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Chapter 47 Madness and Pursuit



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[Now then, it is our third topic, but I consider this to be the most important one.]


What could he be talking about? I have no clue what topic could be more important than the two right now though… The king continues his speech with an awfully serious face.


[I have judged that I would like to take Mio-san in to be my legal wife. Jin-dono, could you not release her from slavery for me?]



With an awfully serious face, the king babbles something I could not make sense of at all. This guy, what is he saying? Seeing my bewildered face, the king continues to talk even more.


[In other words, I have fallen in love with Mio-san. Mio-san, who frantically tried to rescue me when I resigned myself to death after I was stabbed by the Hero, was surely an angel.]


Apparently he’s serious. Passion is filled in the king’s eyes looking at Mio.

Mio who was called on was also flabbergasted. No, Mio is cute, sure, but I have a problem with her being called an angel. If you’re calling someone that, then Dora would be definitely more of an angel. She has white wings too…


[O-Otousama! What are you saying all of a sudden!?]


Cattleya shouts. Seeing that the surrounding retainers are surprised as well, I guess he hasn’t talked about it with anybody. Well, a middle aged man near his forties can’t possibly tell anybody he wanted to marry the 8 year old Mio…


[In the first place, do you understand what sort of time it is now!? There is also the matter of oniisama and the Hero! This isn’t the time to say something like that is it!?]


Cattleya’s right about that, it’s the worst timing. He didn’t have to bring it up now.


[Julius’s death is very sad and I have no intentions of forgiving the Hero. However, this and that are different subjects. There is no such rule that you cannot love a person in difficult times, and you could also think of this as overcoming difficult times through love for the very reason that it is difficult!]


King declares it strongly with a serious face, but what he said makes him a perverted idiot.


[My previous wife died five years ago. And have my retainers not been saying it would be better to usher in a new queen? This should be the right moment.]


A portion of the retainers turned away their faces. Must be the people who has been encouraging a second marriage.


[Of course, I am not saying immediately. I have decided that when the matters of Julius and the Hero have settled down, I will officially announce my fiancée and once Mio-san comes to age we will formally accept her as the queen.]


Even though I didn’t ask for such paintings of the future…

Come to think of it, how is Mio thinking about this? I’ve decided to ask her with telepathy.


<<Mio, do you want to marry the king?>>

<<Hmm, he is an attractive middle aged man and he should have the money, but honestly, I pass. Because it’s better to be next to you Master. More importantly, what about you Master? Want to make me the queen and become this country’s wire puller?>>


Does Mio want to make me a wire puller at any cost?


<<I already told you I’m not interested in being a wire puller. As for me, I would say no even if you say you want to become queen, I guess…>>

<<Desire to monopolize me? I’ll be a little happy if it’s like that~>>

<<Well, I guess it’s like that.>>



Mio makes a complacent smile. Of course, I’ll respond the same even to the other members though…


<<Beside, His Majesty the King doesn’t know I was a crime slave who used poison, does he? Even I think that would make it impossible.>>


<<Oh, you mean the reason you couldn’t get sold? That’s expected to be the worst partner for him…>>


If I think about it normally, a former crime slave of a queen and such, it’s a combination where the king will become worried for the rest of his life.

For the time being, let’s do something about the king who has been advancing the conversation on his own.


[I’m sorry, but I have no intentions of letting Mio go.]

[Why do you not!? You mean you are going to split two people who love each other!?]


Who and who are you saying are loving each other…

Was the king this kind of character? He somehow seems to have suddenly lost his brain.


[If it is a recompense then of course I shall give you one! How about a magic filled large magic crystal!?]


To think that I can get a magic filled crystal with Mio alone despite the combination of the three rewards being an empty magic crystal… What in the world was our last negotiation for?

The ones surprised by these words are the retainers instead. That too is natural. Because large magic crystal are also the cornerstones of the country…


[Father! What are you losing your mind to!? We cannot simply let you give them a large magic crystal filled with magic over such a worthless reason, can we!?]

[What about it being worthless!? Is it not pitiful for my first love!?]


Is it his first love… Well, he’s royalty, love marriages and such wouldn’t have been easy after all.

Come to think of it, he said this topic was the most important or something didn’t he? Is he an idiot…


[If it comes to this then it’s a duell! Jin-dono! Wager Mio-san and duel with -gohah!]


When the king was about to say something stupid, the prince drove a clean hit to the king’s temple with the handle of the spear he borrowed from a soldier. The king tumbles down like that.


