BFTG-NT Chapter 12

Well, this took longer than I honestly expected.  Editing is a slower process than I expected it to be in the end.  I clearly underestimated the amount of effort involved.  There were a lot of minor details to get worked out to establish consistency going forward.  That being said,  it should be a tad bit quicker now as we work through the remainder of the backlog.  Enjoy!


TL: SpecterZe

Ed: Torianna

Chapter 12 Summoned People’s Circumstances and Skill Seal

[As I explained before, Sakura and I, together with everyone in the school, came from the country called Japan. We were summoned here as heroes by the royal palace, but we were thrown out of the royal capital because we didn’t have any gifts.]

As I start talking, Mio asks a question immediately.

[I heard summoned heroes usually have a gift. Why didn’t Master have one?]

[I will explain a little bit later, but it seems we don’t have a gift because we have special power(s).]
[Is that the miracle Jin-sama caused?]

It seems Maria is recognizing me as a god. If I don’t stop her, she will worship me as a god. Yeah, just stop calling it a miracle.

[It isn’t a miracle, but that is right. It was the reason why I could heal Maria and bought Mio, too.]

Let’s skip the details about special powers, I will explain it during the travel.

[Those people from royal palace only judge “Hero” from the gift alone. We were thrown out because we didn’t have any gifts.]
[But Jin-sama, you said you were summoned together with others, why didn’t your acquaintances stop it?]

Hmm… Maria exactly notices that. How should I put it? Sakura is special case…

[Yeah, no one stopped it. In fact, we could feel hostility from their eyes, too.]
[Eh, isn’t that too unnatural?]
[Yeah, I also don’t doubt they were brainwashed or something, too. So we plan to leave this country quickly.]
[That means masters are escaping from this country…]

Mio murmurs something like that.

[Wait a second. An escape?]

Sakura and Mio simultaneously raised their voices.
[I’m not going to hide it. Because we hate this country, we want to leave.]
[Is that so? I thought you were fugitives…]

It seems Sakura and I have different perceptions.

[In our current condition, we won’t have any problems when pursuers come. We don’t have to be sneaky like fugitives.]

Because living a life on the run is nerve-wracking and unpleasant.
If pursuers come, we have to defeat them. It is a valuable source of skill points.

[I have no intention of avoiding trouble, but I won’t forgive anyone who is hostile towards us and causes a problem. In short, “we won’t hold back”.]
[That’s quite bold.]
[If not that bold, how could I go and buy slaves?]

That’s right. It might be good to learn about it for now.

[Let’s confirm it. Did you two have a sense of belonging to this country? To be honest, our current situation is nothing short of being hostile towards this country.]

Maria reacts to my words.

[I don’t mind. I will be where Jin-sama is. My only acquaintances of this country are in the village from my hometown, which sold children off to reduce the number of mouths to feed. There would be no deep emotion even if I reappeared in front of them again.]

Her loyalty is still the same. Maria should be safe for now. What about Mio?

[I don’t think I belong here, either. Even the matter of mayonnaise is slightly bad. They branded me a criminal without hearing the details. Beside, my hometown is still Japan, too.]

Mio still feels she belongs to Japan. She gave a nostalgic smile and says,

[Originally, I was very sick, but I have good memories because my parent were really gentle. I was about to recover, but I died in a traffic accident…]

It seems she doesn’t mind if I fight against this country.

[Understood. Let’s move to the next topic.]

Both of them answer cheerfully.

[We were driven out of the royal capital because of my power… Since it is troublesome to explain, I’ll just call it “special power”.]
[[Special power?]]
[I will explain after this. You can think it is a mysterious power that I have.]
[Jin-sama has something like that, after all.]

Maria isn’t the least bit surprised.

[We reached a nearby village with this special power, and then we made preparations before traveling to this town.]

Mio asks another question.

[How did you make money? Summoned people usually don’t have any money.]
[I defeated monsters with the special power and sold the monster cores.]
[Did you defeat monsters without any weapon?]
[I defeated them by strengthening myself with the special power.]
[Come to think of it… Why do you know you have a special power but not any gifts?]
[I confirmed it with my special power.]
[Hmmm… The special power helps you with everything.]
[You could say that.]

