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Hello readers! Here’s Jun once again with your bi-weekly chapter of Blessing from the goddess! So we’ve translated the type of slave Jin bought a few chapters ago as pet slave. Now we’re not sure if it’s the correct way to call them this since I’m not sure if there’s an actual name for these types of slaves. They’re pretty much slaves whose purpose is to be pretty and elegant wherever they are and whatever they do and to be admired and cared for. In other words, a decoration in a sense. Or a trophy wife of some sort? But then again, the guy was also selling 5 year olds….

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Chapter 43 Pet Slave & Boss door


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Since it has become afternoon by the time we return to the hotel, we decide to go for dungeon exploration from there.


[So, the newcomer slave will join us in two days right nodesu?]


Cynthia came asking.


[Yeah, she’s planned to be a rearguard, so she will join you after she practiced walking around and magic. If we have the time, I plan to let her fight lightly in first floor.]


[It would be nice if she’s a good girl, right Karen-chan.]


[It would be nice if we can get along, right Sora-chan.]


[We will get along nodesu. She’s our junior nanodesu.]


Even while the three are getting worked up on the conversation about the new slave, they slaughter the monsters on the fourth floor.


[The number of Jin-kun’s subordinates in the base are increasing rapidly isn’t it?]


<<Having plenty of companions is a good thing you know~?>>


[But I’m planning a temporary stop soon. I feel we have too many maids in that base……]


[Well, we don’t really need that many people if they are only for managing the base.]


[Yeah, that’s right……]


Sera’s right. We obviously have a lot of people.


I was aware of it at the time I went to the mansion in Kastal late this morning, but the maids seems to have been doing various things without me knowing about it. It seems they’ve been made to do their maid duty in shifts and the still remaining members were made to produce medicine like potions and miscellaneous goods. As for the products they make, it seems they’ve been setting up shop and have put those on sale. We’re calling them maids, but they’re basically my slaves, so their income becomes mine.


What I’m even more surprised about is that the number of slave believers have increased. Of course, they are registered as my slaves. It seems that they used my blood I’ve given to them before to purchase new slaves. They were dispatched to various places when I asked what they’re made to do. Lusia and the others also knows sightseeing makes up for a large part of my purpose of travelling. So there they said they’re sending off subordinates to various places beforehand and are assembling a plan to be able to smoothen the guidance and proceedings to the destination and support my travels there. And so they’ve bought many horse carriages for that sake. Is that why were there several unfamiliar carriages stopped at the mansion……


I didn’t know, but Alta gave approval to all of those things. I’d like to ask if it’s been doing all this without informing me.


A: They are the work of the stagehand, so I have decided there is no need to expressly report them to you Master. I intended to present them at the necessary moment.


Well, I guess I won’t complain if you’re doing that for my sake……


And so, “I will” refrain from buying slaves, but I didn’t forbid Lusia and the others to increase my subordinates as they pleased, so I feel like it will eventually increase little by little. ……It’s fine, since my special power will be fine no matter how many subordinates I have after all. ……Better yet, that part will become stronger after all.


[I have decided that from now on, I won’t buy slaves that aren’t somewhat like Maria, Mio or Sera.]


[That was originally your standard before you picked up Cloud and the others. Regardless of whether I am as special as Maria-san and Mio-san however……]


Don’t worry Sera, you’re also quite unique.


[That was right, now that you mention it. It’s a standard that didn’t become really sensical once you understood the fact even not-so-special people will become quite useful if Jin-kun grants them skills.]


[It isn’t like that. Lusia’s is also unusual and buying the other kids was necessary only as an excuse to buy Cynthia and the others, so……]


While I was making such excuses, the twins suddenly shout.


[Sir, this is too hard! What should we do?]


[Sir, this is too large! What should we do?]


Stone Golem


<Hardening LV2> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note : Humanoid golem made of stone. Has the size of 2 meters. Physical attack do not work well on them.


Oh, is it hard? From the looks of it, the stone golem’s HP hardly decreased. On the other hand, the sword and spear the twins have are chipped. Only Cynthia is excited huh. She’s striking the golem with her iron rod.


It seems easy to defeat if you can use magic attack rather than physical attack but parties without magic users aren’t scarce. Its movements are slow, so for parties without magic users, advancing while avoiding them should be the right choice.


