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Chapter 14 Combat preparation of slaves and their first battle


Next is the weapons shop. It is the same weapons shop that fixed Dora’s equipment. With the shopkeeper’s good recommendations, I might have become a regular customer if this shop hadn’t been in this country.

[Welcome. …..Oh, a recent an-chan. Hey, what is the equipment’s condition?]
[It is good. Was it easy to use?]

Dora nods. This shopkeeper is a person who can greet other parties easily in this country.

[I need you to prepare equipment for my new team members today.]
[Hmm… Who? Do you mean those two girls?]
[Yeah. A one-handed sword for that tall girl, and a bow for the short girl.]

The shopkeeper is amazed that I only brought a young girl and a little girl (the girls ?) to buy a weapon.

[Did you buy a slave in this town recently?]
[Yes. Since we are going on a trip together, I think I’ll need weapons for them…]

Well, I have a lot of weapons from those thieves, but I won’t worry if I let this shopkeeper choose.

[I don’t know the reason for an-chan to buy small children, but they usually don’t let small children fight, do they?]
[Yeah, but they can fight.]
[You are really strange, an-chan…]

Do I have to explain?

[All right. A one-handed sword and a bow. Err… How about this?]


Iron one-handed sword

Classification:  one-handed sword

Rarity:  Common grade

Fairy short bow

Classification:  Bow

Rarity:  Common grade

Remark:  Hit rate is increased by fairies’ divine protection.


[I feel familiar with it in my hand.]
[It’s easy to handle. Ah… It’s easy to pull the string, too.]

If those two are fine with them, I don’t have any reason not to buy them.

[Understood. I will buy them. Next, could you choose light protective gear for them?]
[That is a good decision. Just wait a minute. I will prepare armor for them.]

Their bodies were measured easily, and protective gear will be prepared according to that.

[Thank you. I think this is a good time for Sakura to have a new weapon.]
[A weapon for that girl?]
[A staff. Do you have a magic staff that is strong enough to hit an enemy?]
[Then, how about this?]


Magic rod

Classification:  Staff

Rarity:  Common grade

Remarks:  Increases magic power a little.


[I’ll buy this, too. Next is…]

I look around the shop and buy a few valuable weapons.

[Please take this into account, too.]
[That is a lot… You don’t look very rich. Well, it totals 280,000g, after a little discount. That’ll be 280,000g.]
[Okay, 300,000g. No change.]

The shopkeeper’s face looks a little bitter since I overpaid him after he gave me a discount. I’m sorry. Because you are in this country… This might be a lot, but I still have more than 20,000,000g from the thieves’ extermination.

I sigh.

[Okay, I’ll take it. Here is a whetstone. About 5,000g. It is used maintaining weapons.]


The shopkeeper hands me a whetstone. Uh, I’ll take it.


[Thank you. And then this…]
[Hey, please don’t be careless just because you have weapons. Humans can die easily.]


We thank the shopkeeper and then leave. I can’t put a value on this shop. I only feel regret because I won’t be returning to this country, anymore.


[It is a good weapons shop.]
[Yeah, this is the only weapons shop I use. Our weapons are ready. Let’s start fighting in the outskirts.]


We walked out-of-town for a while. It is normal not to find any monsters near the town. We start seeing monsters after walking for ten minutes. Well, we only walked in the monsters’ direction by using the map.
They are monsters that I’ve already defeated several times. I don’t have any problems handling them.


[Master! Monsters are over there! May I shoot them?]

Mio, who has the bow skill, wants to shoot. Preemptive strikes are with bows and magic. So I leave the first battle to Mio.


Goblin Swordsman x2

Goblin Knight


[Okay, since there are three of them, it’s okay to kill two of them. I will let Maria kill the last one after you’ve killed the other two.]

For now, I need them to get used to their own fighting styles. We will practice coordination later.


Mio’s arrow hits one of the Goblin Swordsmen quietly, killing it with one arrow. The skill correction is really powerful. A little slave girl (in appearence only) who didn’t have any combat experience can kill a highly ranked goblin with one strike.

[Once more!]

She shoots at the second one. It hits the mark and kills the target. It is more than 20m away, but I’m still able to take their skill from this distance.

[Only one left. Maria, do your best!]
[Yes, let’s go!]

Maria starts running and strikes the remaining knight goblin. Her attack is aimed at the area without armor’s protection, but it’s blocked by the knight’s spear. She takes some distance from it and strikes again. The knight goblin is trying to defend in the same way, but her frontal attack is just a feint. Her real target is the leg without armor.