With that line, it makes the special power look really amazing. Well, it is understandable.

[And then we came to this town. Oh! Before arriving here, we exterminated a band of thieves named “Black Wolf” using the special power.]
[Master. There is a rumor about thieves’ extermination going around.”

Oh, it seems those thieves were quite infamous for a lot of people.

[The income was quite good. An item box was there, too. Since Dora was caught there, I helped her, and we became companions.]
<<I’m Dora~>>

Dora raises her hand, but no one seems to hear her telepathy since I didn’t have contact with them yet.

[Dora-chan. I’m looking forward to working with you.]
[Please take care of me.]

Come to think of it, I forgot to introduce Dora, but introducing her without a detailed explanation about the special power will be difficult, so let’s postpone it for now.

<<I’m sorry, Dora,>>
I told her with telepathy.

<<Don’t worry~>>

Uh, good girl, good girl.

[We decided to buy two slaves because we received many bonuses from defeating those thieves and the treasure repurchase. The first purpose for the slaves was cooking because our cooking skills are a disaster…]
[So it was like that. By the way, how much did you get?]
[20.5 million in gold.]
[That’s too much!]
[1,000,000g is from thief’s extermination and 20,000,000g is probably from the repurchase.]

Maria’s intuition is sharp.

[That’s right. I sold the noble family’s heirloom for twice the normal price.]
[I see… But is that okay?]
[I don’t know. I don’t regret it because she was a jerk. I will retaliate if they attack. It doesn’t matter anyways because we are going to leave this town soon.]
[But you could be on the wanted list of the adventurer guild…]

I’m completely hostile towards this country.

[I didn’t register as an adventurer after coming to this country, nor did I give my name to the adventurer’s guild. I used a false name to stay at this hotel.]

Er… My false names is Jean; Sakura is Stella; and Dora is Dona. It is easy to deceive when we use them in public.

[You are totally prepared. You really hate this country, after all.]
[Yeah, Sakura and I really hate this country, but don’t worry. We don’t hate you two. I don’t care about your origin.]

By the way, you aren’t a citizen anymore once you become a slave. Master’s intention has the highest priority over this, but… The hotel’s fee is still the same.

[Yes, thank you very much. But please don’t whip us when you are displeased just because we are former citizens.]

I don’t have that kind of cruel hobby. I’d rather humiliate than punish them. Other than rape, I’m a little happy to see them embarrassed. That idea makes me feel good. [Spec: (゜д゜)]
Wait! What am I talking about?

[I have no intention to do that. I will do that to those who deserve it. It isn’t like I have a grudge against all people and want to annihilate everyone in this nation. I’m not the kind of guy who has a hobby of tormenting my own people, either.]
[Understood. I’m happy I became Jin-sama’s slave.]

But it seems Maria will be pleased even if I hit her with a whip. For example, she would say “I’m happy that you disciplined me” or something like that…

[You explained about your journey. Shouldn’t we talk about your special power soon?]
[I’ve been waiting!]

Mio particularly wants to hear about this.

[We have special powers instead of gifts. In short, it’s a cheat.]

I put it simply, at first.

[But Master, won’t a hero’s gift be a cheat, too?]
[Those kinds of things aren’t cheats when compared to this.]

I’ve confirmed all gifts, but none are more powerful than what I have. Those gifts are basically a single unique ability (two, in some cases) that strengthen an existing skill.
What I have ignores all the rules.

[First, I have four special powers. Even the least powerful amongst the four is more powerful than a gift. Isn’t that a cheat?]
[You are right. That alone is amazing enough.]

I still have three unconfirmed special powers, but I don’t tell them because it will make this conversation go out of control.

[I will explain them one by one.]

Which should I explain first? About the <System Window> which has already played an active part during the trip? It’s necessary to explain the other special powers, too.

[The first ability is about information. I can see a lot of things normal people can’t see. A bird’s-eye-view map. Personal strength and technique. It can confirm the prices and characteristics of almost everything.]
[It is totally game-like.]

As expected, Mio knows it. She might have more knowledge about gaming than Sakura.

