somehow.








At that moment, an even larger amount of blood spew out of her mouth and dirtied our clothes.


I put my hand on the wound that was overflowing with blood and begin my treatment.


“<Perfect Heal>!”



A strong light dwelled within the hand I held down and it filled Mineko’s body.


The wound is more serious than I had thought.


Her heart is safe, but one of her lungs was damaged very badly.


(To make matters worse, did she actually add <Regeneration Obstruction>……ugh! This is going to take a while……)



The ability called Regeneration Obstruction is, as its name implies, an ability which slows recovery of the inflicted wound.


It can work with a sword clad in magic power and it’s even an assassin’s indispensable skill.


Although originally, <Perfect Heal> would heal you instantly as long as you’re not dead, these wounds are merely gradually closing at several hundred times the normal speed, too slow compared to the usual several thousand times the speed.


“This must make that pup…… SS rank I guess”



Attaching this level of <Regeneration Obstruction> to these weapons is evidence of her considerable ability.


If that’s how it is, then the current Levia is going to have a hard time, what with her current abilities being S rank.



“Setsu!  Will Mineko be fine desu!?”


“ ……”


I guess sending this girl to help Levia now won’t be useful……


“I won’t let her die as long as I can do this, you know…… So shut up and just watch.”



Either way, if I can quickly heal Mineko then I will go back her up.


It really takes several minutes until these wounds finish recovering but――――――


(Go all out until then, okay …… Levia)


 ◇ ◇ ◇


(――――――or something like that…… is what he must be thinking I suppose)


Levia was predicting Setsu’s current thoughts while repelling the kunais flying from the other side of the steam with her palms clad in water.



“ …… You. I can assume you are the sea god Leviathan from the nobleness of this magic power however…… Why are you in such a place? And why are you lending a hand to that man? Shouldn’t the sea god be meant to be in the sea?”


“Look, I have a debt to pay to that man. Moreover, it is pitiful seeing the sisters separated like that. And lastly, it’s not like I would particularly be in the sea you see――――――where I am is the sea is what I mean.”



The steam cleared up and Levia launcheed water bullets from her hand towards Kuroinu whose figure was revealed.


Kuroinu ran while throwing kunais and approached the girl while repelling the bullet sized water bullet with those kunais.



“Frontal attacks and such will not hit me!”




Kuroinu shortened the distance in an instant and slashed at Levia’s throat who had her eyes opened wide.


She thought blood spraying out will decide the outcome, but what gushed out of her throat was a transparent liquid.



“Body substitution!?”


“It’s the same with Setsu…… you can’t simply decide the outcome directly from the front!!”





As Levia’s body made of water repelled the attack, the real body right behind it unleashed a palm heel on Kuroinu’s abdomen.





“And another”


“Don’t…… underestimate me!”



The other hand was set out, but that was defended with crossed arms.




(Wha-, it’s heavy……!)



Levia’s palm heel had considerably more power than Kuroinu imagined.


The girl couldn’t kill off the impact and was thrown greatly back as her body was bent.


(To think the Sea God would have this much power on the ground……)



Kuroinu received an even more shocking reality at the same time.


If one would name a dreadful part of the Sea God, then it would be the attack with an overwhelming mass using the infinitely existing water of the sea.


Furthermore, if the Sea God is submerged in the ocean water or some kind of principle, her might would increase.


One ought to be vigilant from attacks with water as well as the attacks with her tail unleashed from the body of the dragon that attained superhuman strength.


But that is a talk for when she is submerged in ocean water.


With this ground currently not containing any ocean water, the Sea God was not supposed to have this much strength.


“Why are you…… hm?”



Kuroinu bent her body, put her hands on the ground and with a backflip, she prepared her stance as she lands.


At that time she slightly grasped an uncomfortable feeling; she felt something from her feet on the ground that is clearly different from until some time ago.



“This is…… it’s muddy!?”


“Oh my, you actually noticed haven’t you?”




Her feet sunk into the ground from her body weight and a light brown muddy water seeped out from below.


And what stimulated Kuroinu’s canine nose was a fragrant odour of salt water from that water.


“See, if there’s no seawater here, then I can just make it and spread it around. I wonder, why hadn’t I notice this kind of method up until now?”



That is absurd――――――


Kuroinu regretted that she had made a mistake in measuring the ability of the existence that is called a god.

Levia and her transformed arm


The mud was already spread all around and the seeping water is rapidly increasing in volume.

“With this, it should be fine even if it is restored a little, isn’t that right?”



Saying that, Levia’s figure changed.


Scales emerged on her arm and and from her shoulders, the scaled arm transformed into irregular shaped dragon arm.


A certain power can be felt from those large blue arm that had slightly disrupted the balance of the slender woman.


“Waiting for Setsu’s assistance is unnecessary. In the name of the Sea god, I will take you down right here.”


Kuroinu trembled in an instant from the intensity of the sea god, who spoke that sentence in the form of a girl.






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