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49 Disquieting movements



“What’s wrong?”



One of the rooms of the world tree castle. We who have plans to go to the demon continent have been taking a rest for a while here until the arrangements of the transfer magic circle is prepared.

I think I’ve said it before that large amounts of magic power is necessary for a transfer magic circle.

Hence there’s the disadvantage that it’s useless at times of emergency.

Even if you leave it fully charged to remove the disadvantage, it’s not something you would accumulate in case it’s used by accident or abused.

The counter-measure they took against that is by replenishing it with a certain amount of magic power and so they can finish it with a quick charge at the time of use.

Even if beastmen don’t have much magic power which is typical to their race, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours after the battle with Ruga, so it should be completed soon……


“I’m also worried about Desas really……Whatever you say, she’s the demon king so yeah, won’t she be targeted more likely?

“You have a point I guess……”


I don’t think she’ll be attacked so easily if it’s her, but depending on the movements of the black robed bunches, there is a possibility that she will instantly come to danger.

I won’t be able to deal with it if I still haven’t started moving though.


“Well……the five demon generals are also there and she herself is very strong. It should be fine for the next while. “

“I think so, but you know……”

“Besides, I’ll notice it if there’s danger approaching her life.”

“Aah, so you’ve given her that kind of thing too.”


Roa said and she stroked the black choker worn on her neck.

The choker and brooch I’ve given to Roa and Desas has an original magic inserted that I created from scratch. It reacts to the danger of the owner’s life and will in turn signal me.

Basically the kind of accessory I’ve given has this embedded to it and the fact that it isn’t responding at the moment means that everyone can be said to be safe.

On a side note, the people I’ve given those are Yuuhi, the three companions, Desastre, Ruri, Levia, Regulus, Roa……there are more people, but they have no reason to go somewhere like a battleground, so the ones I ought to be worrying about are the lots I named.

Ruri is a merchant so she won’t be fighting, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t be in danger, seeing that she’s living in Evil Barrow and the enemies will be marching there.

I’m worried about the others, but I’m worried about Yuuhi the most.

That girl’s kind hearted, so she may show sympathy towards her enemies even on the battlefield and may see something painful.

If Elka and the others are going towards the demon continent like I expect them to and protect her, then I can have quite a bit of peace of mind though――――――



“Merchant! Water please!”

“Ah, yes!”


Ruri, the very young merchant was frantically carrying the requested baggage, even while mud is stuck on her clothes that has become wet from the rain.

The girl wasn’t fighting just like Setsu expected, but in this way she had been serving the demon army as the supply squad.

Ruri, an acquaintance to the demon king Desastre, was entrusted with the supply role by the demon king herself while being human and thus she had been running around the battleground.

She had favorably managed the stand with the deep fried food Setsu passed down to her and with the reason that the soldiers “are able to eat Setsu’s cooking,” they made it their favorite store and they’ve gotten on good terms with her.

Ruri in the rain

She also has decent skills as a merchant and with the soldier’s trust in her, her ability in taking action and her tact, Ruri being elected as the supply squad leader was, in a meaning, inevitable.

At first she came across other supply squad members who were dissatisfied with being pointed at by a human much younger than themselves, but due to her tact, accurate instructions and how hectic the battleground had been, they could no longer feel things like dissatisfaction――――――or perhaps, they don’t even have the leisure to feel it.


“Squad leader! The medical squad is requesting clean clothes and tools for first aid treatment because there are too many casualties!”

“So it means they don’t have enough recovery magic anymore then……if so then those are inside the tray of the carriage. As for clean clothes, clothes are put in a bag so it doesn’t get wet by the rain. You could get others lend a hand, so please take some magic recovery potions to the medical squad. It’s just in case, but I think it’s better than nothing, so. ”

“I understand!”


After receiving her instructions, the young agile figured member dashed to the supply area. Ruri too ferried across the water casket she was holding to the knight who had come requesting it.


“Thank ye! Wait, it’s heavy!? Missy, you’ve been carrying this!?”

“There’s a trick on how to carry this, you know! You’ll master it even if you dislike doing business on your own.”

“Really……ain’t that amazing. Oh right, thank you!”

“You’re welcome!”


The girl ran once again.

Behind the battleground, a lone merchant was supporting the battling soldiers.




“Mitsuki, are you okay?


The human side’s stronghold, built on the demon continent.

