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30 Say that earlier



“Why …… were you able to do a surprise attack on me desu”



The white haired feline had her hands and feet on the ground and asked me who got down on the ground. Looking at her magic power flowing through her nails, this must be her fighting style.


“It was a petty trick you know, and you got caught in it, hook, line and sinker.”


When we arrived at the inn, we went to take a nap on the bed just like that and as preparation for the night, we used the light attribute magic <Illusion>. This magic uses the refraction of the light and possesses the effect of disturbing a person’s perception.


“It didn’t fit in the keyhole right? That wasn’t the inn’s mistake, but simply you only mistaking the room.”


The room this girl went in was the one before our room. With <Illusion> making the recognition of the hallway vague, it can make the optical illusion that the hallway ends over there.


――――――Be that as it may.


I never thought the people from the inn would cooperate with this girl. But I can understand that now.


(She’s…… quite strong)



If I have to speak with ranks, she should be in a spot between SS and SSS rank…… she will be defeated by the perfect Levia, but she’s at the level where she can win right now.


I’ll tell you now, but there aren’t so many people this strong you know. That’s why the beastmen cooperates with her. Because they love people stronger than themselves.


By the way, beastmen are creatures where the number one in every race takes up command. Because of this simple thought, the strongest in the continent becomes king and everyone living there respects and follows him or her. They’re much easier to understand than demons and humans, who think about troublesome things and care about inheritance and lineage.



“I was trapped…… desu”


“Looks like you understand. And so…… this is sudden, but how about you let me hear the purpose of you black robed people okay?”


“ ……”


“Oh? Cat got your tongue?”


Without saying anything, the white haired feline sharpened her senses quietly. She’s obviously ready for battle.





“Hah! At least answer the question!”


Flipping the earth with four legs, the white haired feline leaped towards me with a figure close to diving. At the same time I parry her swung arm with Kuromaru and swing it sideways.





Unable to stand firm in mid air due to jumping, the feline girl used her nails as a shield, but she was pushed away by the power from the attack from the side.


Thrusting her nails into the ground and reducing the force, the girl rearranged her posture while frowning from the pain given by the impact that broke through her.





“Oh, you can still stand.”



With a facial expression mixed with half desperation, the white haired feline once again kicked the ground and leaped. I observe her movements well while I sometimes stop and sometimes dodge the striking nail attacks she unleashes.



“I tell you, those impatient attacks won’t hit!”




Because of her excessively large movements, her distinctive characteristic, which was her speed, had lost its meaning. The muscles meant for speed were completely useless.


“It’s too pointless, you catgirl!”


I easily go through the nail dance, leaped to her bosom and at the same time I thrusted the grip of Kuromaru towards the defenseless body.





And the instant she stopped moving, which was my aim, I seized the collar of the white haired feline’s robe.

And then――――――





I throw her right behind me. The white haired feline who was thrown into the air suddenly couldn’t move smoothly and struggled while floating in mid air.


The next moment after I threw her, I grab Kuromaru and pour a small amount of magic power into it. Raising it overhead, I’ve decided on my aim and lightly swung down.


“<Flying blade>――――――ngh!”


It’s a flying slash whose scope is the same as the one I unleashed in the dragon’s nest, but it goes towards the white feline while gouging the street in front of the inn.




The girl who couldn’t try to dodge in mid air wrapped her arms around her body and twisted her body. And then the moment it collided――――――





When just the twisted part of her body revolved in the air and her extended nails touched my <Flying blade>, the sound of clashing then played especially from her nails. But the girl’s body deflected the slash from its route and the <Flying blade>, not budging even when hit by the nails, pushed on as it is. When it looked like the innermost house of the street is going to be destroyed in an instant, a suddenly appearing water wall interrupted its course in order to protect the house.


The <Flying blade> collided with the water wall and the water shook like it has the elasticity of of a gum, reducing the force of the slashing attack completely and dispersing it. When the duty of the water wall ended, which is to protect against my slash, its form crumbled, became a pool and disappeared.



“Yeah, my bad Levia.”


“<Water wall> …… at full power……ugh! Stopping your <Flying blade> is difficult, so don’t use it so much, you understand!?”


“I got it, I got it……”


I meekly apologize to Levia who was standing on the house that was going to come in contact with my <Flying Blade>. I had her prevent damage to the houses and the like from the fight right now, but it looks like it’s a bit of a heavy burden for Levia who isn’t submerged in water.



“Not coming with the two of you…… are you underestimating me desu……?”




