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ED: Torianna

TLC: Madpinger

Chapter 19 


[I have been eating ten times more than normal person since I was small. And I was a noble, so it was easier to cover the food cost of ten people than as a commoner.]

[That’s right, but I don’t see how a noble girl like you ended up being a slave. Why?]

I can’t say I have a good impression of the damned nobility in that damned country…

[Yeah, it wasn’t just that. You can see from what I look like that I’m quite sickly. My health is bad, and I get sick frequently. My physical strength is also lower than that of average people, too.]

That isn’t a reason. If it is true, there is no way I can’t say that it is “interesting”.

[And do you believe me? I weighed more than 120 kg before I was sold here as a slave.]

I’m certain I couldn’t imagination that, but it is possible, especially when I look at the quantity of food she ate earlier.

[Were you fat?]

[No, I had almost the same figure back then as I do right now.]

That is certainly strange. Sera is about 170 cm in height. Her proportions are good, but I don’t see how that weight fit her body. One hundred and twenty kg isn’t in the range of measurement error.

Come to think of it… Skinny Sera still needed two maids to carry her.

[What do you think? I’m eating too much; I’m unnaturally heavy; and I have bad health. No man with his right mind would want to take me as a bride, right?]

That might be true, but if that man happened to have strange tastes or was simply a pervert… (According to Mio, the number of nobles who could be considered to be perverts isn’t low, either).

[I will be fourteen this year, but a useless girl like me didn’t receive any marriage proposals, at all. My parents are ambitious people, so when I became fourteen and was of no use to them, they threw me away.]

[Those are complicated parents… Wait! Fourteen years old? But your appearance?]

Come to think of it, her age is listed as fourteen years old in <Status>, but she looks so mature that I completely forgot.

Sera’s appearance is considered to be that of a beautiful woman. She’s an extremely beautiful girl. She looks like a girl in her late teens or early twenties, depending on the make-up.

[Yeah, a girl with a strange appearance and a weird story. You want to throw that kind of person away, right?] (Spec : Nope 😛 ) 

I see. So they decided to abandon you.

[And I was sold to that slave dealer, but the slave’s food wasn’t enough for me. So I become skinny quickly and was thrown in here as a dirt-cheap slave. Since I have this kind of appearance, I expected to be sold quickly, but I became skinny too fast and not popular before I noticed what was happening.]

Certainly, at first, I saw that she had saggy breasts and sags in other places, too. I barely recognized her as a woman. She might even die in a few days, too.

[This might be a death sentence from your parents…]

That is something sad to say. The meals that the slave dealer gave weren’t enough. Her parents foresaw this and killed her without dirtying their hands. The worst kind of parents.

[And I was bought by Master and allowed to eat until I was full.]

She says that while rubbing her stomach. Uh… Please stop. Her hand’s movement make it look like she’s pregnant…

[Perhaps, this is the first time you became this full.]

An idea suddenly flashes in my mind.

[Hey, could I test something?]

[Huh? What is it?]

I point at the sofa and say,

[I want you to lift this sofa.]

[What did you say? Didn’t I tell you I’m sickly? I can’t do that.]

[It is all right. Just try.]

Sera’s face looks suspicious… as if I ordered her death.

[All right. Fine… I can’t defy Master, anyway…]

She approaches the sofa, squats down and then lifts it.


Sera lifts that sofa easily. It doesn’t seem heavy, at all.

[Eh? What? So light? Why?]

It is natural to be surprised. But no, I didn’t put <Status> on Sera. This is her natural physical strength.

[Okay, that is enough. I confirmed it, and it is as I thought.]

Sera slowly puts the sofa down. And for your information, this sofa is too large to be moved by one person. At least three people are needed to move it.

[Why? I feel a lot of power inside my body…]

[Yeah, I can explain it. Do you want to hear?]

[Yes, please.]

Sera nods. Well, there is no reason not to tell her.

[I can explain Sera’s situation with one thing.]

[What is it?]

[The high physical ability of Sera. Or more accurately, your maximum performance.]

An ability to lift that sofa is the best evidence.

[For that performance… Is it because of the meal?]

[Yeah, that’s right. In short, Sera can show great physical ability when your stomach is full.]

Pondering this for a moment, there Sera suddenly gets the idea.