[Mio, do you know the details?]
[Of course. Sickly people always have too much free time. I’ve even counter stopped in one or two net games, too. I don’t want to boast because I’ve searched the Internet, but I’m confident in my knowledge of modern Japan. In addition, I have a wide variety of knowledge in many fields.]
[Considering all of that, you still have mayonnaise failure.]
[You promised not to talk about that again…]

I didn’t promise.
But I can’t say Mio is innocent with regards to the mayonnaise incident either.

Q: What kind of poison does mayonnaise have?
A: Mayonnaise has a toxicity in this world. It will happen when a large dose of it is consumed. The rules of this world are different from the original world.

Q: What do you mean by “different rule”?
A: What you did in the former world doesn’t mean it will have the same result in this world. For example, fire was made by combustion in the former world, but the rule of combustion couldn’t be applied to the fire element in this world.

In fact, this is considerably important information, isn’t it? I’m certain this is a world with magic. It shouldn’t have the same rules. Perhaps, gravitational acceleration and friction’s coefficient rule are completely different…
But it has a little difference.

About mayonnaise. I have an impression as if there was some trap to prevent cheating with modern knowledge.
Let’s get back to topic.

Maria raises her hand and asks a question.

[Er… What is a game?]

Well, Maria doesn’t know about that. Dora doesn’t know about it, but I don’t think she really cares, either.

[Oh~, sorry. It’s hard to explain because it isn’t a concept in this world. I think it would be good to know that concept because it could explain all the special powers.]
[Understood. Mio-chan, please tell me.]
[Eh… me?]

Mio is suddenly like a half-asleep earthworm (寝耳にミミズ/nemiminimimizu). My mistake. She suddenly becomes surprised (寝耳に水/nemiminimizu)

[Yes, I can’t waste master’s time for something like this.]
[And you are fine with me…]
[Because we are slave companions, I will be in your care.]
[Oh, whatever. Sooner or later.]

I feel I catch a glimpse of the relationship between Maria and Mio somehow.

[Let’s return to topic. I found out Mio was reincarnated and Maria’s name and title with this special power.]

Q : What is a title?
A : The standpoint, way of life or great achievement of the title owner. Some are easy to acquired just by having the associated skill. Skill requirement is depend on each title.

[The second special power allows me to give or take skills and status. Status is physical ability like power. Skills are special skills and talent. Gifts are considered skills, too.]
[What will happened when an ability is taken?]
[One becomes weak. Abilities can still be taken from the target if the monster core wasn’t extracted.]

I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s probably not wrong. Let’s confirm the damage by stone-throwing.

[It’s a nasty ability.]

I think so, too. It’s really effective, though.
[It’s not just taking, but it allows one to give to another person, too.]
[Oh! Master said a while ago that you were going to strengthen us. Are you going to use this power?]
[Correct. I will give you powers greater than average people and the skills I took from the monsters.]
[Is it okay? I have bad memories from the past… I might fail Master’s expectations…]

Maria is lost in thought. Let’s check Maria’s status. I’m worried about something.

Name: Maria

Sex : Female

Age : 12

Race : Beast man (Cat)

Skill : <Seal LV10>

Title : Hero of beast men, Jin’s slave.

<Seal LV10>. What is it? I’m interested. Let’s find out.

<Seal>. Demerit skill that prevents skill acquisition. Skills at a level less than <Seal>’s level will have no effect. It is impossible to learn or acquire new skills.

This is bad, no matter how I look at it. And it is level 10, too. Doesn’t that mean she can’t learn any skills? And she said she has bad memory.

[Don’t worry. Maria, You skills are sealed. You can’t acquire new skills because of that.]
[Eh, I thought I had a bad memory…]
[It’s because of this skill.]

Maria is pondering on something.

[I’ve had a bad memory for a long time. Since my village isn’t big, I was tasked to do basic stuff, but they said I had no talent at all. That mystery is solved now…]

You can have a LV1 skill even you have no talent, just by obtaining a single skill point.

[I will take <Seal> skill for now. You will able to learn skills after this.]
[Is it okay? Won’t it seal Jin-sama’s skill?]

