BFTG-NT Side Story Chapter 6

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Sidestory Chapter 6

The dungeon master’s transfer


My name is Azuma Akira. At this moment, I’m on a plane in order to participate in an academic meeting that would be held overseas.

Oh, the way I said it may have been misleading, I guess. Because to be precise, it would be more accurate to call it a “crashing plane”.


A plane whose wings are broken and whose engines have completely stopped ought to be called “crashing” and not “flying”.

The aircraft suddenly shook heavily during the flight, and it was when I looked out the window when the wings broke off. As you may have expected, I have never seen an aircraft’s wing break before either, so it was a valuable experience.


It naturally became a picture of hell of agonizing cries inside the plane.

There are many people screaming and many people praying to god. Right now, there are so few people calmly putting up an “effort to survive”…

Me? I was sitting still with my head down at the last row of the aircraft, with an oxygen tank (Private property) that I had with me on my mouth, a parachute (Private property) on my back and a cushion (Private property).

Honestly, there’s nothing else I can do if I die with this.


In the first place, I did think that the chances of this flight ending in a crash wasn’t low at all.

It’s because, on the day before departure, I had this kind of conversation with one of my best friend, Shindou Jin.


[Azuma, take this with you.]


So he said, and what he handed me was a key chain with a transparent glass bead.


[What is this?]

[A charm, like thing I guess. I have been wearing this key chain for a year.]

[Why are you giving me something like this?]

[I have somewhat of a bad feeling about this. Azuma, tomorrow you’re going on a plane for the academic meeting, right? That’s why this is just to be sure.]


Shindou is very lucky. No, “Very” would be an understatement. He is abnormally lucky. Enough for me, who is called a genius, to throw away my study in “Probability Theory” … His intuition is excellent too and when he says he has a “bad feeling”, that feeling won’t be off.


[I see. I’ll gladly accept this.]


If Shindou had been wearing it for a year, it should be more effective than an inferior traffic safety charm.


[I will return it afterwards.]

[Sure thing.]


Seeing that Shindo was referring to the plane, a “Plane crash” has become a realistic problem.

Immediately after that, needless to say, I searched for ways to increase my survival rate in great haste. So I purchased an oxygen tank and a parachute, and changed my seat to one on the last row.

By the way, a carry-on oxygen tank was not allowed, but I’ve done all sorts of things about that. All sorts of things…

But really, I can’t tell them that the “plane may crash” as you would have expected. I hadn’t canceled the flight.


Therefore, I am now calmly continuing my efforts to survive.

I would simply be an idiot if I were to die despite having been warned by Shindou beforehand. I have to survive this at all cost and give back his charm.




A few moments after I judged that it will crash, an unbelievable impact struck the aircraft. Did the aircraft manage to land somehow? I think they did well putting it right this far despite their wings being broken.

What I’m more bothered about was the fact that the landing was quite earlier than I expected and that the impact was weak. As far as I can see after lifting my head, most of the people seem to have fainted, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of casualties. Well, we do have a few people who are clearly dead though… The people who have stood up carelessly fell under those people.


What’s more important is what to do next. After a belly landing in an aircraft accident, what we have to do next is to “escape” first and foremost. That is because there is a chance for a fire/explosion to occur as a secondary disaster when fuel leaks out from the fuselage being damaged like this time.

Not sure if I could call myself lucky, but it seems that I’m the only one who could move immediately. I unfastened my seat belt and opened the emergency door. I’ve studied this yesterday at home as well, so I could easily do it.

I thought the fainted people would wake up, but because I don’t like to be in a situation where the awakened people would rush to the exit, let me make my escape the most important first of all. 


I can see the situation outside when I opened the door, but…  a forest? Right. It’s a forest.

It’s a forest all around as far as the eyes can see. In case of a crash, there is the likelihood of deviating far from the route, so you can’t make a prediction on the emergency landing location.


For the time being, I escape the aircraft with the evacuation slide . (I’ve done my study)

As long as the slide is prepared, the other people should be able to exit later as well.