[I’m sorry. My father spoke of trivial matters. If possible, could you pretend you have heard nothing and move towards the subjugation of the Hero? I will restore him to sanity as soon as possible, so…]


The prince said cheerfully while returning the spear to the soldier. Because he no longer knew where the conversation would land on if it continued to head to a strange direction, he forced it to an end I guess. He didn’t stand out until now, but he seems to have a strong will to act without hesitation at necessary times. The eldest son, prince Julius having died is a major incident, but if a person like him is in the royal family then it should be peaceful. …Why am I reviewing the royal family I wonder.


[And then, what shall we do about the rewards? While he said he would talk about it afterwards, my father’s condition doesn’t make him able to]


It would be impossible to talk about it I guess, what with him lying spread eagle.

That’s right. I got my hands on the large magic crystal I wanted the most. Getting one more magic crystal is one, but shall I request another thing I want here?


[Then, would a house, a place in the capital that will become our base be acceptable?]


We already have a base in Kastal so I don’t particularly need it, but I think it will be good to have a place in each country that becomes our base. That and there’s also a need to prepare a place to live for Cynthia and the others who I planned to keep active in this country.


[A residence is it? Alright. I will have them prepare several candidates.]


The prince consents immediately.


[I will be relying on you.]


After saying that we leave the audience room. Cattleya comes along with our party as well.



[Your Highness princess Cattleya, is Your Highness fine with not having to do preparations and such?]

[It is fine to call me without any formalities. I planned to to come along with everyone from the beginning, so I had them finish the preparations already. I have put all of the necessary things inside my item box.]


Cattleya shows me the pouch she was carrying. After checking it with <System Window>, I see it is about the same size as Sakura’s, but it seems to be a very high class article that stores ten times the amount of things. However, it looks like margin error when compared to <Inventory>. …No, I think it’s pitiful to compare it with <Inventory>.


[Okay then. Then, let’s enter the dungeon like this. It is just nearly time to link up with my group who returned to Lilia’s side after all.]



Just before we leave the castle, Elinsia approached us by running.


[I’m sorry for bothering you when you are about to be busy. You may have heard it from Maria-san, but I wanted to give you my gratitude for having saved Cattleya-sama so I ran after you. Here, take these.]


Saying that, Elincia presented a bundle of envelopes.


[They’re envelopes I’ve seen somewhere before aren’t they…]

[Yes, I’ve prepared letters of introduction to the useful ones among the connections I have. If there is anything you need, please feel free to make use of them.]

[Okay. I’ll gratefully receive it.]


Elinsia’s letters of introduction will be useful in the end after all. If she carefully selected them, then there should be only a few that will be useless.

After leaving the castle we directly headed to the dungeon. I talk with Cattleya on the way.


[…Earlier, father said that I’ve decided to carry out the murder of the Hero.]

[Yeah he did, is there something about it?]

[You have accepted our unreasonable request, but could you honestly yield the finishing blow to me?]


I already knew about it, but Cattleya’s anger towards Kusakabe is quite deeply ingrained it seems.


[I have borrowed the sword of my deceased oniisama. I want to deal the decisive blow with this sword before the funeral service and have him die together with Oniisama.]


Cattleya’s eyes are filled with bitter determination. There’s no use persuading a person who became like this with mere words. I don’t feel like persuading her from the start though…

I think she’s rather competent. Kusakabe has been cornered by his own actions. Someone who has a link, no who has a cause ought to put an end to him. The Tyranno? The cause that was prepared was poor but I kicked him about.


[Understood. We’ll make sure to let you deal the finishing blow as much as we can Cattleya.]

[Thank you. In the event we subjugate the Hero, I will do anything if the request can be granted by me.]

[Hey hey, can a princess blurt out something like that…]


The princess said she’ll do anything for me you know.


[Yes, because I will be disappearing from the public scene either way once this matter is over.]

[What do you mean?]

[It is because my appearance has become unsightly like this. I won’t be able to marry anywhere as is and even if I show my face at a public occasion I cannot show a good face. I’m likely to be targeted by Eludia if I came to kill the Hero. It should be decided that I will be spending my remaining years quietly in a remote region somewhere.]


There’s no family for her to marry into. She will have nothing to do with politics. She will be aimed at by a troublesome party. She’s right, maybe she can only disappear from the public scene and live in secret.