This girl notices it as well, and she’s considerate, too.

[Don’t worry. I know about demerit skills. It can just make the skill ineffective. I’m fine because I turned off most of the race skills I can’t use.]
[You can do that, too. This ability is really cheating.]
[So, I can take them without any problems.]

I look at Maria’s eyes and say that. Her face looks like she is in a trance.

[Please take care of me. Everything I have belongs to Jin-sama. Please take it as you see fit.]

Uh, you don’t need to say that. Is this is some kind of experiment? Does that mean you want me to do as I like? But that expression. It is completely girl-like.
[Then, I will take it…]

I concentrate and take only her <Seal>. I set it to OFF when I take it.

[Great, I can take it.]
[I feel as if my body is lighter somehow.]

For now, let’s confirm Maria’s skills. I’m not sure what will be left after I take <Seal> off…

Name: Maria

Sex: Female

Age: 12

Race: Beast man (Cat)

Skill: <Sword Mastery LV5> <Blunt Mastery LV1> <Shield Mastery LV1> <Bow Mastery LV1> <Throw Mastery LV1> <Unarmed Mastery LV2> <Axe Mastery LV1> <Fire Magic LV3> <Water Magic LV3> <Light Magic LV5> <Restoration Magic LV3> <Living Magic LV1> <Monster Taming LV4> <Compound LV1> <Cooking LV1> <Housework LV1> <Lumbering LV1> <Hunting LV2> <Sewing LV2> <Mining LV1> <Judgment LV3> <Smithing LV2> <Body Reinforcement LV5> <HP Regeneration LV5> <MP Regeneration LV5> <Jump LV1> <Ambition LV5> <Search LV1> <Mind’s eye LV4> <Awakening LV2> <Toughness LV2> <Steadfastness LV2> <Hero LV5>

Title : Hero of Beast men, Jin’s slave.


[You have a lot of skills…]

I see a large amount of skills with <System Window>. Since <System Window> can confirm invalid skills and I couldn’t see them until now, this means that she got those skills the moment <Seal> was removed. <System Window> only shows acquired skills. Even if a LV1 skill only needs one skill point, you can’t acquire the skill because of <Seal>. So, those skill points were saved up and applied the moment <Seal> was removed.

[Is that so? I don’t actually feel anything…]
[Wait a minute. I will write your skills on paper now.]

I intend to write them on paper, but it’s too hard to read. So, I’ll group them together. Oh, it has an option on layout. Let’s use it.

Name: Maria

Sex: Female

Age: 12

Race: Beast man (Cat)


Martial Arts:

<Sword Mastery LV5> <Blunt Mastery LV1> <Shield Mastery LV1>

<Bow Mastery LV1> <Throw Mastery LV1> <Unarmed Mastery LV2>

<Axe Mastery LV1>


<Fire Magic LV3> <Water Magic LV3> <Light Magic LV5>

<Restoration Magic LV3> <Living Magic LV1>


<Monster Taming LV4> <Compound LV1> <Cooking LV1>

<Housework LV1> <Lumbering LV1> <Hunting LV2>

<Sewing LV2> <Mining LV1> <Judgment LV3>

<Smithing LV2>


<Body Reinforcement LV5> <HP Regeneration LV5> <MP Regeneration LV5>

<Jump LV1> <Ambition LV5> <Search LV1>

<Mind’s eye LV4> <Awakening LV2> <Toughness LV2> <Steadfastness LV2>


<Hero LV5>

Title: Hero of Beast man, Jin’s slave.

Uh, it’s a lot easier to read, but writing them is hard. I wouldn’t have needed to do this if I explained about <Engage Link> and <System Window> before. Ha! This is troublesome.

[Do I have those skills? I don’t want to suspect Master, but I’m surprised.]
[Probably because you can’t get any skills under <Seal>’s effect, no matter how many skill points you have.]
[I’m bothered by “skills” and a lot of other things, but what is <Seal> in the first place?]

Mio asked the question I also wanted to know. Let’s ask for help from help-sensei again.

Q: What is <Seal> skill? Why does a Hero have it?
A: Unknown. When a Hero is born in this world, this skill is given automatically.

