STOS Chapter 31

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31 I won’t leave her alone



“――――――Is it over?”




Levia jumped down from the top of the roof and landed beside me. Shironeko, with her head sunk into a house, couldn’t move.



“There’s no sign of moving though……”


“ …… How about I pull her up and check for now?”


I walk closely towards the large Shironeko, grab the hair on her head and brace myself. Together with what’s small resistance for me, her head came out with a pop and when I release her head a dull sound was made upon landing on the ground. When doing so, her body shined and returned to her original humanoid form.



“She…… fainted, didn’t she?”


“I, I don’t remember hitting her with that much strength though……”


“It’s because you’re always bad at moderation…… it’s high time you are more aware of yourself about this……”


I’m completely shocked…… even though it’s like this, I put in a lot of effort in this you know?


“But I give up, I wasn’t able to hear the things about those black robes……”


I touched the black robe of Shironeko who’s lying face up. As I expected, it’s the same robe as that shadow bastard no matter how I look at it. I’m sure she’s involved with those guys.


“I’ll temporarily strip off all of her possessions――――――Ouch!?”


I unintentionally leak out my voice from suddenly getting hit on my head with something. Is it maybe this stone that fell down nearby?



“Setsu…… we’re surrounded you know”




I look around us and got surprised. Male and female beastmen of all ages are standing in order to surround us. It seems like they’re the people who live here……


“What’s up with you?”


I ask the brat who’s probably the guy who threw the stone. The brat glared at us with full of anger on his face.



“How dare you do this to Shironeko!”


“Ah? The one who started was this girl you know?”


I object to the brat who said something extremely unreasonable.


“A guy who charged into us with the intent to kill is someone I can’t leave alone as one would expect, now can I?”


“Shut yer mouth! Just die obediently!”


Hey, would you listen to me old man……


I glared at the old man who was spreading the shouts behind the brat.



“Why are you showing this attitude…… this man won from this child didn’t he? Wasn’t it the beastmen who has respect for strong people I wonder?”


“I do have respect for this man! But it’s a different story this time!”


A cat eared old lady answered Levia’s question. What is this “it’s a different story”.


“If you’re not defeated then Shironeko will, you know! …… Shironeko’s…… little sister will……”



Little sister?

I thought about the problem from the old man’s words, who for some reason began to cry in frustration.



“――――――My bad eh, won’t ya please let me take it from here?”




The one who pushed his way through the crowd and showed his figure was a single man.



“You’re the owner of the inn aren’t you?”


“Yeah. Everyone, please break up this fight…… We can’t win from this guy at any rate can we?”


When he said that, the residents bowed with frustrated faces and left this place one by one. Every one of them made a facial expression as if they abandoned hope, but……



“Are you going to explain this?”


“Yeah, we’re going back to the inn for a little while.”



Saying that, the innkeeper carried the collapsed Shironeko and walked towards the inn.

Levia and I looked at each other’s face and then decided to follow the guy for now.


 ◇ ◇ ◇


“Hum…… I knew it, my liege’s beloved man is out of standard isn’t he……”


A person was watching Setsu following the innkeeper on the roof of a house not far from there. With a high pitch voice, the person wears a black robe and has put on a hood, but one can understand the person is a woman from her characteristic curves.


“Nevertheless, if she’s even done in easily this way, we wouldn’t be able to dispose of her after all.”


While Kuroinu’s gaze is aimed at Shironeko who was being carried away on his shoulder, she gave a harsh judgment. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t that she was given the order to dispose of her should she be defeated. But from her perspective, who entered the group with high loyalty towards Touma, she considers others as useless if they’re defeated and that is plenty of reason for her. And so, the woman called Kuroinu is a woman who thinks that people who are useless to him should stop existing.


“That’s right…… I may as well dispose of her along with her bothersome younger sister. As punishment for being useless……”


Saying those last words, Kuroinu vanished into the city of night with light movements――――――


 ◇ ◇ ◇



“――――――Younger sister?”


“Aye, Shironeko’s got a younger sister”


We gathered in a room in the inn we were staying in. We and the innkeeper are sitting in a chair and Shironeko is lying on the bed in the room.



“What’s wrong with her?”


“ …… She’s taken as a hostage, her younger sister Mineko that is.”


“By who?”


“The black robe wearing lots. Those guys are often seen in this city and each one of them have a strange mood hanging around them, ya see.”


