Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Vol 2 Color illustrations

Vol 2 cover

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Shironeko crying on MinekoFrom left to right: Sea god- Levia, Hero Setsu- Suzaki Setsu, Beastman- Mineko, Beastman- Shironeko
Shironeko: I’m so glad desu……I really am……uuh.
Mineko: Don’t cry too much big sis.

Setsu's declaration to ToumaLeft: Setsu’s rival-Kamishiro Touma
Setsu:If you even put your hands on my friends anymore, then with these hands of mine, I will kill you.

Levia and DesastreLeft: Demon king-Desastre Soreine
Levia: A king’s position is also difficult isn’t it?
Desastre: Fufu……Well it does not look like my worries are petering out.

Roa after getting stroked by SetsuBottom left: Beastking’s daughter-Roa Leonail
Roa: Funyaa~~ more……