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Ed: Torianna

Chapter 13 The story of people with special powers and skill composition


[Let’s stop talking about Maria’s skills and get back to the topic of special powers for now.]
[Understood, but let’s talk about it again when we distribute the skills.]

As for Maria, she doesn’t really mind talking about her own skills. Even if it is really great, why does she feel indifferent? I guess it’s because her loyalty toward me is too high, she only looks at me without thinking of anything else… Or something like that.

[My third special power is like a warehouse that can hold an infinite number of objects inside. Except living creatures.]
[The fourth dimen—]

Because Mio was going to say something I didn’t want her to say, I stopped her, but I’m certain a living creature could enter. After all, it’s a special power that has a higher rank. But I can’t take anything I want when I’m panicking…

[I didn’t have this special power when I came to this world, but I obtained it during the trip. After that, carrying things around became more comfortable.]
[Is that so? It’s almost like you’re travelling empty-handed.]
[For now, we’re carrying enough baggage so as not to be suspected.]

I want to be empty-handed, if possible.

[Please leave it to me. I will bring the baggage for camouflage in the future.]
[Well, it is normal for slaves to carry the baggage.]
[However, the camouflaged baggage should be much lighter than normal.]
[That’s right. That is better.] 

It seems both of them were prepared for that. I don’t want to make girls like them do any heavy lifting at all.

[It is still less than I thought. There was an item box from those thieves. That can be used for camouflage, too.]

Mio looks shocked when she heard my words. Did I say something strange?

[I never thought Master would use the priceless item box as a camouflage…]
[Well, that rental box contained nothing…]
[It is valuable enough…]

I see, the item box itself is valuable enough. I’m really ignorant.

[I’ll leave it to Sakura for now because the things necessary for the trip are in the item box.]
[It is here~]

Sakura shows her pouch.

[It is quite pretty.  Oh, it really goes well with Sakura-sama.]
[Uh, yeah.]

The pouch is embarrassing.

[So, it still looks like a bag without the contents inside.]
[Master, aren’t your living standards too high for the trip?]

I’m aware of that, too, but that’s the reason…

[Probably by Japan’s standard.]
[Well, that standard is really high…]

In addition to special powers, we are replacing the technology of Japan with magic, and that makes our situation tolerable. It is endless if we are going to look up.  (ED:上を見ればきりがない。Huh?)

[They are powerful and convenient, without a doubt, but as a result can cause items with similar properties to become inferior. I see this more clearly than the other three…]
[Yeah, you are right. But the item box has a limited capacity, and there might be something we don’t know about it.]

However, <Inventory> has “LV-”, so it can’t be upgraded. Should I ask help-sensei for now?

Q : What is the advantage of <Inventory> over the item box?
A: The capacity is unlimited; it can dismantle or synthesize anything inside; it can store corpses; you can choose whether or not to stop time for the stored object; you can store living creatures if they are petrified or frozen; and magic can be stored, too.

It was unexpected, and there’s no excuse, either… I should’ve already confirmed it properly.

[It seems I have many things I need to confirm right now.]

I decided to tell everyone about the information I just obtained.

[One can even put humans in it, too, depending upon the condition. Corpses, as well. It is even possible to revive humans, via usable items, while they’re being stored.]

As Mio said, I think those functions can be utilized and abused. I didn’t think about handling the corpses like that…

[It seems you can manipulate the time of the stored object, too. It can also be used to store food for a long time.]

Mio’s ideas don’t stop. Oh, this one is from a chef’s point of view.

[If you can do synthesis inside <Inventory>, doesn’t that mean you can cook with it?]
[It is possible… It seems able to do something that complex. It is possible to dismantle the monster’s body if it were to be put inside, too.]
[Oh, that usage is really original.]

I think so. The purpose of special power is to aid the adventurer and battle.

[What do you mean by “stored magic?”]

Maria asked. But it is what it sounds like, literally.

[Yeah, you can store chanted magic inside <Inventory>, and you’re able to invoke them anytime.]
[It is virtually no chant.]

I didn’t receive the no chant skill, but I can use no chant virtually (Even though it is necessary to set it up beforehand).

