BFTG-NT Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 The downside of special power and the end of repurchase


I see a beautiful woman who appears to be about 20 years old waiting in the room when I enter, but her complexion is bad. I don’t think she gets enough to eat.

[I’m sorry to keep you waiting. My name is Jeen. Do you want to repurchase?.]          I greet her politely — with false name.

Although I plan to leave this town tomorrow morning, I will leave this place earlier if anybody I encounter is arrogant. The repurchase is the only reason we’re in this town now. If I don’t like anyone who wants to repurchase, I’ll leave this place as soon as I can.

[Thanks for your courtesy. My name is Lisa.]

The woman named Lisa bows politely. Her behavior is elegant, but she doesn’t look like a noble. She doesn’t have any bodyguards, either.

[I want to repurchase a ring that’s the same as this one. Do you have it?]

She shows me the ring on her finger.

[It is my husband’s wedding ring. We got married one month ago, but he was attacked by the Black Wolf gang when he went to the capital for business… I want to regain at least his ring, so I can put it in his grave…]

Gloomy. This is too gloomy. I know this isn’t a good story because if those thieves took it, the owner is unlikely to be alive. I didn’t expect the skills and treasures I received from those thieves to have such a depressing story. This might be a mistake…

And Lisa-san looks awfully worried, too, especially given that she lost her husband.

Ugh! I feel a tiny urge to commit suicide.  No, No! This isn’t the time to escape reality.

[I believe I have it. Is this your husband’s ring?]

I retrieve a ring from my bag, concealing <Inventory>, of course. It’s a ring that has the same pattern as her ring. It is a bit stylish, I have to admit.

[Yes. Without a doubt! How much is it? If it is about 1,000,000g, I could give you all my savings and then sell other mementos, if needed, to get it.]

By the way, this ring is only worth around 200,000g at the fair market price. Because the other partner is an adventurer, it seems she is prepared to be overcharged a lot. I guess there’s a rumor going around that the person who subjugated the Black Wolf gang will overcharge the people who want to repurchase. Well, it is a fact. I mean it is my fault. Lisa-san, I’m sorry.

[No, money isn’t necessary. A wife should have a memento of her husband. Guild member-san, is there a problem if I return it for free?]

Let’s hear it, for the time being. If there is a problem, I will sell it at the lowest price.  Receptionist-san gives me an answer.

[No, there isn’t a problem. This is a common case, as well… I will verify your story. If it is true, this ring will be yours.]

I might be cheated by Lisa-san’s sad story, but that possibility is low since the rings are matching.

Engagement Ring (Husband: Dollar&Lisa)

Engagement Ring (Wife: Lisa & Dollar)

This judgment is undeniable evidence, so I give the ring to Lisa-san.

[Th-Thank you. Thank you very much!]

Lisa caresses that ring while crying. If I share this scene with the girls, my favor in their eyes will rise. Damn it!

Lisa-san thanks me many time before leaving to return home. It isn’t significant, but because of the rule, I have to wait for a while. It is a little depressing, but I didn’t try to help her from her story, This is a little out of character for me, but it’s the best I could do. 

[[Welcome back, Master.]]

When I return to hotel, Mio and Maria are bowing. They were waiting for me in maid clothes.

What is this? Well, I don’t hate it. Once again, I don’t hate it.

[Where did those clothes come from? Did you buy them this morning?]

Because I’m the one who would have put them inside <Inventory>, they couldn’t have been bought during the day.

[We bought them with money we got from selling a monster stone. Mio-chan said, “They are necessary to serve.”]

Sakura confirmed. [Yep, it is necessary. Absolutely necessary.]

[The Goblin King’s monster stone was reserved because food expenses and the hotel’s fees were covered by just selling other monster stones. Because we have a lot of surplus money, we bought two sets of maid clothes since Sakura-sama said it was good, and Mio-chan told me Jin-sama would be pleased, for sure…]

Mio, good job! These are normal housemaids’ clothes with long skirts instead of mini-skirts, but I don’t mind since both types are good.

[Well, they are working clothes. I don’t have any complaints about you buying them, especially since we do have surplus money, after all.]

I have to say this as calmly as I can. I can’t show how joyful my heart is, at all.

[Yes, the goblin monk’s stone was unexpectedly high.]

It was definitely a rare one. I told them not to sell the king’s stone because it could attract the attention of an evil person. Let’s sell it after we become adventurers.

