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Chapter 38 Maid training & Explorer registration



Naturally, everyone is waiting for me to return to the carriage.



[I’m back.]


[Jin-sama, thanks for your effort. Are those children new slaves?]


[There are a lot of people again…… oh…]



Mio stopped mid-sentence. She might have seen the title. I guess I have to tell them using telepathy.



<<The second person! She is the hero of the humans!>>


<<Oh, I see.>>


<<I’m the beast kin’s hero and she is the human’s hero, so there might be elven and dwarven heroes too……>>


<<I’ll be glad if Dragonewts have one too~>>


<<It might be difficult since Dragonewt’s are considered monsters.>>


<<Aww, too bad~>>



Everyone’s eyes are focused at Cynthia. Well, I guess it is unusual to see a hero like this. And I never thought I would have another hero as a slave after Maria.



A: No, everybody thought that it was possible for master.



Seriously…… I don’t want to know what everybody is thinking about me. Just that they don’t hate me is good enough……



[E-Err, what is it nanodesu?]



Cynthia is a little restless from everybody’s stare. Only a few gazes are directed at the twins. Well, the presence of those girls is quite thin…… I guess their hearts were weakened following the loss of their family.



[No, it is nothing. We will go back to base. Those four people will join the maid group.]


[Understood. “Portal” has been placed, you can return anytime you want.]



Since we can’t use “Portal” in the village, we decided to put it some distance away from the village and return to base.



[Wh-What is it nanodesu? This……]


[As I told you. My base.]



It is quite satisfying to see these slaves girls being surprised. It is a normal reaction for anyone who sees our special power for the first time……, oh, Lusia wasn’t. “Revival” was cast on her before.



[Not just instant killing B-rank monsters, you can also do something mysterious like this nanodesu? I really might be able to become stronger like this……]



Cynthia mutters. I hardly caught what she said in the latter half.



A: Oh, it is corrected.



Since those orphans were attacked yesterday and somewhat dirty, I order maids to bring them to take a bath.



After the bath, the newcomer slave girls are dressed in maid clothes and gathered at the main hall.



[[Err, why are we also wearing maid clothes too?]]



The twins ask, wondering why they have to wear maid clothes while in a combat team. Well, mostly, it’s my preference.



[It is because you are going to be educated as maids, too.]


[Really nanodesu? Isn’t it fine for us to do only battle?]



Cynthia also wonders. I don’t have a particular demand for combat slaves. I mean, Maria and Sera are strong enough.



[Even if you are focused on combat, it isn’t the only thing in your life. I don’t feel like taking along slaves with inadequate manners and discipline, no matter how strong they are.]


[You won’t take me along!? I will accept the maid education nodesu… How many days is it going to take?]


[How many days?]



I asked a nearby maid. There is always at least one maid at my side when I’m in the mansion. By the way, this maid won’t kneel. I mean, I ordered them not to kneel.



[Yes, the minimum requirement is one week, but it can be done in only 3 days if we rush things up. Fortunately, an education manual has been completed recently, so it will be used as a guideline.]


[I prefer three days nanodesu.]



Cynthia makes that request.  The twins nod as well, and they unanimously join the 3-day course.



[Understood. The 3-day course. It will be a little hard.]





In the meantime, let’s discuss what we are going to do with everyone.


Well, let’s return to the main topic soon.



[Well, there will be more slaves in the future, should we tell them our secret? Of course, they won’t be allowed to tell anybody else.]


[A Secret nanodesu ka? You have told us at the village too though……]


[Yeah, but there are more secrets than that. Among them some will make you become stronger.]


[I wish you could tell me nodesu!]




[Yeah, I heard that.]



*Time skip*



[……There are a lot of topics left but I guess this is good enough for now. If you want to know more, please become useful for master.]


[There’s still more nodesuka…? I will show that I am useful for him nodesu……]



Wow! Cynthia raised her fist. It is quite motivated. But you still have three days of maid training.



[Right now, the discussion of the plan is over. Please do your best with the maid training.]



Yes! All 7 new slaves replied at the same time, then the maids brought the girls away.






I stop Cynthia, and touch her head with a finger.