[I think I will store surplus magic as much as I can from now on.]
[Doesn’t it have unlimited capacity, too? I’m scared of accidental discharge after putting in too much.]

I can choose what I put in and take out.

[It seems this special power is better than I first thought. I’m sorry for looking down on <Inventory> a little…]

I, who apologizes to a special power, feels it is a little surreal.

[Well then, the fourth and last special power is <Engage Link>. It can form a special connection between my subordinates.]

[What is the connection?]
Maria asked.

[The connection is something like invisible path. By the way, it can be used only on subordinates, tamed monsters and slaves, but it doesn’t have a distance limit. It can be used to communicate with each other without speaking, and to share abilities.]

[Does that mean I can use your special powers, too?]
Mio’s eyes brighten up as she asked that question. Because she heard how useful the connection is, she wants to use it, too.

[Not all abilities can be shared. I still have the sole authority to determine who can use them. It is impossible to take an ability from an enemy who was defeated by someone without <Give & Take> power turned on.]
[Does that mean I will become stronger when I defeat an enemy?]
[No, everything will come to me. It is more like a remote terminal than sharing the ability. Since <Engage Link> acts as a remote terminal, I can give an ability to the person who defeats an enemy, if it is necessary.]

It is troublesome. Why can’t I set it so half of the ability from defeated enemies goes to me and the other half goes to the person who defeated it? Wait… I can!

[It seems I can set private and common areas of storage by using <Inventory>, as well.]
[Does that mean we can have our own item box?]
[Yeah, if you think of it like that, even though just one part is lent, it still has infinite capacity. You could say <Inventory> becomes more useful. Oh, that convenient function was set to OFF a little while ago.]

It doesn’t seem the others can set passage of time for items. It is basically just sharing with them because I still have the final authority over it.

[The help function from <System Window> can’t be used, but status check and map can be used.]
[That is good enough. …nee, master. Can <Engage Link> itself be shared? In short, what will happen if we make our own subordinate?]

I never thought that far ahead. It would be like I’m the president of the company, and my subordinates have subordinates under their direct control.

[It seems possible. But the authority is considerably smaller than mine…]
[In short, Master will become stronger if the number of subordinates is increased.]
[Is that so? I-I will do my best.]

Maria’s switch was flipped in strange place. If the network of my abilities is completed, I might become the strongest just by letting my subordinates do all the work.

Sleep is an easy way to get strong? No, I think my own strength is important, too.

[By the way, thanks to <Engage Link>. I can talk with Dora now.]

The surprised faces of those two are cute.

[Dora, transform.]

<<All right~>>

Dora’s body shines brightly while she answered, and her dragon form appears when the light settled.

[What on earth? Is this…?]

Maria forgets to breathe.

[Cute~! A soft and fluffy feather. Cute, round eyes. I want this girl~]

Mio is hugging Dora. I absolutely don’t give her Dora. Never!

[Dora is a monster call “Dragonewt.” Although Dora is a dragon who can transform into human form, she is too young and can’t speak human words. In the case of <Engage Link>, we can talk without speaking. In short, it is “Telepathy”.]

[Master! Please let me talk with Dora quickly!]

Mio’s eyes shine brightly. Since it would have been no good and confusing without an explanation, I had turned it OFF, I guess this is the time to turn ON.

[Okay… Hey, you can talk with her now. Dora, greet them once more.]

Since <Engage Link> was activated, I encourage Dora to introduce herself again.

<<Yahoo~ I’m Dora. Can you hear me~?>>
[Uwa, I can hear her voice in my head.]
[It feels strange.]

You will be surprised at first, but you’ll get used to it soon. Since distance doesn’t matter, it will also be surprising if you hear someone suddenly say something. Should I decide to make a signal for when we are going to use it like a telephone or e-mail? It would be troublesome if we suddenly started talking. I have to make sure that won’t happen.

<<You two, try to imagine the conversation in your heads.>>
[Uwa, this is Jin-sama’s voice.]
[Maria-chan. We will do it too!]

I couldn’t do it at first but it becomes good enough to talk after trying for several minutes.