Knight cries and kneels down. Since it dropped the spear that was protecting its head, she cut its throat and finishes it off.

[I did it!]

Maria returns with a bright smile on her face. Uh, she can fight against monsters in close combat. More than that, she has a landslide victory against a monster that gave her a trauma. Well, I didn’t raise her status. Instead, I let her acquire actual combat experience.

The hero’s title isn’t just for show, and her combat sense is great, too.

[Well done. I will let you fight alone a few more times. We will practice our cooperation later.]

We then fought the same way several times but, needless to say, the result is the same. I think they’re good enough to let them practice cooperation.

[Now then, let’s practice our cooperation since there’s a group of monsters over there. Vanguard will be me, Dora and Maria. The rear will be Sakura and Mio. We will make a preemptive strike with long-range attacks and magic.]

[Can’t you exterminate them all with the best of your status?] Sakura asked.

[I, alone, am enough for small flies, but that isn’t the point of this practice. I will decide the upper limit of our status this time.]
[That’s right. We still don’t have enough battle experience.]
[Yeah, I want to give individual combat training to everyone. It will be a shame if you can’t fight if/when separated from the rest of the party.]

I will make them strong enough to fight on their own but stronger when we fight as a team.

[Dora will be in the front row with her shield, and she’ll move closer. Use ranged attacks with draconic magic. Counter with battle staff after blocking an attack with her shield. Maria and I will exterminate the nearby enemies.]
<<I will beat, block, and strike back~>>

I think the two of them can understand. Perhaps.

[This will be our basic formation. I will give other instructions with telepathy. I will pay attention to the rear. Please make sure the rear guard can see the whole battle, if possible.]

Sakura and Mio answer.

[Because Mio will be tense when fighting in close combat, please use magic in <Inventory> in case of an emergency.]
[Really? I can use it?]
[Yeah, I stocked some magic for Mio’s exclusive use. Please use it carefully in case of an emergency, okay?]
[Thank you~ Just for me~ Hehe~]

When I have surplus in stock, I plan to give it to all members… But I don’t need to say that right now.

Team combat training is starting. As usual, we fight against a crowd of goblins. There are more than ten goblins, but with our increasing war potential, they will all be killed instantly.


Goblin Swordsman x4

Goblin Knight x4

Goblin Archer x3


[Since this is practice, I will lower everybody’s ability a little.]
[You are right. They are really weak. They might die after a single blow.]
[They have long range attacks, too. I can one-shot them, one by one. I didn’t expected this, at all. I think we are lucky.]

We lower our ability again since it didn’t feel like we were practicing. The next one is a wolf pack.

Fang Wolf x8

Silver Wolf x3


<Body Reinforcement LV2> <Howl LV2> <Bite LV1>


Black Wolf x2

Big Black Wolf


<Body Reinforcement LV3> <Howl LV3> <Leadership LV1> <Bite LV2>


It’s a little tougher since they have a leader.
The battle starts. Several sliver fang wolves were killed by magic and arrows. An arrow that hits a vital point could kill them instantly, but magic couldn’t. It just damages them. After this preemptive strike, the leader gave a roar, and their whole group recognized us as enemies.

[Dora! Move forward!]


Dora steps forward according to my instruction and uses <Draconic Magic>. It kills several wolves and inflicts wounds on the rest. She then resumes her role as a defender to block an attack.

[Maria! Let’s go!]
[Yes! As you command!]

Maria’s response feels a little bit different, but we move out together. As I thought after seeing her individual fight, I handed her a short sword and let her fight with dual-wield style while I continued to use a one-handed-sword style.


Maria kills a black wolf with one blow. Well, I can also kill it with single blow, but she does it in a slightly different way. I have a slightly higher status, but Maria doesn’t have a much different status. I just chopped the wolf down, but her style of attack was aiming at its vital point with minimum movement. It isn’t something I can do easily in the middle of the group fight…
This fight soon evolves into chaos, and I suffer a few wounds. Then…


Sakura, Mio, and Maria all heal me at the same time. Uh, it is useless. It seems Dora didn’t do anything because she missed this moment.

<<As I said before, leave healing to the healer! This is a waste of MP.>>

By the way, in this chaotic battle, Maria doesn’t suffer any damage. On the contrary, she still has time to heal me, too.
The battle ends soon. As for big black wolf, Maria instantly killed it. Judging from her current status, the enemy was stronger.