[Because my parents were worrying about me overeating, I didn’t eat enough food. Then, when I don’t eat enough food, my physical ability is low…]
[Perhaps, your high physical strength is from your high muscle density, and muscle occupies most of a human’s weight. It’s specific weight is high, so that is why you are so heavy.]

Like a diet in my former world, you will gain weight when your muscle mass is increased. And muscle is heavier than fat.

[Is that also the reason when I grew so fast, to get the optimum body to show my physical strength…]

Perhaps, she will age slower, too, so she can stay at her maximum potential longer.

[Of course, you need a lot of energy to maintain that.]

[Is it food…? If that is true, then it connects all the dots…]

It seems she believes most of the story. I didn’t lie to her. I just didn’t tell her this is because of her skill.

[Come to think of it, why did Master buy me? I don’t think my appearance was popular…]

Sera asks as she recalled that.

Her appearance almost looks like a mummy. I think something beyond being a pervert is needed in order to be interested in something like this.

[Of course. Because your ability is useful for me.


A large “?” appears on Sera’s head. Hearing something incomprehensible like that makes Sera think I’ve known this since the beginning.

[I will explain it later, but for now, you have a super power. I don’t have a solid background in this matter… But I’m traveling, and you can be my bodyguard.]

[Hmm… You will explain it later, right?]

[Yeah, I have to introduce you to my friends first, and then we can talk about the details after that.]



I call the slave dealer to fix Sera’s appearance. Of course, I pay an extra 10,000g.

After a while, the slave dealer returns with Sera. She is wearing a long, black skirt and a white blouse which turned her into an extremely beautiful woman.

[I’m surprised! She wasn’t this good-looking the first time she came here… I would’ve fed her as much as I could if I had known this…]

The slave dealer is full of regret.

[Don’t joke about raising the price now, okay?]

[Of course not! Failure to judge a slave’s quality is the slave dealer’s fault. I can’t do this to a slave who has already been sold!]

The slave dealer shouts. It is hard to say this business is good, but it does seem to have some pride.

[By the way, how much would she be worth if I sold her now?]

[Wait, Master! That is extremely bad!]

Sera is about to cry.

[Let’s see. I would buy her at 500,000g and sell her at around 2,000,000g…]

[Wow! Fifty times more than my initial investment.]

[Before that, I have to take into account her meals, and the maintenance cost is really high.]

[*sob* My master is a demon…]

Sera collapses. Well, she still looks really beautiful like that.

[I’m joking. No need to worry about that.]

[Was it a joke? Well, I’m disappointed. Too bad it was a joke…]

Please stop, slave dealer. I was joking! I have no intention (at this moment) to sell her.

[Ughh~, I believe you…]

[Yeah, who will do something wasteful like that!]

[Uh… I feel different, somehow…]

I leave the slave market with Sera. With proper attire, Sera is really attractive, and I see that a lot of men are looking at her.

It is strange that no one has a purpose for this kind of girl.

A: It seems that due to her chronic meal shortage before she was sent to the slave market, her appearance looked unhealthy.

Eh? Is Help-sensei able to reply to a personal question, too?

A: Yes.

Hmmm… I thought <System Window> and <Help> couldn’t be leveled up, but they are evolving somehow. I’m worried that if I can’t see it clearly, then it might give me a bad status report…

I return to the hotel and pay an extra fee for Sera. Since I contacted them with telepathy, everyone is in the hotel.

[I’m back.]

[[[<<Welcome back>>]]]

Everybody says that together. Maria and Mio are wearing maid clothes. Come to think of it, Mio declared she is going to wear maid clothes as much as she can and welcome me when I return. But this time, her maid clothes consists of a mini-skirt although it has both a classic skirt and this mini-skirt type. Of course, I like this particular kind of maid clothes because I can see their panties when they are working.

I stand in front of all the members and introduce Sera.

[This is the new slave, Sera. These are my traveling companions. Sera, please introduce yourself.]

[Yes. Nice to meet everyone. My name is Sera.]

Sera bows. Of course, the first person to react is Mio.

[Ohh~~, A former noble!]

[Yeah, but you don’t need to worry because I’m a slave now.]

[Then, everyone should introduce themselves.]

As I said, Mio is the first one to step forward.

[I’m Master’s first slave, Mio-chan! You may call me Senpai!]