<<I can talk with Jin-sama anytime with this. I’m happy.>>
<<Dora-chan. You are a feather dragon. Your white feathers are fluffy and cute~>>
<<Hehe~, Master also praised me, too. It is my pride~>>
<<I see, Dora loves master too.>>
<<Uh! I love him!>>

As Sakura heard the young girl’s conversation in her mind, her physical strength recovered, so I get a bit closer to her.

[This is all of my special powers… for now. Should we talk about Sakura’s special power soon?]

The girls’ glances are focused on Sakura.

[Err… Don’t expect too much, I only have one special power, and it isn’t as great as Jin-kun’s…]

Sakura doesn’t seem to have confidence in her ability, but that isn’t the case at all. If I have to say, her power is enough to be called godlike.

[My special power is <Magic Creation>, and it can create any magic this world doesn’t have. The magic called “Revive” which was used to heal Maria’s wound was created by this power.]

As expected, both Mio and Maria are dumbfounded. Her magic isn’t inferior to my special powers, either. And in their eyes, it is strong and convenient.

[Not only master’s special powers are strong, but Sakura-sama’s are, too.]
[The magic to heal my lost limbs… I don’t think it’t strange to call Masters gods with that kind of power.]

Maria still treats me as a god, after all. Ah… She added Sakura as well.

[It is really powerful, but it has downside, too. First, it requires huge amounts of magical power and MP. Oh, you can ask Jin-kun about those two statuses.]

I didn’t explain the detail about status. I hand the paper I used to explain it to Sakura to Mio.

[This is the list of everybody’s status. Maria can ask Mio later.]

Mio already gives up.

[Let’s continue. Since this special power requires a huge amount of MP, it is hard to use, unlike Jin-kun’s.]
[No, I think that is good enough. Since Sakura-sama and Master are together, there is virtually no flaw.]
[That’s right. You will have enough magical power to use that special power alone without status sharing. Please be patient.]

Sakura smiles at me when I tell her not to worry.

[Understood. I don’t need to worry about the flaw of my special power. Jin-kun, I will be in your care from now on. Promise?]
[Yeah, leave it to me.]

I nod strongly, but Maria raises her hand because she wants to say something.

[I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation.]
[Well, it doesn’t matter since it is already ended.]
[Thank you. You see…, I only thanked Jin-sama, but I forgot to thank Sakura-sama. I’m sorry. Sakura-sama, thank you for creating magic to help me.]

Maria bows deeply at Sakura. I think the position of her ears is odd. Does this mean she wants to be patted?

A : That’s right.

Oh, Q&A is handling this right now. Why hasn’t it been doing this until now? It won’t answer if I don’t make my question clear… Does Help-sensei evolve, too?

A : That’s right.

It seems so… Well, it is convenient.
I told Sakura how to receive gratitude from Maria.

[It is okay. Don’t worry. Maria-chan doesn’t tell me herself, but Jin-kun already gave me the instructions. I discovered this special power because of Jin-kun, too… In the case of Jin-kun, I feel like I have to do something for him, even without this special power.]

No, I don’t think like that, at all. However, I would have been troubled if you hadn’t awakened that special power. There is no guarantee the rest of my special powers can heal Maria. By the way, just taking <Seal> out will let her regeneration skill work.

[No, I didn’t do anything in particular.]

I can’t put much appeal for now. Uh, there is no guarantee it can be done with the power I have. It isn’t a lie.

[Well then, I guess that was all about special powers. Uh, it is the right time. Let’s have a lunch soon.]

[What should we do?]
Maria asked, but I don’t know what she means.

[What do you mean?]

Maria doesn’t seem to understand it, either.

[Err, Master, what should we do about the slave’s meal? Isn’t that right, Maria-chan?]
[Y-Yes. That’s right.]

With an explanation from Mio, Maria also nods. Perhaps slaves’ food is different from Masters’. Yeah, in dramas or mangas, too, nobles and servants don’t need to eat the same thing.

[That’s right. Because I don’t have money problems, shouldn’t you guys eat the same thing, too?]
[I-It is no good. It is normal for slave to have the worst food.]

Maria panics as she rejects my decision.