[How about it? I am even fine with being your partner at night you know? That is, if you are fine with this tattered body of mine…Even if I say that to you who has many beautiful and adorable kids, I am just pitiable isn’t it…]

[Becoming quite desperate aren’t you.]

[Of course I would…]


We pass through the dungeon’s entrance with Cattleya who became silent at that point and transferred to the 19th floor with the transfer stones.


[Jin-sama, we have been waiting for you.]


Greeting us after we transferred was Maria. Cynthia and twins seem to be hunting monsters at a somewhat separate place .


[You three! Jin-sama is here.]

[[[Yes (nanodesu)]]]


With the battle ending just then, the three also headed this way. Those 3 people are heading here. After a quick check, their status went up rather well. Looks like they has been fighting quite a while back.


A: One hour worth of status.


Properly speaking, I have to explain the details of the circumstances to Maria and the others in order to not be suspected, but if I do it properly then I could rush off various parts of the conversation .


[Now then, now that everyone is gathered, I have something to talk with you Cattleya.]

[What is it?]

[You want to deal the finishing blow to the Hero right?]

[Yes, of course I do.]


Cattleya strongly nods. She is tightly grasping the sword that was her brother’s memento with her left hand that wasn’t broken.


[Are you okay with only the finishing blow? Don’t you think you want to do it yourself and fight him?]

[That is…, of course I want to kill him by my own hand. But he isn’t an enemy I can win against. The reason the Hero’s gift was not effective against the volcano golem was because the opponent was too hard. It is supposed to be nearly the strongest ability against ordinary humans.]


The strongest huh. Calling him the strongest with that level of ability is laughable.


[The Hero’s gift looks like a high speed movement isn’t it.]

[That’s right. He has been using it when he stabbed His majesty the King as well. He was fast as it is, but not enough for me to not be able to follow him with my eyes.]


That’s right. Like Sera said, I have also properly seen it. Apparently, he seems to be moving with thrice the speed of ordinary humans, but truth is if you have <Body Reinforcement> level 5 and above you could follow his movements with your eyes. Of course, there’s synergy if you raised it by <Body Reinforcement> but Kusakabe has his gift and <Sword Mastery LV2> he can use for combat so it’s irrelevant.


[Eh, you could see his movements!?]


Cattleya is surprised. Her <Body Reinforcement> is level 2, she couldn’t see anything.


[Yeah, I think all of our members could probably see him.]


Everybody who were at that place nod. Sakura and I weren’t expected to have seen it so we didn’t nod.


[We could manage something like that somehow. if I’m told to aim and attack with a bow then it’ll be a little harsh as expected though…]


Mio takes over the conversation. By the way, Dora and Kate were there but they can’t speak so they didn’t say anything.


[Mio-san and others too… I knew, but I am the most useless aren’t I?]

[Setting aside whether you are useless or not, there’s no mistaking your combat ability being the lowest, I guess. That’s why, you gave up killing the Hero with your own hands right?]

[That is…correct… It should be enough to bring down that Hero with just Jin-sama and the others right? My participation would become a burden instead wouldn’t it…]

[Yeah, it’ll be like that under normal circumstances. Except, I have a proposal for you.]

[A proposal is it?]


I think Cattleya doesn’t understand what I want to say with that. Of course she wouldn’t. What I’m about to do isn’t something ordinary.


[Cattleya, you said I can do whatever I like if you can kill the Hero right? You don’t have any plans to do advance payment on that? If I have to be more specific, won’t you become my subordinate?]

[Subordinate… you say?]

[Yeah, if you swear from the bottom of your heart that you will become my subordinate, then I think I’m fine with granting you just the strength to be able to kill that Hero. If that’s the case you will be able to participate in the fight with the Hero.]

[I-Is that true!?]


Cattleya shows a surprised expression and clings to me. It’s an absurd story if she thinks about it calmly, but she seems to be emotionally cornered enough that she won’t come up with something like that. Her hatred towards the Hero must be that strong.

I’m thinking it’s fine to add Cattleya to my subordinates. No, I know it. It can only look like I’m collecting women of royalty. Not to mention with an appearance of me deceiving a girl, whose mental condition isn’t normal from hatred and resignation, with smooth talks.


[Yeah, it is true. But there are many details I can’t possibly say to someone, so if you become my subordinate you will keep secrets the many details I will talk about. Oh, don’t misunderstand, okay? Because it’s not trusting you not to say it, but you will be unable to say it.]


