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I was transferred to another world and became a Hero. It looks like they will be executing me after I defeated the demon lord because I am “no longer needed,” so I will ruin the kingdom through my powers of “Domination”!

Author: kiki


In the history of the kingdom, year 1975. The demon lord had finally been defeated by the Hero and the continent was unified by the kingdom.

The monsters that threatened each person’s lives had their main magic power supply cut off from the demon lord and lost nearly all of their strength.

The “unpleasant looking monsters” were indiscriminately exterminated, the “monsters which likely has value as raw materials” were turned into livestock and the “former leaders of the demon lord army” were waiting their turn for their guillotine show in the jail of the royal capital.

The people were delighted and were festive, and a feast was opened every day in any city for a short while.


Within those festivities, the Hero group who participated in subjugating the demon lord, were expected to be given a vast reward from the king.

To the sage who contributed to the fight as a staff officer and rearguard, a vast plot of land that the demon lord once owned.

To the nun who protected her allies from enemy attacks and cured their injuries as well, the position of a church archbishop.

To the thief who became the unsung hero who disarmed the traps that were set in the castle and freely used poison and such during combat, money and treasure.

Every other one of them――the warrior, archer and so forth were also granted equivalent rewards.


And then the last remaining one, a young black haired girl clad in gorgeous armor――the Hero.

She, who freely used the arms which were called “Sacred treasures” she acquired during her journey, and who unmistakably contributed the most in the subjugation of the demon lord, should certainly be granted a larger reward.

The girl who had little desires did not intend to demand that much rewards, but she ended up anticipating after all, when she heard the contents of the other members.

It was impossible for a child, even a Hero, to be unselfish.


“Oh, Brave Hero, my reward to you is this”


Said the king, sitting on the throne.

Two soldiers approached the Hero who lowered her head.

And then they took her hand and―― put on her wrists, handcuffs.


“Eh… ?”


Facing the Hero who was overcome in surprise, the king informed her.


“People who have little desire are helplessly difficult to manage. I cannot possibly leave you be when you possess the strength to defeat the demon lord”

“W- what do you mean by that Your Majesty! I should have been doing my best for this country until now!”

“That is the thing, Hero. You, who have devoted yourselves to this abstract thing called “this country,” are dreadful. That is why I have no other choice but to do it like this.


Complexion quickly faded away from the Hero.

Perhaps the handcuffs had magic power sealing effect, she could not even move her body well.

She looked at her companions around her for assistance, but all of them smirked in ridicule.

Even the nun, who kindly connected with anyone, expressionlessly averted her eyes.


“In that case… in that case, couldn’t you just send me back to my former world!?”

“I cannot”


“Because it is impossible”


The king declared unabashedly.

Despair spread inside the Hero’s mind.


“You’ve… been lying? You can even send me back to your former world when the battle is over is what you said, are you saying that even those words you said in the beginning were lies!?”


The Hero was a summon.

Being summoned from the other world, she came to this world.

And for the first time, she was needed by someone.

That was why the Hero did not particularly wished to return.

It was only that she was informed of this by the king before going on a journey.

But if he said that even that was a lie, then she could no longer believe anything.


“ … We are done, take her away”

‘Yes, Your Majesty’


The soldiers gathered their voices, grabbed both the Hero’s arms and made her stand up.

Being pulled with all their might, her expression warped in pain.

However, what changed her expression more was her feelings of anger.


“Don’t joke around with me! How hard, how hard I have been doing my best until today…! Hey, say something! Say you’re my friends! We promised that we’ll be together forever once the battle is over, didn’t we!?”


Her companions who were kneeling in front of the king did not respond when she called them.


“Your Highness! You’re my friend too aren’t you? I’m your friend, that’s what you told me didn’t you? Hey!”


Keeping on, she also called to the princess who was close to her due to being of the same age.

Upon her words, she showed a never before seen wicked smile, and spoke.


“Kufu, kufufufufu! Did you hear it, Lord Father. I am her friend she said. A person of unknown origin whose ancestor we don’t even know is a friend with me of a lineage of ancient and noble origin? Preposterous! Kyahahahahaha!”


Those words was filled with more malice than the words of the great evil――the demon lord she faced before her.


“Wh… why…”


The Hero became dumbfounded.

Even when she believed it was a dream and repeatedly blinked, nothing changed.


“You are acting improper, Tiala”

“But, but, I cannot hold back my laughter in any way whenever I recall the enthusiastic figure of the Brave Hero being deceived by my performance. Kufufufu!


“Yes, performance! Friendship, effort, zeal; the people of your world like those sorts of things isn’t it? That is why I acted in such way and had you make use of your strength to your utmost!”


Her motivation was important.

Depending on the situation, there would even be the possibility of her deserting midway, so as a result her motivation had to be kept as high as possible.

But, the brave Hero who was summoned from the other word had no strong incentive to rescue this world.

In order to create one, princess Tiala took it upon herself to get intimate with the Hero and conducted herself as a “companion she ought to protect” until now.


“Stop… I don’t want to heart it, I don’t want to hear it――oof!?”


After stepping up to her, Tiala laid her hand on the Hero’s chin and grabbed it strong enough for her face to warp.


“No, you listen. A mere mongrel has played a game of friends make-believe with me until now. Do you understand how much of an honor that is?”