(Nope) Mio declares with confident. I didn’t plan to intervene in the relationship between slaves, but to make Sera call her “Senpai” is a little…

[I’m Maria, Jin-sama’s first slave, the same as her. I’m happy Jin-sama picked more companions. Let’s be friends.]

Maria bows. This girl shifts the topic to me, somehow. Well, is it okay to have two “first” slaves?

[I’m Sakura. Err, I’m Jin-kun’s subordinate.]

Why does everyone state their relationship to me? Since I recently asked Sakura to create magic, it might be correct for Sakura to be my subordinate.

Sakura pushes Dora in front, and Dora raises her hand silently.

[This girl is Dora-chan. She is Jin-kun’s pet.]

uh… Hey! That’ll ruin my reputation, but it is a fact. I guess I’ll have to explain it later…

[Well, they are my traveling companions]

[Companions? Except Master, isn’t everybody else a woman? …Or should I say I’m the addition to Master’s harem army…]

Well, that is what you see from outside. I haven’t laid my hand on them. I’ve just looked and touched, at most. There is no point in denying that.

[I think you are right. Oh, don’t worry. Master won’t treat us badly because we are slaves. He just teases us about being a slave from time to time…]

[Oh~, I think he’s already done that to me…]

There is nothing I could say nor do I have any intention to stop it.

[Jin-sama is really wonderful. He rescued me on the verge of death at a slave market.]

[Uh… Me, too.]

Sera nods in agreement with Maria’s comment.

[The simple introduction has ended. Next is Sera’s circumstances. Do you mind, Sera?]

[No, I don’t. There is nothing to hide. Please give them a detailed explanation.]

After Sera agrees, I start talking.

The facts the [She was sold by her parents] and [Wastes the food for another] are startling to Maria. I sympathize a little, but it is unavoidable, in Maria’s case.

The fact [Her background doesn’t match her appearance] is also startling to Mio. Well, Sera’s pattern is opposite that of Mio’s.

[She weighs 120 kg.] makes Sakura touch her stomach. I know. Sakura always touches her stomach and complains, “I don’t have have enough ‘calorie consumption’ when we are traveling by carriage…”

After that, I tell them about the relation between the meals and her physical ability.

[I see, she is strong when her stomach is full, right?]

[Yeah, all food in <Inventory> almost ran out.]

I have to defend the rice desperately…

[No way!? If I’m not mistaken, it was enough for twenty people!]

[She ate the food by herself, right? I have to work harder.]

Maria seems to become more motivated. Well, I don’t plan to feed her like that. Sakura looks at me silently, without a word…

[Jin-kun, could you manage it with both of our special power — yours and mine?]

[Yeah. Can you make some food magic to change MP into nourishment?]

This is something Sakura has been expecting from the beginning because it is convenient. She remains silent for a while, trying to check whether or not her special power can do that.

[Hmm… I can. How about creating a nourishment pill from MP?]

[Isn’t that a “Food Pill”!?]

Mio reacts to Sakura’s proposal. That would be a portable ration for ninjas in the form of a pill, and its nourishment is enough to fill one’s stomach. Or something like that.

By the way, when I said about “provide her food”, you thought about dishes. The influence of real <Cooking> skill is unexpectedly huge.

[Understood. I will create that magic later.]

[Why not now?]

[Won’t she be surprised if I do it without explanation?]

[Yeah, she will be surprised, for sure.]

[I thought it was a miracle.]

Maria and Mio nod. They were surprised that time, too.

[By the way, Master. What is this girl’s secret? Skill? Title?]

[Why did you ask?]

Sera is confused. Well… I guess I should get to the main topic soon.

[Sera’s secret. It is physical strength due to her skill.]

[Ehh, what kind of skill is it?]

It is trival, I can show the status with <Engage Link>, but I still want to explain.

[Her skill’s name is <Hero’s proof>! A vanguard who can mow down an enemy with high physical strength!]


By the way, this was the reaction I expected, and I got it.

[What is it? Could someone give me…]

Sera is confused.

[Didn’t I tell you before? I will give a detailed explanation.]


[Mio! Come on!]

[I know… Explanation is my job, after all…]

Right. I formally gave Mio a duty to “Give an explanation to the newcomer” yesterday. She is unexpectedly good at this. So I skip all of the explanation…

[Uh… That is all.]

According to Mio, the explanation about skill, status, special power and member’s details is over. Well, it was an easy-to-understand explanation.