[You should be able to defeat it easily with magic. I won’t go as far as say magic profession, but let’s grant at least one magic to Sora and Karen as well.]


[We can use magic! Karen-chan!]


[We can finally use it! Sora-chan!]


I gave Sora <Ice Magic> and Karen <Fire Magic> LV 1. This is the beginning of the future story of the S rank adventurer twins called “Ice spear Sora” and “Flame sword Karen”. That was a lie.


I gave an easy explanation about magic to Sora and Karen. Meanwhile, Cynthia keeps drawing the stone golem’s attention.


[Cynthia-chan. Step away a little!]


[Cynthia-chan. Step away from there!]


Twins who are preparing to cast magic tell Cynthia to retreat, but it didn’t reach her who has become intoxicated.




Their voices don’t reach her. It ticked me off a little, so I move behind Cynthia with flash step and go for a chop in the head.




Cynthia gave a strange cry and faints. She became meek so I hold her in my arms and go back to where I was.


[Now, the nuisance is gone. Use your magic.]




I instruct the twins who looked at the fainted Cynthia and drew away somewhat.






The twins shoot a ball type magic alternately. They alternate with each other because their magic will cancel each others if they attack together. If it was metal then I would have explained that “metal would weaken by suddenly cooling it when it is hot” with a triumphant look. It doesn’t seem effective if it’s made of rock. Too bad.


The stone golem that is nearly powerless against magic fell down shortly after. A magic using member is important after all. ……Not to mention the hero of the humans is a meathead.


I decided to scold Cynthia after she wakes up and then continue exploring the dungeon. We manage to complete the 4th floor in that day.


That evening, I decided to ask Sakura to make a new magic named “Summon”. As the name suggests, it is a magic that summons the target. And the condition is that it is my own subordinate. Simply said, it can be called magic for the sake of calling Cynthia back.


It’s another transfer type magic after “Portal” and “Warp”. However, what it transfers isn’t the magic caster themselves unlike the other magics. Because of that, it I can do an emergency escape to my subordinates who are in a critical situation. I can easily let them get away if they ask for it telepathically during times when they can’t affood to set a “Portal”.


With this I can retrieve Cynthia without questions asked, even when she loses her sanity.


[I’ve also thought of this that time with Alta, but we’re gradually losing our privacy aren’t we……]


[Ah, Jin-kun, I’m begging you, so please don’t summon me when I’m in the bath or toilet.]


[What do you think I am, Sakura……?]


I can’t do something perverted that openly as expected. There’s a big gap between having the means to do it and actually executing it after all. Just thinking that you can do it at anytime is more than enough. To be a good-for-nothing.


[Jin-sama, I have no problems being summoned whenever and at any situation, so……]


<<Dora too~!>>


Maria or Dora say without even a single hesitation. Well, even if I don’t call Maria, she is near me most of the time.


[As for me……, you can call me at any time except when I am eating.]


[……You’re fine with during your toilet time?]


[I don’t mind.]


Sera declared without any hesitation. Where did her shyness go I wonder. And saying that the only time she don’t want me to call her being during dinner is quite Sera-like.


The next day we also confine ourselves in the dungeon the whole day and advanced two more floors. From tomorrow on we will be capturing floor 7 with this. With our current pace we can capture one floor in half a day. By the way, “Summon” was used about five times today. Four of them were for Cynthia when she acted recklessly. The remaining one was when Mio tumbled down the stairs when we were moving down to the next floor.


My plan in the beginning was to clear two floors each day. At the moment we’re moving as planned, but from the next floor on the stairs to the next floor become scarcer as we go down, so I assume we will start taking more time. It is possible that it’ll become impossible to keep this pace forever.


On the other hand, the stairs on the upper floors are numerous, so it should be good to hurry up and clear the upper floors as quick as possible and have some extra time.


[And so, we will be participating in combat as well from tomorrow on.]


Cynthia’s team alone is plenty enough to fight with, but if we participate in the fights, the speed in ending the battle will go noticeably faster.


[Of course, you will reduce our status, right?]


[Yeah, like Mio said I will drop our status by a lot. If I don’t do so, Cynthia’s team will lose their chances to try anything after all.]


[Are you that strong Sir nodesu?]


Now that she mentions it, I’ve never fought honestly in front of Cynthia’s team. Once I fought at the time Cynthia’s village was attacked, but Cynthia and the twins weren’t around.