“No… Tiala doesn’t make… a face like that”

“Tiala! Tiala she says! Kyahahahahahah, did you hear her Lord Father! This rubbish of an insect is calling me, a princess, by my name you know!? How rude could she be! How ill bred could she be!”


Though Tiala was finding fault on the Hero who had tears in her eyes, she looked like she was enjoying it to some extent.


“But, you said I can call you that…”

“Do you not understand what we call lip-service? No, you do not understand it do you? Inferior people like you who had not completed any decent education”


Tiala scorned the Hero from the bottom of her heart and glared at her with eyes looking down on her.

When she instructed them to “release her,” the Hero tumbled down on the floor as both of her arms were released.

Tiala then, with all her strength, sunk her toes into the stomach of the petite sitting girl.




The Hero raised her voice, more in surprise towards the sudden violence than the pain of it.


“Try thinking about it, Brave Hero! Has anybody, including me, called you by your name?”


Tiala, while urging the Hero, repeatedly, repeatedly struck her body.


“Guh, uguh!? The, they-gh… are, being… respectful, gah…”

“Your occupation is a title with prestige, so they prioritize that more than your name! That is what you were informed of weren’t you? And you conveniently believed in that, didn’t you!?”

“Hi-, sto-, beh, guh…!”


When she got even more excited, she exerted her foot not only on her body, but even on her face.

Collapsing from being unable to bear the extra pain, the Hero’s head was stepped on by her tiptoes.


“Since the beginning, everyone thought of you as nothing but a disposable puppet!”

“It’s a lie… that’s…  a lie…”

“Then look at their expressions! The sage is laughing and grandly quivering shoulders! The thief! The warrior! Even that nun could not resist laughing!”

“E- everyone…?”


The Hero looked at her former companions, as if relying on them.

But all of them were laughing, just as Tiala had said.

As if they were enjoying themselves in giving shocking spoilers.


“Why-, why are you all making those faces…? Help me, I’m begging you-gh, gyabuh!?””


Tiala plunged her heels into Hero’s throat and like that stepped on her with all her strength.


“Gah, gahih, hihyu…!”

“You are a mere lump of magic power. You have neither the knowledge nor the means to use magic, so you are mere flesh mixed with blood if not for the sacred treasure. There are no such people who would feel special to something like that”

“Fl- flezh…?”

“Yes, you’re flesh! You have no other purpose other than having your head cut on the guillotine and spouting out blood like a water fountain once your use is over! You’re below a pig! Below an insect! The worst of the worst of a deadhead!”


She repeated it over and over.

The Hero leaked out groans like a broken frog while spitting out blood mixed with saliva.


“That should be enough already, Tiala”

“haa haa… Forgive me, Lord Father, for what I have done. I will be unable to sufficiently reduce the stress I have gathered and gathered until now if I do not do at least this”

“How nice, Your Highness. I would’ve wanted to do that as well”


The sage said, showing a sadistic smile.

She had been close with Tiala every day in its true meaning.


“Oh, lady sage. If that is what you want, then you can enjoy yourself to your hearts contents while she is imprisoned. After all, I intend to do so as well”


You mean knocking her about this much is still not enough?

Tiala was thinking of much crueler things like ‘I have to arrange for a whip for cattles.’


“Phew, my precious shoes have been dirtied with blood now”


She said, and she pressed her blood dyed tiptoes onto the Hero’s face.

But she could not wipe off the blood well.



“Good grief, to not even fulfill your role as an old rag”



When she kicked the Hero’s head, the Hero gasped a little.

But her response was weak.

Not even Tiala would be able to enjoy when she was like that.

Looking like she lost interest in her, she instructed the soldiers.


“Take her away, such refuse is inappropriate inside our throne room”


Even the soldiers drew back while looking at the princess, but they nimbly moved and once again lifted up the Hero’s body.

They seem to be leaving the throne room as is, heading to the castle dungeon.


“It’s a lie… it’s a lie… this is a lie…”


The Brave Hero muttered those words until she lost consciousness.



――The girl’s name was Suzaki Rena.

Born in a general office worker’s household, she was raised quite ordinarily, but the turning point that visited her life was at the age of fifteen, when she just entered senior high school.

Her father was arrested for embezzling company money.

Moreover, he had spent all the money to a woman who he had an illicit love affair with.

Rena and her mother were victims.

However from society’s perspective, the two did not go beyond the “family of a criminal.”

Before long the mother had a mental disorder and committed suicide.

Even Rena, who was left behind, was bullied not only by the students of her high school but also by the teachers, and she was forced to drop out of school.

Since then, she spend a year of a freeter lifestyle as a part timer in a convenient store, but even there they learned of her father’s situation, and she retired almost forcibly.

At the same time, that was leaked to the landlord of the room she rented as well, and she was ordered to leave.

Rena’s relatives also treated her as a burden, none of them would show attention to her.


‘I’ll go to where mom is’


Having decided that, she wrote a will and, in order to take revenge of the senior high school for oppressing her, she threw herself off the roof of the school building

But――she did not die.

That instant, her body was wrapped in light and by the time she noticed, she had appeared in this other world.


Rena was told she had the makings of a Hero.

In truth, she had “magic power” that was clearly enormous compared to the people of this world after coming to the other world.

But she did not know the way of using that――in other words “magic.”

What she had learned from then on could not stop the invasion of the demon lord.