[Hmmm… How does it look? Cute, right?]

Mio holds the hem of the skirt and twirls around.

[Yeah, it is cute.]
[I-I will do it, too!]

Maria tries to turn around like Mio did, but she puts in so much power that her skirt flips up to the point at which I can see her panties.

[Stop! STOP! I can see your panties.]
[I don’t mind if Jin-sama can see them. Actually, I don’t mind if you see them as much as you want.]

Maria stopped turning around, as per my request, and then said that. She presses up against me while I pat her head.

[That is fine… but while I’m in this country, I don’t think we have time to do that…]
[Okay. In the future, then…]

I don’t go so far as to say that, but I won’t do it in this country.

[Oh, that’s right. I lowered our ability because today’s fight was a training, but we will fight with full strength, starting tomorrow. Therefore, I will return your status levels by the end of today.]
[Our status levels were cut by half. But we were still able to fight…]
[You are right. Our status levels were less than half of our usual status.]

Mio and Maria are right. I cut their status a lot even in the fight with the goblin king. However, according to normal people, they are still very strong.  

I now have to adjust the ability levels for all members. First is Sakura.

[I can increase or decrease status easily with my ability. Next, I intend to let you all adjust your bodies to match up with your status.]

[But Jin-kun won’t do such a thing, right?]
Sakura asks me.

Incidentally, I never do that kind of thing. Even if I’ve done it once, it won’t be a problem if I don’t do it again.

[I’m fine with it. I don’t have any problem managing my own ability…]
[Master is great, after all.]

I’m getting used to Maria’s flattering, too. I start to return Maria’s status next.


When I returned the status, I noticed it. No, I already knew it, but I keep turning my eyes away from it.

[What’s wrong?]
[No. Does Maria think it is great?]

[Is there something about Maria-chan again?]
Mio noticed this and asked.

[Yeah, Maria’s skill points rise a lot. All of her combat skills were increased by at least five points.]
[Wow! When I heard the story from Master, I thought it would take one month for a normal person to receive one point…]

It might be the effect of Hero skill. With the exception of special power, this might be the biggest cheat.

[This seems to be proof of Maria’s “Good Memory”.  For the sake of learning various skills, Maria undertook a lot of challenges, right?]

[Yes, so please leave them to me.]
Maria answers cheerfully. She seems happy when she is able to become useful to me.

[Jin-kun, is that okay? Jin-kun’s face earlier didn’t look good, either…]

Sakura noticed it, too. That’s right. This is a good time to talk about it. The problem is my story compares to that.

[I confirmed it now. It seems I didn’t receive any skill points, at all.]
[What do you mean? Jin-sama just came here a few days. Didn’t you receive any points?]

I’m sure I would get some if I were a normal person. However, I’m not.

[I confirmed with <System Window> that it doesn’t show any number for Skill points, and that hasn’t changed at all. I guess this is the downside of my special power…]

My companions are speechless when they hear that.

[In short, doesn’t that mean Master can only become stronger by taking ability from others?]
[That’s right. Well, it is still over powered, even with this flaw.]

It isn’t a problem, but I’m slightly disappointed by the current situation because this means that I can’t receive new skills on my own.

[Jin-sama, please don’t worry about it. If Jin-sama can’t get any skill points, you can get them from me. You can use me to get skill points.]

Maria is willing to give me everything again. Did my facial expression look that bad when I said it?

[My special power can’t be used without Jin-kun, and Jin-kun’s special power also has a reasonable flaw, too. However, that doesn’t seem to be a cheat in and of itself.]
[Yeah, Sakura still needs me, and I have subordinates, like Maria, who have the ability to learn quickly in order to get skill points. So, I don’t worry about it.]

That’s right. It isn’t a fatal flaw that I can’t fix. I have to think positively.

[I don’t plan to buy any more slaves in this country. Let’s expand our force when we reach another country. As you said before, my strength greatly depends on my own subordinates.]
[If you want more fighting force, why don’t we tame more monsters? Even if they aren’t as strong as Dora-chan, they can still increase our power. And Taming skill is also a part of my Hero skill, too…]

Taming, indeed. Except in Dora’s case, I didn’t use it with other monsters, at all.

[That’s right. Let’s try taming a monster now. Since Taming level is important, I will take it all. Maria, you don’t need any points because taming is already a part of your Hero skill…]
[Ehh, I want to tame monsters, too.]

