STOS Chapter 20

Hello everyone. Here’s another chapter of second summon. For those who don’t read any of the other novels I’m translating here, merry belated christmas! I’ve been noticing that japanese authors oftentimes go both past tense and present tense, often past tense for actions, summaries and such and present tense for thoughts, speech and/or explanations. Sometimes it makes for a difficult translation if I go with the usual single tense storywriting english people use, maybe I should try keeping the tenses like it is on the raw and see if it reads well. What do you guys think?


Anyways, enjoy your read~


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STOS Chapter 18

Hello everyone! How was your week today? Snow finally fell a few days ago, but it’s already gone now. So bye bye two days of winter?

Maybe some of you have already noticed, but I do all I can to replace honorifics to fitting titles in english. I think that in itself is also something worth trying since it will make you want to try to look for proper titles and such, not to mention fun and satisfying when it flows well. Though then again, I would spend extra time for every new honorific I’m not sure about in english. I can’t replace some of the -kun and -chan honorifics though. Then again, I could always remove them since no english person would call their classmates with anything besides first name(or family name in some cases).

Either way, enjoy the chapter and see you next week or in the comments!

Edit: Oops, forgot the proper tags.

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KG-SHSB Chapter 18

Hi everyone! Here it is, a chapter of Kanna that’s finally on time! I can do it if I put my mind on it. And time, too. Time I want more of. Lots more.

Either way, here’s the chapter for you to enjoy.


P.S. The title(なんだかんだ先生) is apparently a joke and reference to a game according to the author. Can anyone figure it out? Not sure how it’s translated to english though. If you do know, let me know so I can change. That is, if you can find out the game in the first place…Hint: It’s a fighting game. I found it, but can’t be bothered to go through google to find it nor buy all those games to find it.

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STOS Chapter 17

Hello readers! Here’s your next chapter for this. I’ll periodically keep author’s note if it’s anything meaningful. Sometimes it’s funny to read it and sometimes the author would give spoilers herself. But hey, if she’s going to give spoilers, why shouldn’t I? By the way, if there’s an asterisk, then it means I have put a note at the bottom of the chapter. Please check it if it interests you.

Without further ado, enjoy the chapter!

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