[What is it nanodesuka?]


[A good luck charm. Don’t worry about it.]





Cynthia left as I said that. Of course, I just removed her <Seal>. I’m looking forward to seeing her 3 days later.



[Well then, what are we going to do in these 3 days?]


[Eh? Aren’t we going to the dungeon?]


[Yeah, but we are going to take those 3 too. They have <Dungeon Adaptation>.]


[Is that so? Isn’t map good enough?]



Certainly, we can see enemy and trap positions just from looking at map. But it changes the purpose of exploring the dungeon.


[Well, map isn’t enough. It only shows the adjacent area and the dungeon under this country has a lot of area. Not to mention, the area changes after changing floors. In short, <System Window> doesn’t show the route to goal.]


[How will <Dungeon Adaptation> fix that? Does Jin-kun know?]


[Yeah, there is a little benefit at the lower levels but it will show the route at the higher levels. So I plan to kill monsters in the dungeon, take their skill and raise <Dungeon Adaptation>’s level. I think it will allow us to find the shortest route to travel.]



Of course, it is still possible with map but it is too time-consuming.



[Master, are you going to explore the dungeon, right……?]


[Yeah, Since I’m going to do it, I hate to leave it unfinished. By the way, the time limit is 40 days.]


[Sorry, I don’t know the duration is too short or too long.]


[Dungeon has 50 floors. First, 32 floors were explored now. We only need 25 days if we go 2 floors a day, So we have a lot of time to spare. By the way, the B rank monster’s that were attacking the village are from the latter half of the 20th floors.]


[That monster is from 20th or lower floor……]


That’s right. Our explore won’t be different from having a walkthrough. I mean, most of upper floor was explored already. Beside, dungeon explorer has considerably good reward.



[Well, we won’t have trouble dealing with upper floors.]


[We didn’t see it yet but did Alta tell you anything?]


[Oh, about that. It isn’t hard. Above ground and underground are just an adjacent areas. So we can see it in the map.]


[Right! The first floor of the dungeon under this country is completely visible.]


[That’s right. So this is mean we can make a preparation in advance.]



Well, it is just 1 floor but it is still a great deal of information.



[Our conversation is considerably out-of-topic right now. Let’s return to the main topic. We still have 3 days left since we need to bring those 3 to raise their <Dungeon Adaptation>. What should we do during this time.]


[In that case, why don’t we go to Lilia city?]



Maria raised her hand and give her opinion.



[Yeah, it is a good idea. It doesn’t hurt to look at dungeon-only items and make a preparation.]


[You are right. We still have to wait for their maid training too, it won’t be a problem.]


[If there is no objection, we are going to Lilia city. Everybody agrees?]



We don’t have any other ideas except going to Lilia city either.



We use “Portal” to return to the previous location and move towards Lilia city. It took 3 hours by horse so it should take about 5 hours by carriage;  We are likely to reach the city at evening.


When we arrived at Lilia city, the sun is about to set. Half of the buildings in Lilia city are wood buildings like log cabins and the rest are stone buildings. There are no Japanese-style buildings here. Great, I guess that the stupid hero’s influence didn’t reach here.



The scale of this city is as large as Atarime city.


First, we should go to adventurer guild and update our card. So we can act as Adventurers in this country.


The Adventurer’s guild is a wooden building. It is something fresh to see because the guilds we saw until now were stone building.



There aren’t many people here in the guild. Nor are there many request on the request board either.



A: Explorer is overwhelmingly more popular than adventurer. Although, most of the explorers are registered to adventurer guild, they don’t have much activity as adventurers.



[There are too few people here.]


[It seems everybody goes to the dungeon.]


[It is fundamentally a labyrinth country after all.]


[Since there is a huge dungeon underground, the soil quality isn’t good enough to have a big field nor have big mine. There are ranches but not many farms since this country is focusing on the dungeon.]



You could say if something abnormal is happened in the dungeon, it will be a national-level crisis. This country is quite risky.



We chat with each other while heading toward reception.



[Sorry. Could you update our guild cards from Kastal?]


[Yes, we can. Please leave them to us.]



We hand over everyone’s guild card. The receptionist took and confirmed them.