[Indeed, master is strong.]


[Even stronger than you, Sera-oneechan?]


Cynthia idolises Sera and calls her Sera-oneechan. I often happen to see Cynthia receiving guidance in fighting style at night, they must’ve become friends at that time. Also she may have hit off well with fellow combat specialized subordinates.


[Of course. He could knock me down with just the words “No food”.]


[I’m quite sure that is different from what I meant nodesu……]


Sure, if I say “No food” Sera would cry and apologize. I don’t know if I can call that strength.


[Well, you will understand more than enough when tomorrow comes.]


[I’m looking forward to it!]


<<It seems that it will be even later until I come back~>>


Once again I get a telepathy from Mira before I go to sleep.


<<What’s wrong this time? Having difficulty in the burial of the villagers?>>


<<No~, I had the cooperation with the knight’s order for that and finished it quickly~>>


<<Meaning it’s about your village representative work?>>


<<Yes~, I have heard a research group was dispatched from the capital city~>>


<<Oh, I heard they gathered a research group in a rather amazing force.>>


Elinsia also mentioned that the merchants who are wide awake to their interests are also heading there or something. It really seems to be a valuable discovery.


<<Yees, it seems like I ended up having to be present in the investigations as well~>>


<<Are you really necessary for that Mira?>>


<<I don’t know~ It’s just that~, it is hard to refuse in this kind of situation~, so I reluctantly accepted it~. Saying that after a crowd of people helped me with burying the dead~, is unfair~>>


<<That’s also something……>>


It is true that it would be hard to refuse in a situation where you were helped in burying the dead with a crowd of people. Yep, debts really aren’t something you should make carelessly.


<<That’s why~, I still won’t be returning for a while~>>


<<It will take close to ten days by carriage from the capital city. So it’ll be at least after that until you will come back……>>


<<Again and again I have no excuses~……>>


<<Don’t worry about that. Whatever your reasons or situation, If you’re resolved to do it once, then take responsibility and carry it out properly until the end.>>


<<Of course I will~ I will at least be the village representative until some suitable person takes over~>>


After talking this much, she cuts off our telepathic communication. Mira might surprisingly suit a representative position. She may be grieving that she couldn’t return, but she didn’t complain about the work itself after all.


However, Mira has become a vampire, she will age slowly and also have long life span. She can’t possibly continue staying at the same place. ……If MIra wishes for it, then I ought to look for a means to make her safely become human again.


The next day, we dived into the dungeon since morning. This noon will be the end of the promised two days, the event where the new member will join us.


One or two members of the main party will participate in battle, Cynthia and the twins will become the fixed members.


I greatly dropped the status of the main party, but we can still afford quite a lot of leeway. Concretely, it’s enough to take down the Stone golem, to whom physical attacks do not work well against, with one punch. If I use Spirit Sword – Incomplete then I can cut them like a bar of sweet potato paste. “Do not work well” is completely different from “Do not work” after all.


[Sir……, is it really true that this isn’t being serious nanodesu?]


When I bisect a stone golem with one strike, Cynthia asked.


[Yeah, right now I’m restraining my offensive abilities to at most one percent.]


[So that means that there is more than hundred times difference in offensive abilities compared to me, who couldn’t even defeat a stone golem nanodesu……]


Cynthia downheartedly drops her shoulder.


[Cynthia-chan, you can’t compare yourself with Master, you know? That person can call Heroes small insects after all.]


[Small insects……]


Mio who is fighting together consoles Cynthia while letting her arrows hit the enemies. Or she’s calling me a monster. Well, I won’t deny it though.


We went exploring until noon and safely cleared the eighth floor. We came to be able to clear two floors in half a day with just us joining in. We would’ve continued a little longer if we put our minds to it, but suddenly letting the newly joined member fight the floor with a boss is pitiful, so I leave this for later.


Noon has come and we return to our base in Kastal.


[I heard they were pet slaves so I considered that it would be fine if around half of them are remaining, but they seem to have unexpected determination so all of them have followed through the combat training until the end.]


Hearing Lusia’s report, I was a little surprised. The girls lining up in front of me showed an accomplished look.


[Perhaps, putting out a good meal during combat training and the threat of being dropped to the floor of a maid must have a lot of influence too.]