That was why she used an equipment called the sacred treasure and by using its special characteristics of “manifesting might just by putting in magic power,” she challenged the demon lord.


Of course it was impossible alone.

Together with plenty of companions she went on a journey, supported each other, cooperated with each other――and finally she was able to carry out her objective.


I have this sense of accomplishment that I couldn’t have gotten in the world over there.

Nobody in this world would know about my father.

That’s why this time I should be able to become happy――She did not stop believing that.


Until this day came.



“Uh… A… ah… “


When Rena opened her eyes, she was in the dim, damp and humid dungeon.

Her throat hurted, likely due to Tiala having stepped on it.

It throbbed in pain each time she breathed.

Dull pain similarly remained on her kicked cheek and stomach.

Rena stood up while pressing her stomach with her hand.


“Where… is…”


Due to pain on her throat, she could not even speak smoothly.

While saying it in a hoarse voice, she checked her surroundings and her body.

The armor that had become her favorite was taken off.

She had no other equipment either.

Which was natural, because she could easily break out of here if she had the sacred treasure.

On top of that, a collar was put on her, connected to a chain that was fixed to the walls.

Her treatment was thoroughly one towards a wild beast.

Her sole relief must at least be the fact that the collar was simply one without any unique effects.

But then again, regardless of whether it had any effects or not, Rena had no such means to escape from here.


“Hello there, Brave Hero. What a miserable state you’re in”


When Rena was in a daze, somebody talked to her from the jail on the opposite side.

The voluptuous woman, clad in tattered scrap of clothes on her blue skin, was one of the leaders of the former demon lord army, the Arch Daemon “Deigis.” (ディジーズ; deijiizu)

She was an foe who had unfolded violent battles with Rena on countless occasions, but she seems to be waiting forever for her execution after the demon lord vanished.

But, perhaps having received ill-treatment while inside the prison, her imposing horns, worthy of being an Arch Daemon’s symbol, had been broken half in a snap.


“I’ve said it over and over, they are fixated on “blood.” Blood, more than justice and ideals, you see”


Deigis certainly said that to Rena repeatedly and invited her to the demon lord army.

But Rena did not lend her her ears.

It was because she believed her companions over the words of the demon lord army――in other words her enemy.


“They didn’t think of someone like you, who came from another world, as an equal human since the beginning”

“That’s… just…”

“Ah? You mean you still don’t believe me? What a foolish… no, is it because your heart would break if you don’t do that?”

“ …”


Rena casted her eyes down and sunk into silence.

Because she was right on the mark.


“Well, those people must have chosen that sort of person I suppose. Rena, you’ve been brought from the other world isn’t it? In that case, it’s easier to manipulate those who would try to find a place in this world rather than those who would want to return to their former world”

“From the… beginning…”

“Yes, from the beginning. That was their intention all along. Humans are such living beings”


You’re wrong.

She wanted to say that, but it was impossible for the current Rena.

She was just shown the culmination of human ugliness some time ago after all.


“You all have arbitrarily decided that us demons are evil and fought, but that was wrong. What we had was war. And there is no such thing as good and evil in wars. You do have times where it results that the winning side becomes good and the losing side becomes evil, but that isn’t decided by those who had been fighting, you know”


There were several times when the Hero and her group attacked a demon village.

There were also times when demons ate people.

They were terrifying monstrosities, so there were no problems with killing non-resisting enemies.

Such “natural view of ethics as mankind” dimmed their resistance.

But――Even mankind had times when they ate demons.

When they have the shape of a pig, they would be delighted, saying ‘it’s meat.’ Even the dragons, they would and snatch away their scales, nails and at times even their eyes, calling it a ‘good fortune,’ and they would also make use of their meat, saying it ‘turns into a wonder drug of perpetual youth and longevity.’

What sort of difference are there within that?


“I was called… a Hero… and were festive…”

“It can’t be helped, really. I don’t intend to criticize you there, you see. It’s a war after all”

“We killed… even the people who didn’t have to be killed…”

“So did we there”

“The things I believed in were… all lies…”


Deigis sympathized with Rena.

And when she looked up and breathed out, she asked her a question while her eyes didn’t meet hers.


“Are you thinking of taking… revenge?”

“ … I”


Rena was certainly the Hero.

She was called that, so she exerted herself in behaving as such.

That was why she would persist to “honesty”, detest “falsehood” and give “kindness” even to enemies she would meet on her first time above all else, in accordance to her view of ethics .

Because that was a Hero.

However, now that that mask――or burden had disappeared, and there was no such necessity anymore to play the part of an upright and clean handed person.


“Want to do it. I want to… take revenge. Because they make me sick. Because I… hate those guys who trampled… me, who had been working hard, underfoot”

“Is that so, we’ll get along then don’t we”

“ …?”

“I feel the same. Well, I somewhat knew of your circumstances since some time ago, so enough about that――I can’t help but hatefully detest those offensive people who, after finally ruining our country, would enjoyed the deaths of my comrades and family as if it was a show”


Deigis told while baring her teeth.


“I want to crush them you know. But that’s impossible. With just my powers and yours, Rena, we would get crushed by violence in numbers”

“What… will you do?”

“Rena, you certainly have an enormous amount of magic power. But they did not teach you how to use that. Do you know why?”


She would not have known if it was before.

But the current Rena knew.