[It is hard to believe, but with evidence like this, it is hard not to believe.]

Sera has to believe because with <Engage Link>, she can see the status while Sakura used her <Magic Creation> to create [Energy Ball] magic.

<Original Spell> [Energy Ball]

Convert MP(which is needed to use any magic) into a nutrient pill.

Can create enough nutrients for 20 people, at maximum.

[And this is my status.]



Age: 14

Race: Human

General Skills:

<Hero’s proof LV5> <Hostile Magic Immunity LV->

Titles: Jin’s slave, Former noble girl.

[What is this <Hostile Magic Immunity>?]

[A skill that nullifies incoming hostile magic. You still able to receive buff and heal, but attack and debuff magic will have no effect. It’s a cheat skill.]

[Facing an enemy with high physical strength and having high magic resistance. Uh, totally a hero.]

Mio nods. Her skill composition is perfect. The problem is…

[But… After we asked Help-sensei, we found out that everybody with this skill usually starves to death before becoming adult.]


[Yeah, really.]

It can’t be helped. The food situation in this world is not good. You can’t expect to have enough food to sustain a minimum body’s need if you weren’t born into a rich family.

[I was lucky. Although I was abandoned, I’m still able to live because Master picked me up…]

[You are right. We are lucky that we were picked by Jin-sama. Therefore, it is our duty to help Jin-sama.]

Maria declares. …Well, I have no complaints if they want to help me…

[Come to think of it, Master. There is something I’m worrying about…]

[What is it?]

[Sera-chan has <Hostile Magic Immunity>, but why does slave magic work on her?]

It is not certain whether slave magic is considered to be a hostile magic.

[Maybe, it is possible to be enslaved after being abandoned because it lost its effect to some extent. Or this skill only protects the body, and this magic isn’t considered a hostile magic.]

[It is up to the owner’s point of view… A clever skill.]

[Or maybe being too hungry prevents this skill from activating…]


There is nothing but awkward laughter. I don’t have high regard about this world’s balance. Advantage comes with disadvantage. No, I think advantage and disadvantage come in sets.

[Of course, I’m your slave, so I will do my best. For now, do you want me to take care personal needs, be a guard or participate in combat?]

[Yeah, I have to make use of your unique ability.]

Why do I feel Sera is a little restless?

[I already know that. …It is about that. I’m okay with food pills, but… err… I want to eat normal food, too…]

Oh, is that so? Although food pill is enough, eating them entire time is boring. I have no intention of letting her be that miserable.

[Understood. But only one portion of food. You can eat normal food and then use food pills to fill you up the rest of the way. And I think you can eat leftovers, too.]

[Yes, thank you very much. I’ll gladly do that.]

I can’t guarantee the taste of the food pills. Anybody would want to have delicious food, after all. This idea is similar to portable rations, too…

A large amount of MP is needed — not just for Sakura to create magic or for Sera’s food pill, either. The food pills are Sera’s lifeline. It will be a problem if there isn’t enough.

After that, I bought a large sword, a large shield and a large spear for Sera. For Sera, who can swing heavy weapons easily, there isn’t much difference between swinging a weapon with one hand and swinging with both hands.

Great Sword

Class: Large sword

Rarity: Common


Class: Large spear

Rarity: Common

Kite Shield

Class: Large shield.

Rarity: Common

All jokes aside, I gave her enough skill and status to make her a vanguard. This is a bit of a disadvantage for me, but as in Maria’s case, the affinity with my special power is high.

Afterwards, I decide to buy new a staff for Sakura because I found a rare one.

Ruby Rod

Class: One-handed wand

Rarity: Rare

Note: Increases magic power.

So… our business in this town has come to an end. Let’s register as adventurers in the next town… and start our adventure.


Shindo Jin

LV 38


Martial Arts:

<Sword Mastery LV7> <Spear Mastery LV1 (down)> <Blunt Mastery LV6> <Shield Mastery LV2 (new)> <Bow Mastery LV3 (down)> <Unarmed Mastery LV6> <Assassination LV2> <Axe Mastery LV1 (down)>


<Fire Magic LV2> <Water Magic LV2> <Wind Magic LV2> <Earth Magic LV2> <Thunder Magic LV2> <Ice Magic LV2> <Dark Magic LV3> <Recovery Magic LV2> <Enchantment LV1> <Possession LV1> <Slave Magic LV2 (new)> <Space Magic LV2 (new)> <No chant LV2 (new)> <Original Spell>[Revival][Room (new)][Warp (new)][Portal (new)][Energy Ball (new)] (ED: Should the last five skills be surrounded with < > instead of [ ]?)

