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Vol 10 Chapter 3

Yuuji, starting the dress production with the two seamsters


“Mr Yuuji, you can come in!”


Winter, where snow had piled up at the pioneer land.

The female seamster Yurshelle’s voice was heard from the temporary work tent that was set up in the garden of Houjou residence.


“OKaay, excuuse me”


Yuuji spoke listlessly in some respects and, with the camera, he went into the tent.

As if to run after Yuuji, the former adventurers party leader living in the pioneer land, Blaise, entered as well.


Inside the tent that the two seamsters, Yurshelle and Valleri, had designated as their workshed, a woman was standing wearing an unbleached cloth. Her gaze was at her own feet. She evidently looked lacking in confidence.


“How, how is it, Blaise? These kind of clothes don’t, suit me does it…”

“Celine… You’re pretty… I’ve fallen in love with you again!”


One middle-aged man blushed and was close to showing tears in his eyes. No, the party leader Blaise. He seemed to have become deeply moved seeing the former adventurer archer Celine in a look different from her usual.

The former adventurer Celine, though a woman, usually attached importance to the practicality of ease of movement and defensive power.

They were thick fabric or leather pants and leather armor. It was her husband Blaise’s first time seeing garments that uncovered her decollete, shoulders and arms. No, he had seen her naked side though. Since they were husband and wife. But clothing exposure was yet again something else.


Returning to topic.

Now, the two seamsters had started the manufacture based on the design and pattern paper of the dress Yuuji received from the US via internet. First they cut and basted low price cloth as practice. With the fact that her size resembled closely to the girl Kevin would propose to, they requested collaboration with the archer Celine and put the provisional dress on her. It was planned that Yuuji would relentlessly take pictures after that and upload it on the internet and receive instructions.


Incidentally, this dress was based on the design that was uploaded by one of the bulletin board resident, Username ‘My hobby is cosplay’. 

‘My hobby is cosplay’ saw the design after the retouches and was excessively moved to tears. It was his own idea, but he had it brushed up by first class workmanship and witnessed its perfected form. It was natural to be deeply moved. The post that he spontaneously posted “please let me call you master!” was ignored. Surely it was just that Sakura did not see it. It was not that the patternmaker ignored it. She must have recognized his idea and aim. Probably.


What the former adventurer archer Celine was wearing was common cloth. In order to ascertain the shape, the threads were visible and the cutting of the cloth was rough. The cloth was unbleached and undyed and there were no accessories either.

Even so.

A dress was a dress.


Perhaps having gained confidence in herself from her husband’s voice and moist eyes, Archer Celine said  “Geez, I hate this” while not looking as dissatisfied as she wants others to believe.

Alice opened her mouth and stared at Celine with eyes open wide. Who Alice held hands with was the elven girl Riese, showing the same expression on her face. Even if they were nine and twelve years old, girls were girls. The precocious two seemed to have been captivated by the dress.

Kotarou, who was at their feet, seemed to have been captivated by the dress as well. She loitered aimlessly at Celine’s feet to calm herself down. Saying it’s fluttery, no, I can’t. This is important, patience, patience, but. Even if she was a woman, she was a female dog after all.


“It’s a little dark and I can’t see the detailed parts well, so” by Yuuji’s words, the group left the tent to the garden of Yuuji’s house in droves.


A silver world, and the light of the sun shining from the sky, dividing the cloudy sky.

Therein stood Celine in the provisional dress as if being lit up.

Her tensely stretched back must be the results of training as an archer.


Having the archer Celine endure the coldness for a while, it was time for Yuuji’s photography.

The front, side, back, low angle, high angle, up, close-up and extreme close-up.

It was a style of photography like a soldier fighting in the festival of the dead and end-of-year.


The pioneer residents was absolutely fascinated by the dress, ignoring Yuuji’s eccentric behavior.

Eventually, the remaining two former adventurers, the woodworker team and the beastkin family gathered outside the gate. They unanimously sang praises and the scout Enzo came to jeer at her.

