BFTG-NT Chapter 15.5 About Skills

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Chapter 15.5 About Skills

Maria: Mio-chan, I want to hear the explanation of the letter and skill you mentioned during the day…

Mio: Okay. I will start with the letter first.


Jin: What are you two doing?

Maria: Oh, Jin-sama. I just asked Mio-chan about the letter and skill.

Jin About what we were talking about during the day, right? Is it okay for her to remember the letter?

Mio: Yeah, Maria-chan is really amazing. Her learning speed isn’t normal.

Maria: No, it’s because Mio’s teaching is good.

Mio: Haha! Thanks. Oh, that’s right. Master knows a lot about skill. Let’s hear the explanation from Master.

Maria: M-Mio-chan. That’s the bad thing to do… Jin-sama, I’m sorry. You don’t have to do that…

Jin: Well, I don’t mind. That’s right. Why don’t we take this chance and give her a proper explanation about skill and let her understand it to some extent? Sakura and Dora should come here, too.

Sakura: What is it?

Dora: What?

Jin: Because I’m going to explain skill now, you two should listen, too.

Sakura: Understood. Since we were in a hurry when you explained it the first time, I should understand it better with your explanation now.

Dora: Dora don’t understand.

Jin: Dora is good enough just to stay here. You are really healing.

Dora: Understood. In that case, I will stay.

——-What is skill?——-

Jin: First, you may think of skill as a mysterious power that corrects the movement of the owner.

Sakura: Correction……right? Isn’t it an expression of a person’s ability in numbers?

Jin: I just explained it in a comprehensible manner, but the truth is slightly different. Only person with talent can have skill.

Maria: Talent? My skills are just…

Jin: Yes, Maria is filled with talent. By the way, if you have an occupation, it doesn’t mean you will have skills related to that occupation. For example, a typical blacksmith might not have <Blacksmith> skill, either. Of course, you will become more advantageous if you have <Blacksmith> skill.

Mio: Because of skill, you will become skillful. Does that mean we are better because of skill…?

Jin: I don’t think you should think about it too much because I can transfer skill, after all.

Sakura: You are right. Let’s learn another skill when we have a chance, too.

Jin: I can’t learn any skills at all…

Maria: B-Because Jin-sama already has wonderful power…

Jin: …Thanks for your following.

——-Skill Level——-

Jin: Well, let’s return to our topic. Skill has level ranges from 1 – 10. For general criterion, Level 1 is that of a beginner.

Sakura: Jin-kun needs to assign only one point in order to reach a beginner level. That’s great, after all.

Jin: You are right. Let’s turn back to skill acquisition. It seems you have to try a lot just to get one skill point.

Maria: I stopped doing it half way, but I still have those skills.

Jin: Maria is really amazing. You earned your first point easily. The rest will be easy, too.

Mio: (I don’t want to hear that from you.)

Jin: From our point of view, level 4 is good, and level 7 is considered to be that of a master.

Mio: Point of view?

Jin: In short, it is from people from another world. If you talk in the Japanese way, it is like a national level talent.

Maria: Jin-sama and I have <Body Reinforced> at level 10…

Mio: Completely inhuman…

Jin: W-Well, that is just a criterion. Beside <Body Reinforced> is originally match up with status…

Sakura: I think we’re already inhuman if we’re talking about our status….

Jin: …

Mio: Well, you are right.

——-Skill type: Martial Art——-

Jin: Next, there are five types of skills: [Martial Arts type], [Magic type], [General Skills type] [Body type] and [Other type].

Sakura: Who divides it?

Jin: <Status Windows> does. There is an option to sort those to make it easy to understand.

Mio: Then I have no doubt. Could you give an explanation for each one?

Jin: Yeah, first is [Martial Art type]. It has martial art skill like <Sword Mastery> or <Spear Mastery>.

Mio: It comes along with story of level a little while ago harmoniously.

Jin: But there is an unexpected problem for it.

Maria: Trouble? What is it?

Jin: Yeah, for example, Katana is included in <Sword Mastery>. Every throwing weapon is in <Throw Mastery>. Pole isn’t include in <Blunt Mastery>.

Maria: The skill is correcting our movements, right? How?

Jin: That’s right. Well, it isn’t a problem when that skill is matched with our memory.

Mio: Apart from that, Katana is here! One of TANAKA’s romance weapons! Ugh! If my body would grow up a little more, I could wield Katana!