I escaped the aircraft and took some distance, but so far it doesn’t seem to be going up in flames yet . …Just to be sure, I’ll stay away for a little longer.


I separated from the aircraft and observed the state of our surroundings, but it is a little unusual. There are naturally various plants because it’s a forest, but there were a few among them that I have never seen at all. Despite being confident that I remember at least 99% of the plants that are recorded in illustrated reference books and such because I have studied plants before.

I established a hypothesis at that stage. Its content being irrational and fantasy-like. I guess it was because I played a game before… A transfer to another world and all don’t simply happen normally. It should still be more likely that they’re “Unknown plants on unexplored lands”.

For some reason the GPS is currently unable to identify my location either, but that doesn’t mean we are in a different world, does it? All my devices on hand have lost signal, but this is the earth right?

While I was looking around near me, I found a spring below the cliff. Animals(those I’ve never seen before) were drinking, so I don’t think it means I can’t drink it. It seems I have to prepare myself for various things because it looks like I would need to move around here for a while. But still, no passengers have come down after me…


Well, the oxygen tank is about to run out soon it seems. I left it on because we could have a case of a fire, but I don’t think I need this anymore as you would’ve guessed.

I detached my oxygen tank and fully breathed in the air of Mother Nature.




Pain ran through my whole body. It was as if an electric current ran through my veins.

I crouched down and writhed in pain.


[gah, hah…]


I managed to reattach my oxygen tank. The pain somewhat subsided by doing so, but my body still hurts. 

It looks like the air is clearly not good for me. Could the oxygen concentration be too high? …It seems unlikely since the animals from before were living normally.

Of course, this doesn’t apply when they have evolved to be suitable to the environment though.


The oxygen tank doesn’t have that much oxygen. At this rate, I will be attacked by that sharp pain again. I have to do something about it, but I can’t think from the pain.

I stood up and moved while disoriented. I thought nothing will change if I stay quietly in this place after all.


After walking for a while, the key ring that I borrowed from Shindou fell off my bag. Sadly, the key chain fell on the ground, bounced and tumbled towards the cliff.


Although I’m in a critical situation, I mustn’t abandon Shindou’s charm. I approached the keychain to pick it up.

When I crouched down to pick up the keychain and tried to stand up, the pain got stronger again. I tripped over my feet and unfortunately ended up falling towards the cliff..


[Guh~! Gahah~! Gehoh~!]


As I rolled down the cliff, the oxygen tank disconnected from the impact, making me feel like I am about to die from the pain from both inside and outside.


My misfortune didn’t end yet. I ended up falling down to the spring below the cliff immediately after.

Oh, I guess this means I’m dead.


I fell into the spring with my clothes on and had no means to escape from my death by drowning in my current state where I am unable to swim from the intense pain.

I continued to sink to the bottom of the spring.


Strange. It is extremely unnatural for Shindou’s charm to carry bad luck. Could his luck have disappeared because it’s another world like I thought?

I sunk further down while thinking about such things.


…What could that be? It looks like there is a blue shining sphere at the bottom of the spring.

I approached that sphere as if I was drawn to something. It’s a really strange story, but it seems that the pain did not get worse inside the spring. 

I held out my hand, and the instant my hand touched that sphere, I fainted while experiencing the sensation of something entering my mind.



When I regained my consciousness, I noticed I was collapsed next to the spring.

It appears that the dungeon master has been rescued by the dungeon core.


The sphere that I have touched was called a dungeon core.

The one who touches a dungeon core would become a dungeon master and would be able to acquire its knowledge. A little while ago, various knowledge flowed into my head.


It seems that this place really is another world… And the pain from before must be the rejection due to having come to this world. I don’t know if the air composition is different or if there’s a different cause, but I seem to have been able to adapt to this world after my body was modified as the dungeon master. 

I think it’s better not to think about the people who remained in the aircraft. It’s no wonder I remember nobody coming down…


When I think about it, I must’ve been lucky. I would have died in the near future if I hadn’t become a dungeon master. It means that the charm that Shindou gave me protected me in the truest sense. I feel bad about doubting it.