“To make… sure that I won’t go against them”

“That’s right. In other words, they are afraid of the fact that you would come to handle magic. You have that much power, you know”


They imagined she could not do anything if she did not have the sacred treasure.

But the sacred treasure is at most no more than an output device.

Its source was unmistakably the magic power within Rena.


“How about it Rena? Won’t you join forces with me? I don’t know how much time there is until my execution, but I can ascertain what kind of power you have even in this place. Once I ascertain it, we can forge it”

“ … Miss… Deigis”

“Haha, I don’t mind you not being formal to me, you know”

“Deigis… I… will join forces with you”

“Hihihi, good answer Rena. Then, how about we begin immediately. In order to ascertain “what kind of shape” your magic will take――”



Tiala was ill humored.

That was because she requested the soldiers to bring her a whip for domestic animals, but was stopped by her father.

Saying that she could end up taking the prisoner’s life if she made a mistake in adjusting her strength.

The currently weakened Rena could die easily if Tiala were to beat her with the whip in high spirits.

That was why she reluctantly brought a sewing needle from her room.

I will stab each of Rena’s fingers with this.

And if she were to grow accustomed to it, I can even bring a hammer and nail next.

That should be easier to obtain than a whip and it hurts only so she would not die.

Naturally after effects may remain, but such things didn’t matter at all.

Because Rena was scheduled to come under the guillotine in a few weeks either way.

Tiala’s fun was no more than entertainment until then.


“Good afternoon, Brave Hero. How are you feeling?”


She called out to Rena who was lying down, from the other side of the prison like she was enjoying.

No responses.

I have to give her punishment for this.

Tiala opened the door by using the key she received at the prison entrance, opened the door and approached Rena who was tied in chains.


“Look, the princess has come, so at least reply, miss useless puppet♪”


Without restraints, she kicked Rena’s stomach.



“Fufu, I’m glad. I was worried, thinking you died already, you know?”


Having finally obtained a response, Tiala was satisfied.

And then, this time she squatted and raised Rena’s head by grabbing hold of her black hair.

She exposed a worn out face in front of her eyes.


“Kuh fufufufufuh, kyahahahahahah!”


Seeing the sorry state of hers, Tiala laughed while holding her stomach.

Rena didn’t understand at all what was funny.


“I really can’t get what they are thinking, those who have repeated their incest…”


It seems Deigis, who had been silently looking in the opposite cell, held similar thoughts.


“*sigh*… You truly are an outstanding talent aren’t you, brave Hero. Ever since you were summoned here, you have offered me laughter many times over”

“ …”

“If you were to beg me for your life in an unshapely way as well, then it would be even more pleasant however. Listen, Brave Hero. Puppets ought to be like puppets, doing what the people manipulating them say”


Still holding Rena’s hair, Tiala rocked her head.

And yet, her reaction stayed weak


“Fuh… skipping her meals was a mistake I see”


That was not all.

Tiala ordered the people managing the prison to ‘keep watch so that Rena would not sleep.’

And so she had never taken a proper sleep since her imprisonment.

Being continuously exhausted would be natural.


“This way pricking her fingers would not make her sing the way I expectED. Ah, I’ve got it! In that case how about this!”


Tiala merrily clapped her hands.

She seems to have hit upon a very ingenious plan.

While saying “Heave-ho, heave-ho,” she sloppily made Rena lean her back on the wall and matched her eyes with hers by crouching.

And then she put the needle she brought close to Rena’s eyes.


“If I just prick the eyes, then there won’t be any problems even if you can no longer see somewhat. It may be scarier instead because you won’t know when your execution by the guillotine will be held! Aaah, what a genius must I be! Then, let’s try experimenting how many needles I can stick in your right eye!”


Seeing Tiala getting excited on her own, Deigis reflexively muttered “She’s going mad.”

Rena, who fought the demon lord, was of the “same race” of similar skin color.

Facing her, Tiala would be able to do something like this while enjoying herself, let along bearing any feelings of guilt.

She was no doubt going mad.

However, that was something ordinary to the people of the kingdom.

Rena thought.

I guess the demon lord who tried to protect his subordinates are much more upright when looking at this objectively.


“Now, brave Hero, let the timbre of your agony resound to your hearts’ conte――”


Her face was raised with a jerk, and their eyes connected to each other.

And then Rena――invoked her “Power” taught by Deigis.


“Domination, First Phase”


When she said that with a cracked voice, Rena’s magic power was sent inside Tiala through her pupils.


“Ah… gah!?”


Tiala opened her eyes to the utmost, her body trembled and her head convulsed.

On top of that, drool languidly overflowed from her already half opened mouth and then trickled down from her chin.




She let out nonsensical voice like a broken doll.

Her brain was being rewritten, so it was inevitable for her to become like this.

And when the rewrite was complete――her body shook greatly with a sudden twitch, and her body lost strength as if her strings had been cut.


“Uh… uah…”

“Hihih, you did it Rena”

“We still don’t know if it went well”

“There’s no doubt that you’ve implanted your magic power in that woman”

“But… there won’t be any meaning if she were to break from the shock”

“It shouldn’t be a problem. Look, she’s getting up”


While holding her head, Tiala stood up unsteadily on her feet.

She glared at Rena with disdainful eyes, looking through the gaps of her fingers.


“Wha- what is it…? I, why was I lying down in a place like this…”


Her memories at that time was vague and she could not recall what Rena had done to her.