I knew it…… so it’s those black robed bunch.



“It’s not that the hostage is even kidnapped.”


“What do you mean by that?”


“Mineko got a sickness, where her body gradually loses strength and it sounded like there is no hope for her to get cured from it. There seems to be medicine that could slow down its advance, but……”


“ …… I see, so the ones who have them are the black robed guys right?”


“You got that right. And the orders they left her seems to be to attack you.”


Wait, so that means that Shironeko attacked me without meaning to attack me. Really, intentionally aiming for me. I knew it, the black robe leader is…… I don’t even want to think about that――――――



“? You’re looking pale, Setsu.”


“ …… Yeah, I only accidentally remembered the face of the guy I don’t want to remember for a bit.”


“Are you fine with going on with the conversation?”


I shook my head to brush off bad thoughts. It’s not like it’s decided that that guy is alive, it’s fine if I don’t mind it while there’s no proof.



“Yeah, please go on”


“Got it. And then, we wanted to cooperate with her. Shironeko is nearly the strongest in this region after all, everyone would bite if they could be of use to her.”


“And so you evacuated didn’t you?”


“Aye, everyone was worried about her and hid themselves in the end.”


I see, so that’s why they completely surrounded us in no time.



“Even I sold you out to Shironeko and I think that’s the worst thing to do as an innkeeper. Sorry about that.”


“It’s already fine though…… even so, I have the feeling there were an awfully lot of guys who would carry Shironeko’s shoulders though……”


“It’s because it has to do with her younger sister Mineko…… Shironeko and Mineko being a an outstanding pair is their feature. The tag team of those two managed to add a wound on the great Beast king.”



Hey, that’s pretty amazing. Putting a wound on the beast king would become proof of their ability being at least SSS rank in this world. This world’s kings, with the exception of the human country Destinea, are both out of standards. Those two people probably won’t be defeated even if one hire several SSS rank adventurers. And one SSS rank won’t even be able to leave a single wound on them. If I say this much, you should be able to easily understand the strength of the two.


Well, I don’t intend to lose if the two kings come at me, but…… I would at least get hurt.



“If they can become the strongest together, then we won’t have a choice but to respect both of them, don’t you think?”


“Well…… I guess.”


“At any rate, Shironeko won’t be able to taste freedom as long as she’s threatened by her…… If her illness is suddenly healed someday, it’ll be a different story, but ……”


“ ……”

Setsu holding Shironeko

I silently stand up and walk up to Shironeko. The girl who is making a regular sleeper’s breathing is like the embodiment of childishness who hasn’t matured yet. I quietly carry her in my arms. The princess carry one. Nevertheless, she’s light and yet how is she so strong? My travel companions Eruka and Tia, the demon lord Desas and Alize the pupil. Does every one of them hold that kind of power?


Hm? Levia? Her real form holds a mass that suits her strength, so she doesn’t count.



“Say, where is her house?”


“It’s, it’s on the outskirts, but…… are you gonna carry Shironeko there?”


“Yeah. I was able to get a bit interested in this after all. Levia, we’re going.”


The sky is starting to turn slightly grey. It looks like we talked a lot, the night is about to end I guess. Fortunately we took plenty a nap so we don’t feel sleepy.





“If we start walking now, we’ll arrive there around the time that little sister gets up won’t we?”


In any case, she won’t be getting up, so it’s not necessary to hurry. But…… there were some things I want to think about. I want to walk a bit to sort these thoughts out too.



“Well then innkeeper, we’re going. You haven’t taken the money when you sold your guest right?”


“Heh…… I guess”



Tch, so he got away with that―――――― is what his face is saying while he averted his eyes. I think his business spirit is quite the thing you know? While me and Levia showed bitter smiles, we left behind the inn. My arms got tired so I quit the princess carry, carry her on my back and then walk through the silent neighborhood.


“Why are we going to this child’s house?”


Walking beside me, Levia came to ask while peeping at Shironeko’s sleeping face.



“ …… If it was up to me, then I’m thinking I may be able to save that younger sister.”


“*sigh* …… So it’s like that.”


She breathed an amazed sigh to my answer. That’s not surprising, I’m again planning to do what I was told not to do a few days ago, after all.



“I won’t stop you anymore okay…… since it looks like it’s useless……”


“Yeah, my bad. But――――――isn’t it fine if I protect at least a single family?


Abandoning a family suffering in front of my eyes is…… something I can’t do――――――




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