It has become a place for medical treatment of injured soldiers and a rest area for those who were forced to retreat temporarily.

Among them were also the figures of the Heroes and each of them were looking unwell.


“So-Sorr……in front of people……I……ueh.”

“Don’t be unreasonable I tell ya……just throw up everything now.”


Having seen the many deceased in front of her eyes, Mitsuki had various emotions mixing in since a while ago. She was unable stop feeling nauseous and could not separate herself from the bucket of filth.

Nestling close to the girl who earnestly continued to throw up was Jirou who was similarly summoned as a Hero.

He too may have come to see various things on the battlefield, but he was comparatively in a better state of mind.

The mind of he who had been involved in combat sports like boxing and judo was quite tough compared to those of the same generation.


“Hey! Pull yerself together!”

“Sorry Endou……”

“I, I don’t feel so good……”


Endou and those followers of his were quite defeated as well.

It was Endou who was rebuking the followers, but he himself looked unwell.


“*sigh* ……shit……why are we looking like this……”

“Endou-kun and the others, are you all right? I’m here with water. ”



When he noticed that the person who had come pouring water was Yuuhi, Endou immediately stretched himself.


“Want some?”

“Ye, yes please!”


Endou took in his hand the cup Yuuhi was holding and drank it like he was greedy.

Just by receiving water from the opposite sex he yearned for and being treated kindly by her, he recovered his cheerful expression. Yuuhi who didn’t notice Endou’s health turning back felt relieved that he was at least looking well.


“Let me know if there’s anything, okay?”


Not being led to fight thanks to Kouma, Yuuhi had been working in the stronghold as the one in charge of odd jobs.

Endou looked reluctant to part with her, but because she still have things to do, she immediately left the place with the rest of the water.


“Yuu……Aren’t you going to rest?”



When she was about to carry water to the others, Kouma hindered her.

He was looking at Yuuhi like he was somewhat upset, but fatigue is showing on that face.

Kouma himself took down a considerable amount of people and so his mind was somewhat enduring it.


“But I hardly fought, you know? That’s why I have to do this――――――”

“Even so, you should rest! These chores aren’t something you should do Yuuhi!”


Because Kouma unintentionally let out a loud voice, everyone there looked his way.


“I will be protecting you. That’s why you can hide yourself behind me on the battlefield, and you don’t have to do these things either.”



The girls were bashful and the boys admired Kouma who said something a game character would say.

Yuuhi too couldn’t say anything.

Being deeply moved――――――was not the reason.

Great delight――――――was not why she couldn’t either.

It was because she helplessly became “disgusted” with him.


(These times……Yuki-kun would actually praise me)


Yuuhi have had numerous friends since long ago and due to that she had been involved with various people.

In that process, she had often helped people and had become idolized by even more people.

Whenever Yuuhi gives a hand to someone or saves someone, Setsu would praise her.

What he had there was an upfront respect for her.


Naturally there were also praises from those around her.

The girl called Hanabashira Yuuhi is a kind-hearted girl they say……

However, her heart, as a matter of fact, wasn’t particularly kind.

She is simply just kind within bounds of common sense.



She is kind so she would help people――――――is not how it is.

Setsu had praised me when I saved someone……In the end, the girl called Hanabashira Yuuhi helps people and would work for people in order to have the man called Setsu praise her.

To praise is namely the part where he acknowledges her.


Because he loves Yuuhi, Setsu would acknowledge and support her actions.

Because he loves Yuuhi, Kouma would try to protect her without acknowledging those actions.

There lies a difference that can’t possibly be shortened.

Yuuhi is anything but a weak woman.

The strength that seems to want to protect rather than be protected, that is what she possess.

Kouma who had become beyond overprotective is nothing more than a hindrance to Yuuhi.



“Where are you going!?”

“I’m going to breath in some fresh air……I’d like to be alone.”

“Oh, okay……


Being put in an unexpected conspicuous bind and losing her mood to perform her chores, Yuuhi passed by Kouma and headed outside.

Jirou who had seen the whole scene called out to the surprised looking Kouma.


“……Aren’t ya a lil’ overprotective? Kouma.”

“I……don’t want Yuu to face any dangers”

“I understand that feeling of yours, but……She’s also strong, you know that? She ain’t be getting done in so easily I tell ya.”

“You can’t be sure of that, can you!?”


