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Chapter 56

The impaired Hero


‘Oho~! High are we not!’

“Yeah, high enough to become cold”


At the place higher than even the clouds, we were on the falcon who was in the sky far from the continent.


(It’s stable… and I’m supposed to be standing on a living creature)


Because of its size, I feel a sense of stability as if I’m standing on the continent.


‘Say, milord’

“what is it?”

‘How will you descend to the ground after taking this one down?’

“I’ll settle it with magic, you see. I can more or less use several wind attribute magics”

‘That is a relief then. Alright, let us slay it to our heart’s content!’


I poured magic power into Echsdarc in her drawn out state.


‘Nhooooo! It’s coming, it’s coming!’


The poured magic power doubled inside Echsdarc and it began to turn into a black aura.

It’s the same thing as when I felled the arc orc or the sacred beast of wind.


“I’m sorry, but let me finish this with this attack!”


I swung down black aura emitting Echsdark to the falcon’s body at my feet.

If I directly hit him like this, then I’ll be able to inflict a deep wound――or it should have.




Due to the ground, I mean the falcon, shaking its body, I broke my balance.

I ended up dispersing the magic power that was covering Echsdarc as well, due to unintentionally being preoccupied with it.


‘Tch, we’ve been noticed’

“Yeah! Damn, I won’t be able to stand normally at this rate…!”


Suddenly, the back of the normally moving falcon had none of the stability until now.

I would end up getting blown away if I don’t put my hands on the falcon’s back and grab its feathers.


“Don’t struggle!”


I switched my grip on Echsdarc into an underhand grip and stabbed into the falcon’s body.

The blade slipped into the flesh and pierced deeply until near the base.

However, it was as if it was not effective on the falcon.


“This is like being pricked by a mosquito isn’t it…”

‘I’m treated as a mosquito!?’


Although I stabbed its flesh, it would be like cutting it’s skin if it’s this large, let alone reaching its insides.

The blade turned into a stump and I came to able to support my body, but it’ll be impossible to defeat the falcon no matter what I do if it’s like this.


“I’d like to stop this guy’s movements somehow, but…!”

‘If that is the case, then leave it to me for a moment!’

“What are you going to do?”

‘Have you forgotten what I have done to you when we met, milord?’


Echsdarc and I met at the lowest floor of the dungeon.

When I grasped Echsdarc there, she sneaked into my nerves in order take over my body.

――I see, that nervous attack.


“You can do something similar to that?”

‘I may not be able to take over its mind, but I can restrict its movements!’

“Then please!”

‘Leave it to me!’


Echsdarc’s blade was dyed in black.

In doing so, patterns that looked like nerves going through its body stretched on its skin.


‘Curse Nerve!’


When the nerves went around its whole body, the falcon instantly stopped its movement mid-air.

Its movements stopped means that it stopped the flapping of its wings as well.

In other words, Echsdarc and I ended up suddenly penetrating the clouds along with the falling falcon, falling down straight to the continent.


‘Guh, this one… its body is too large, I cannot control his whole body!’

“Are you serious…”

‘Originally it is a power to manipulate puppets, so it seems not so effective on the falcon. Originally my control should continue even if you pull me out, but this falcon should regain its freedom the instant I were to be pulled out’

“ … an all-or-nothing bout is it?”


If it becomes free the moment I draw out Echsdarc, then I have no opportunity but an instant to ready my posture.

If I can amass my magic power in advance and swing at the same time as I pull out, then I should be able to bisect the falcon.


“No other way than to do it. Alright――”

‘Wait! Milord! A preposterous magic power response! This bird is trying to do something!’


I reacted to Echsdarc’s words and lift my head.

When I did so, I happened to see the head of the falcon.

Magic power was gathering in that beak of it.


“I see, so what you were able to control was just the movements of its body…”


This falcon intends to unleash Breath.

If it’s this strong, then it wouldn’t even be strange for him to be able to use Breath.

