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29 That’s how it is, you stupid cat



“How, how cute……”



Levia beside me murmurs so while watching the various cats lining up.

Sure, what’s cute is cute, but I’ve never seen this scene up until now at least.


While feeling a little uneasy about this, I carefully observe the cats.


Then cats were lined up with even spaces between them and the type of cats are varied. Within them are also children and their eyes are all facing our way.


(Those eyes…… they’re a little strange)


The cats lined up with even spaces and staring is strange, but I can see the eyes of those guys are somewhat modified.


“Ain’t this…… visual link?”



Visual link――――――one of the Subordination magic. It’s a magic where you yourself can see what the creature that has a master/servant relationship with you is seeing; it’s the basis of subordination magic.


Incidentally, the race who are extremely good with Subordination magic are the beastmen. Beastmen can easily communicate with creatures the same as themselves, like the canines and dogs. There is a limit to how many links you can make using subordination magic, but for now I’ll leave that out……  


(This number of subordination magic…… if these are all connected to one person, then this guy could be a considerable master……? If the person is a beastman, then that means they have more magic power than average in spite of being beastmen.)


Beings with lots of magic power while being beastmen are scarce but there are several numbers of them. Naturally, those people are always influential people. The problem is, why are they acting like they are standing watch for disembarking people like this though――――――



“Setsu, something is here.”




Levia called out to me who was being watched. Exactly as she said, a girl walked out from the front. From seeing cat ears on her head she seems to be a feline and those ears and hair are white. Although her body is smallish, I don’t know for sure because of the body wrapping around her body.


Hm? Black robe――――――



“Levia, get ready for a fight”




“That robe, it looks like the same as the guy who was in the demon lord’s castle using shadow magic.”


“ …… I see”


When I confirmed Levia being alert, I concentrated so that I won’t avert my line of sight from the cat eared girl.



“ …… I wish you would stop no desu”


“ …… hah?”


When I carefully watched her, the girl walked to about 20 metre distance and talked.



“If I’m stared at so much I will feel embarrassed no desu, that’s why I wish you would stop no desu.”


“Oh, okay……”


What is with this girl……Her face went slightly red and she averted her eyes from me, as if she’s really feeling embarrassed. It’s as if she didn’t have any signs of attacking, so I instruct Levia to loosen her alertness. Of course I won’t have her release it completely.


“ …… You, are you surely mister Setsu desu?”



The girl still seems to be a bit embarrassed, but she really looked at my face properly and asked a question.



“ …… How do you know my name?”


“I have received word from the Beast King no desu. The Beast King and his entourage are currently preparing for your welcome party, so he wishes for at least one day time.”


“The beast king did?”


I tried to match my gaze in order to make sure it was authentic, but the girl didn’t try to, from embarrassment again.


( …… Is this some kind of scheme? There are many points to doubt on, but……)



Why would the beast king be aware of the time I would land here? Besides, why wouldn’t he send a proper soldier, it doesn’t look like there will be any end to it if I raise up all my doubts.




“ …… Either way our departure will be tomorrow, right?”


“That’s pretty much it…… “


In the end, it became a talk about us not going to the beast king immediately and resting in a hotel for a day.



“If I receive your acknowledgement, I will look after your belongings in accordance to the Beast King’s instructions no desu. I can also introduce you to a good inn no desu.“


“Ah, that is an attractive proposal.”


“Hey hold on there……”


Levia responds to the good inn part. That definitely got me interested, but hey, what are you going to do if it was a trap……



“You won’t be able to sleep comfortably while you’re concerning yourselves with traps and whatnot, right? Try thinking about it seriously.”


“ …… that’s also true.”


I persuade her in a low voice so as to not let the girl hear it and Levia then understood. Even though I want to rest in a bed after so long, I’ll lose my interest if I won’t be able to rest because I have to stay vigilant.



“My bad, eh. I’ll be going to the inn of an acquaintance of mine, so I won’t be needing a guide, yeah”


“ …… Is that so, I understand no desu”



As expected, that’s a lie. I don’t know such an inn.


I’m a little worried about today, but it seems like she accepted for now.



“So is it fine if we go to that guy’s place tomorrow during the day?”


“That guy……?”


“Yeah, the beast king you know, the beast king.”


“ …… That’s right, we would like you to come tomorrow during the day desu”


The girl says so with a dumbfounded look. What gives? I only called the beast king that guy and you’ll be this surprised about it?”



Well then, I must be going desu, we will be waiting for you tomorrow desu.”




As the dumbfounded expression ended, the girl gave her farewell and took the cats with her. Levia beside me showed a regretful face, but let’s not mind that.



“We’re going too Levia, we have to go to the inn quickly.”


“*sigh* …… I guess.”


From now on, cats and dogs will come out as many as you like, that’s why don’t worry about it, okay……


 ◇ ◇ ◇


“ ……“


At a place separated from the beach, Shironeko stared fixedly at the target, Setsu and one other girl.


(As expected…… introducing them to an inn by an unfamiliar person and having them follow her recklessly is impossible desu……)


In the case that they do tell her to introduce them to a hotel and accompany her without being on guard, she would have intended to accommodate them in the chosen hotel and attack them in their sleep. The plan was naturally a failure and Shironeko immediately came up with the next action.


(He is someone powerful enough to be able to call the beast king with “that guy” …… I can’t be careless desu )



There are no beastmen who does not know of the abilities of that beast king. And there are also no beastmen who would not follow that beast king. That is because beastmen are attracted to strong people after all. And the battlemaniacs among them would continue challenging the beast king in a fight. That is because fighting strong people is also something they look forward to.