Again… The details are unclear, even if I use clairvoyance. Most questions are about the goddess. For example, why couldn’t I access information about the goddess. It might be that the goddess gave me this skill, but why did she put on a curse to prevent the acquisition of skills by a Hero who was born in this world?

[I checked with <System Window>, but it doesn’t give detailed information, primarily because <System Window> doesn’t give any details related to the goddess.]
[Did Jin-kun’s <System Window> not work?]
[Well, <System Window> is really convenient, but it doesn’t know everything.]

Because the goddess is related to a lot of things I want to know, it’s really inconvenient.

[It seems <Seal> will be placed automatically when children with the “Hero” title are born, leading them to a life of suffering, unable to learn any skills at all…]
[Uh, I feel that is nothing but malice.]

The mood becomes heavy. Come to think of it, it’s <Seal LV10>… It’s useless now, so I wonder if I could convert it to skill points. LV10 (450 point) divide by 5 is equal to 90 free skill points. Enough to level up from LV1 to LV4. Or.. I just give it to enemy on purpose and weaken them. Uh, let’s try that. I found an unexpected way to use the skill that had been tormenting Maria.

[Well then, this is all of your skills.]

Maria timidly raises her hand.

[I can hardly read most of the letters. I’m not surprised that you could write, but I don’t know how to read.]

Maria apologizes. Oh, she can’t read kanji? What about writing those skills in katakana?

Q: What is the literacy rate of this world?
A: 15-20%. Less than 10% in the village. If a slave can read hiragana and katakana, it is considered to be good.

This is considered to be good.

I’ll just pick something interesting for now and then ask Mio for more detail.
[Okay, Mio-chan. Could you tell me “About Games” and this, too?]
[Me again… All right. I will do it.]

Mio is sulking a little, but she still does it.

[Then… the most interesting is <Hero LV5>.]
[This is obviously extraordinary.]

Even though Sakura doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about gaming, she could understand that. I try to confirm the details.


It allows the owner to have several skills to be a hero. Each level of this skill will add a level to those skills.


<Sword Mastery> <Light Magic> <Ambition>


<Body Reinforcement> <HP Regeneration> <MP Regeneration>


<Mind’s Eye> <Judgment> <Monster Taming>


<Fire Magic> <Water Magic> <Restoration Magic>


<Awaking> <Toughness> <Steadfast>

This is really unexpected. Those skills on the list are considered strong without looking for details. What’s with this broken skill. A cheat? (Do you talk about yourself? In case you forget about it).
I feel it’s reasonable to obtain those skills, somehow. Those are hero-like skills. It feels like these skills: physical ability, body reinforcement and basic magic development as the story progresses. Doesn’t that give you the feeling of becoming strong suddenly?
I draw a red line on the skills that came from hero skill.

[These skills were provided by the hero skill. They will be strengthened together with it.]
[It is a usual cheat…]
[You are completely combat-ready after the removal of <Seal>.]

Mio and Sakura are surprised, as usual. This is a battle-ready skill. Without doubt.

[Then, Jin-sama, please take it.]

While Maria says that, she leans forward and spreads her hands. I don’t know what she wants me to do.

[What is that?]

Maria keeps smiling while saying this.

[I will hand over all my skills to Jin-sama. If it weren’t for Jin-sama, I wouldn’t have those skills, either. It is not strange for Jin-sama to obtain them.]

Perhaps this the way you show your loyalty? It’s a little scary. She said she’s going to give all of her power without hesitation. Of course, you have no right to refuse from a slave’s point of view, but to say this on her own…

[Don’t you mind? Doesn’t your body feel lighter?]

I want to make sure. It is possible to just “Add 1 point”, but I have no intention of taking all of them.

[I don’t mind. It’s just the same as before. I will be a lot happier if I’m able to help Jin-sama.]

It seems it is pure loyalty. She intends to do it seriously. Even if I just met her a little while ago…
This girl is cat beast man. Is her loyalty higher than a dog’s?

[Well, Maria must have those skills. I already said that, too. I need you to fight. If I take all of your skill, you will be useless at that moment. I will just borrow some, but not take them all.]