Jin: (Did she say Tanaka? Did I heard it correctly?)

——-Skill type: Magic——-

Jin: Next is [Magic type]. This is totally different from [Martial Arts type], and it can’t be used if you don’t have that skill.

Sakura: Everyone who can use magic will have those skills, after all.

Jin: Yeah. The six basic elements are fire, water, wind, earth, ice and lightning. Since light and dark are different from the other six elements, I’m not including them.  However, you could say that there are eight basic elements.

Sakura: What’s the difference?

Jin: I guess a nature of magic. It seems hard to learn light and dark magic when you have six other elements. Reverse is true, too, but I couldn’t explain it all in detail…

Maria: But Jin-sama…

Mio: Maria-chan. Calm down.

Maria: Oh, okay.

Jin: … There are also many skills include in this type, too.

Dora: Don’t forget about <Draconic Magic>~

Jin: That’s right. There is another type of magic, too. <Draconic Magic> is a good example, but it is race skill. I can’t use <Split> either.

Mio: Master, split?

Jin: That was an old story…

——-Skill type: General Skills——-

Jin: Next is [Skill type]. This is where production skill and skill that isn’t martial arts are located.

Mio: Production cheat? Potion? Equipment?

Jin: No, I don’t have any plan about that right now.

Mio: Too bad!

Jin: Do you want to poison us?

Mio: No, No… (Crying.)

Jin: This is where <Monster Taming>, <Cooking> and <Blacksmith> are located. The level of those skill will allow us to do it easier.

Sakura: Did you just ignore Mio-chan?

Jin: She will be fine when I pat her. Mio, come here. (pat pat)

Mio: (Stops crying.)

Dora: (Sticks her head out.)

Jin: (pat pat) Ugh! When the number of subordinates is increased, I will start production system, too, because skill alone doesn’t work, and I don’t have enough skill points to level up them.

Maria: (My chance to be of use is increasing.)

——-Skill type: Body——-

Jin: And next is [Body type]. It is centered around physical ability, which our loving <Body Reinforced> is.

Maria: I am indebted to you, too.

Sakura: But it isn’t limited to just body movement, at all.

Jin: This is where the most physical reinforced skills are located. This also includes <HP Regeneration> which improves natural healing and <Night Eye> which improves eyesight.

Mio: It is like a game-like passive skill that can be applied to real life.

Jin: This is also where odd monster’s skill like <Bite> and <Poison Attack> end up, too. Although humans can’t use that skill…

Dora: Dora has <Flight>.

Jin: Because <Flight> is a skill that only Dora can use, this is the reason you have level 7.

Dora: It is like a supreme ruler of the sky.

Jin: You can’t do that in human form.

Dora: I can…
Jin: !?

——-Skill type : Other——-

Jin: The last one is  [Other type].

Sakura: It isn’t quite clear.

Jin: Yeah, I want to retort myself about [Other type]… 

Mio: I get the feeling that something troublesome will be in this type.

Jin: I think so. For now, this is where the <Seal> and <Hero> skills are.

Mio: Aren’t those from Maria-chan…?

Maria: Sorry for causing you a problem.

Jin: It is hard to classify this type. It is hard to put it into words… I guess I have no choice but to use [Others].

Sakura: But it is something unusual, after all.

Jin: You are right. This is where many unique and rare skills end up.

Mio: I think I heard something wonderful.

Jin: You are right. It isn’t special power, but it is still has a lot of influence.


Jin: I guess that’s all we can discuss about skill level and skill type. Let’s talk about skill next time.

Maria: Yes. Thank you very much.

Sakura: It is more complex than I heard the first time.

Jin: It isn’t. It is common in games when we become accustomed to them.

Mio: I was super hyped.

Maria: Mio-chan. Let’s talk about [Game] next time.

Mio: U-Uh…

Dora: I’m sleepy…

Jin: As Dora said, let’s call a day.

Mio: Nee, Master! Can I sleep with Dora-chan today…?

Jin: No. Dora is with me today. I will use my power as master to let her sleep with me every two days. Everybody else has to rotate on the other days. (TL note: as hugging pillow, not that.)

Mio: Ugh! It is unfair, Master… It can’t be helped. Sakura-sama, Maria-chan! Let’s decide the order of rotation! 

Sakura: This is the fight that I can’t lose…

Maria: I-I’m not…

Jin: This is already late.


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