General Skills:

<Monster Tamer LV5> <Compound LV3> <Lockpicking LV3> <Thief LV4> <Intimidate LV4> <Leadership LV4> <Inspriation LV4> <Torture LV2>


<Body Reinforced LV10> <Blink LV5> <HP Regeneration LV5> <MP Regenreation LV2> <Jump LV4> <Detection LV5> <Night Eyes LV3> <Ambition LV1> <Fighting Spirit LV5> <Berserker LV1> <Search LV6>

Special Powers:

<Give&Take LV4 up> <System Window LV-> <Inventory LV-> <Engage Link LV-> <???> <???> <???>

Equipment: Spirit sword (incomplete)


Kinoshita Sakura

LV 27


Martial arts:

<Blunt Mastery LV7> <Martial Art LV2>


<Fire Magic LV3> <Water Magic LV2> <Wind Magic LV2> <Earth Magic LV2> <Lightning Magic LV3> <Ice Magic LV2> <Dark Magic LV5> <Space Magic LV2> <No Chant LV2>


<Body Reinforced LV7 (up)> <MP Regeneration LV2> <Jump LV3>

Special powers:

<Magic Creation>

Equipment: Ruby rod



LV 26


Martial arts:

<Blunt Mastery LV5> <Shield Mastery LV3>


<Draconic Magic LV3>


<Body Reinforced LV9> <HP Regeneration LV2> <Fly LV7> <Charge LV5> <Howl LV10 (up)> <Bite LV8> <Jump LV3>

Equipment: Monk’s combat staff, steel shield




LV 20


Martial arts:

<Bow Mastery LV8 (up)> <Martial Art LV2>

General Skills:

<Monster taming LV1> <Lock-Picking LV1> <Cooking LV5> <Housework LV4>


<Body Reinforced LV9 (up)> <Jump LV3 (new)>

Equipment: Fairy shortbow



LV 28


Martial arts:

<Sword Mastery LV7> <Throw Mastery LV1> <Martial Art LV3 (up)> <Axe Mastery LV1>


<Fire Magic LV3> <Water Magic LV3> <Light Magic LV5> <Recovery Magic LV3> <Living Magic LV3>

General Skills:

<Monster Taming LV1> <Compounding LV2> <Cooking LV1> <Housework LV1> <Lumbering LV1> <Hunting LV2> <Sewing LV2> <Mining LV1> <Judgment LV3> <Smithing LV2> <Horse Riding LV3> <Etiquette LV5> <Steward LV6>


<Body Reinforced LV10> <Blink LV5> <HP Regeneration LV6> <MP Regeneration LV4> <Jump LV4><Aspiration LV5> <Fighting Spirit LV5> <Search LV5> <Mind Eye LV4> <Awakening LV2> <Toughness LV2> <Steadfastness LV2>


<Hero LV5>

Equipment: One-handed iron sword




LV 1



Martial Arts:

<Sword Mastery LV7 (new)> <Spear Mastery LV7 (new)> <Axe Mastery LV5 (new)>

General Skills:

<Horse Riding LV2 (new)>


<Body Reinforced LV10 (new)> <Blink LV4 (new)>

Equipment : Great sword, partisan, kite shield


Skills in the list below are those in which everybody has it at least one point. If it is LV 2 or more, it will be listed individually.

Martial Arts:

<Sword Mastery> <Spear Mastery> <Blunt Mastery> <Shield Mastery> <Bow Mastery> <Throw Mastery> <Assassination> <Martial Art> <Axe Mastery> <Horse Riding>


<Fire Magic> <Water Magic> <Wind Magic> <Earth Magic> <Lightning Magic> <Ice Magic> <Light Magic> <Dark Magic> <Recovery Magic> <Living Magic>

General Skills:



<HP Regeneration> <MP Regeneration> <Detection> <Night Eyes> <Search> <Mind’s eye> <Awaking> <Toughness> <Steadfast>




-Fin Circumstances and the Introduction of a Starving Slave

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