KG-SHSB Chapter 13

And here is your biweekly chapter of Kanna the Godless. I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed translating it. If you do enjoy this novel(and/or the other) and you’re willing to spend some time helping us out, please join us in discord or leave us a comment. We’re always looking for editors and TLCs to help speed up our releases. The only requirements are that you’re decent in the english language and that you’re good enough with a website that you won’t crash it. Knowledge in japanese is not required but preferable(especially as a TLC).

Well then, off you go to the actual content you’re all waiting for and see you again in two weeks.(or one, if you also follow the other novel)


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BFTG-NT 1st volume characters

Going to just leave the script here for the time being.  Maybe break em into blocks if they stay.

With that, I almost forgot.  Jun has too  much energy, so he worked on the Index and made a Glossary for BFTG-NT,  links on top menu bar of page.   Also, I may get around to adding a status widget for the releases so ppl dont’ need to poke the comments and I don’t have to spam subscribers emails with msg’s 😉



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New novel translation, coming up: Kanna the Godless; The Summoned Heretic is a Scenario Breaker

Hi readers, this is editor(/translator) Jun here. I’m happy to announce we will be releasing translations of a new novel I will be translating from now on. As already mentioned in the title, the novel is called “Kanna The Godless; The Summoned Heretic Is A Scenario Breaker” (Kanna no Kanna Itanshoukansha wa Scenario Breaker). Index page can be found here.

For the time being I will be picking up where the previous translator left off, which is chapter 12, and I will be releasing a chapter every other week.

We’re currently looking for new editors, TLCs etc for this novel so if you like this novel and you would like to try it out, please leave a comment.

Chapter 12 will be coming up soon, expect it this weekend. I hope you will look forward to this as much as I do.


~See you soon!


-Edit: I didn’t like the title that was given by the previous TL so I changed it.


BFTG-NT Chapter 34.5

This one has been sitting around waiting for 34, and given the delay I’ll not delay it further and push it on out for you all.  35 is in the works by one of our editors and will be out in a week or so.  Spec has worked on some more goodness for us and the queue is building up, but this’ll put a nice dent in it.  Lets see if we can catch up with Spec this time :3



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