But seeing the needle in her hand, she seemed to have understood what she herself tried to do.


“That’s right! I’ve come here to bully you, didn’t I? Kufufu, so let’s immediately…”


Tiala threw away her needle and put both her hands on Rena’s face.

And when one would think what she would do like this――She suddenly brought her face closer and without any hesitation, she put her lips onto hers.


“M, fh…”


Leaking out a sweet voice through her nose, she opened her mouth on top of that and slid her tongue inside Rena’s mouth.


“*Fuuh*, *nfu*… *huff*, *mchu*… *chu*, *fu*… *nfuuuh*…!”


Tiala wished for Rena’s lips frantically like she was doing it with a lover.

Her hands were wrapped around her back before anybody was aware of it, and both their bodies were glued tightly as well.


“*Mh*, *mkh*… *nfu*, *fuuuun*♪”


Rena too responded to her wish and held out her tongue.

Upon doing so, Tiala’s voice went up and her acts turned even more violent.


Since then, continuing their intercourse for several minutes――”Puhaah!” Tiala parted from Rena’s face.

A thread of saliva connected mouth to mouth and disappeared immediately, drawn by gravity.


“Haa… haa… haa…”


Tiala, while moving her shoulders up and down, looked at Rena with clouded eyes and her cheeks flushed.

Her heart was filled with happiness she had never experienced until now.


“Kufufufu… How was it… *nfuh*, my torture that is. Kyahahah, it was so harsh you cannot even let out your voice isn’t it? Of course you cannot, since I’ve been doing it so violently!”


Tiala called the kiss “torture.”

Rena went through silence while her cheeks were slightly dyed red.

Deigis frantically covered her mouth with her hand in order to endure her laughter.


“Hah, *pant*… As I thought, seeing the suffering appearance of inferior people like you… *pant* is the best. Brave Hero, I will be coming tomorrow as well, so please look forward to it alright?”


Tiala intended to say those words and leave, but――she tried to stand up and unsteadily broke her balance.

It appears her knees gave in from her first kiss.

But she was not conscious of it herself.

While not knowing why she was dizzy, she left the jail, convinced that she had tortured Rena.

Confirming that her footsteps could no longer be heard at all, Deigis separated her hand from her mouth and laughed grandly.


“Hihihihih, hihahahahahah! You’ve let me see something good, you know Rena! Your powers, it’s most supreme! Right!?”

“… mh”


Rena showed a complicated expression while she grasped her mouth.

Because as far as she was concerned, that was her first kiss.


“I think it was a good performance for your first time, at least for me. First phase is interfering with their awareness through their pupils. With this you are able to rewrite just one of the other party’s common sense. And then the second phase is to control over their awareness even more by using your saliva! Once that’s complete, then she will be put under your complete rule on the soul level by letting her experience the final phase!”


That was the ability of Rena’s magic――Domination.

It was said that a person’s deeply held psyche would appear in their magic.

Her obtaining this sort of power must likely be because she had been oppressed in her life so far, which caused the desire to “try looking down on them” to exist within her.


“But the fact that I can’t put her under my control if I don’t kiss her is…”

“Passing your saliva in a different way is also fine though. But the appearance of the damned princess, who intended to torture you, frantically seeking your lips is quite unsightly and the best don’t you think?”

“That… might be true though”


She did not deny her.

The appearance of humans, who had utterly betrayed her, subconsciously submitting to her――there was no way that her heart would not throb upon seeing that.

If she were to pour more magic power through her saliva from tomorrow on, Tiala would turn more obedient towards Rena.

Once that happens, she could satisfy herself with her apologies, submission or even suicide.

Her imagination spread.

Once I put her in my complete control, how shall I use her――she thought.


“You’re making a nice face there aren’t you, Rena”


“That smile just now feels indeed like a ruler, it’s to my liking”

“Me, making such a face…”


Rena traced her lips with her fingertips.

Its shape certainly did depict a curve, more than she was conscious of herself.



The next day too, Tiala visited Rena just as she had announced.

She did not hold a needle in her hand like yesterday.

Her “Torture” was completed even with just her body, she learned that with her body.


When she borrowed the the key from the soldiers, she for some reason forced them to absolutely take care not approach the prison.

And then she opened the lock with a somewhat hurried look and with big steps she moved in front of Rena, squatted and met her gaze.

Her breathing was already rough.

However, Tiala never felt anything out of place from the fact her own body was excited.

Because this is torture after all.

If she could satisfy her sadistic desires with torture, then of course such desires will be satisfied, and her body temperature would rise.

That was why stealing Rena’s lips like a lover she met after a long time like this was something natural.


“*Bchu*, *nchuu*… mh, torture… feels so good…*chuu*, *chuuu*♪”


Tiala assertively intertwined her tongue.

Perhaps having grown used to it since yesterday, those movements of hers were daring.

Rena too held out her tongue to make it easier for her to swallow her saliva.


“Huff… Brave Hero… Brave Hero~… Such unsightly face, such miserable expression…! It is that painful isn’t it, *mchuu*, *chubu*, my~ torture~!”

“Mh, he…re… yes, it’s painful Tiala… *chubu*, it’s unsightly, miserable and painful, you know Tiala… *Pu*,*Hapu*…!”


When Rena became more accustomed to it, it created her some room to say things.