[Even with our status being lower, it wasn’t difficult to win. It was because of our cooperation training. However, simultaneously healing one person wasn’t any good.]

That is my impression of the last battle, and the three people who cast recovery magic are feeling dejected.

[I’m sorry. Using recovery magic during the fight in the front line was no good. Although it can be left to rear support for that, but my body just moved on it own…]

Maria apologizes.

[Me, too. I instantly cast recovery magic the moment I saw Jin-kun get hurt.]
[Me, too. I certainly think about Master more than anything else.]

They are completely serious about me…

[As I said before. I think I should decide who the main healer is. The person in charge will have to watch out for three on the front line, so it can’t be Dora or Maria since you’ll be fighting in the front line yourselves and have a chance to be injured. If the situation turns bad, I will change the role, depending on the situation.]

[Then, I will take care of Jin-kun.]
[I will be in charge of the other two. Understood.]

It is settled. By the way, everyone can use recovery magic. I never thought they would have a competition like this.

[Vanguard can fall back and use recovery magic, too, depending on the situation.]
[Yes, this time was not good since I had a lot of things to think about during the fight.]

We have an evaluation meeting after our fight is done, and then fight again several times. We were able to finish fighting without receiving heavy injury.
We ran out of monsters after hunting them around the area for a while. There are hardly any reactions on the map. That reminds me… Where do the monsters come from? So I ask help-sensei.

Q: Where do the monsters come from?
A: Breeded or mutated by miasma from places with high magic density. The former are affected by heredity. Most of the monsters are born by either breeding or mutation.

I see… That is the reason we’re running out of them if we hunt too much. There is a small forest nearby. We could go there and continue our hunting.

[Let’s take a little walk. We will continue in the forest over there.]

We see many large trees entering the forest. I can’t see the sky clearly from down here, either.

[Since we have poor vision in the forest, please be wary of ambushes.]
[Understood. Please leave it to a beast person like me. I have a sharp sense.]

Seeing her ear move around like this is cute. I guess she can use that sense to search for enemies. In that case, I will make you search for enemies the whole time.

[Maria is high-spirited. Do you love fighting that much?]

Don’t tell me! Is she a battle maniac? Even if she is a hero…

[No, I’m not. But I am happy when I become useful for Jin-sama.]

She isn’t a battle maniac. She just has blind faith. Maria’s loyalty is still the same. I look at Mio’s face while I’m still grinning.

[Eh? Didn’t Master use a map for enemy detection?]
[Ah! You are right. I don’t need to search for enemies…]

Maria gives a dejected remark. So Mio, please don’t say anything unnecessary…

[It isn’t like that. I don’t always look at the map! It is reassuring when we have a companion who can detect enemies.]

I must cover that up well.

[Since Mio is using a bow, you should train ability to detect enemies, too.]
[Gee, a blacklash came!]

As for the ability to search for enemies, Mio was planning to leave it totally in her companion’s hands. Well, you reap what you sow.

<<I can do it, too~>>

You are a dragon. It isn’t strange if you can…

[Do you know how to use detection?]
<<Uh. To defeat enemy as quickly as I can~>>

It is totally different.

[It is different. It is searching for an enemy…]

Sakura is teaching Dora about detection. She is like an elder sister.

[You don’t need to do that all the time, either. It isn’t strange to have many people who can detect enemies.]
[Does that mean we might need to go hunting without Jin-sama?]

I plan to do that when we have enough war potential. If you consider the characteristics of my special powers, it is more efficient when we spread out.

[Yeah, that is possible, too.]
[Understood. Jin-sama will become stronger when I become stronger. I will become stronger for the sake of Jin-sama…]

Her comprehension is really helpful, but her eyes look scary when she says the latter half.

[It is settled. Let’s go hunting, hunting and hunting some more! Mio-chan, prepare your bow. Dora-chan, please block enemies that come from another side with your shield.]

Her motivation is great. She isn’t just a hero. She is also good at leadership, too. Oops! I don’t want to get ahead of myself. If I think it is from her hero title, I won’t be able to see Maria’s effort.

Since I know that we can fight without problems in the forest, I change my plan. I tell them:

If there are about five enemies, I will let each person fight alone;
If there are ten or more enemies, we will fight in group..

My existence has too much advantage in group battle. It is necessary to let them fight without me to train their own potential.