Of course, I will give status and skills even if she doesn’t become my subordinate, and I can recover her lost limbs with “Revive”. But doing that without making her my subordinate would come with a not so small risk. At the very least if I make her my subordinate, the command “don’t say it” will have quite a strong influence after all.

If she won’t become my subordinate then the conversation ends here. And then I don’t have to reply even if I’m asked. The contents of the commission is the subjugation of the Hero. There was no conversation about abiding to Cattleya’s instructions among the contents so it’s up to me to decide. I can do what I want.


Cattleya looks downwards and thinks it over. When she lifts up her face, she looks at me with eyes keeping bitter determination.


[Jin-sama. By all means, please make me your subordinate. I have nothing to lose anymore at any rate. If I can destroy the Hero with these hands then I will even sell my soul to the devil.]


After calling God you call the devil next? Well, if pushed to say, I even feel their sides are pretty close. Now then, since it’s come to this, shall I try saying that line?


[Do you want power?]



Mio spouts and laughs while holding her stomach. Way to spoil the mood.


[Yes! I want power! Power to kill the Hero!]

[In that case, take out your pinky finger and swear to become my subordinate.]


Cattleya shows her still-usable left hand in front of me. I also take out my left hand and link my pinky finger with hers. Due to <Engage Link>, she has become my subordinate.  At the same time, I also transfer statuses and skills to Cattleya.


Name : Cattleya


Skill : <Sword Mastery LV5 up> <Body Reinforcement LV5 up> <Etiquette LV1>


[Po, power is overflowing throughout my body!?]


Because of her ability being raised suddenly she would experience that feeling. Cattleya is shocked while she moves her body.


[With this…, I may really be able to take down the Hero…]

[I said it before, but not a word about my power.]

[Yes, I understand that. If it’s known that you can do something like this, then anybody would desire power after all…]


Cattleya thinks after calming down a little and notices the usefulness of my power.


[Of course, don’t tell the king either. I have no intentions to work for the Estia kingdom.]

[Yes, it is somewhat of a pity, but I understand.]

[There is one more thing. We can also restore your arm and erase the burn marks.]

[You can even do something like that!? …I would’ve wanted you to inform me a little earlier if it was possible, but this isn’t a subject you can talk with other people no matter how one looks at it.]


Well, there’s no way I can say it. Basically the secret related to our special powers is something that can thoroughly turn common knowledge upside down with a single one of them.


[But no thank you for now. If these injuries are recovered now, then my anger towards the Hero, my hatred would fade a little. It isn’t something I can possibly do. First I will bring down the Hero while holding this hatred. I will think about it afterwards.]


Cattleya to abstain from recovering her losses was a little unexpected, but was accepted with her continuing words. It means Cattleya’s anger is deep and she refuses even “her anger weakening”. I think her consistency is rather likable.

I can’t say anything unreasonable if she has that kind of reason. She’s one armed so it should drop her combat ability a little, but we could also cover for her so it shouldn’t become a problem.


[Understood. Then, let’s talk about it again at that time.]

[It is a selfish request but, could you let me consider it once more when the Hero is brought down I wonder…]

[Yeah, I don’t mind it.]

[Thank you very much…]


Oh well, apart from the revenge towards the Hero, it is natural that she would like to be healed if there is something that can heal it.


[Then, how about we start our anti-Hero meeting soon?]


I put off the detailed (Mio’s) explanation for Cattleya, we should prioritize taking down the Hero first.


[First, I’m thinking about deciding the members who will participate in this time’s battle.]

[Eh? We are not fighting with everyone?]


Cattleya asks wonderingly.


[That should be too much of an excess in fighting power against the Hero. At least, Dora, Maria, Sera and I can reliably win even one on one.]

[So the strength of Jin-sama’s group is that much…?]


Cattleya smiles awkwardly. Which reminds me, she hadn’t seen our fight directly yet, had she. She was unconscious during the fight with the Volcano Golem.


[We can follow with our eyes, but our bodies don’t seem to be able to follow it…]


Sakura murmurs so. By the way, her <Body Reinforcement> is level 10. Wait could it be, do people with special powers have negative corrections on skills beside production?


A : No. It is only the production skills. Her natural lack of reflexes just exceeds the effective level of the skill.


…Looks like Sakura-san’s lack of reflex went past the skill’s correction.


[My weapon’s affinity are, you know~. Fighting alone with a bow against a quick opponent with a dagger is a disadvantage for me.]


It should be harsh for Mio to go alone. Rather, Sakura and Mio are rear guards, there hasn’t been a need for them to be able to do something like that until now though.