I’m not being boastful, but the cooking in my mansion is outrageously good. The cook maids holding the cooking skill had carefully put together the Earth’s cuisine passed down by Mio, so that too is natural. As far as it goes, Mio’s cooking skill is the highest, but Mio can’t cook for them forever, many people being many people.


I’m digressing, but Kastal’s queen Sakuya often comes eating too. She comes eating really often. Apparently the food here tastes four times as good as the cooking in the castle according to her. It is awfully specific, but Sakuya, who should have been eating the finest cuisine in the castle, said that, so it must be considerable. The royal chefs may cry.


Sometimes they’re relied on by Sakuya to instruct the royal chefs and requested to treat nobles and guests with food. And then there’s also the matter where they’re being scouted by those guests and the like, but Sakuya personally refused them, so it reflects their high treatment. The royal chefs can truly cry.


If they could eat such meal of a purveyor to the royal family, then it is naturally something for them to do their best in combat training for. It’s because no matter how much you call them pet slaves, they must’ve never eaten something this good.


Their skin has become glossier than the last time I saw them…… Yep, the originally cute children have become even cuter.


[Well then, which kid should I take……?]


As I say so, the slave girls are holding their breath. Does this mean, they want to go or not?


A : Both are correct. I will mark them.


It says and attached a speech balloon that says “wants to go” or “does not want to go” on the map above the icons. It’s an unexpected new feature. Six of them are in a state of “wanting to go” and the remaining four are in a state of “not wanting to go”. I don’t plan on expressly take the girls along who “don’t want to go”, so I select one from the kids who want to go.


The first candidates is in the “I want to go” group. I check their statuses. All of them have floored up and they had more or less developed skill points as well. The first candidate is also the fastest in terms of growth rate. Well, there’s no show of any eccentric behavior, so I guess it’s decided with this girl.


I’ll let the other “I want to go” girls continue their combat and maid training for a while. One of these days I plan to make an explorer group in Estia Kingdom like Cloud and the others in Kastal Queendom. At that time, I plan to have Cynthia’s group become the core of the team, but there’s no reason not to quickly raise members beside them after all.


[Then, let’s take this kid with me.]


[I understand. Kate, remember to work hard in order not to cause trouble for your master.]


<<Yes Sir. I look forward to working with you from now on.>>


Kate, the extraordinarily beautiful girl greets me while bowing.


Well then, let’s look over her important status.


Name: Kate

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Race: Half-elf

Skill: <Body Reinforcement LV2> <Fire Magic LV1> <Water Magic LV1> <Wind Magic LV1> <Earth Magic LV1> <Recovery Magic LV1> <Spatial Cognition LV5> <Calculation LV5> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Title: Jin’s slave, Blind


The new subordinate Kate is innately blind and isn’t able to talk either. It’s a little cruel to say in exchange, but she’s given far too strong abilities.


Those skills are <Spatial Cognition> and <Calculation>. As you can see, they are effective skills when it comes to using magic. Although naturally, with her unable to see or talk, it amounts to nothing.


She has long green hair and her appearance is top class, even among the pet slaves. Well, it’s that. They’re people where not being able to see and not being able to talk doesn’t concern her loving part, as long as her appearance is good . Of course, she’s a half-elf so continuing to be admired with a young figure from her lifespan longer than humans must also give a high score.


Although she has high intelligence, she had no means to express it and she honestly didn’t even receive education in the first place. Even so, she understands languages due to her outstanding intelligence. By the way, I’ve only given her <Water Magic>. She went as far as acquiring other attribute magics in the few days through hard work. She is an unexpected genius.


I think my prediction is easy, but I’ve given them the power to inspect the map and status by using <Engage Link> and also made sure they can use telepathy. Of course, during that day I bought them.


Telepathy can even be used by people who can’t speak as long as they have a general idea of languages. You can see it with Dora’s case.


Map is a strange subject, but you can see it even if you close your eyes. In other words it means that you can use it even when you can’t see. Furthermore, I didn’t know about this, but what we’re using now seems to be a simplified map. In truth it’s not a bird’s eye view, but a fully detailed 3D map. Since ordinary humans can’t process that sort of information with their brain, so they get a simplified version. By the way, Alta can use the detailed map.


And also Kate can use the detailed map too. Surprisingly, her <Spatial cognition> and map seems to have good synergy and if she reaches a confined space, then it can show a processing power that at worst rivals Alta.