Who was most unshapely and who was most miserable――That was clear from seeing them, but Tiala will forever believe that “I am ruling over Rena with agony.”

Despite that, it just looked like she was making Rena feel better the more desperate she did it.


“*Chupuh*, *Nfuh*… *Hapu*, this… sweet tasting… torture… is sweet and fantastic… *Muchuuu*♪ In that case more… moore!”



Her control over her advanced.

Unnoticed by anyone, because of Tiala herself in fact.


“*Pchuu*, *mfuh*… Brave Hero… torturing you is… nice… *hafuu*, *mh*, *fuu*…”


She had already given up harassing her on her own.

It must have been the influences that was heightening her subconscious obedience.

In her appearance like she was pushed down by Rena, Tiala held out her lips and repeatedly swallowed saliva that was poured into her mouth.


“*gulp*… *gulp*… It’s spreading… *Afuu*… *Mchuu*,*nfu* … within me… something is… spreading… torture… so fantastic…”


Her eyes were empty and her words sparse.

Even so, only her body continued to respond.

When seeing Tiala gradually becoming defenseless, a darkish feeling grew bigger inside Rena.



Today I decided to try out a slightly different idea.

Tiala, while muttering “Torture, torture” like she was talking in delirium, got her lips closer to Rena.

When the distance between the two turned zero, Tiala spontaneously lost her strength.

And again she was pushed down. She then put her arms behind Rena’s head like she was fawning on her lover and then offered her her tongue.


“*Chuu*, *Chuu*… *Nfu*… *Hafuu*, *fuu*…”

“*hapu*… Mh, *Pchuu*… Hey Tiala”


Call me?”


Tiala’s lips shook in spasm when ordered by Rena.

Her eyes becoming even more hollow, she stared at Rena like she forgot to blink.

And without change, she said a certain word.




That was Rena’s name.

She, who had never called Rena as anything other than “Brave Hero” at all, had spoken Rena’s name for the first time.

It felt like one of her complexes vanished.


“Rena~… *Pecha*… *Chuu*, *Kchuu*… *Gulp*… *Mhk*… *Nfuu*…♪”


From a relation of being looked down on to a relation of equals.

When she satisfied one of her desires, yet another desire was born within Rena.


“Mh… *Puhah*… *huff*… Say, this time… try addressing me with “mistress”, Tiala”


She could be resisted if her control over her was shallow.

But Tiala, without showing such behavior, opened her mouth with a loose expression.


“Mistress Rena… Mistress Renaa… allow me to torture you please…”


*shudder* a shivering feeling rushed down Rena’s spine.

So this is―― the pleasure of controlling another person.

Once she tasted it, she could only become a slave to it.

Rena violently embraced Tiala and stole her lips like a beast.


“Kyaa♪*Nfu*,*Bchuu*, *chu*, *chu*, mistress Rena… *Nfuuuu*♪”



That day, Tiala was not in her usual dress.

She was wearing a maid dress used by waitresses.

Naturally, the soldiers managing the prison showed dubious looking expressions, but they were no beings of social positions to go against a princess.

Opening the door with the key and standing before Rena like usual, she picked up the hem of her skirt and courteously bowed like a maid does towards her master.


“Mistress Rena, allow me the privilege of torturing you today as well”


Even Deigis could not endure her laugh, being shown such appearance of hers.


“Hihihihih! Nice hobby you have there Rena~”


She said that in plain voice rather than murmurs, but the absent minded looking Tiala did not pay heed to her.

What was in her eyes was Rena and Rena only.

In order to torment the non-noble blooded Rena with torture, she would exchange tender kisses like she was affectionate to her beloved husband.

Tiala kneeled in front of Rena, put her hands on her face and, unlike usual, she slowly brought her face near her.


“ *Chuu*, *Chupu* … M, I’m going… crazy, *chuu*…”


But Rena stubbornly did not spread her lips.

And yet Tiala earnestly continued to lick her lips.

When she continued like that for a while, her expression turned that of an abandoned puppy, and she said.


“Mistress Rena… torture… please allow me to torture you…”



From the opposite prison, Deigis’s laugh resounded.

Rena had the same feeling.

The meaning of the word “torture” had already been completely replaced.

And Tiala had never harbored any sense of discomfort towards that at all in her whole life.

That was how deep Rena’s magic power had permeated in her.


“Then try begging for it, Tiala. If you want to torture me at any cost, then there is a way of doing that, right?”

“Ah… yes, yes there is…”


As commanded, Tiala temporarily separated herself from Rena, bent her knees on top of the prison’s filthy floor and put her hands in front of her.

She then lowered her head as is, her forehead rubbing against the floor.


“For goodness’ sake, allow me to torture you please, mistress Rena. I am unable to live anymore without torturing you, mistress Rena”

“Is that so? But nothing good will happen for me even if I let you torture me, isn’t it Tiala?”

“You can make me do anything if it is something I can do! So please, please allow me to torture you!”

“Alright. Then can I do even something like this?”


Rena put her foot on the prostrating Tiala’s head and grinded with force like how Tiala had done it to her before.

If it was Tiala, the country’s princess, then her pride should absolutely not allow her to be done that by a person of humble birth unlike Rena.

And that “blood related dignity” should have been deeply ingrained to her subconsciousness.



“I do not mind, you can step on me as much as you like!”


