KG-SHSB Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 The more stubborn ones are surprisingly easy



I’m experiencing a terribly disgusting feeling within me.


It’s not…………towards the fact I’ve killed someone.


It’s towards the fact my mind is hardly seriously coming to grips with the fact I’ve killed someone.


“I see now. The good-for-nothing part has been serious so far, is that it?”  (Not entirely sure what the raw meant)


I did feel bad during the times I’ve come to kill magic beasts until now. The cause of that is the fact I had been living peacefully in the real world. It’s because I haven’t experienced the pieces of meat scattering about dancing sprays of blood, the act of reaping someone’s life.


However, after I have adapted to the fantasy world despite the short time, I’ve come to get used to the giving and taking lives. It’s not so much that I would feel pleasure and enjoyment, but I’ve stopped feeling guilty about it.


That was even if my opponent is a person.



“I really didn’t think I’d become an emotional wreck from this you know.”


“Don’t mind it. I’m talking to myself.”


Real had no doubts that the three masked men have died. As far as she’s concerned, they’re “rogues who are trying to kill the target of escort”, no exceptions. It’s even strange to ask about the right or wrong in life there.  There’s no sense in letting them live either. This world values life less than the real world.



No, that’s wrong. Life is just more precious than in the real world. Laws of the real world where human rights exists even for criminals must be unthinkable to the dwellers of this fantasy world. I bet they will find it unbelievable that even the men standing at the top of the country could become a criminal when they kill someone.


I haven’t made a single mistake in this world. Survival of the fittest is the providence of this world. But, it’s just that it’s obviously abnormal for a man who hasn’t committed a single murder until now to not hold any deep emotions even if he killed a criminal.


“…………Well, just knowing that I won’t hesitate in case something happens can be considered a good thing, huh?”


What’s really strange would be from here on.



Despite the fact I recognized that my mind is deviating from the peaceful japanese youth, I still wish to return to the real world. I’m thinking about wanting to make merry while doing idle talk with that idiot and inept pretty boy or Misaki and the others.



“Hey, are you truly alright?”

“I’m just adding a sense of closure, woa-”

“…………Raising a scream right after seeing a person’s face is really impolite isn’t it?”

“Everyone would be surprised if they see a bloodstained face at point-blank range!”


The serious mood up until then ended up being blown away. A beautiful woman’s face that’s smeared in goblin’s blood looks unusually surreal. If the goblin’s blood was blue or green, then it would become an image so traumatic I won’t be able to recognize Real as a beautiful woman anymore.



“So it’s like that as well? I wonder if I can bathe in somewhere.”

“Err…………You can do so with my magic if it’s just at the level of putting out water.”


Faima suggests timidly.



“My bad Miss Faima, but can I ask of you? To tell the truth, the blood stuck on my hair is starting to clot and it’s been bothering me.”

“First of all, you should wash off the face and head first don’t you think? As a woman I can not overlook the fact such pretty silver hair is spoiled”

“You say that Miss Faima, but even you have splendid crimson hair”

“Fufufu, thank you very much.”


I wonder if you girls can stop the girls’ talk with a brutal scene spreading in the background. The corpses and stuff of the masked men among other things are being left as is there. The one who made that scene is me though.


After feeling dejected in everything, I go see the state of the front of the carriage. Before that, I make an ice lock and fix it on the hands and feet of the sole surviving masked man who hasn’t regained his consciousness. The other day, the masked men who I thought were on the verge of death surprisingly moved and ended up escaping us, so it’s a just in case.


When I carried my feet towards the place Agaht was at, I felt regret a little. Corpses of goblins piling up as far as the eye can see. A simply disgusting scene is just spreading out.


“Why you bastaaard!”


As soon as my figure was confirmed, Agaht grabbed my collar.



“Stop, Agaht!”

“But we have an injured person because this man suddenly left his post!”

“He has made a contract as the lady’s escort, it’s not his duty to protect us. In addition, if he were to convey his reasoning in that situation, then it would’ve been too late. It’s not wrong to judge based on the scene in an emergency.”


Rand pulled away the hand that was grabbing my collar. Agaht even resisted in the beginning, but he immediately released his strength and separated his hand from my collar.


While softly hitting Agaht’s shoulder who was gritting his teeth, Rand opens his mouth in order to remonstrate him.



“I can understand your feelings as I myself had received training for the attendant corps and have thought about people who would violate orders or detest independent actions. A pierce through flesh and bones was thrown into my youth as well after all. What is demanded to us currently however, is judgement that adapts to the actual site. Particularly if the subject is affecting the life of the escort target. What you are lacking is a moment’s judgment. If you could acquire just that, then you can become a man worthy of leading a unit.”