Well then, let’s think about the future.

Having become dungeon master, I can do all sorts of things. My current objective is to reach a point where I can live in this world. I will look for a way to return to my former world after that.

First of all, let’s create a dungeon. Fortunately, this area seem to be an undeveloped region with several extremely small villages here. I should be able to create a dungeon as much as I like.

Even though I said that, it’s important to have a grasp on my own powers. Let’s start by making a small dungeon.


[“Create Dungeon”]


I used a dungeon creation magic. I often use spellcasters in games and such, but never have I thought I would come to use actual magic in another world.

It’s off the subject, but I can’t create a dungeon on a region that is “Human property” without permission.

It saved me the trouble to be in an undeveloped region.


Let’s see. It’s a completed dungeon, but looking from above ground, it’s just ordinary stairs. That’s natural though, because dungeons are created underground.

When I went down the stairs for a while, I could see a moderately spacious room was made. Wall is shining faintly. It seems it’s releasing it as configured, more or less.

For now, I’ve secured a safety zone so the first stage is complete. Dungeon masters can use fairly strong abilities when inside a dungeon after all.



Now, 3 days have passed since I moved to this world and since I became a dungeon master.

I think there are 3 necessities at minimum for humans to live; food, water and a place to sleep. And as far as those necessities are concerned, I resolved them all with the dungeon master’s ability.


Dungeon master uses abilities by using the dungeon core’s resources. The dungeon core’s resources are basically gathered by creatures entering the dungeons. However, since I’m the only one inside the dungeon, the resources are not increasing.

For that reason, the key would be how to use the valuable resources that the dungeon core has from the start. And so, I used these resources to create monsters in the beginning.

It seems there are beings they call monsters in this world. And it looks like I can create these with the dungeon master’s abilities too.

You can create monsters normally, and it’s possible to assign POP settings to a dungeon.

Monsters that are born by this ability won’t attack the dungeon master, and the fact that they obey my commands really helped me.

In order to properly turn this small scale dungeon into safe zone, I summon a golem as its gatekeeper. If we’re talking about dungeon gatekeepers, then it should be these boys.

I summoned 2 golems and deployed one at the entrance. I ordered it to defeat the intruder if it’s a monster and capture the intruder if it’s a human being. 

The other one would be my guard. I obtained power to fight to some extent after becoming a dungeon master, but living alone in an unknown land is still difficult after all.

I guess I can say I have secured a safe place to sleep with this.


Next is water. This was much easier. <Water Magic> is really convenient. I also have the spring, so…


And lastly the food. At first I aimed for the food stocked in the aircraft. However, just when I tried to return to the aircraft, I noticed that the aircraft have gone up in flames.

The crew and passengers must have likely been annihilated, including the food inside.

My judgement was split between whether I should’ve escaped quickly or carried out my things I guess. If I knew it was another world, then I may have gone and taken out my things even if I were to be unreasonable.


It was a heart-breaking event, but in order to live, I can’t stand still.

I searched for edible fruits and plants(well-known ones) and made them my emergency food. I could use golem to kill a rabbit with horns grown on them, and decided to prepare it after draining their blood, cooking them by letting out fire with <Fire Magic> and eating it. It was unexpectedly delicious.

I have also defeated monsters that I have no way to call other than goblins no matter how I look at it, but I wasn’t able to bring myself to eat this.


In order to secure dungeon core resources, I captured horned rabbits and put them in the dungeon after creating a cage. Also called emergency rations.

It seems the resources is increasing well with several rabbits. It is enough to summon new golem. Let’s put it as a guard. I could afford to summon a new golem. This will be the jailer.


I think I’ve gained the strength to be able to live in this world to some extent in these three days. But then again, my current state is that I’m letting the golems do most of the things.

Golems are excellent, but it’s not good for me to rely on them and not do anything myself. Some of the dungeon master’s abilities possess combat abilities, so let’s use them with great vigor.

In the first place, it’s more problematic that I’m using <Water Magic> and <Fire Magic> as nothing but drinking water and lighter despite them having means of attacking…


4 more days have passed since then.