It was my mistake for not worrying about that.


‘Here it comes!’



The falcon pointed only its head this way and unleashed its Breath, grazing its own body.

It was not thick so its scope is small, but it’s the type of Breath that has quick penetrative power.

I brought down my body immediately and avoided a direct hit, but it grazed my shoulder so that part was slightly burned.

And then, an even worse news flew in. 


‘Hey, you have got to be joking’

“…This is terrible”


A new Breath had already gathered in the falcon’s mouth.

Does narrowing down its scale make it possible to rapid-fire?

The second Breath was already fired when I noticed that.




I poured magic power in performed reinforcement with all my strength.

Where the magic power spread became stronger and sturdier than normal.

And with my strengthened arm, I caught the falcon’s Breath.


‘Milord! Even if it is you――’

“If I can’t dodge it, then I have no other choice than this!”


Due to stopping the Breath with my hand pushed out, burning pain continued tor in my palm.

Not settling with just my palm, the Breath began to burn my arm.

Even though a Hero’s body is sturdy, it’s impossible to take Breath, that could only be used by strong monsters, bare-handedly.


“Guh… Aaagh!’


I killed off its power little by little, and gradually shifted its trajectory.

Even though my arm was nearing its limits, I successfully managed to put in my strength and turned it away from me.


“Huff… huff…”


I won’t be able to use my left hand for the time being.

The exterior ended up burned; I doubt this would let me move it well.


‘Milord, I apologize for pouring water on your endurance, but the next is coming’

“Yeah, I know”


There’s no longer any choice but to do it.

I pulled out Echsdarc with my right hand and then distance myself by kicking the falcon’s back.


“Echsdarc, I’m pouring in more magic power than the time we cut down the octopus. Can you handle it?”

‘Who do you think you are talking to? I am Echsdarc, the sword of legends. There is no reason for me not to be able to handle what can be handled by the sacred sword!’

“Hk- You… Alright. Then, I won’t hold back!”


I poured all of my magic powers into Echsdarc through my right hand.

Black aura gushed out as if it was overflowing and began to fully coil around my body.


‘Guh… As I expected I cannot call this… a pleasant feeling!’

“――Let’s go”


The falcon who had regained its freedom spread its wings once to adjust its posture.

And then it pointed its head this way and assumed a posture to unleash the accumulated Breath.


(I knew it, it can’t interrupt a Breath that far accumulated)


The Breath that a monster unleashes naturally needs accumulation.

It’s different when it began its accumulation, but if they end up interrupting it after it reaches the point where the magic power becomes visible as light particles, it would put a burden on the monster’s body.

If unlucky, it would sometimes discharge inside its mouth and its head would be blown apart.

That’s why I thought it would give priority to release Breath this way.

And while it is firing Breath, the falcon can’t move.

This would’ve been a dangerous situation in theory, but only this situation becomes the ideal chance.


“Flying Sword――――”


Echsdarc felt extremely heavy from pouring too much magic power.

Even while my body is creaking, I forcibly swung out Echsdarc.


“――Black Blade!”


I released a flying sword tinged with black magic power towards the falcon.

It was a slashing attack that’s several scales larger than when I defeated the sacred beast of wind.

That slashing attack cut through even the falcon’s Breath and bisected the falcon itself as is.

The diagonally dismembered falcon slowly resumed its freefall.


“Huff… Huff…”

‘I, I cannot hold it anymore… Spare me from this from now on’

“Yeah, I won’t do this anymore”


I began to freefall as well.

I need to kill my momentum with my wind magic, since I would end up crashing into the ground at this rate.


“Wind guard――huh?”


I tried to use magic to cover my body with wind and noticed.

I couldn’t circulate the magic power in my magic circuit.

The magic that usually should’ve been invoked immediately did not invoke no matter how much effort I put into it.


‘What are you doing!?’

“I, I don’t know!”


While I didn’t know at all the reason why I no longer could use magic, I fell down to the port town――――

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