Far from angry, Tiala pushed her head as if she herself wanted to be stepped on.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Rena’s magic power had already finished invading everything of her, body and soul.


“*giggle* praiseworthy aren’t you Tiala. Even I would’ve been glad not having to do something like this if you were this obedient from the beginning”

“Mistress Rena…?”

“Raise your head, Tiala”

“Ah, okay”

“Get closer to me like that. Yes, in that way, until I can touch you with my hand…”


Tiala approached her on her knees.

Her eyes were completely looking at nothing but Rena’s lips.

She was convinced she would kiss her again and receive her saliva if she came closer as is.

However, Rena had no reason to grant such affection towards Tiala.

Because what she desired was not her obedience out of love――but her ruin, first and foremost.


“Good girl, good girl. Then, I guess I’ll put an end to this”



Rena’s arm sunk into Tiala’s chest.

The palm of that hand came in contact with her heart where her soul was lodged in.

Tiala’s body was full of Rena’s magic power.

Therefore, there was no need of a special magic of sorts to touch the insides of her body.


“Domination, Final Phase”


If she would touch her directly into her soul, then she could just pour her magic power in it afterwards.

With this――the completion of her control was established.

Already her soul, her body, her consciousness, her memories, everything of Tiala had been put under Rena’s control.

In that case there was but one thing she could do.

Rena took it upon herself to return the state of Tiala’s soul back to before the first phase.


“ …? Wha- what is this… why am I like this…”


Naturally, her memories were kept as is.

In her sobered state, she recalled kissing Rena on her own, calling it “torture.”


“ …Wh? Eh? What is this, why did I- Aaah, AAaaAAAAAAah, NOOOOOOOOOooOOO! No no no! Doing those filthy acts, why, why!”


Tiala was confused while she was stirring up her hair.

Seeing her disordered manner was a great delight to Rena and Deigis.


“My lips, my noble lips, doing these… these things! How dare you do this to me, mistress Renaaaaa!”

“ … Bufu! So you kept that part as mistress Rena!?”



Their sneers did not stop towards her excessively humorous speech.

Tiala ground her teeth in vexation.


“Guh… thi- this too… Mistr… uggh! It was your work wasn’t it!? Absolutely unforgivable, I will kill you right now!”

“How will you kill me?”

“I’ve already decided how, I will be doing this!”


Saying that, Tiala embraced Rena and put her lips onto hers to gnaw at it.

She skillfully kissed her while violently thrusting her tongue into her mouth and raising her nasal breathing, going “*Fuuu*, *nfuuu*!”


“Huh…? I, what did I just…”


She touched her mouth that became sticky of saliva, and confirming that it was not a dream, she despaired even more.


“Ah… AAah… AaaaaAAAAAH! Why, oh why! I, and I didn’t even intend to do such a thing! I really did try to kill you!”

“But, you couldn’t could you?”

“You, what did you do to me!?”

“I put you under my control, Tiala, completely. That’s why your heart and body are all moving however I like. It doesn’t matter whether you’re close or far away. You’ll never be able to return to normal again”

“That sort of, thing. That sort of thing should be impos… Ah, that’s right, if I let out a loud voice here, someone should come to the rescue!”

“Those worries of yours are unnecessary I’d say. Because I’ve isolated the sound with my magic”

“That is odd, demons are supposed to have been rendered unable to release their magic power with our restriction tools!”

“The one who replaced that restriction tool with an imitation was you, you know?”


Being pointed out by Deigis, Tiala’s memories resurfaced.


“Tha… that was right, I… I have… I have… by Rena’s orders… AAah, what have I… What have I done!”

“It’s already over for you, princess. It’s the beginning for us though”

“Return me to how I was right this instant! Or else you will make enemies of this whole kingdom, do you understand!?”

“We’ve already made enemies of them a long time ago, so no problems here”


In the entire beginning, the ungrateful kingdom had discarded the Hero.

Tiala’s words was unable to come off as a threat.


“That aside Tiala, do you know why I turned your mind to normal after I’ve gone all the trouble to put you under my control?”

“I can’t possibly know, the thoughts of a madman!”

“Okay. You know, I really thought that you were my friend, Tiala. My most important friend in this world. That’s why it was really painful when you betrayed me”


Even when she had been showered in abuse in her former world thus far.

But this was much more painful than that.

The pain in her heart was caused by the difference in her fall.


“But you and the others laughed at me when I was like that”


It would still have been better if she was ignored.

But they dared to laugh at her.

Laughing just to satisfy their conceit and carelessly hurt Rena’s heart.

Would resenting them not be appropriate?


“That’s why I dreamed of making you suffer at least just as much… no, much, much more than that”


Rena turned her justifiable hatred towards Tiala.

But she became more frightened than necessary.

Why she did so was because was still under the impression that she “herself is in a higher position.”

Even though their position had already been reversed a long time ago.

After approaching Tiala, Rena reached out to her chest and, just like that, submerged her arm into her body and touched her heart.



“Right now, do you understand what kind of situation you’re in?”


Tiala silently shook her head left and right.


“What’s in my hand is your soul, Tiala. If it becomes all pulpy, then humans will die even when their hearts are moving. But don’t worry, because I can knead it like clay with my powers and revive you again”


Tiala could not comprehend even the slightest of what Rena said.