Maria becomes silent after hearing that.

[Th-That’s right. I’m sorry. It is my job to take care of – and help – Jin-sama with this power.]
[It is good that you understand. Don’t forget about it either since I will give you some status from now.]
[Y-Yes. My best regards. But if Jin-sama sees any skill that is useful, please take it.]

I have a feeling I’ll want to do that! Her regeneration skills are high, too.

[Yeah, Let’s talk about skill distribution next.]

Our conversation doesn’t progress much as we have many skills to worry about. Let’s return to this topic another time and talk about my special power now.


Shindo Jin



Martial Arts:

<Sword Mastery LV6> < Spear Mastery LV4> <Shield Mastery LV6>

<Bow Mastery LV5> <Unarmed Mastery LV5> <Assassination LV2>

<Axe Mastery LV5>


<Fire Magic LV2> <Water Magic LV2> <Wind Magic LV2>

<Earth Magic LV2> <Lightning Magic LV2> <Ice Magic LV2>

<Dark Magic LV3> <Restoration Magic LV2> <Chanting LV1>

<Possession LV1> <Original Spell: Revive>

General Skills:

<Leadership LV2> <Inspiration LV3> <Monster Taming LV3>

<Lock-picking LV3> <Thievery LV4> <Intimidate LV4>

<Torture LV2> <Compound LV2>


<Body Reinforcement LV8> <Jump LV4> <Night Eye LV3>

<Berserker LV1> <Detection LV6>

Special Powers:

<Give & Take LV3> <System Window LV-> <Inventory LV->

<Engage Link LV-> <???> <???>
Equipment: Goblin General’s sword.

Kinoshita Sakura



Martial Arts:

<Blunt Mastery LV5>


<Fire Magic LV3> <Water Magic LV3> <Wind Magic LV2>

<Earth Magic LV2> <Lightning Magic LV3> <Ice Magic LV2>

<Dark Magic LV3> <Restoration Magic LV1>

General Skills:



<Body Reinforcement LV6> <Jump LV3> <Detection LV1>

Special Powers:

<Magic Creation>

Equipment: Goblin Magician’s staff




Martial Arts:

<Blunt Mastery LV5> <Shield Mastery LV3>


<Draconic Magic LV3> <Fire Magic LV1> <Water Magic LV1>

<Wind Magic LV1> <Earth Magic LV1> <Ice Magic LV1>

<Dark Magic LV1> <Restoration Magic LV1>

General Skills:



<Body Reinforcement LV6> <Flight LV5> <Rush LV5>

<Roar LV5> <Bite LV4> <Jump LV3>

<Detection LV1>

Special Powers:


Equipment: Monk’s Battle staff, Steel Shield.





Martial Arts:




General Skills:

<Cooking LV5> <Housework LV4>



Special Powers:


Equipment: None





Martial Arts:

<Sword Mastery LV5 (new)> <Blunt Mastery LV1 (new)> <Shield Mastery LV1 (new)> <Bow Mastery LV1 (new)> <Throw Mastery LV1 (new)> <Unarmed Mastery LV2 (new)> <Axe Mastery LV1 (new)>


<Fire Magic LV3 (new)> <Water Magic LV3 (new)> <Light Magic LV5 (new)> <Restoration Magic LV3 (new)> <Living Magic LV1 (new)>

General Skills:

<Monster Taming LV4 (new)> <Compound LV1 (new)> <Cooking LV1 (new)> <Housework LV1 (new)> <Lumbering LV1 (new)> <Hunting LV2 (new)>

<Sewing LV2 (new)> <Mining LV1 (new)> <Judgement LV3 (new)> <Smithing LV2 (new)>


<Body Reinforcement LV5 (new)> <HP Regeneration LV5 (new)> <MP Regeneration LV5 (new)> <Jump LV1 (new)> <Ambition LV5 (new)> <Detection LV1 (new)>

<Mind’s eye LV4 (new)> <Awakening LV2 (new)> <Toughness LV2 (new)> <Steadfastness LV2 (new)>


<Hero LV5 (new)>

Equipment: None

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