I expanded the dungeon and added floors to it.

The number of captured monsters in the dungeon has been increasing well. One horned rabbit among them have come to be emotionally attached to me. As if I’m a monster tamer.

Even so, there’s no problem at all, since the resources is increasing.


With my increased resources, I finally succeeded in creating an item. It likely must be an ability to create items to place them inside the dungeon. But since I can’t afford to say such things  right now, I decided to make use of it. I created a sword for self-defense, though I’m not good at handling it. When you say fantasy, you’d say swords.

And while I’m at it, I’ve decided to copy the sword that Shindou used in the game we’ve been playing recently. It’s that thing we call superstition. My other best friend Asai uses a greatsword, so I can’t use his as a reference.


During these 4 days, I’ve personally killed monsters, though I was a little reluctant. I defeated them with magic at first but I eventually killed them with the sword. Since I’ve made various preparations, I’m thinking about making an excursion to a nearby village today.

From the information I got from the dungeon core, this world still only has civilizations around the middle ages and earlier. Well, it is natural as a matter of course, because it’s a transfer to another world. Modern people would find it unbearable but for me who has above average adaptability, it isn’t much of a problem. 

Even though I said nearby village, it seems to take a day of walking. I have to prepare myself properly for this.

As for the golem…, it should be fine to let them standby at a place separated from the village. Not taking it with me is dangerous too, so…

I’ve decided to release the captured monsters. Even if they’re monsters, I don’t want to do something like leaving them captured until they die.

I’ve decided to bring the emotionally attached horned rabbit with me. I can only take him with me because he will follow me even if I set him free. His name is Shiro. …It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to eat horned rabbits anymore.


I walked for a day and arrived near the target village. Since I’m going to enter the village after this, I’ve decided to put the golem on standby nearby.

When I gave the golem the command to standby, the horned rabbit sat slightly next to it and was similarly on standby.


[Please wait here, I will be back as soon as I can.]



It seems he has become very smart in these few days. I leave him with a few days worth of food and then headed to the village.


[This is…]


I feel so little hints of life from this village that it may as well be lifeless. The air is somewhat stagnant too.

Honestly, you need quite a lot of courage to enter, but the dungeon master seems to have resistance to poison, so I’ve decided to go in while being vigilant.


[Excuse me! Is there anybody here!?]


I shouted, but there was no reaction.

There were several crude wooden houses, but there were no signs of people.




There was some noise so I turned my head that way, and there I found a middle-age woman collapsed.


[Are you okay? What happened?]


Properly speaking, I probably shouldn’t have approached her carelessly. But there’s also the fact that I it’s the first person I’ve met in a week, so I unintentionally approached her and called out to her.


[You…you are…?]

[I’m a traveler. What happened here?]


I knew it from the dungeon core’s information, but Japanese is really the official language. Quite a surprise.


[Nearly… all villagers have died… from an epi…demic…]


On a closer look, there were several black speck-like things showing all over the middle-age woman’s body.

She called it an epidemic, but it must be something like a plague.


I’m really glad to have poison resistance.


[I’m…, already dying too… At least… save… Kana-chan…]


The middle-age woman said and calmly breathed her last.

Who could this Kana-chan she mentioned be? If she is a survivor, then I’d like to save her.

I’ve decided to search the house that woman came out of. The door was open, so I found her immediately.


[*cough*, *cough*…]


Who I found there was a girl of about 10 years old lying on a futon.

This child has been afflicted by the similar dark specks like that woman from before.


To be honest, I can only see her dying soon.


[Onii-chan…, who are you…?]

[I’m a traveler. Are you suffering from the epidemic too?]

[Yeah…, onii-chan…, it’s better to leave this village quickly… Onii-chan will get sick too…]

[Please don’t worry. It looks like I won’t get sick easily.]


Let’s think about what I can do to save this girl.

This world seems to have <Recovery Magic>, but unfortunately I can’t use it.