I explained those things to everyone. By the way, only the party members are gathered.


[But, despite having done nothing until now, can you suddenly do something like fighting?]


Sakura questions Kate. Well, telling pet slaves to fight is pretty much unreasonable in the first place though……


<<I’m fine. I have properly followed the combat training from the head maid and I have also experienced actual subjugation of monsters around Kastal.>>


[You will be participating as a magic focused member, but how are you on that aspect?]


<<Yes, Sir. I have done enough training in that part as well, so there will be no problems using LV1 ball, bullet and wall type spells. Also about LV2 and higher magic; I cannot use it, however preparation of their lessons has been arranged.>>


[Why are you overflowing with so much motivation?]


It’s not unreasonable for Mio to force a smile. I’ve asked Lusia, but it looks like Kate continued training and studying without sparing any time for sleep. It seems she wanted to follow me by any means.


By the way, Lusia said she also carried out training in hand to hand combat as is. It seems she even completed that with high marks. Because of that, it is clear she could win without eyesight if she can manage to use 100% of the Map shown in 3D. Perhaps, it is impossible even for me. Or more accurately it’s impossible without Alta.


<<That is of course, in order to be useful for master! As a prized slave, Meeting Sir when I was about to resign myself to idle away on the bed as a pet slave can be called nothing but a miracle!>>


Kate spread her hands and seems like she is singing excessively in deep emotions. She can’t sing though. Ah, I’ll add just in case, “Revive” doesn’t work. Things that one can’t do since birth don’t seem to be treated as “Damage”.


In short, you could say Kate is a believer who is born for the first time with just my special power. ……Yeah, that’s right. Her icon is yellow. It changed as soon as I taught her about <System window> and Alta. Really quick you know.


[I think there’s no problem in considering Kate to be battle-ready. We will start from floor 9 suddenly, but will you be fine with that?]


<<I believe it will be fine. Even if I predict from the information I received from Alta-sama about the monsters inhabiting floor 8, it should be fine as long as the monsters don’t suddenly become very strong>>


That’s an amazing confidence she has there. Well, if you say that much, then how about you show me that power of yours.


And with that, we did the explorer and adventurer registration, then dive straight in the dungeon. Of course, we start with floor 9 right away.


……Let me start with the conclusion. Because we let Kate fight, we the main party didn’t even have to participate in the fight at all.




She says and the fireball she released struck the lesser minotaur’s leg. The minotaur who received the impact on its legs exactly when it tried to take a step forward, loses his balance and Karen’s spear which was set up exactly right, pierced it as if it was sucked in. Because of that, the lesser minotauor’s HP became almost exactly 0.


If I have to describe her way of fighting in single phrase, then it would be “Maximum Efficiency”. Should I call it refined tactics that has no useless bits in it? Rather than giving damage, her way of using magic is specialized in breaking the enemies’ stances and supporting the vanguard’s movements. And she aims for just kills as if saying overkill is useless. And that too is in a manner that is controlled in order to make it a just kill not by her own attack, but by her allies’ attacks.


<<Cynthia-san! Please swing your weapon to your right like that!>>


Cynthia swings her iron rod to her right like she was told. The ice bullet fired by Kate impacted there. The fragments of ice bullets broken and scattered made a direct hit to the base of the maze bat’s wings who tried to attack Cynthia from behind. It also struck a nearby dungeon goblin in the eye.


She greatly chipped off the fighting power of two monsters with only one magic. The other members took that opportunity to give them the finishing blow without delay.


[……Honestly, I didn’t expect her to be this good.]


Yep, I didn’t expect at all either.


[As for me, it is impossible to be that good…… Even though I’m a magic user like her……]


Sakura turned depressed. Well, that is normally impossible, okay.


[I wonder if that girl can already be on her own.]


<<No, because my forte is only group battles in enclosed spaces. I believe that if I were to fight outside, there would be lot interference and my efficiency will drop.>>


She answers honestly to Mio’s murmurs. Of course, during a fight.


By the way, close-quarter group combat is simply said a dungeon isn’t it? In short, she is specialized in dungeons.


The battle finishes shortly after.


[Amazing, Kate. I never thought you could fight that well.]


<<I am honored to receive your praises Sir.>>


Kate bows gracefully. But her long ears that are characteristic to half elves are twitching and aren’t hiding her excitement.