“But then again, you are still lacking in ability to me. I will be worried if you can’t at the very least become a man who can defeat me.”

“…………That isn’t likely to be happening any time soon I suppose.”


Before I knew it, the conversation seems to have calmed down, but I strongly feel I was excused from the conversation. I mean, I didn’t even say a single word, you know. Agaht went hysteric on his own, Rand calmed him down and persuaded him and Agaht just agreed with it, you know. Ain’t Agaht boy a little easy? He’s persuaded with just several lines you know. How about I call him Easyboy next time? He’s going to flip out for sure so let’s stop that after all.



“Agaht has been impolite to you, forgive him.”

“It is the truth that I was being self-centered. I don’t need the apologies. More importantly, is the injured servant alright?”

“Yes, it only amounted to a small wound on his shoulder. It didn’t go as far as a scratch, but if we use the medicine we have in hand then he will get better in a few days. He’s lying down inside the carriage right now.”

“Is that right, I’m glad for him.”


I also go onto the carriage’s cargo stand to see the servant’s state. The injured guy is lying down face up with a thinly made cloth on him. His armor was removed and the bandages wrapping on the wound on his right shoulder with a red color spreading on it.


The wooden floor creaks somewhat from my body weight. Noticing the sounds, the absent minded attendant only turns his neck this way.



“‘Sup, how are ya? ………… asking that is a little rude I guess.”

“Oh, it’s you…………I guess it is. I’m not well, but I’m not in a condition bad enough to be concerned about.”


Mr. Attendant answers in a polite manner. Up until now I nearly haven’t made any interactions with him. This must probably be the first time we ever had a conversation-ish conversation with him.


 ーーCorrection. It’s not Mr. Attendant, but it was Ms. Attendant. The chest area of her clothing under the now taken off armor is bulging, though modestly. I’m terribly sorry for comparing the attendant with Real and Faima, but there’s plenty enough of it for me to see her as the opposite sex.



“Oh, of course. So it is strange to not have one or two people of the same sex escorting a daughter of marriageable age, I guess.”

“Were you perhaps thinking that I was a man?”

“Excuse me for that, okay?”


As much as an escort Rand and Agaht may be, they shouldn’t even be able to be together with her during her baths and changing of clothes. You can’t expect them not to have an escort of the same sex for those moments.



“I myself have been trained in an all-male household despite being a woman. I don’t think there is any femininity left within me at this point. In addition to that, I am tall and also have a sturdy physique for a woman after all. I’m often mistaken even in my everyday clothes when I don’t put on my armor.”


Sure enough she has an androgynous face and she’s also as tall as Agaht. You’ll end up agreeing honestly if her voice is also on the higher male side and you have some preconception.  But once I notice it, I won’t be able to see her as a man anymore.


“That so? I think that you’ll normally look woman like if you just fix your appearance a little though. My friend too, she’s a girl who can beat up a fellow with a good physique with just her bare hands, but she’s still living normally like a woman, you know?”


The first time I met her she was a fierce beast-like something wearing a woman’s skin, but nowadays she’s living like a beautiful girl. The fact that she’s a little quick to jab someone is her character flaw though.


Moreover, if you try talking to her, she’ll show manners and expressions like a normal woman. I could see Real is a woman physically, but her gestures and behavior is nearly no different than that of a man. When I think about that, then she really is more feminine than Real.



“…………Am I perhaps being hit on here?”

“Where did that comment come from? I ain’t hitting on ya. I’m on the giant breast faction.”

“I am sorry. I don’t seem to be meeting your expectations then. My breasts have already stopped growing, you see. But, if you are fine with such a chopping board-”

“What are you doing, casually trying to hard-sell yourself to me!”

“Uhm…………Please be as gentle as possible with me in the beginning. It’s the first time for me at any rate. If possible, it would save me the trouble if I could have you rub my breasts for the sake of enlarging them. I would like them to be as large as Lady Faima’s, you see.”

“How far have your delusions flared up since a few minutes on our first conversation!?”

“You know, I want three children.”

“Listen when someone’s talking to you! So you’re a natural airhead!? Are you really a natural airhead!?”

“…………? Despite my appearance, I’m a natural airhead and a woman though”

“You were definitely a natural airhead, you know that!?”

“Speaking of which, I still haven’t introduced myself, did I? My name is Kiska. Pleased to meet you.” (T.N. キスカ; kisuka)

“Going at your own pace!?”


Why am I doing a two-person comedy skit with an injured person, I wonder.


The girls in this party have destroyed my seriousness. Not in the slightest bit do I feel like thanking her, but it helped me out just for a bit.

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    1. She’s getting back at him for mistaking her for a man.

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