Item creation by the dungeon core has medicine that could heal all illness, but there’s not enough resources for that.

It looks like creating an item that’s never been produced yet uses more resources than making changes to the dungeon.


[Could Kana…, have done something bad enough to die… Wouldn’t Goddess-sama…, save Kana…]


The girl feebly murmured.


It seems this world believes in a goddess. I’m originally an atheist. No, to be exact, I don’t think it changes anything even if there is one or not.

If there is a god and is merciful, then there’s no way that they would allow an innocent child die at the very least.

There’s two options for a world where children have to die; there are no gods, or they’re useless even if there are. Either option changes nothing.


[God won’t save you. If you have to abandon your humanity in order to survive, what would you do?]


If I can use one of the dungeon master’s abilities, then I can save her. However, it’s none other than one that alters a human being.

I’ll leave the question of whether or not there is one as is, but that ability can only be in the domains of a god.

It seems I’m compelled to be resolved to invade the domains of gods to live in this world.

It doesn’t look like I have any hands I can play other than that at my current state. Therefore, the rest depends on her feelings.


[Kana doesn’t want to die… Kana is fine in any shape, so…, Kana wants to live.]


The girl squeezed out her voice while crying.

If she has that resolve, then next would be my turn to show my resolve.


[Understood. Please wait for a while.]



As I said, I get out of the house immediately and cast spell at nearby suitable vacant lot.


[“Create Dungeon”]


Same as the other day, a stairs and dungeon was created there. I have not made any changes to the setting inside. It’s just a cave with light.

I went back to the girl’s house.


[What’s wrong…?]

[Hey, are you sure you about throwing away your humanity? You probably would lose your freedom too.]


[Then, excuse me.]


After the girl answered, I carry the girl who was in the futon in my arms.




I took the girl as is and entered the dungeon.


[W-What is this place…?]

[We’re inside a dungeon. From now on I will have you become a keeper.]

[A keepa?]

[It means that you would throw away your humanity and become someone who lives in this dungeon.]


The girl showed me a somewhat pondering look, but she immediately nodded.





I started chanting a certain magic.

It’s a “Magic that turns a consenting person into a Keeper” that only the dungeon master and keepers can use.

When I finished the chant, the ground under the girl shined.


[It’s fine to do it inside your mind, so please consent to becoming a keeper.]



When I said that, she shuts her eyes.

Immediately following that, the light on the ground wrapped up her entire body.


Contract complete I guess.

The black specks was completely gone from her body.


[…the pain is cured?]

[I see. I’m glad it did.]


Even if I know there shouldn’t be any problems from the information, I won’t feel relieved unless I actually confirmed it.


[Is onii-chan a god?]

[No, I’m just a dungeon master. My name is Azuma Akira, please call me either by Azuma or Akira, whichever way you like.]

[Err, Azuma-oniichan. Uh-uhm, Azuma…sama, my name is Kana. Thank you… very much for saving me.]


The girl switched her way of talking to an awkward polite form.


[You don’t have to be that respectful to me, Kana. I still don’t have a proper dungeon right now.]

[Uh-uhm, ah, no. Azuma-sama is Kana’s lifesaver. Kana has to show respect.]

[…Alright. You don’t have to push yourself. Well then, what do you want to do from now on, Kana? I plan to go back to my base once but I don’t think I mind turning this village into my base either.]


It’s not really a good omen and I’m worried about the plague, but there shouldn’t be a problem for the two of us.


[…Kana wants to go to Azuma-sama’s home. It is… painful to be here.]

[Is that so? I understand. But let’s at least do the burial for the villagers.]


There’s nothing good in leaving their corpse be.


I’d like to do a burial for the aircraft passengers too when I have a little more leeway.


[Is that okay? Ah, Is it really alright?]

[Yeah, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, Kana.]

[No, please let me do it.]



When I was about to exit the dungeon in order to bury the villagers, a warning-like thing resounded in my head, informing me of an intruder.

I’m dungeon master, so it seems I intuitively grasp the inside of the dungeon.




What descended from the stairs was a huge dog of over 2 meters long.