Setting aside Yuuji who was absorbed in photography, even Alice and Riese, who could have invited the residents inside the mysterious barrier if they held their hands, ignored the outsiders. No, they must have been fascinated and just did not notice them. Surely.


The two seamsters looked at such spectacle, smiling broady.


“Yup, it’s quite pretty isn’t it. It needs some minute retouches, but it mostly looks alright. The fabric that Mr Kevin gave us looks sufficient. It’s like this with cheap fabric, so if we use this fabric…”

“I can imagine that, Yurshelle. I’m looking forward to it, but it’s worrisome… A valuable article like this one, if we make a mistake…”


Said Valleri, and dropped his sights to the silk fabric that was put in the wooden box he was holding in his hand.


“I guess so… But, there’s no other choice but to do it, right!?”


Yurshelle pat Valleri’s shoulders as if to encourage her partner, as if to inspire herself. It was an unexpectedly loud sound.

“Hey, that’s dangerous you know, Yurshelle” “Ah, sorry, sorry” the two exchanged.

And then.

She understood the language only at the level of greetings, but did she respond to the noise?

The elven girl Riese looked over her shoulder and saw the two seamsters and the wooden box held in their hands.

No, she noticed the silken cloth inside the box.


‘Eh? No, no way, why? Why is that cloth here? Yuuji-nii! Hey, Yuuji-nii!”

‘Hm? What’s wrong Riese?’


Having heard Riese’s yell, Yuuji moved his foot towards the girl. It seems he was just at the point of finishing his shooting.


‘Yuuji-nii, that cloth. Where did you obtain it?”

“Ah, that. It’s pretty, right? Mr Kevin said he got it as a farewell gift from the capital’s Gaegus company president when he separated from them. I think it’s probably silk. But, Riese. I do understand you want it, but it’s something the company president obtained only a little of from who knows where, so it’s very expensive, he said. That’s why I don’t think he won’t give us even if you want it’

‘I don’t mean I want it! But, yes, only that person would know I guess. Then, would that be the person in question I wonder, uhm, but…’


Riese grumbled in soft voice after she denied that it wasn’t that she desired it. That voice of hers did not reach Yuuji’s ears. Not even a fragment of her usual ladylike behavior could be seen.


‘Say, Yuuji-nii. Once it becomes spring, you will call me when we go to meet the elf in the royal capital right? Could we not visit that mr company president?’

‘Uhm, I think that might be fine though. Mr Kevin has already said that he would go to the royal capital with the dress made with that fabric!’

‘Really… then that will be fine for now. Thank you, Yuuji-nii”

‘Eh? I’m not sure, but… Okay, well, if you understand, Riese’


Despite tilting his head, Yuuji kept Riese company, who stopped the conversation, and once again returned to the ring of people.

“Let’s leave it at that for now,” likely having switched over, Riese, who had been in a pondering state, lined up beside Alice. It was completely her home position.


Celine in the provisional dress, her husband, Alice, Kotarou, the two seamsters and the pioneer citizens in front of the gate were yet excited.


“Aalright, you two! If you’re that pleased with it, then how about we go make the dress once it turns spring! As for the charge, negotiate it with Mr Kevin! What fabric to make it with too!”


The female seamster, Yurshelle raised her voice and announced.


Who pushed up their fist skyhigh was the former adventurers party leader, Blaise, and the giant man with the role of tank, Dominique.

Beside Yurshelle, her partner and husband Valleri too made a small triumphant pose.

They were Team Newly-weds.


On the other side.

There were men who dropped on their knees and placing their hands on the grounds.

The Former adventurer party scout Enzo.

And Yuuji.

They were Team middle-aged bachelors.


Alice still had her mouth opened with shining eyes as if to say “hwaa”.

She must have grasped the situation from the female seamster’s voice and the state around her after receiving that announcement; Riese’s eyes were sparkling as well.


At the feet of the two girls, whose eyes were sparkling enviously, Kotarou was writhing about as if she was in agony.

As if to say the fluttering, the fluttering will increase, I probably won’t be able to endure it. You can’t, you can’t, me”

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