[Let’s subjugate 10th floor’s boss in this pace by today.]


<<Please leave it to us.>>


Kate says full of confidence. I plan on participating at least in the boss fight though, just in case……


We arrive in front of boss room on the 10th floor from the 9th floor in two hours.


Us main members didn’t participate in even a single battle during that time, but even if we joined the fight, I don’t think it would change the time taken that much.


As we go deeper in floor the monsters that appear also increase. Kate seems to promptly draw up countermeasures even against the new monsters. I heard she received lectures from Alta during her free time. I think perhaps Kate knows about dungeon in even more detail than I do. Is that really okay, me?




<Mimicry LV1> <Bite LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note : A monster that mimicked a treasure chest. Distinction possible by throwing a stone at it.



Dungeon Goblin Swordsman


<Body Reinforcement LV1> <Sword Mastery LV1> <Blunt Mastery LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note : Goblin swordsman (For dungeons). Same strength as those on the outside.


Dungeon Goblin Sorcerer


<Fire Magic LV1> <Ice Magic LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1> or

<Water Magic LV1> <Lightning Magic LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1> or

<Wind Magic LV1> <Earth Magic LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note : Goblin sorcerer (For dungeons). Same strength as those on the outside. Whichever shows up is random.


Dungeon Orc


<Body Reinforcement LV2> <Blunt Mastery LV1> <Breeding LV1> <Dungeon Adaptation LV1>

Note : Humanoid monster type (For Dungeons). Slightly weaker than those on the outside.


The dungeon is vast and if you go to a distant place then there would be many other varieties of monsters, but there will be no end to it if I list them all, so I decided to only list those we had direct combat with.


The door to the boss room is a double door made of a sturdy looking metal (I won’t say it’s undestructible).


I’m completely satisfied with the appearance that without a doubt says boss room. I wonder if what’s on the door is called a relief. 10 letters and minotaur was carved there. Letter-like things are written beside them. Is it showing the boss monster that’s inside? Oh, yeah, that seems right. There’s a mino inside. It is quite generous.


[Some of you may be looking, but there is minotaur inside. This one is the big one of the lesser minotaurs that appeared before. It should be stronger, of course.]


<<I  have also confirmed it. I believe we alone are enough to defeat it. Your group doesn’t have to participate, Sir. Would it be unacceptable to leave it to us I wonder?>>


It looks like Kate judged they can handle it.


A : Kate’s judgment is correct. Even if master fights lightly, they can handle much more.


[……Understood. Truth is, I planned to participate in the fight, but this is a rare opportunity. Show how you defeat it with just the newcomer group!]


<<Yes Sir. As you command.>>


[I will do my best nodesu!]


[[Yes, sir!]]


By the way, there are plenty of stairs leading from the 10th floor to the 11th floor, but not all of them have a boss. Of course, there are stairs without bosses. It’s just that even if we go down those stairs, it will be a dead end on the next floor. You could at least try your abilities against monsters a little ahead, but you won’t be able to clear the 10th floor.


Also, when a boss is defeated, it won’t respawn for a while. Its cycle is about one day. If you’re very unlucky, you won’t find any empty boss rooms. I can’t quite say that the 10th floor boss rooms aren’t empty but there are almost 0% chances for floor 20 and lower.


Sora and Karen respectively push the left and right side of the door open. I can picture them as twins in these moments right? Mh, I actually quite like twin characters. In a way they greatly resemble each other, but the part that appears slightly different is lovely.


Cynthia is waiting impatiently for the slowly opening door, saying “Is it open yet, is it open yet?”.


<<Cynthia-san, please calm down.>>


[Ah, okay nanodesu.]


As Cynthia is chided by Kate and calms down a little.


[Come to think of it, the recklessly charging Cynthia is also listening to Kate, isn’t she.]


I can stop her movements with “Stay” if it’s just before the battle begins, but if the battle begins and her excited state goes on, she won’t listen to any command before we know it. However, she is listening to Kate’s instructions even in that state.


[Oh, about that nanodesu, it looks like telepathy would reach me during my reckless charge. It’s not like my awareness flew away during my reckless charge nodesu]


[……You should say that earlier.]


Whenever I stop Cynthia, I always use my voice. I never knew I would reach her if I conveyed it through telepathy.


The twins opened the door while I was thinking about such things. What is lying in wait inside is, of course, a Minotaur.


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