Maria has no problems with personal battles. She didn’t have a single wound even though she had to fight ten enemies alone, all at the same time. This girl is scary. Dora is also good enough. She could take some distance and attack with <Draconic Magic> effectively without being told when she wasn’t brandishing her battle staff and shield. Mio kept enemies at medium range and reduced their number with the bow. At first, she had to use stocked magic when an enemy was within close range, but after she became familiar with that style, she could wipe out an enemy group just by using her bow. The problem is Sakura, since it’s hard to avoid an attack while using magic. However, she somehow managed to block an enemy attack with her staff while chanting. It isn’t a serious problem… Did she have martial arts training before? Of course, I’ll have to cheer a slumping Sakura, afterward.

[I’m a nuisance again…]
[It is all right because I know Sakura isn’t good at fighting. Besides, you can take its life, Can’t you? You will be fine after getting the hang of it…]
[U-Uh. I-I will do my best.]

I keep patting and encouraging her until she regains her confidence. It is tough.
By the way, Dora, Maria and Mio are the type who won’t hesitate to kill monsters from the beginning. Mio, weren’t you a high school girl in your previous life? She totally has the common sense of this world…
About my personal combat? It has been a while since the last time I used a stomach punch.

[I can certainly defeat that goblin in matrial arts clothing! I have to get that precious recovey magic!]


Goblin Monk

LV 8

<Revocery Magic LV1> <Martial Arts LV2> <Body Reinforcement LV1>

Remarks: A goblin with a martial arts uniform.


Because I fond an interesting monster during the group battle, I give instructions to everybody. I won’t participate in the battle, but I need that point of precious skill. I won’t miss this chance. Hunting becomes fun when it has a precious monster like this.

We fought in a lot of battles and learnt various formations, so we decide to return. It is about time for repurchase from the thieves’ loot, and I have to be there soon.

[We’ve had a lot of fights today, so let’s return for now.]
[Yes, understood. Jin-sama, here is the stripped monster core.]

I put the monster stone in my <Inventory> which is hidden inside a clothes bag. Since this is a practice, I remove all unnecessary functions of <Inventory> from everybody.

[I feel like this bow is becoming really familiar with my hand.]

Skills are really great. It can turn a village girl (crime slave) into a full-fledged bow user.

[My body is very light, thanks to the status Jin-sama gave me.]

Since your combat sense isn’t normal, I’ll only have to push your back a little, and you’ll become an excellent attacker.

<<I use the shield to protect and breath attack when I have opportunity.>>

I already knew Dora was really strong. Her skills in defense are solid and her draconic magic is too powerful. When Dora uses draconic magic, it gives her an unexpected effect and makes her the most threatening for an enemy. In game terms, it is the job of a shield user to draw the hostility of an enemy and take as many attacks as possible, and Dora is right for this job.

When I think about it calmly, I feel a little evil about giving shield skills to a dragon in human from…

We hardly encountered any monsters on the way back because we already fought a lot of them. We did however, meet one monster.


Goblin King

LV 15

<Body Reinforcement LV4> <Sword Mastery LV4> <Leadership LV3> <Inspiration LV3> <Slave Technique LV2> <HP Regeneration LV2>

Goblin King’s sword

Classification : One-handed sword

Rarity : Rare class

Remarks: Knock-back effect, weapon destruction.

Goblin King’s armor

Classification: Full-body armor

Rarity: Rare class

Remarks: Knock-back resistance, HP regeneration (Small)

Goblin King’s shield

Classification: One-handed shield

Rarity: Rare class

Remarks: Enchanted shield attack


There are a lot of things I want to retort. It is a kind of monster that I haven’t seen until now; its weapons and armors are rare class; and it has <Slave Technique>. It is basically like a goblin general, but it’s a lot stronger.
Don’t tell me it can make goblins slaves. No, I don’t want to be a goblin’s slave…

[That is a goblin king. It’s a lot stronger than normal goblins around here.]
[It is all right. We can win for sure if our teamwork is good enough.]

Maria can’t see the status screen, but she can grasp its ability. This girl is filled with talent. Did she survive while being used as decoy because her combat intuition is very high?

[King… King… Alone… Fufufu…]

Mio said something right to the point. It doesn’t have a companion. It is strange that the general has one, but king doesn’t.


Q: Why does a goblin king show up alone?

A: When the number of monsters in the surrounding area is low, the probability of rare monsters showing up will increase.