An angry voice once again resounded in the stronghold.

Finally, Jirou stood up and struck his fist towards the face of Kouma who didn’t think much about his surroundings.



“Open your eyes……Look”


A small scream was raised from their surroundings.

Kouma rolled on the floor, became dumbfounded and couldn’t move, with an appearance saying he didn’t understand why he was hit.

Jirou grabbed his collar and raised him to connect their gazes.


“I understand your feeling of being worried about the girl you like and not wanting to expose her to danger! But you know, is Yuu being safe good enough for you!? How about the others!? There are already people hurt, you know!? It’s frustrating, but the strongest among us is you! Everyone is relying on you! Thinking of constantly worrying about Yuu and neglecting others!? I’m not gonna let ya!”


“Can Yuu not even fight……we should have included her and protected the others who are bad at fighting, don’t you think……”



Kouma began to feel embarrassed and turned his face away from Jirou.


“……Sorry Jirou. I probably wasn’t calm for a bit.”


“……No probs. My bad for hitting ya.”


Jirou stepped back from above Kouma and stuck out his hand.

Kouma took that hand to stand up and lowered his head to the surrounding classmates who had been looking worriedly.


“Sorry, I’ve made you anxious.”

“I’m sorry about that.”


When Jirou also apologized after Kouma, each of the classmates return to their rest, feeling relieved.

Especially Mitsuki who is close to the two; she noticed the stiff atmosphere during that time and now she stroke down her chest in relief.


“I’ll go see Yuu.”

“Heyhey wait, going now would be awkward don’t ya think?”


“I’ll go for ya. And then apologize to her okay?”

“I got it……I’ll leave it to you.”



He actually knew the awkward part? Kouma decided to leave it to Jirou.

He sat on the chair and waited for the two to return.

However――――――however long he waited, the two didn’t come back.




A little moments before.

Having slipped out of the stronghold, Yuuhi covered herself in a raincoat so as to not get wet from the rain and walked outside.

The air that smells of gunpowder and rain is somewhat intense, but it appeared to be very much better than the air submerging the inside of the stronghold.


(Kouma-kun……Is kind of getting a little in the way.)


She understands his feeling of worrying over her, but that was overdoing it in every way.

Yuuhi, who wanted to quickly try and meet a demon who knows Setsu and visit the other side, couldn’t stand it with Kouma’s existence being a hindrance.


“I wish I could just up and leave like this……”


She muttered as she kicked the stones under her feet and immediately abandoned the thought.

There were too many people surrounding the stronghold.

Her leaving on her own will absolutely be seen like this.

Yuuhi and the others were forbidden to take independent actions, so if their figures are seen leaving on their own then they may be brought back.


“*sigh*……I guess I should go back now――――――”

“La-lady Hero!”


The moment she felt calm and tried going back inside the stronghold, she was stopped by the voice of a knight running from the other side.

He looked like he was excessively impatient, it made her feel it wasn’t just a trivial matter.


“What is wrong?”

“That, that is……the five demon generals have appeared and……right now I am going to request support from the Heroes.”



The five demon generals, that name was also told to Yuuhi.

Ability of at the very least SS rank and above, they are five subordinates under direct control of the demon king.

Strong people where troops of ordinary soldiers will never be enough for has finally revealed their figures on the battlefield.


“I alone have confirmed it, however……our current situation is that our forces are annihilated and……”

“And which way is it?”

“It is that way――――――pya-!”


Suddenly, Yuuhi took hold of the soldier’s neck and the soldier lost his consciousness.


“Thank you very much.”


After supporting the unconscious soldier and leaving him on the ground, she shook her arm that was coiled with crackling electricity to erase that electricity.

To Yuuhi who can use magic of various attributes, this much was a child’s play.

Since it looked like the soldier suddenly collapsed, the nearby soldiers who were keeping watch rushed towards them.


“What happened to him!?”

“It looks like he somehow accumulated fatigue, please carry him.”

“Yes ma’am!”


When Yuuhi saw off the two soldiers carrying him, Yuuhi started running in the direction where the five demon generals appeared.


(The five demon generals……I’m sure those people would――――――)


The look-out had thinned out and as a result, Yuuhi vanished into the forest without being called to stop by anyone.


“――――――That girl……where does she think she’s going?”


Except one. Jirou who went out shortly after her, discovered her retreating figure and similarly entered the forest.



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