[Everybody is C and D rank, isn’t that amazing? Did you come to this country to explore the dungeon?]


[Yeah, we have to go the other building to deal with dungeon-related stuff, right?]


[Yes, please register at explorer guild nearby. Ah, if possible, we will be glad if you could accept some work as adventurers.]


[Ahaha, I will if I have freetime between each exploration.]



I smile awkwardly. It is possible that receptionist-san is working here alone. This place is completely void of people.



[Here, your guild card’s updates are done.]


[Ah, thanks.]


We should work as adventurers during these three days. Oh, well, we should get the dungeon cards first.



[Hey, master. Is there a rank for dungeon cards?]


[It doesn’t seem so. Instead, it records the lowest floor you reach. It is a rank in sense but does not attract as much attention as adventurer ranks.]


[No, no matter what you say, reaching the 50th floor will absolutely attract attention……]


[Well……, no doubt. What should we do……]



This is bad. It will be troublesome in that case.]



[Oh, I guess we couldn’t return to this country again.]


[You are thinking too much.]



Sera replies as the straight man. Yep, I was thinking too much.



[Well, we will manage if that happens. If it becomes too much, we can make the king kneel to us easily if we need to.]


[Will the royalty in this country kneel like Sakuya-chan?]



Sakura-san, I don’t think of Sakuya like that…… But the matter about Sakuya’s royalty (female only) is actually to settle my worry.



Oh, no matter what I say, curse you, Erudia’s princess.



[It’s possible. Well, there’s no point in counting chickens before they’ve hatched. Shouldn’t we focus on clearing the dungeon first?]


[Yes, you are right.]



The Explorers guild is right next to the adventurers guild. Unlike the adventurer’s guild here, it is a stone building. Why……? Budget?



A: Yeah, Budget.



When we enter, everything inside feels like an adventurers guild. The people with bad character are looking at us. Well, it is normal since we are a group of women and children.


They look at us for a while but when they saw we are heading toward reception, they stop immediately.



[Excuse me. Can you help me with issuing dungeon card?]


[Err, does that include children behind you too?]


[Yeah, dungeon cards for 6 people. We have a letter of introduction from a knight too.]





As I said, I hand the letter of introduction to receptionist-san. Elinsia is a knight in this city, so I guess it will be fine.


At this point, a few of the bad charactered men are approaching us. Yep, another template.



[A letter of introduction from a knight? Hey, how much did you pay that knight?]



I see, there is a case of getting a letter of introduction from a knight through bribery. I think it would have been possible to buy from that self-important knight that was killed by Elinsia. As for Elinsia……, yep, that’s completely impossible.


As for Maria who is right next to me, she silently releases killing intent without warning.



[If you have a lot of money, I……]








Receptionist-san screamed and tumbled down from her chair. As she completely flipped over, I could see her stockings and white panties.



[W-What’s wrong?]



The bad charactered man who was interrupted mid-sentence was surprised too. As for receptionist-san, she looks at me trembling like she is looking at a demon.



[What’s wrong?]


[Hii~, Sorry. I’m sorry. I will issue dungeon card at once, so please let this matter be a secret!]


[Calm down. I’m not going to bite you or something……]




[So, Why were you surprised like that? Could you tell me the reason?]



I emphasize the latter question. If you saw that kind of reaction, wouldn’t you be bothered by it?



[Y-Yes. Instead, could you keep this a secret from Elinsia?]




[Don’t tell me!? That is Elinsia’s recommendation!?]






Everyone in the vicinity becomes noisy, with either fear or astonishment on their face.


I wonder why they reacted like that when they heard Elinsia’s name? I mean she is scary for the most part but she is certainly not evil.



[Yeah, I will.]



I guess if I do not agree with her, this conversation will go nowhere.



[*sigh* Thank you. ……I was surprised to see a recommendation from Elinsia. Do you know about Elinsia?]


[Well, just a little, I guess it could be considered that I don’t know.]


[I see. That is good. I will give you an explanation. First of all, she is the leader of knight’s order and the strongest person in this town.]



Elinsia’s level is certainly high. It isn’t strange if she has the title of the city’s strongest.