“It’s just… you won’t return to your original form though”


Except for one thing――”I will be killed after this” was the only thing she understood.

She was able to understand that completely.


“Tiala, you’ll be born again. Into a cute and lovable pet who will be obedient to me and always follow whatever I order you to”

“Are…are you not just insane …?”

“The one who were crazy were you all, Tiala. That’s why I have no choice but to do it like this”

“Stop… please, I’m begging you…”



Rejection by smiling.

That gave Tiala more despair than poor words.


“Actually, uhm, I, actually I considered you my friend! That was! That time I was acting and eh, I was just ordered by my father and showed that performance and actually-!”


Hurriedly, Tiala lined up convenient excuses to smooth it over.

I can’t bear hearing her.

Rena, still smiling, tightly grasped the hand that was inside her body.

Something that was not the heart cracked and fatally reformed.


“Ahih!? Higi, Higyuh, gah-, AGYAAaaaaaAAAAAAaaaH!”


Tiala screamed while arching her body backwards like a shrimp, shivering in fear.

It was a scream that had already become like that of a beast, with not even a single particle of a princess’s nobility.


“Agih, AGYAAAAaAAh! AGAGA- GAGI- GI- HIH! Hah, hih… Hahyu… hyu… hyuu… Au… au… ah…”


However, her shrieks gradually settled down.

Rena had started giving her once crushed soul a different shape with her hand.

Her appearance too gradually returned to normal and with absent minded eyes, she looked at Rena.


“Aaah… Haah… I… am…”


Her speech was no different from the very person herself.

However her expression turned into one where one can not feel any intelligence and one so sloven, one could already call her a different person.


“Haah… haah… Ah… Mistress… Rena… Ehehe, it’s mistress Renaa…”


Tiala snuggled onto Rena like a little girl acting spoiled.

Rena caught her body gently.


“That’s right Tiala, it’s me”

“Aah, mistress Rena… Mistress Renaahn…”


The reborn Tiala repeatedly called her her mistress’s name with ingratiating voice.

When Rena stroked her chin, she made babyish voice, just like a pet.


“Nyaahn♪ I love it, I love and love you mistress Renaa…! Your smell, your touch, your warmth, I love all of you”

“Fufufu, you’ve become completely obedient haven’t you. What are you to me again, Tiala?”

“Yees, I am your dog, Mistress Rena! Your bitch! I will do anything you order me!”

“And if I tell you to die?”

“Then I will behead myself here and die!”

“And if I tell you to kill the king――your father?”

“Then I will kill him with pleasure! There is no greater delight for me than to obey you mistress Rena!”


All that was inside Tiala’s head was to “obey Rena.”

She no longer held any value to her own life, and she did not recognize her father as her father.

Rena, convinced that the restructuring of her soul went well, lovingly approached Tiala’s face.


“Ahaha, you’re really a good girl aren’t you? I’ll give you a kiss as reward”

“Nhaah, mistress Rena! You mustn’t, a reward that’s more than I deserve… *Nbchuu- *habyu*- *njuruuu*…!”


The kiss between the two turned into an intercourse far more vulgar and indecent than during her control.

Their feelings for each other had finally meshed, so that would be on par for the course.

One who controlled and one who wanted to be controlled.

Such relationship between Rena and Tiala can be called a type of “love” after all.


“I say, you’re doing it loudly again”

“*Puhaah*… But, I thought it won’t be worth it if I don’t do at least this much. Hey Tiala, you think so too right?”

“*Nhaah*… Yes, mistress Rena♪ Since the likes of me is a ground beetle for hurting you without understanding my own place, casting away my dignity and obeying you is certainly the correct choice for me, mistress Renaa!”

“I know, riight? Then Tiala, if you’re a dog, then strike a dog-like pose for me”

“Certainly, mistress Rena!”


Tiala flopped, rolled over face up on the ground, and took a pose like a dog showing its stomach and feet widely spread.


“Hef hef hef hef hef!” TL *Dog breathing noise*


And then she stuck out her tongue and repeatedly breathed roughly.


“Fufu, it suits you well, that look of yours”

“Thank you very muj-guuh!?”


Sinking into Tiala’s stomach was Rena’s foot.

It was by no means mere violence.

This was her expression of affection.

Moreover it was not a one sided compulsion, but one upon understanding each other.


“*Hagah*, *Agih*, Aaah, to have the privilege of being stepped on by mistress Rena, *byuh*,  what an honor-hyuh!”


The more she was stepped on and the stronger the pain got, the more delighted Tiala became when it it was done by Rena.

Well, the one who created her like that was Rena however.


“Haha, ahahahaha! Tiala, you’re really cute!”


I seriously think so.

Such cute pet doesn’t exist anywhere else.

I could just get many more of them.

Not one, but enough of them to completely cover this kingdom――


“Well, if you’ve managed to put the princess under control, then any appearance you give her is fine. Next, if we can use her and increase our military strength…”

“Yup, I think I can even put the entire kingdom under my control”


Rena was not quite able to see a clear vision in the words of “revenge” Deigis spoke.

But now that she completed the ruined Tiala, she was able to see it.

If the world rejects Rena, then instead of Rena changing herself――she could just change the world.


“Now, who should I take control next”


While being affectionate to Tiala with the tip of her foot, Rena thought about her next prey.

And then, not that much time was needed for her to put the entire kingdom under her control――

-The end-


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