I see.. It originally didn’t have any companions, so it was given <Slave Technique> for that. It had to do that first, but unfortunately, we found it first.
I can’t help but take it. To be honest, everybody gives me a wink and wants to fight it for the actual combat experience. If they had to run away, I could kill it immediately.
That monster doesn’t usually fight alone, but it can use its equipment to gain advantage during the group battle. Dora’s breath attack works best in closer range. Since her breath attack covers more area than her shield, her breath attack usually brings an enemy down at her feet as it’s hard to dodge. I think the general with a subordinate is stronger. Since its weapon is quite good, I will use it instead.

[It was disappointing. Is that leader this weak when it come out alone?]
[Perhaps, Dora alone is enough to knock it down…]

<<My breath is powerful~>>

Since that took less than 10 minutes, we return to town on schedule. Since there might be a repurchase, I have to go to the guild alone.
It is about 6:00 pm when I arrive at guild. The receptionist tells me there is someone who wants to repurchase.

I walk toward the same room as last time. Let’s hope it isn’t an arrogant noble like the last time.


Shindo Jin

LV 25


Martial Arts:

<Sword Mastery LV7 up> <Spear Mastery LV5 up> <Blunt Mastery LV6> <Bow Mastery LV5> <Martial Art LV6 up> <Assassination LV2> <Axe Mastery LV5>


<Fire Magic LV2> <Water Magic LV2> <Wind Magic LV2> <Earth Magic LV2> <Lightning Magic LV2> <Ice Magic LV2> <Dark Magic LV3> <Recovery Magic LV2> <Enchanting LV1> <Possession LV1> <Original spell : Revive>

General Skills:



<Body Reinforcement LV10 up> <Jump LV4> <Night Eye LV3> <Berserker LV1> <Detection LV6>

Special Powers:

<Give and Take LV3> <System Window LV-> <Engage Link LV-> <Inventory LV-> <???> <???> <???>



Equipment : Goblin king’s sword


Kinoshita Sakura

LV 17


Martial Arts:

<Blunt Mastery LV7 up> <Martial Art LV2 new>


<Fire Magic LV3> <Water Magic LV2> <Wind Magic LV2> <Earth Magic LV2> <Lightning Magic LV3> <Ice Magic LV2> <Dark Magic LV5 up>

General Skills:



<Body Reinforcement LV7 up> <Jump LV3>

Special Powers:

<Magic Creation>



Equipment: Magic rod



LV 15


Martial Arts:

<Blunt Mastery LV5> <Shield Mastery LV3>

Magic type:

<Draconic Magic LV3>

General Skills:



<Body Reinforcement LV9 up> <Flight LV5> <Charge LV5> <Howl LV5> <Bite LV4> <Jump LV3>

Special Powers:




Equipment : Monk’s combat staff, Steel Shield



LV 9


Martial Arts:

<Bow Mastery LV7 new> <Martial Art LV2 new>



General Skills:

<Monster taming LV1 new> <Lock-Picking LV1 new> <Cooking LV5> <Housework LV4>


<Body Reinforcement LV8 new>

Special Powers:


Equipment : Fairy Short bow



LV 13


Martial Arts:

<Sword Mastery LV7 up> <Throw Mastery LV1> <Martial Art LV3 up> <Axe Mastery LV1>


<Fire Magic LV3> <Water Magic LV3> <Light Magic LV5> <Recovery Magic LV3> <Living Magic LV3>

General Skills:

<Monster Taming LV4> <Compounding LV2> <Cooking LV1> <Housework LV1> <Lumbering LV1> <Hunting LV2> <Sewing LV2> <Mining LV1> <Judgment LV3> <Smithing LV2>


<Body Reinforcement LV10 up> <HP Regeneration LV5> <MP Regeneration LV5> <Jump LV4> <Aspiration LV5> <Mind Eye LV4> <Awakening LV2> <Toughness LV2> <Steadfastness LV2>


<Hero LV5>

Equipment : Iron one-handed sword


For the skills in the list below, everybody has it with at least one point. If it is LV 2 or higher, it will list individuals who possess these higher levels.

Martial Arts:

<Sword Mastery> <Spear Mastery> <Blunt Mastery> <Shield Mastery> <Bow Mastery> <Martial Art> <Axe Mastery>


<Fire Magic> <Water Magic> <Wind Magic> <Earth Magic> <Lightning Magic> <Ice Magic> <Light Magic> <Dark Magic> <Recovery Magic>




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