Mio becomes sullen.  She seems want to do it, too.

[Since I’m the top priority, I will give it when I have extra points.]

Mio answers with disappointment.

[That’s right. I will convert the monster skills that can’t be used from the monsters you defeat and give them to you.]
[Really!? A promise! All right, I will do my best.]

Mio seems to muster her motivation.  I can convert two points of unusable skill to one usable skill point. Rising from LV3 to LV4 is quite easy.

Since I finished returning all abilities to everyone while we were talking, we decide to have dinner and discuss skills before calling it a day.

The next day, I return to the guild as I promised. I told the receptionist that I would stay here two to three days for repurchase, at most, but I want to leave this town as soon as possible. And get out of this country as soon as I can!

I still have some time in the guild, so I greet Receptionist-san as usual. I’m alone today because everybody else is shopping now — Sakura with Dora and Mio with Maria. They are buying necessary supplies.

[Excuse me. There is someone else who wants to repurchase today.]

Oh, is this a continuation from last night? Is that because the Black Wolf gang stored up lots of treasure? I don’t know the market price of all the thieves’ treasures…

A : For a normal band of thieves, this is considered to be a lot.

Oh, Help-sensei. Thanks.

Yesterday’s Lisa-san was a honest person. I will charge that kind of person cheaply, or free, as in Lisa-san’s case.  I wonder who today’s partner will be…

[Please come to reception room.]
[Excuse me. Today’s applicant is a noble.]

When I approach the door, Receptionist-san whispers to me. Why did she say it again? I see, Receptionist-san. It is an enemy.

[Too slow! How long do you intend to keep noble like Giriusu waiting!]

(TL: His name, I don’t know how should I translated into better english name)(Ed: Since that is the noble’s name, I don’t think it needs to be translated into a “better English name”.)

I hear the voice of old, fat person when I enter the room, and three soldiers with full equipment are standing behind him, motionless.  Another useless person.

By the way, I only arrived here ten minutes ago, yet he complains.  I only intended to stay at the guild for ten minutes…

[Hmm, a noble’s time is more valuable than an adventurer’s time…]

Uh. I already know that, but I don’t want to sell. Even if he offers a lot of money, I will sell him nothing. I mean, is there the other variation of noble?

[Chi, I waste precious time preaching to this boy… Hey, give me the feather dragon from Black Wolf’s hideout. That was mine.]

His target is Dora, after all.

[A feather dragon? What is that?]

For now, I will play dumb. I don’t want to leak any unnecessary information before I know more about what kind of connections he has. Lisa-san had one of the pair of rings, and she gave a correct description of it.  I won’t hand Dora to anyone except her original owner.

[It is useless to deceive me. I know the Black Wolf gang caught a feather dragon. That is mine! Return it quickly!]
[Did you say you want to repurchase the feather dragon because it was stolen from you?]
[S-Shut up! Just do as I say!]

Perhaps it isn’t true. Come to think of it, those thieves at the hideout said it had been sold for 10,000,000g, didn’t they? I see. I need to confirm this with Dora.

<<Dora, did you live in a residence somewhere before you were caught by those thieves?>>

She answers immediately.

<<Uh-uhh. I had just left my home, and I was caught by bad people soon after that.>>

As expected, it isn’t true. Because I don’t want to part with Dora, this is a waste of time.

[I’m sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about. If you have nothing else to repurchase, please leave.]

When I told him to leave, the old noble man’s face turns bright red, and he begins to shout.

[How can you be that rude! Execute him immediately!]

The situation escalates fast, but, is it okay to let things go that far? I confirm the status of those soldiers behind him.


LV 5

<Body Reinforced LV1>


LV 3

<Body Reinforced LV1>


LV 3

<Body Reinforced LV1>

Too weak! The soldier at the back is also named Alfred. Same as a thief, and the first letters of their names are ABC. There are a lot of retorts I want to say about this, but I try to look at the guy named Giriusu.


LV 1

<Luck LV1>

A rare skill! Does this fellow live by luck alone? But he is out of luck now…

[All of you! Do it!]

All of the soldiers point their spears at me. But, spears in reception room? (It isn’t very large)…  Those soldiers are just for show, after all.

[Battles in the guild are prohibited!]
Receptionist-san said at the perfect time.

[Shut up! I will settle with money after this! Do it!]

Charlie stabs his spear in my direction, but it is easily avoided. The first strike ends with this. Self-defense is important.