Shironeko too sprouted a considerable desire to want to try fighting with Setsu, but she had to throw away that desire for the sake of protecting her important person.


“Even if I have to attack you in your sleep…… I must defeat you no desu”


The girl averts her eyes from her own slightly wavering heart and moves her legs to the direction of the town Setsu and Levia is heading towards――――――


 ◇ ◇ ◇


The inn at the heart of the port town in the beastmen continent, “Lion’s beloved bower”―――――― This is the inn we will be staying in for today.


The price is reasonably priced, but the interior is quite beautiful and the served lunch was at a level I can’t complain about.



“*exhale* …… For now, how about we go to our room.”


“ …… I guess we could.”


We leave the inn’s dining room. The interior is pretty, the food is also good …… the problem would only be the stares around us.


(Well, I guess it’s because they’re in the middle of war now)


I’m starting to forget about it somewhat, but right now the beastmen are in the middle of a greatly admired war with the human continent. For that reason the beastmen’s public opinion on humans are harsh no matter where you go out to.


(Even just by taking up a hotel you can profit from this…… this way)


Did they plan to harass us in a petty way? From large proportion of available rooms we were passed on the cheapest and the smallest room, but it shouldn’t be enough to bother us.


If I can sleep on the bed then I’m fine with this.”


Without hesitation, Levia dived into the bed. There are two of them in this room so in short, a double room. We didn’t act like we’ll be taking two rooms because we’re man and woman. It’s wasteful above all.


“Shall we take a short break for now……”


Since I didn’t particularly have any bags I carry, I soon jumped on the other side of the bed. Aah, it’s so soft…… this is irresistible.


In spite of the sun still high in the sky, my consciousness fell into deep slumber



 ◇ ◇ ◇


“ …… It’s here desu”



Late at night. It’s the period of time where the lights go out and the drunkards are strutting about in the city. Shironeko is standing in front of the “Lion’s beloved bower.”


When she went in through the elegant door, a canine man who is the innkeeper here beckoned the girl.


“ …… Where is that couple desu?


“They’re in the corner most room on the second floor. Here, it’s the key.”


Shironeko received the key to the room and thanked the man.


The girl already proposed cooperation to every person in this city. She also knew they were in that inn, because the people in the city had told her.



“I don’t think attacking them in their sleep is really a good way to do this though……”


“I know no desu. But…… No matter what I have to defeat him no desu.”


“ …… Yeah, it’s for your little sister after all.”


Beastmen like fighting, therefore they like it fair and square. But before fighting, they love family more than anything. For instance, even if they have to use cowardly tactics, they will use them as much as they have to if it is for the sake of their family.



“I’ll have the lots living in the neighbourhood take refuge. We confirmed that those guys started lying on the bed in their room. And eh…… please try not to break too much, okay?”


“I will handle it carefully……desu”


Because they were so cautious some time ago, she thought they may be vigilant eight or nine out of ten cases even now, that is what is in Shironeko’s mind. Perhaps…… it would become a fierce battle.


“ …… I’ll be on my way desu”


The girl carefully ascended the staircase so as to not make any noise.


(――――――It’s here desu)


While walking through the second floor hallway and using her nature so the wooden floor wouldn’t make strange noises, she finally arrived in front of the intended room.


(If I can end this with one blow…… would be fine though)



While embracing such fleeting hopes, she tried thrusting the key into the doorknob.



(Huh…… it doesn’t fit)


The key didn’t go into the doorknob. It seems the shape was somehow incorrect.


(That innkeeper…… made a mistake desu? Kuh…… In that case)


Shironeko took some distance from the door and prepares herself.


(I will barge in and assault them in one go…… It’s alright, I memorized that man’s scent desu ……)


She put strength into her legs. She lowered her waist and crossing her arms horizontally in front of her face. Then she used a lot of magic power for a beastman and spread it throughout her whole body. Due to that, even her sharp nails extended noticeably and was furthermore increased in sharpness.


She thought about confirming Setsu’s scent at this place just in case, but there were the scent of various things everywhere, so she couldn’t catch his smell. Even while experiencing a light anxiety, Shironeko immediately shook off that anxiety. She will understand all the same when she goes in. As long as she could distinguish the bed the instant he notices her, it will be fine.


“I will end it…… in an instant desu …… ngh!”


Shironeko kicked with so much strength it broke the wooden floor and approached the door instantly. When she swung her prepared arms just before the collision, the door became small pieces of fragments, made noise and fell down.


Shironeko jumped to above the bed with her nail still holding that sharpness.


(Which bed desu …… ugh!? ――――――Wait, where?)


Shironeko jumped up and noticed it. In the two beds in this room, the beings that were supposed to be in them――――――were not there.


(It can’t be…… a trap……?)


With the enemy she stabbed with her nail not there, she arrived at that possibility.



“If it’s like that――――――”

“That’s how it is, you stupid cat!”

“Oh no!”



Right before she got her feet on the floor, Shironeko was assaulted by a dropkick from right beside the place she prepared to land at.

The girl instantly crossed her arms in front of her body and after she received an unexpected impact, she flew through the windows and towards the street.


“I was careless …… desu!”



Shironeko, who dropped to the ground along with the window glass, rotated once midair and landed on her four legs like a cat jumping from a tall place.


A dull pain shot through the moment her hands stuck to the ground, but thanks to her being strengthened by magic power, the pain didn’t prolong so much.



“I really didn’t think the citizens would even cooperate with you, you know? Though it makes it easier to go on a rampage though.

And so――――――I’m gonna have you throw up everything about the black robes okay?”




Setsu jumped out from the window and unsheathed his black large sword from his magic bag.



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