It’s not a wolf, but a doberman-like dog I guess.

If we look at it from a normal person’s perspective, it doesn’t change the fact that both wolves and dobermans are a threat.




Kana, who was walking next to me was unable to stand up due to fear.


[Kana, please step back like that.]

[B-But Azuma-sama, you’re…]

[I will be fine. I may look like this, but I have some fighting experience. It was in a VR game though.]



I set up my sword and faced the Doberman (assumed).

Kana slowly moved behind me while still unable to stand up.

Well, I’m mainly a spellcaster in games and I haven’t wielded swords enough until I came to this world though. It’s something that should better be left unsaid.




On a closer look, this Doberman (Temp) has similar black specks like Kana and the middle-aged woman.

And yet, it doesn’t appear to be in pain at all.

…No, it’s wrong, isn’t it. This dog is the source of the plague.


Knowledge flowed into me from the dungeon core.

This monster is the “Plague mad dog”. The name speaks for itself.

It is a troublesome monster that will infect those they bite with illnesses.


It has recognized us as its enemies no matter how I looked at it.

It’s a dungeon with a dead-end and it should be beyond our power to run away.

In the first place, I had no intention to go out of my way to leave the main culprit who destroyed Kana’s village alone. Let’s defeat it right here.






Just as I took one step forward, the plague mad dog leaped at me.




I fired a “Fireball” from my palm with <No Chant>.

Fireball that came out flies toward infected mad dog and hit it directly.




The infected mad dog was thrown far back and rolled on the ground.

This infected dog was being cautious of my sword after all. It allowed me to use that.


But, the sword isn’t my forte, so there’s no need to use it expressly.

I’m a spellcaster, so using magic would be a matter of fact.


[“Fireball”  “Fireball” “Fireball”  “Fireball”]

[[kyain! kyain…, kyai…, kya…]


I continued to shoot “Fireball” before the plague mad dog could get back on its feet.

The plague mad dog gradually got weaker.


I rapid-fired “Fireball” until it hardly has any strength to move anymore.

The plague mad dog was just twitching and at death’s door.

I knew it, fire is the best treatment for plagues and bacterias.

I turned around and told Kana.


[Kana, this monster is the source that brought about the plague, the epidemic to this village. Please deal the finishing blow.]

[Eh…, it was this dog…?]

[Yeah, this dog is the plague mad dog. It has the same black specks like you all and yet, it’s still energetic, right?]

[Now that you mention it…, I think the first person that became sick said he was bitten by a dog.]




[Azuma-sama…, Please let Kana finish it.]

[Understood. You should use this sword.]

[Thank you… very much.]


When I handed the sword to Kana, she held the sword with not even a bit of unsteadiness.

That sword was supposed to be moderately heavy though.




After that, we started the burial of the villagers with the two of us.

Kana was crying while doing it, but she properly helped me out until the end.


It seems that Kana’s physical strength increased somewhat by becoming a keeper. She could lift up obviously heavy things.


[Sorry for have kept you waiting.]



After finishing the burial and preparing ourselves, we returned to my golem and horned rabbit.


[Waa~, so cute~!]

[Kyu? Kyui!?]


Kana quickly held Shiro in her arms.

Kana moved better than I expected.

Shiro looked my way in distress.


[Sorry, but please endure it.]


It’s not an animal therapy (since it’s a monster), but I had Shiro become a valuable sacrifice in order to heal the grieving Kana’s heart. He’s not going to die though.




As I told, Shiro resigns himself as does what I told him.


[Well then, how about we move out soon?]




Kana patted Shiro everywhere, and when she was satisfied, she began to talk.

What I heard from Kana as we walked seemed to be that she had never gone out the village before and so she didn’t know what kind of monsters were near the village.

And then, there was one fatal problem…


[Kana, why aren’t you wearing any panties?]


I accidentally saw it by chance when we climbed over a ramp, but Kana wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Strange isn’t it? If it’s a civilisation from around the middle ages, it should have some form of underwear…


[Eh…, ah…, It was difficult with the illness, so Kana stayed without one…]


Kana’s face turns a little red and rushed to take out her underwear from the luggage she brought from the village.