[Because I’m happy just from Master’s compliment. That alone is good enough.]
[There is something else that can’t be left unspoken. It is necessary to clarify our standpoint toward it.]

Maria objects strongly. She still thinks “We are above them” and rejects my decision.
As for me, I don’t have a hobby of discriminating who gets what to eat. We should eat delicious food together.

[Maria, this is an order. Don’t refuse to have an equal meal with us.]
[As Jin-sama desires.]

She knelt down, without hesitation, when I gave her an order. As I said “We have to eat the same thing” a little while ago. Maria showed disapproval about it, but it is totally different when I ordered. A little while ago, didn’t I say “To eat” as question and answer?

[Maria-chan, that is fine.]

Mio is somewhat astonished when she speaks.

[Because we are his slave, it is natural for him to choose what is good for us. Though of course, we still need to give priority if it is an order.]
[Well… Is that so?]

Maria’s complaint was cleared up when Mio said that.

I order five complete meals from an employee at the hotel, and we decide to move to into four rooms. Dora doesn’t need a bed because she will sleep with either me or Sakura.

Food arrives. It is delicious enough to make Mio and Maria cry. It has been a long time for Mio (8 years) – and the first time for Maria – to have a high-class meal. (Each meal = 1,000g)
Maria is somewhat reserved at first. I have to force her to eat once, and after that, the rest is simple. I mean she starts crying after taking a second bite. Mio ate it without worry, at all.

[This is the first time I’ve eaten something so delicious. I’m happy to have become Jin-sama’s slave. Today is the best day. No, I’m literally re-born today. Today will be my new birthday!]

Maria’s tension is amusing.

[bakubaku. mushamusha. (Silent eating : Mio)]

She is eating with all her might, totally ignoring her surroundings.

[After we finish our meal, let’s organize our skills and then buy clothes and weapons.]

I declare. I think they should have heard it…
We take a short break after everybody finished their meals. Those two are regretfully looking at the tableware.

[It has been a long time since my stomach has been this full. About 8 years? Well, since I had a small appetite in my previous life, this might be the first time in 24 years that I’ve eaten this much.]

Mio talks as if she is 24 years old.

[It was the first time in 12 years for me. Since I have to eat to survive, I become happy just having something to eat…]

Maria displays a happy expression. However, I could sense a little gloominess in her.

[Is it really okay for us to have this kind of treatment even we didn’t do anything so far…?]

It is really late to realize that, but it is unbearable after eating something delicious once (Mio is a good example). As for Maria, she could enjoy delicious food from now on. Of course, I can order her not to eat, too…

[I will have you working from now on. This is a prior investment. If we start traveling, the quality of the food we can eat is sure to decline for sure. So that is the reason I bought Mio. Although we’ll use you as slaves for life necessities, you don’t have to worry. We won’t treat you cruelly.]


Those two answer cheerfully. I decide to organize our skills first before going to buy weapons. But Mio, it is undeniable that Maria can’t be sent into battle directly. Excluding Dora, Mio is the youngest normal human with no cheats, except for being able to reincarnate. Originally, I wouldn’t let her join the fight, but I have to…

[Well then, I will start skill organization soon.]
[Maria-chan doesn’t have any problems with fighting, but for me…]

Mio seems to aware of that, too.

[I will teach you our skill composition right now. I use a one-handed sword and magic. Sakura uses a staff and magic. Dora uses a shield, a battle staff and draconic magic.]
[Isn’t that too many with magic?]
[We only need one point to use LV1 magic. So it isn’t a problem for everyone to have it.]
[Then, please give me some magic first.]

Mio seems to want to use magic. I don’t mind if she wants to be full-time magician.

[Except for the main weapon: Sakura. She is a full-time magician.]
[Yeah, but how good will that be? It doesn’t seem like I could do anything in close combat, even if my physical status got high.]
[Whips and bows are recommended for mid-long range fighting.]

I don’t have a whip skill, but I might obtain it if I use it for a while.

[Whip is no good! Let me use a bow.]

I think there is some demand for a loli queen. Well… For now, I’ll just give her a set of magic: <Body Reinforcement> and <Bow Mastery>.