The white haired feline girl who escaped from the <Flying blade> scowled at me as she gets battle ready on all fours. Or rather, I’m getting pretty tired of calling her a white haired feline.


“I’m not underestimating you or anything though? I just suck at teamplay.”


It’s because it’s hard to move freely when someone joins me in a fight, at least in my case. If it’s that trap of a gay hero bastard, then he may be able to stick with me, but it’s possible that the other people would get dragged into my attacks and collapse first.



“ ……”


“Oh and hey, I want to hear your name, so please tell me”


“ …… Why desu?”


“Don’t glare at me like that, it’s not like I wanted to get along with you. I simply wanted to know, that’s all; my battle opponent’s name”


Upon hearing that, the white haired feline opened her mouth after thinking for a bit.



“――――――Shironeko desu”


“Huh, ain’t that a nice name.”


It’s a secret that I didn’t think so.



“I’m Setsu, I’m probably the strongest man in this world.”


“I didn’t ask for it desu……”


“Aw, don’t say that…… It’s the name of the guy who’s going to make you submit to me after this you know?”


“Be silent…… desu!”


“gh…… seriously?”



The moment I’m told to shut up, a transformation was called to Shironeko’s body. The cells on her whole body shines and at the same time, the shape transformed from a humanoid to an animal. Her form changed to pointy ears, slit eyes and a long shaking tail.


Around the time the light settled, the figure of the lovely girl wasn’t there. What is there is one cat―――――possessing a beautiful white fur and even more sharply strengthened nails on its hand, it was a figure that feels mystical rather than lovable.


――――――It’s just that she’s unreasonably big.


“ ……… haah!?”


Wait wait wait wait! What does this mean!?



“It’s <Animalization> ……desu”


“I know that!”



<Animalization> ――――――A skill only beastmen can handle and a skill where one changes into a figure where her or she can reveals its full strength on the table. Basically any beastmen who stacked up training can use it and the level of that ability scares other races. When using it, their physical ability raises to several stages and it greatly amplifies their magic power depending on the person. And…… not surprisingly, that figure is that of an animal. A canine would transform into a dog and a feline into a cat.


Following this story, Shironeko undergoing <Animalization> isn’t something to be surprised about. The problem is…… her size.


“Why are you this huge……? Shouldn’t beastmen using <Animalization> be transforming into an average sized animal?


In other words, a canine were supposed to become a size who can be kept in Japan as a pet and the same goes for felines. Nevertheless, the power within them are higher than their humanoid counterpart with a large difference so you can’t be careless, but……



“When I trained myself it became like this desu”




Could it be that their sizes become this large just from having power!? Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen the animalization of the beast king and the bunches around him, have I…… I got separated as I made a promise to fight with the beast king too……



“The idle talk ends desu!”


“W-! Oops…… “



I dodged the arm that’s like a log unleashed to mow me down by jumping a little high.

When I look at Shironeko as I jumped up, I saw an unpleasant thing.



“Ugeh…… a <beast cannon>, really?”





I push Kuromaru in front of me to hide my body. When doing so, an invisible impact that was like a collision of a huge iron ball ran through and I, including Kuromaru, was blown way back.


If I remember correctly, <Beast cannon> is a bombardment of voice pressed together that is used by beastmen. It can even be called a roar. It’s a skill where they amass air in their strengthened lungs, pressed together by the vocal chords and fired in a straight line together with a loud roar.


“This bastard…… gh”


I use wind magic in midair. I use magic that makes scaffolding and forcibly kick the air. After cutting down the force I was blown away with and landing on the roof of one of the houses, I started running at the same time.



“You little…… If you shoot something like that <Beast cannon>, won’t the neighbourhood be in big trouble!?”


“I already had the neighbourhood residents evacuate desu! There are no people in the surroundings desu!”




You’ve got to be kidding me…… These things――――――



“――――――say that earlier!”




I jump towards Shironeko from the roof. When I try to strike overhead with all my strength with Kuromaru, it was then defended by the sharply strengthened nails on her foreleg.


“Out of my way!”


After getting my sword defended against, I quickly reversed my cut and with all my strength, I throw up the nails from below. Then I landed in front of the defenseless Shironeko and released Kuromaru from my right hand.





“Don’t you think we could have fought to our heart’s content from the beginning if I knew that!?”



I swung my released right hand and with an open palm I strike Shironeko’s face. It’s the so-called face slap.

Receiving a strong impact from her side, the girl was blown away horizontally and her face sunk into a nearby house――――――




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