[Since she has that kind of strength and her weapon is rapier, she is called Iron maiden. But of course, behind her back……]



Is there an iron maiden in this world too…?



[And she will punish those who are a problem to national interest without mercy.]


[National interest……, she said that too.]


[That’s right. It is considered a national interest if you received a recommendation from Elinsia. So, I will be dead if she knows about this blunder.]



An adventurer who picks a fight with us earlier returns to his original position silently. In short, does everyone in this city fear Elinsia?



[Gobit-sanm you can’t run away like this!]



[Stop! Don’t say my name! I have decided I won’t become related to the matter of Elinsia!]



The bad charactered man who is called Gobit hides his face and runs away from us. I could see him trembling. Especially his inner thighs.



[Gobit-san, right? If Elinsia knew you ruined national interest, she will stab your groins with her rapier. Although, you won’t be killed by that.]



There is no magic to fix that limb in this world. In short. A castration.



[There are a lot of men in this city that have suffered by Elinsia’s hand. Same for women too. I heard she won’t let anyone who damaged national interest have the opportunity of having offspring.]





No, well, from what I saw, she is capable of doing that.


Mio who is also right next to me is thinking.



[Then, what will happen if I tell Elinsia-san that receptionist-onee-san and Gobit-san were rude to master?]




[Please stop!]



Both of them cry desperately.



[Ah, didn’t receptionist-san say to keep this a secret……?]


[Yes, that’s right. I absolutely don’t want to be on the end of her rapier. I want to marry and have a happy family……]



Wow, receptionist-san’s private information came out.



[So, how does Gobit-san compensate us for this?]



Mio said with a smile. Gobit-san’s face turned pale. Is Elinsia that scary……?



[I-I will give you everything I have! P-Please forgive me!]


[What should we do? Master?]



Now you set me up for this. Mio also enjoys messing with the template too.



[Well, we haven’t suffered anything, it will be troublesome to take your money……]



Should I care about someone who came pick a fight with us and fail? And he didn’t harm us at all. Of course, being rude to us is totally different than using force against us.



[No, please let me pay you by all means! Otherwise, I’m afraid she won’t forgive me if I don’t!]



Well, I don’t mind accepting his money as an apology but how am I going to solve this misunderstanding?


Nevertheless, it is too much money. Won’t your life suffer in the future from this? And I will be a symbol of fear.



[……I see. But I don’t need money. Instead, if you treat or recommend a good restaurant to us, we will forgive you.]


[U-Understood. Please leave it to me! I will tell you a good shop that I’m a regular at!]



Gobit nods non-stop. It is better to have local who knows the city to recommend a good store to us. It is perfect.



<<Sera, please eat an energy ball even if he treats us.>>


<<Why!? This is a rare chance!>>


<<Well, consider Sera’s appetite, isn’t it the same as taking all his money if you eat all you want?>>


<<How should I put it, Sera-chan. To eat until filled if someone treats us is……>>



Sakura is also amazed too. It is a normal courtesy for Japanese people not to eat too much when they were treated.



<<Ugh, it can’t be helped.  I will endure it……>>



While we were talking, cards were put on the reception table.



[Excuse me, while you were busy, your dungeon cards have been completed. As for the knight’s recommendation……, Elinsia-sama’s recommendation, we will give you an EX dungeon card. If you drop your blood on it, the registration will be completed.]



  1. It’s a nice sound. Put a drop of blood to enable the magic and register “Ownership”. Same as guild card.



[Thank you. Well then, we are leaving now.]


[Oh, I will come too. I will guide you to the shop with delicious food.]



Gobit will lead us.



[Ah, please keep this matter a secret! For my future!]



Receptionist-san bows and doesn’t forget to remind us when we leave explorer guild.






Gobit guides us to a dining room at a hotel in the west side of the city. As we entered, we see the nice figure of an aunt and young woman that is serving.



[Welcome. Oh, Gobit. Have you come for a meal again?]



The nice figured aunt isn’t afraid of Gobit’s bad person look. I guess he is really a regular of this place.


Above all, a poster girl. A POSTER GIRL! I guess the bar, restaurant and inn are still required to draw customer’s attention. She is shoulder-length brown hair girl around 20-years-old. She looks more charming than beautiful.