[Maria, I’m sorry, but could you give each of us points for the skills we don’t have?]

I could use converted points to supplement Maria’s lost points, but that would take a lot of points.

[I don’t mind. Please use it freely.]
[Thank you. We will have LV1 skill after receiving one point. I want to share advantage skills among us as much as I can. I’m sorry to trouble you with it.]
[Yes! I’m glad to be of help to you.]

As Maria gives me the permission, I distribute one skill point from each skill to each member. When it becomes LV1, it will give a power that exceeds amateur level.
My power will have a bigger effect if I have many subordinates, after all.

[I gave skills to all members, but because I don’t know about the skills associated with <Hero>, I left it intact.]

For now, I don’t want to touch a skill related to the goddess. I don’t want to do anything unnecessary.

[What is Maria’s main weapon? I think we lack a vanguard, so I want to put you in that position.]

[Understood. Is a sword good enough?]

[Well. Since <Hero> reinforces <Sword Mastery>, it’s a good idea. So, let’s start with a one-handed sword first.]

Maria’s weapon type has been decided, too. It seems she is skillful enough to have a dual-wielding style, if she want to. Since she’s the type who can do anything, I want to let her do various things.

Since this talk is settled, let’s move to the next step.

[Well then, the conversations about skills and weapons are done. Let’s go shopping. Clothes first, and then for weapons, armor and travel necessities.]

We head to clothes shop in town. It seems this is the first time both Maria and Mio have had a proper look at this town, too.

[Don’t look the other way too much.]
[It is okay! I’m not a child!]

Mio appears to look like an 8-year-old child. With her restless looking around, her words hold no persuasive power. But Mio has memories from her previous life, so I think she could be classified as an adult. However, she still acts very childish, probably because her mind is still in a child’s body.
Since I hold Dora’s hand, the one I worry the most about is the self-proclaimed 24-year-old little girl.

But we arrived at the clothes shop without a problem. I buy my own quickly and then wait for the girls in front of the shop. I told them to buy clothes they like since I gave them a big budget to use.

With the huge budget, I don’t see any reason why those girls will hate dressing up. It isn’t a bad idea to let those beautiful girls dress up. (Excluding the possibility of becoming a target for bad guys, that is.)

The girls came out after I’d been waiting for a while. Maria and Mio weren’t wearing the clothes from the slave dealer. Instead, they’re wearing clothes they bought from the shop. Maria is wearing shorts and a T-shirt for mobility. Without showing off, she gave priority to efficiency. Mio is a gothic lolita. Don’t you know you’ll have to fight in the future?

[We bought too much.]

The girls are showing me the big bags full of clothes that they bought.

[That’s okay, but Mio, why did you choose to be a gothic lolita?]
[Isn’t it cute?]
[Well, you need to fight…]
[Aren’t I in the rear? Dressing up won’t become a hindrance, right?]
[Oh well…]

I can’t argue because I don’t see a problem for 8-year-old girls to wear cute clothes.

I will put them in my <Inventory> for now. I put them in the personal area by <Engage Link>. Since I have the right to access all areas, I can take their undergarments out anytime. There isn’t a deep meaning. No, I’m not.

[Because it matches with girls like Mio-chan, I will allow it this time. I’m looking forward to it.]
[Yeah, with pleasure.]

Since Mio says that with confidence, I return to my real intention. Cute girls in cute clothes are justice.

[I-I must prevent myself from disappointing Jin-sama’s expectations. A-As a girl, I should learn how to dress up…]

Maria is serious in a strange way. I couldn’t say the current Maria doesn’t dress up. I shouldn’t tell Maria about my demand. I know she won’t hate my request, but I don’t want her to do it so eagerly.

Next are travel necessities. We only need personal tableware and sleeping bags for each person… According to Mio’s suggestion, we decided to separate them with color. By the way, the color coding is as follows:

My items are “Black”; Sakura’s are “Pink”, Dora’s are “Red”, Mio’s are “Yellow,” and Maria’s are “Blue”.

By the way, I decide to prepare the full set of cooking tools for Mio (and Maria) because I have no cooking skill. I would have totally forgotten about cooking tools had Mio not reminded me.


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