Forgetting to wear one despite bringing one with her, Kana seems quite the clumsy girl.

By the way, what Kana put on was the one what’s commonly known as pumpkin panties.


After taking a day of walking, we arrived at my original dungeon.

Becoming a Keeper is pretty convenient.

Even the very young Kana reached the point to be able to continue walking for a day.


[Is this…Azuma-sama’s home?]

[Yeah, that’s right. This place will be your home from now on too, Kana. Let’s cherish it.]



Thus began the genuine dungeon management by me and my first keeper Kana.




Ah, sorry. Shiro was here too.

The dungeon management began with me, Kana, my pet Shiro and several golems.

First of all, let’s steadily build up our strength to live in this harsh world.

Everything began after that




[Azuma-sama? Is there something wrong?]

[…Oh, it’s you Kana. No, I was reminiscing a little.] 

[About your friend from your former world? I am envious of them. That they would be thought of so much by you, Azuma-sama…]



Kana, the keeper who had been with me the longest, and Shiro, the horned rabbit I first tamed in this world, became a little sullen.

Kana hasn’t changed much in appearance since the time I met her due to becoming a keeper, but only her tone has become a mature one, appropriate to the months and years she had lived.


[Please don’t say that. Those days were very fun after all. I now have important people in this world, but I don’t want to forget them even once.]

[Actually, you want to go back, don’t you? To your former world…]


I shook my head.


[No, though they’re friends, there should be times where our paths separate. It’s just that, I regret not being able to give Shindou back his charm. It’s inexcusable, but I will put my hopes into Carro.]

[Azuma-sama, will your friend really come to this world? And, if he were to come as a Hero, those rebels at the 40th floor will…]

[No need to worry about that. I’m positive he will come to this world and he shouldn’t become a Hero. Even if he was summoned to this world as a Hero, he has no reason to lend his strength for something so insignificant.] 


It’s something I’ve learned as I lived in this world, but Asai has already come here, so Shindou will absolutely come to this world. It doesn’t seem like I won’t be able to live until that time, but I still have things I can leave behind.

I belive I’ve put in all my efforts to make sure Shindou can live freely in this world.


[More importantly, are you really sure? There’s no need for you all to die as I die, you know?]

[It is far too late for that. Since the time I decided to live with you, Azuma-sama, I decided my time of death to be with you. I can’t possibly let you pass away on your own.]

[Kyui! Kyui!]

[The other girls feel the same. It does mean that we will entrust our difficult duty to only Carro though…]

[I am pretty much entrusting the rest to Shindou too though…]


Shindou would recognize my message.

I’m sure it will be alright since I will entrust Carro to Shindou.

I’m giving you the dungeon, so please look after Carro at least.


It’s about time I guess…


I will meet my end while being surrounded by my cherished ones and calling my precious memories to mind.



[It seems I’m quite the fortunate one…]



[Azuma-sama? …Is that so. Good night. Thank you for your efforts.]





[Is this Azuma’s grave?]

[Yes it is, pyon.]


The dungeon’s hidden area. I muttered in front of a noticeably large monument inside.

Placed there was not a replica but the genuine “Ruler’s staff”, and a worn-out glass bead keychain. It’s without a doubt the one I gave him the day before I was transferred to the other world.


[*sigh*…, as always the faithful one.]

[I heard it from my seniors, but it seems to be a good luck charm that had saved Azuma-sama’s life countless times… pyon.]

[…If it was useful to him, then it was worth giving it to him.]

[And so, what will you do with the “Ruler’s Staff”? pyon. I think Azuma-sama would say you can use it if it is you, Jin-sama, pyon.]

[I will pass for now. If I have decided to seriously act as a dungeon master, if I decided to succeed Azuma, I’m thinking about taking over this staff at that time.]

[I understand. Pyon.]


I only take the keychain that was next to the “Ruler’s Staff”.


[That’s why I’ve decided to take back only this now.]

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