Hey,  We’ve not forgotten about the series.  Editor-chan is feeling better today, and progress should resume in between some other work due this weekend.

In other news, two more chapters added to the backlog to catch up 😀

We have up to 17.5 in the queue, and 2 more left in the current volume, iirc.

Plenty of releases to look forward to.


3 thoughts on “Status

    1. All the unedited releases are on the site, but the work flow becomes and issue if I just publish the unedited drafts, as they are basically the working copy for the editor and myself to review and publish, so you’d end up with a unfinished edit being live, well I understand the desire to read on. Once caught up, it’ll be pretty much as it’s translated it’ll be edited. Just seems terrible cause of the back log. 😉

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