Of course it’ll be easy for even those two to kill someone like Kusakabe if I increase their status to the max. But doing that for someone like Kusakabe is more than he deserves and Cattleya would lose her turn so I don’t plan to increase their status that much for this fight.


[This time’s leading actress is Cattleya after all. Other members will be the support for the end.]

[Then, I shall participate as the shield.]



The first one who declared to participate is Sera. It should become quite easy even for Cattleya if the shield Sera is there.


[What will Cynthia’s team do?]


When I look at Cynthia and her team, Cynthia and the twins show a troubled face.


[I’m not prepared to fight humans yet. I want to stay back this time.]

[[Us too.]]


Cynthia and the twins repeatedly fought many battles and they have gotten reasonable abilities. However, they currently have no experience in antipersonnel combat or murder. There hasn’t been any opportunities to fight human beings while diving the dungeon until now.

Maria, Mio and Sera surprisingly have no hesitation in regards to murder, but they’re abnormal by nature I guess.

I have absolutely no intention to force those who would be my slaves to murder. It should be fine for the people who are prepared for it. Nobody should get any benefits if I make those who aren’t prepared for it kill people.


[What about you, Kate?]

<<If Sir wishes for it then I will fight. If Sir doesn’t wish for it then I will not fight.>>

[Then, observe together with the other three.]

<<I understand.>>


Kate doesn’t wish to fight, but she wishes to be useful to me. She seems to be thinking that it’s useless to even fight a fight I don’t wish for. Instead, I’m sure she will kill without hesitation if I wish for it…


[Jin-sama, what would you like to do?]

[Hmm, he’s not someone I want to go out of my way to fight against and it doesn’t seem like there’s much to gain from him so I pass.]


I answer Maria’s question. His movement when he stabbed the king simply can’t be called polished. Even if I go against an amateur who only relies on the strength of his skills, I doubt it’ll become good experience.


[In that case I will participate the fight.]

[Maria, you will? Are you fine with that?]


We’re talking about Maria, I thought she would say she’ll be near me in order to protect me.


[There is no problem even if I’m not near, as long as we are still in the same room.]


Now I get it, it will only become a problem when she’s fighting in “a place she can’t see me”.


[In the first place, I don’t intend to let him get near you after all, Jin-sama.]

[Ah, then I will join too! If you two participate, then he shouldn’t be able to come all the way to me right? At worst, it is easier to have at least one rearguard after all.]

[Of course. I won’t allow anyone to slip pass me.]


Mio seems to be participating as well. Looks like she’s thinking about the team balance.


<<If master won’t go, then Dora will rest too~>>


Dora says she’s abstaining…

Well, the opponent is also the Hero, so as for the unpredictable Sakura…


[How about you, Sakura? If you don’t want to meet him you can return to our base and if you hate him then you can even participate you know?]


Sakura hates the students at school more than me after all. Even though she doesn’t want to meet Kusakabe, she doesn’t have to force herself to come along and if she wants to vent her anger then she can participate the battle.


[I…, I will observe. I won’t participate but I don’t plan on returning either.]

[Could I hear your reason?]

[I already said about something similar before we got to this country, but if I return now then it will look like I’m running away and I hate that…Having said that, if I join the fight, I may end up dealing the finishing blow with excess power. This is the first time we encountered a Hero after I started journeying with Jin-kun, so I can’t predict how I myself will move you know…]

[So you’re saying that since you don’t know if you’ll do anything seeing the Hero in front of you, you will watch him from a distance?]

[Yes. So I wish not to participate this time.]


It’s better that Sakura doesn’t participate if she has that kind of reason.


[Okay. So now, the ones participating will be Maria, Mio, Sera and Cattleya.]

[[[[Yes, sir!]]]]


We then arranged the formation and such. Sera is the shield, Maria and Cattleya are attackers and Mio is the rear guard.

Well then, I guess we should start heading towards the subjugation of the Hero.


[The Hero isn’t a significant opponent, so let’s depart soon and take him down quickly. He still seems to be on the 18th floor. If we go up the nearby staircase then he’ll be near]


Saying that, we start to prepare for departure. Only Cattleya couldn’t follow our conversation.


[Eh? How do you know hero’s whereabouts?]

[That’s also my ability.]



Cattleya became speechless to my words.


[About Jin-sama, I remember I said you were “out of standard”, but you are actually “More than out of standard” aren’t you.]

