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Vol 12 Chapter 10

Yuuji, learning about the harsh reality in his fifth year of living in another world

Beware: a portion of this chapter contains depiction of cruelty



Crackling sounds of firewood bursting open resounded in the open space.

The trip from Premie city to the royal capital, the fifth day.

Having exterminated the bandits, Yuuji and his party went through the road cut and made a camp on the open space in the mountain pass.


Yuuji, Alice, Riese, Kotarou, Kevin, the two exclusive escorts, former third rank adventurer scout Enzo, seamster Yurshelle and Premie city adventurers guild master Salomon.

The group of nine people and a dog who was on a trip, became eleven people and a dog with the inclusion of the wolfkin Denis and Alice’s brother Charles, who they have saved from the bandits.

Denis and Charles were lying down near the fire.

Charles was sleeping peacefully and Denis had cold sweat and sometimes groaned.


“Yuuji-nii, I wonder if Charles-nii and mister Denis is okay”

“I’m sure the two will be fine Alice”


Yuuji answered Alice who was watching over the two worrily. Incidentally, he had no grounds on that.


“Mr Kevin, like, don’t we have recovery magic?”

“Mr Yuuji, if you could imagine wound healing magic instead, please try it. Water, fire, earth, wind, light, darkness… with the attributes of commonly accepted magic, we are unable to cure wounds. We can produce and manipulate water for example, but it doesn’t seem like wounds cannot be cured with that. Both shining on it and making it dark is pointless too…”

“Uhm… It looks possible to stop the blood with water magic and sterilize with fire or light, but you’re right…”


Receiving Kevin’s words, Yuuji pondered while muttering. But it seems he did not come up with anything after all.


“It would be good if we could produce flesh and blood, but…we have no records of even visitors from afar having done so”

“Is that so… Ah, then what about medicine like potions?”

“I don’t know what potions are, but… there are medicine that gives the portion of blood you lose and recovers your strength”

“Ooh, so there really are amazing medicines! … Do you have them?”

“There was that medicine that I made Mr Denis drink in the cave, remember? That is one of them”

“Eh? So it’s not effective right away? Like, suddenly the wounds get healed…”

“It would be nice if we had that though… Just like I told you, it only increases one’s blood and recovers one’s strength”

“Is that so…”


Yuuji dropped his shoulders. It appears in this world, potions and recovery magic that immediately heals wounds don’t exist.


“The majority of the medicine we can obtain now are those developed by a person of the past who appeared to be a visitor from afar”


“It is a famous story among peddlers. A visitor from afar traveled to villages and cured illnesses and injuries. It seems that person brought about the concept of medicine and sterilisation

“Such a praiseworthy person…”

“However, when he visited a large country, he was demanded not to spread the knowledge and medicine to other countries and was then executed after he refused. It was unfortunate”


Said Kevin and shook his head.

“A- are you serious?” said Yuuji with eyes wide open.

*Wan wan* Kotarou softly barked. As if to say what an incomprehensible person.


“Yuuji-nii! Can Alice wipe mister Denis’s body?”


Alice called Yuuji and Kevin as they quieted down. It wasn’t that she did not read the mood. It seems she thought about it as she saw Denis as he showed cold sweat.

Her brother Charles, who she reunited with after three and half years, was sleeping peacefully. She looked up as if she wanted to talk with him soon, but was enduring it until he woke up.


“How kind of you Alice! Mr Kevin, is that okay?”

“I think it is fine, but if we’re thinking about tomorrow, then we won’t have much leeway on water, so… It’s a state of emergency, so shall we have Alice-chan and Riese-chan produce some with magic?”

‘Then Riese will make water! Alice-chan will warm it up with fire!’


The elven girl Riese informed, having heard Yuuji’s simultaneous interpretation. Having only been protected today, Riese seemed to be happy to finally be helpful.


Riese’s water magic and Alice’s fire magic.

Through cooperation of the two girls, a large amount of hot water was made in the blink of an eye.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Let’s change his clothes once you cleaned his body. The clothes Mr Denis is wearing has become worn out, plus we have spare clothes”


With a dagger in hand, Kevin informed Yuuji and Alice when they were ready to clean him up.

“Got it” Yuuji answered, and Kevin Kevin ripped up Denis’s clothes at once.


Seeing the now bare naked upper body of Denis, sounds of gasp could be heard.

Before going to the bandit hideout, Denis had spoken. That he would be fine as long as one of his eyes, his ears, nose and legs work.

To put it the other way around, it meant that the bandits had no reason to put wounds on places beside those.


“Damn it!”

“Mi- mister Denis…”

‘How terrible… what are they! What are humans!?’


Alice suddenly clung onto Denis, and Riese shouted with tears in her eyes.

They were words where Riese could likely fall to the dark side. Would an elf who falls to the dark side in this world become a dark elf, an orc, or Darth Riese? Nobody knows the answer to that. No, well, they would just become a human hating elf and shut themselves inside their country though.


Yuuji firmly clenched his teeth.

The Japan where Yuuji was raised in and this world were different. Even if he understood, he had not been exposed to this much malice until now.


“Everyone, let’s wipe his body”

“Mr Kevin…”

“Mr Yuuji, this is reality. If you were to hesitate and overlook them, it wouldn’t be strange if somebody here will become like this. Please don’t give mercy next time. Mr Denis will still be fine as long as he has his life”


Kevin spoke to Yuuji in a quiet voice.

Enzo and Salomon, the group of adventurers nodded as well.


“Miss Riese. Not all humans are people who would do such things, you know. Please recall everyone from the pioneer land. But… make sure to never be separated from Mr Salomon”


Looking into Riese’s eyes, Kevin told her.

When the shaking Yuuji translated it, Riese lightly nodded.


The trip to the royal capital, the fifth day.

The long day for Yuuji, Alice and Riese finally announced its end.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Yuuji-nii, morning! Heyhey, would Charles-nii wake up for me? Would mister Denis be okay?”

“Morning, Alice. I wonder…”


Alice, who did her morning greetings, was tense.

She reunited with her brother who was missing for three and half years. She was controlling herself with her sleeping brother during the night, but she must have thought he would wake up once it was morning. Her eyes were sparkling in expectations.


“Mr Yuuji, Alice-chan, good morning…. Mr Denis has gotten considerably stable”


Kevin told the two as he squatted and looked at Denis’s condition.

Denis’s cold sweat and groaning had subsided, currently he was breathing peacefully while sleeping. It appears that he had gotten over the worst.


“Mr Kevin, what do you think? Will it be bad if we wake up Charles-kun?”

“Hum, I don’t know his emotional scars, you see… won’t you wait for him to wake up naturally? There’s no use in staying here, so how about we go down the mountain pass and head to the inn town in any case?”

“Alright. Alice, could you endure it a little longer? It looks like Charles-kun is tired, so let’s let him sleep as much as he needs”



With a smile on her whole face, Alice answered Yuuji. She was a reasonable child.


In order to put the sleeping Charles and Denis in the covered wagon and create space, Yuuji went to the coachman’s seat next to Kevin.

Enzo, who had been standing at the coachman’s seat until now, left behind the words “the downslope will go easily, so I’ll go walk” and took the lead.


The sixth day since Yuuji and company left Premie city.

Eleven people and a dog descended the mountain pass and aimed for the final inn post to the royal capital.

Bringing along the uneasy and restless Alice.


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