[Receptionist-san, what are you going to do in this situation?]

I need to confirm it with her.  If she says nothing to stop this fight…  At that moment, this town will be… Fufu, fufufu… 

[It can’t be helped.  Since I witnessed the other side striking first, could you neutralize them? Oh, please don’t kill Gillius-sama. That person is still a noble. Please don’t kill those soldiers, if you can help it. I will leave it to you.]
Receptionist-san is calm. So I check her status.


LV 19

<Body Reinforced LV3> <Sword Mastery LV2> <Fire Magic LV1> <Recovery Magic LV1>

She is absolutely stronger than those soldiers. Her skill is really balanced, too.
But from her standpoint, it won’t allow her to show her hand. I think it’s okay that I don’t need to beat her when I leave this country.

[Roger. I will take those soldiers down first…]

A stomach punch to Charlie. A stomach punch to Billy. A stomach punch to Alfred. The end.
Well, it is a little disappointing when I don’t need to use any tactics.

[W-What? All of my soldiers? Each with one blow…]

Gillius collapses on his bottom, unable to stand up.
Of course, all are dead. Since I couldn’t miss this chance to take more status, this ended up being exactly a classic case of murder… ABC! Oops! I killed in reverse order!!

[The power of money…  For what?]
[Hii~, Hiiiii.]

Since he couldn’t stand up, he turns his back to me and crawls away to escape. Of course, I take all status and skills from him before he leaves. A sweet, rare skill has been gained.

[Amazing. Other than punch, I don’t know what you are capable of doing, at all.]

Well, I did nothing other than punch, so that is natural. Oh, I see. You never imagined that those soldiers could be killed with just one stomach punch. Do you think I made another move against them?

[Well, nothing more than that.]

I look at corpses of the three soldiers.

[The guild will clean this up.]
[What if that guy doesn’t give up?]

It is clear this isn’t good for repurchase. I mean it is too late to say this now.

[Anyway, that noble is a criminal. I shouldn’t have let you meet him.]

Well, the first noble didn’t deserve that…

1st person : Noble → Arrogant.

2nd person : Widow → Depressed.

3rd person : Noble → Arrogant, fat.

Look, only first and third person!

[Is that so? Uh, it is settled. I will refuse any more requests for repurchase, and I will leave this town by the end of the day.]

There is no point to staying here any longer. Let’s move. Let’s do it now.

[You suddenly made another decision again.]
[No, it’s because I said I would leave if the situation ever looked bad or became unpleasant.]

The receptionist sighs, too. Well, it is just one of negative points you tried to cover. 

[It can’t be help. There is no way we could force you. You just stay by your good will alone.]
[Don’t you know? Good will has its own limit.]

My good will for this town has already ran out. There has been none for this country since the beginning. The only oasis for my mind has been the uncle from weapons shop.

[Uh… Understood. I will tell the guild master. It was only for a short time, but thank you.]

[Yes, I have to go.]

So I leave the guild and contact everybody.

<<Let’s leave this town since repurchase turned out to be no good. Please prepare for departure.>>

It is a command-like communication.

<<Understood. Change from “prepare for battle” to “prepare for travel”. All right, it is finally time to show off my cooking skill!>>
<<But we paid for lunch at hotel, let’s eat there.>>
<<Dora wants to eat meat.>>
<<Jin-sama, everybody is at the general store. Are you going to come here?>>
<<Yeah, I will.>>

Everybody chose to buy necessary things for the trip from the general store. In the beginning, we were only two people when we reached the first village, and our money was limited then. However, we have more people now and more money, too. Let’s prepare properly.
I spend the money to buy whatever we need because we can store everything within <Inventory>.
After eating the last meal in this town, we head towards the gate.

[Well, then… Let’s say goodbye to this town.]
[Master, that is a villain-like look.]

Well, that is this country’s fault… I didn’t start this fight. Except for those thieves, that is.

We pass through the gate. As we do, one of the guards suddenly leaves his post and runs toward the town. I always thought it was prohibited for guards to leave their posts.

[Ah! Where is that fool going?]

His colleague is angry, too. Well, it has nothing to do with us, so let’s hurry.


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Shindo Jin

Skill Type:

<Monster Taming LV5 (up)>



Skill Type:

<Monster Taming LV1 (down)>


Skills that everybody has at LV1:



Other Types:

<Luck (new)>

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