[Well, I still have a lot of things I can’t tell anybody else. Later we (Mio) will explain it from start to end.]

[It seems there will be more things I will be surprised at…]

[Yes, I think it is better to give up.]


Sakura said that, but she’s not one to say. We’re fellow special power holders after all…


Now then, let’s talk about the Hero’s current state during our walk. He is at the 18th floor safe zone and hasn’t moved since morning. Safe zones are large rooms where monsters don’t spawn and won’t approach voluntarily. By the way, the area around the boss’ door is a safe zone too. Of course, even though none will appear, with the situation where a boss is on the other side of the door, it’s a discussion of whether you will be relieved by that though…

By the way, Tamo-san is observing the Hero from a distant place, but there is no sign of him moving at all. The Hero has an item box too, so he’s probably not worried about food, but I wonder what he wants to do. 


[Could he possibly not be waiting for someone to pass through? What about him planning on escaping by buying or stealing the transfer stone from an explorer who entered from outside the capital city?]


Maria answers such questions of mine. In that case, I can understand the reason he’s not moving, but does it have that much traffic?


[I have heard something about it. That there are areas on the 18th floor where types of medicinal plants grow in clusters and that there is a quite high usage of the safe zones…]


Cattleya seems to know the answer to that. Fortunately, there are no explorers nearby but there is a chance they will suddenly appear there with a transfer stone. Considering Kusakebe’s actions, he will likely try and kill them and steal the stone instead of purchasing it. And someone wanting a transfer stone of another location at a level this low, ordinary explorers would suspect him. 


[Then, it is better to hurry.]

[Yeah, I don’t know what a cornered hero is going to do.]


Sera and Mio are right, it may be better to hurry. We spent quite a lot of time during the meeting after all. It won’t be funny if he, on top of causing unnecessary damage, gets away from us. Let’s go right away, let’s subjugate the Hero right away.


We continued while defeating monsters and arrived at the 18th floor. Cattleya seems to have gotten familiar with her raised status through several fights. As anti-Hero preparation, Cattleya has fought alone several times too. It’s somewhat stiff, but her talent in combat is not bad so she should not become a burden.

With this timing Mio’s explanation began while we lightly ran. We decided to teach her about our origins and special powers for now. Our origin is to make sure she won’t feel shaken that we are similarly people from another world. It will be troublesome if we’re thought to be allies to the Heroes. 


[Then, Jin-sama and Sakura-sama, you are people from another world who were summoned as Heroes, but were expelled because you did not possess a gift, is that it?]

[That’s right. So please don’t misunderstand us being their allies, okay?]

[I understand. Otherwise, you would not be assisting in the subjugation. If you were to let him escape secretly, then you would not have a reason to take me along as well…]

[It was Master’s instructions that healed the king in the first place. Him falling in love with me was unexpected even for Master though…]

[…It would be nice if he’s fixed once we return…]


The king being broken is not my fault okay? Even Cattleya would want to be spared of Mio becoming her mother-in-law.


[Rather, everyone of you ladies have unusual origins as well. To think there are Heroes in this world, it is the first time I learned of this.]

[According to Jin-sama, there was a <Seal> on us and its strength wouldn’t seem to show up. Even if it does, they will die while nobody notices it.]

[If Sir had not been here, then I would have never noticed it nodesu.]


What Maria and Cynthia were trying to say was that even if they had been Heroes until now, it won’t have been noticed due to <Seal>. Even if they’re noticed, <Seal> can’t be removed without a skill like mine.

Also, it doesn’t seem like there’s a place to think of Heroes of this world even for Cattleya, so they’ll come in contact normally. Well, they’re surely not tolerated if they’re confused with someone like that one.


[Moreover, Mio-san is a reincarnated person and Dora-chan is dragonewt, it’s nothing but stories that are unbelievable.]

<<Shall I become a dragon~?>>

[Can I really request you to?]



Dora turns into her dragon form and lands on my head.


[S-So cute… I want to hug her tightly…]


Cattleya looks like she wanted to hug her, but she’s running while holding her weapon with her single hand, so she seems to have given up on that. 

We move on while having such a conversation. We then arrived at the 18th floor’s safe zone. Oh, Dora has already turned back to her human form.

The safe zone has the size of a gymnasium, a kind layout with a tiny fountain so you won’t be worried about drinking water. Kusakabe placed himself near the fountain. He must have judged that there are many people who would visit the fountain in order to secure drinking water.

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