[Sana-chan. This guy is one of the regulars.]


[Understood. 7 people.]





After waiting a few minutes, food came out. The menu has bread, stew and steak. At morning. Even there are a lot of girls here, the choice of menu is too heavy for them.


Sakura and Mio are quick to give up give half of their food to Sera.


The stew used milk, it has a smooth texture. Delicious. This is the most delicious dish I had since Kabat village in Eludia. Steak is also served with a special sauce with an aromatic fragrance. Another delicious dish. Since this country doesn’t have high food sufficiency but it does have ranch. I guess meat and milk are their strong point. Grain isn’t their strong point, after all, so the bread’s quality is inferior to the meat….



[So delicious. I want the recipe for it.]


[You are right. This meat is the best I have ever eaten. Well, even before I became Jin-sama’s slave, I didn’t eat anything this good……]


[Sera-chan, could you give me back a little?]




[……For now, have you decided what hotel we are going to stay at?]


<<We did~!>>


Everybody agrees to stay at this aunt’s inn. Gobit also gives me a sign to excuse himself and left. By the way, we won’t return to our base every single day because it reduces the excitement.



After breakfast next day, we decide to go and buy stuff for dungeon exploration. By the way, we didn’t have steak for breakfast. The most we can get is ham. Well, isn’t that normal……?



I look at the map and locate the general store for explorers. It is a wooden-building shop with goods on the shelf. There is a set for a beginner. What is the content inside?



A: Beginner set has 1 dungeon’s warp stone, 1 dungeon map, 1 item box for dungeon and 3 potions for the dungeon.



Do they only work in the dungeon?



A: Yes. they will only work inside the dungeon. Do you want an explanation?



Go on.


A: Dungeon’s warp stone will let you escape from the dungeon to the entrance of the dungeon. It can be used again in the dungeon and will return you to the last place you used. It is disposable but it can’t be used during combat.



It is like being interrupted during the save, isn’t it? I guess it is one of the limits of save points……


A: Dungeon map will be mapping the way you pass automatically. But it will be reset when you move to another floor. Due to the explorer’s agreement, the Explorers guild will buy the maps for any unexplored area. On the other hand, explorers can buy the map’s information too.



Well, the map’s dungeon information is like a lifeline for every dungeon explorer.


A: The Item box for the dungeon can be used inside the dungeon only as the name suggests, Capacity is around 2 storage room. It will release everything if you leave the dungeon, so you should sell your loot first. Potions for the dungeon are a cheaper version of normal potion that can be used inside the dungeon only.



It is really for beginners. And only for the dungeon too…… Too bad they can be used inside the dungeon only.



A: It is opposite. They have added the condition to be used inside the dungeon only.



Oh, it seems transfer magic can’t be used to skip levels too. So I should let Sakura make it……


I mean, do we need to buy this? We already have everything covered……



A: It is unnecessary. But it will be strange if explorers don’t buy them.



Is that so? I guess we should buy them to blend in while we are exploring the upper layers. Lower layers? They have to take care of themselves.


I decide to use telepathy to tell everyone to buy the beginner kit. It is 10,000g per set. Quite cheap when including the item box too.


We bought items that could only be used inside the dungeon and our preparation is……done. All that’s left is to wait until maid training for those 3 is done.



[Well then, should we act as adventurers for now?]



I remember Sakura’s suggestion and invitation from receptionist from the guild, I decide to go to adventurer guild immediately.



There is only the teary receptionist-san here. Not a single adventurer inside……



[Ah! The adventurer from yesterday! Just in time!]



She jumps out of the reception and clings to me. So soft and it feels good even if she hugs me so tight. No matter what I do, it is unlikely she will let me go.



[No body has taken this request! Please accept this request!]



She passes request slip to me, and I read it.



Vampire Hunting

B Rank

Deadline : 10 days after being accepted

Subjugate the vampire who is lurking in the ruins west of Lilia city.

Reward: 5,000,000g



Comment from Rumanshi

So I’m sorry this came so late.  I will attempt to make it up to you.  Please forgive me.

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